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Little Miracle

Episode 1.04
Aus: Tue, January 01, 2019 (Stan)
Written by Alison Nisselle
Directed by Mat King

Young Gwen and Max rejoice in her miraculous pregnancy, leaving a devastated Ray on the outer, while two more residents discover their secret and are compelled to fix their pasts.

Max is thrilled to learn that Gwen is pregnant and that their baby is growing at an incredible rate. However, Max’s overprotectiveness scares Gwen and her jubilation soon turns to paranoia which makes her long for Ray. Loris is horri ed that Herb has also rejuvenated, but Herb is soon overcome by a deep-seated regret which pulls him away from Loris. Meanwhile, a young Farida catches Gwen trying to steal berries from her plant and — having never stood up for herself — is now compelled to defend her “youth”. Isaac recuperates from his near-fatal car accident while refusing to engage with his non-biological mother, Vivian, who wants Isaac to accept that her wife, Annie, isn’t coming back. Isaac is delighted to learn that his “friend”, Sam, rescued him, while Griffo tricks Isaac into revealing Sam’s whereabouts. Griffo finally comes head-to-head with his nemesis, Sam, and comes close to exposing Sam’s miraculous secret.


  • Bryan Brown as Ray Reed
  • Jacki Weaver as Gwen Reed
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Young Gwen
  • Sam Reid as Young Max
  • Ryan Corr as Young Sam
  • Daniel Henshall as Dave "Griffo" Griffiths
  • Nikki Shiels as Tina Griffiths
  • Rod Mullinar as Tommy Brydon
  • Anne Charleston as Loris Webb
  • Terry Norris as Herb Webb
  • Thomas Fisher as Isaac Langlan
  • Tessa Rose as Vivian North
  • Genevieve Morris as Rhonda Stokes
  • Amali Golden as Young Farida
  • Maria Mercedes as Margot
  • Thomas Ersatz as Shane
  • Jacob Collins-Levy as Young Herb