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The Kick Inside

Episode 1.05
Aus: Tue, January 01, 2019 (Stan)
Written by Matt Cameron
Directed by Mat King

Gwen’s unnatural pregnancy escalates rapidly as Max’s growing paranoia puts her life in danger, while Sam’s attempt to help Tina makes him the lead suspect in Griffo’s murder.

Isaac returns to his fort to discover that Griffo has been killed and that “Tommy” (old Sam) is tied up beside him. Sam convinces Isaac that he couldn’t have killed Griffo and that he is, in fact, Sam turned old. Isaac frees Sam on the condition that he return Griffo’s body to his family, even though it’ll make Sam the prime suspect in Griffo’s murder. After Gwen tried to escape back to Ray, she wakes up in a remote fishing cabin where Max is now hiding her. Gwen’s baby, however, is continuing to grow at an astonishing rate and she urgently needs more berries to stay young and keep her baby alive. Max heads to town to try to find a plant when he’s confronted by a desperate Ray. A young Herb is compelled to track down his old war lover, Frank, much to Loris’ horror. A rejuvenated Sam returns to Isaac who’s found another clue to his mother’s whereabouts. But will Sam finally tell Isaac the truth about where she is?


  • Bryan Brown as Ray Reed
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Young Gwen
  • Sam Reid as Young Max
  • Ryan Corr as Young Sam
  • Daniel Henshall as Dave "Griffo" Griffiths
  • Nikki Shiels as Tina Griffiths
  • Rod Mullinar as Tommy Brydon
  • Anne Charleston as Loris Webb
  • Terry Norris as Herb Webb
  • Thomas Fisher as Isaac Langlan
  • Tessa Rose as Vivian North
  • Genevieve Morris as Rhonda Stokes
  • Amali Golden as Young Farida
  • Thomas Ersatz as Shane
  • Keith Brockett as Detective Zhen
  • James Cerche as Detective Wilkins
  • Peter Carroll as Old Frank
  • Angus McLaren as Young Frank
  • Ruth Katerelos as Annie
  • Jacob Collins-Levy as Young Herb
  • Jan Di Pietro as CIB Officer