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Super Sam

Episode 1.06
Aus: Tue, January 01, 2019 (Stan)
Written by Glen Dolman
Directed by Mat King

Ray’s desperation to keep Gwen young and alive pushes him beyond his moral boundaries and pits him against a vengeful Farida, while Rhonda closes in on Sam and his secret.

Isaac is devastated to learn the truth about his mother, Annie, and he blames Sam for keeping it from him. But Isaac then uncovers another secret about Annie which brings him closer to his surviving mum, Vivian. However, with no more berries left, Sam starts to age back. He seeks Tina’s forgiveness while giving her some miraculous news, then farewells Isaac. With the police closing in, Sam is cornered by Rhonda who finally witnesses his transformation to old age. Meanwhile, Gwen is shattered after having lost her baby and reunites with Ray. Now free from her compulsion, she just wants to spend her remaining hours of youth and cognizance with him. But Ray won’t give up. He’s determined to locate another plant to keep her alive and finds a surprising ally in Max. The two men battle with Farida who will stop at nothing to protect what’s hers. Ray is pushed to the edge of violence as he tries to hold onto the love of his life.


  • Bryan Brown as Ray Reed
  • Jacki Weaver as Gwen Reed
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Young Gwen
  • Sam Reid as Young Max
  • Ryan Corr as Young Sam
  • Nikki Shiels as Tina Griffiths
  • John Stanton as Max McKinnon
  • Rod Mullinar as Tommy Brydon
  • Anne Charleston as Loris Webb
  • Terry Norris as Herb Webb
  • Thomas Fisher as Isaac Langlan
  • Tessa Rose as Vivian North
  • Genevieve Morris as Rhonda Stokes
  • Amali Golden as Young Farida
  • Keith Brockett as Detective Zhen
  • James Cerche as Detective Wilkins
  • Joan Reynolds as Care Resident #1
  • Martyn Jones as Care Resident #3
  • Kali Hulme as Police Officer