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Episode 1.03
Aus: Tue, January 01, 2019 (Stan)
Written by Glen Dolman
Directed by John Curran

With Gwen’s plant destroyed and on the cusp of aging back, she and Sam race to find another plant, however will Gwen’s compulsion for a baby make her betray the man she loves.

With their plant dead, and after learning that the rejuvenation wears off, Ray is desperate to find another plant to keep Gwen young and cognizant. Suspecting that they grow where people drowned, Gwen uncovers a plant at Ranjeet’s flood-destroyed house. However, Gwen is now consumed by her compulsion for a baby and takes the berries to Max instead. She rejuvenates Max who is overjoyed, leaving Ray devastated. Sam’s desperation for another berry makes him reject Isaac who puts himself in serious danger while searching for his mother. Griffo’s investigation hits a wall when his sergeant, Rhonda, won’t believe his theory about Sam, as homicide detectives arrive to search for “Tommy Brydon”, Sam’s older, criminal self. Sam inadvertently helps Tina face her grief and anger over her sister’s death, while elderly care-home resident, Farida, returns to her rotting house to discover a miracle waiting inside.


  • Bryan Brown as Ray Reed
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Young Gwen
  • Sam Reid as Young Max [uncredited]
  • Ryan Corr as Young Sam
  • Daniel Henshall as Dave "Griffo" Griffiths
  • Nikki Shiels as Tina Griffiths
  • John Stanton as Max McKinnon
  • Rod Mullinar as Tommy Brydon
  • Anne Charleston as Loris Webb
  • Terry Norris as Herb Webb
  • Thomas Fisher as Isaac Langlan
  • Tessa Rose as Vivian North
  • Genevieve Morris as Rhonda Stokes
  • Usha Cornish as Farida Korrapati
  • Amali Golden as Young Farida
  • Thomas Ersatz as Shane
  • Keith Brockett as Detective Zhen
  • James Cerche as Detective Wilkins
  • Felix Star Higson-McBrearty as Boy #1
  • Henry Strand as Boy #2
  • Jacob Mendoza Clarke as Boy #3
  • Felicity Steel as Female Driver
  • Joan Reynolds as Care Resident #1
  • Barry Withers as Care Resident #2
  • Martyn Jones as Care Resident #3
  • Dorothy Adams as Care Resident #4
  • Belinda Totino as Concerned Driver