Bali 2002: episode guide

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Island of the Gods

Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Co-Director: Katrina Irawati Graham

When two large explosions rip through packed nightclubs in Bali, many are killed and many more injured. Volunteers and first responders desperately pull the injured to safety and rush them to local hospitals where medical staff are overwhelmed.

On the night of October 12th, 2002, two suicide bombs rip through Paddy’s Bar and the Sari Club in Kuta, Bali. Many are killed and even more badly injured, including local Balinese and tourists from around the world. Among the injured are UK citizen Polly Miller, who is recently married and, on her honeymoon, and Australians Nicole McClean, Jason McCartney and Jono Liddel.

First responders and volunteers race to the crime scene, desperate to help and to extinguish the huge res that have been ignited by the bombs as, on the outskirts of Kuta, a young Balinese mother, Ni Luh Erniarti, begins to worry that her husband, Gede, has not returned from work at the Sari Club.

Hundreds of injured people are transported in cars, trucks and ambulances to the medical clinics and hospitals in and around the Balinese capital, Denpasar. Most of the most severely injured end up in Sanglah hospital which is overwhelmed by the number of patients who are desperately in need of care. Among the volunteer medics who come to offer whatever help they can are Australian doctors Vijith Vijayasekaran (“Vij”) and his wife, Priya, who have been holidaying in Bali.

The Australian Defence Force is sent to evacuate the injured and repatriate them to Australian hospitals. A makeshift triage system is implemented to make sure the most badly injured are transported rst. Nicole McClean, Polly Miller and Jono Liddel are among them. Jason McCartney gives up his place in favour of patients in greater need.

Australian Federal Police Commander, Graham Ashton, is called upon to lead a contingent of Australian police being sent to Bali to investigate what happened and who is responsible.

Meanwhile, Ni Luh Erniarti begins searching for her beloved husband, of whom no trace can be found.


  • Claudia Jessie as Polly Miller
  • Richard Roxburgh as Graham Ashton
  • Sean Keenan as Jason McCartney
  • Srisacd Sacdpraseuth as General Pastika
  • Sri Ayu Jati Kartika as Ni Luh Erniati
  • Elizabeth Cullen as Nicole Mclean
  • Sophia Forrest as Natalie Goold
  • Saskia Archer as Hanabeth Luke
  • Arka Das as Dr Vij Vijayasekaran
  • William Lodder as Jono
  • Wongso Marno as Gories Mere
  • Murtala as Bambang Priyanto
  • Raihan Prabowo as Amrozi
  • Gerwin Widjaja as Gede Badrawan
  • Josh Heuston-Brohier as Luke Beasley
  • Rob Carlton as Government Official
  • Paul Michael Ayre as Dan Miller
  • Patch May as Mick Martyn
  • Olivia Beardsley as Mel
  • Thuso Lekwape as Ali
  • Tom Golding as James
  • Miah Madden as Danni
  • Hannah Waterman as Rosemary Miller
  • Damai O'Sullivan as Putu Badrawan
  • Mikhail Ibnurusjd as Wisnu Priyanto
  • Antok Sudarmanto as Arnasan
  • Tobias Mutafidian as Feri
  • Robin Robin as Imron
  • Alvon Junior as Mukhlas
  • Bravo Rima as Samudra
  • Katherine Nheu as Santi
  • Sharon Karina as Endang Isnanik
  • Alfred Nicdao as Dr Azahari
  • Indiana (Indy) Linzbichler as Marc Gajaros
  • Alana Louise as Annika
  • Made Kurniawan as Gusti
  • Julia Hyde as Sri (Sari Club Waitress)
  • Ilmi Bilquish as Nurse
  • Laura Djanegara as Balinese Volunteer #1
  • Suen-Ming Grace Chim as Balinese Volunteer #2
  • Clay O'Brien as Man With Severed Arm
  • Chad Richards as Jason Body Double
  • Jack Powell as Dan Miller Body Double
  • Explosion Run Away: Dean Povic
  • Explosion Run Away: Tara Smyrh
  • Post-explosion Paddy Patron: Tabita Law
  • Post-explosion Paddy Patron: Xanthia Marnielli
  • Post-explosion Sari Patron: Joshua Smith
  • Post-explosion Sari Patron: Nardalie Campbell
  • Post-explosion Sari Patron: Hannah Cameron
  • Post-explosion Sari Patron: Michael Jupp
  • Aussie Man: Neal Horton
  • Balinese Youth: Anthony Duong
  • Jason McCartney Body Double: Paul Pederson
  • Taxi Driver: Nipon Kittikhoun
  • Ute Driver: Glen Chow
  • Vehicle Drivers: Anthony Duong, Cyrus Ning, Michael Tang, Martin Reyes, Xiaoye Zhou, Nipon Kittikhoun