Bali 2002: episode guide

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Operation Alliance

Writer: Kris Wyld
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Co-Director: Katrina Irawati Graham

Australian and Indonesian investigators work together to track down the perpetrators of the Bali bombings as injured survivors and their loved ones try to piece their shattered lives back together.

Professional AFL footballers, Jason McCartney and Mick Martyn are in Paddy’s Bar discussing their performances in the season just gone, and their prospects in the season ahead, when a suicide bomber walks into the bar and detonates the bomb strapped to his chest. Chaos and mayhem ensues and Jason is badly injured. After being airlifted to Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, it becomes apparent that Jason may not survive his injuries.

The Australian and Indonesian investigative teams continue their work, piecing together the forensic clues left behind by the bombings. Within days, they realise that the blasts were caused by suicide bombs and, following the evidence trail that led to the motor bike being left at the mosque, trace the van used in the bombings to three brothers in Java — Amrozi, Imron and Mukhlas. The idea that this was an act of homegrown terrorism is a big political problem for the Indonesian government and, in turn, for Made Pastika and his team.

Nicole McLean’s condition improves but her injured right arm cannot be saved. She is informed that her arm must be amputated if she is going to survive. Luke Beasley, with whom Nicole has a nascent romantic relationship, is determined to stay by her side while Natalie Goold, who survived the blasts and pulled Nicole to safety, is protective of her friend’s emotional wellbeing.

Jason McCartney survives his injuries to the great relief of his ancé, Nerissa, but he has a long road back to full recovery. Despite the obvious challenges, Jason is determined to play football again in honour of all the football players who were killed in Bali. Nerissa is concerned that he is prioritising football over his own health.

Ni Luh is nally given a small box of her husband’s remains after it becomes apparent that he was obliterated by the Sari Club blast. Ni Luh’s Hinduism dictates that she must cremate Gede’s remains in order to release his spirit to the Gods but she is almost destitute and has no money for the cremation.

Jason goes through tough rehabilitation and a gruelling training regime, leaning on his friend Mick Martyn, to regain his match tness. Despite Nerissa’s concerns for his health, Jason nally makes a triumphant return to the football eld, playing for his beloved North Melbourne Kangaroos. The nation stands and applauds his courage when he scores a goal in this, his last ever professional game.

Amrozi, Imron and Mukhlas are arrested in Java but it soon becomes clear that they were only foot soldiers in the terrorist attack. Interrogation of Imron leads Graham Ashton and Made Pastika to the organiser of the bombings, Imam Samudra, who reveals that the bomb maker — an academic named Doctor Azahari — is still at large.


  • Claudia Jessie as Polly Miller
  • Richard Roxburgh as Graham Ashton
  • Sean Keenan as Jason McCartney
  • Srisacd Sacdpraseuth as General Pastika
  • Sri Ayu Jati Kartika as Ni Luh Erniati
  • Elizabeth Cullen as Nicole Mclean
  • Sophia Forrest as Natalie Goold
  • Saskia Archer as Hanabeth Luke
  • Anthony Brandon Wong as Dr Harry
  • Wongso Marno as Gories Mere
  • Murtala as Bambang Priyanto
  • Raihan Prabowo as Amrozi
  • Josh Heuston-Brohier as Luke Beasley
  • Maleeka Gasbarri as Nerissa
  • Rob Carlton as Robert Daniels
  • Melissa Bonne as Lydia
  • Sam Parsonson as David Royds
  • Amali Golden as Priya
  • Patch May as Mick Martyn
  • Olivia Beardsley as Mel
  • Tobias Muhafidin as Feri
  • Robin Robin as Imron
  • Alvon Junior as Mukhlas
  • Bravo Rima as Samudra
  • Yande Suardana as Kelian
  • Alfred Nicdao as Dr Azahari
  • Daniel Krige as Western Man
  • Derry Sani as Made Maja - Ashton's Bodyguard
  • Undercover Cop Driving: Ali Kadhim
  • POLRI Cop Driver: Nipon Kittikhoun
  • Police Vehicle Driver: Nipon Kittikhoun
  • Police Vehicle Driver: Darvin Dela Cruz
  • Vehicle Drivers: Martin Reyes, Xiaoye Zhou, Anthony Duong, Nipon Kittikhoun, Darvin Dela Cruz