Bali 2002: episode guide

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From the Ashes

Writer: Kris Wyld
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Co-Director: Katrina Irawati Graham

A team of Australian Federal Police is dispatched to Bali to work with Indonesian police, and it becomes clear that the explosions were a coordinated act of terrorism. Injured survivors are evacuated to hospitals all over Australia.

A few years before the Bali bombings, burns specialist Fiona Wood and her colleague, Marie Stoner, develop a new treatment for treating burn victims — spray-on skin. There is scepticism among Fiona’s peers about the effectiveness of this treatment, but she is con dent that it not only works but works extremely well.

When the suicide bombings occur in Kuta in 2002, young Australian surfer Jono Liddel and his friend, Danni Maestri, are caught in the blasts and taken to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar for treatment. Danni appears to be the more badly injured of the two, but Jono does his best to keep Danni’s spirits up as they await evacuation and are treated by Doctor Vij and Balinese medicos. Vij contacts Fiona, his colleague at Royal Perth Hospital, and tells her to prepare for the admission of many more patients than the burns unit is equipped to accommodate. Fiona acts immediately. She puts her busy family life on hold and goes about securing the equipment and human resources she knows will be required for the big job ahead.

On the other side of Australia, doctors work hard to save the lives of Polly Miller and Nicole McClean, both of whom have been badly burned in the blasts. Supported by family and friends, they ght for their lives.

Meanwhile in Bali, Graham Ashton is reacquainted with his erstwhile colleague, Balinese police chief General Made Pastika. Together they and their respective teams of investigators painstakingly piece together the sequence of events that led to the suicide bombings. But there is tension between the two investigative teams as issues of jurisdiction and responsibility emerge.

After searching desperately and unsuccessfully for her beloved husband, Ni Luh begins to understand that Gede is probably never coming home. She faces dif cult questions from her oldest son about what happened to his father — questions she cannot answer.

Jono and Danni, along with twenty-six other victims of the bombings, are admitted to Royal Perth Hospital under the care of Fiona and her team, including Doctor Vij who has returned to work tired but keen to continue helping to save as many lives as possible. Fiona’s and Marie’s spray-on skin treatment is quick and effective and Danni’s condition improves. But Jono’s condition deteriorates and the dif cult decision is made to amputate his legs.

The Australian and Indonesian police get a break in the investigation when they nd a motor bike, used to transport two of the bombers to the crime scene, parked beside a local mosque.

At Royal Perth Hospital, most of the Bali bombing victims recover quickly, thanks to the revolutionary spray-on skin treatment. But Jono is not so lucky. Despite the best efforts of Fiona and her team his life is unable to be saved. Devastated by Jono’s death, Fiona takes a moment to quietly appreciate the good fortune of having her large, supportive family.


  • Claudia Jessie as Polly Miller
  • Rachel Griffiths as Fiona Wood
  • Richard Roxburgh as Graham Ashton
  • Sean Keenan as Jason McCartney
  • Srisacd Sacdpraseuth as General Pastika
  • Sri Ayu Jati Kartika as Ni Luh Erniati
  • Elizabeth Cullen as Nicole Mclean
  • Sophia Forrest as Natalie Goold
  • Saskia Archer as Hanabeth Luke
  • Arka Das as Dr Vij Vijayasekaran
  • William Lodder as Jono
  • Anthony Brandon Wong as Dr Harry
  • Wongso Marno as Gories Mere
  • Murtala as Bambang Priyanto
  • Gerwin Widjaja as Gede Badrawan
  • Rob Carlton as Government Official
  • Melissa Bonne as Lydia
  • Sam Parsonson as David Royds
  • Amali Golden as Priya
  • Patch May as Mick Martyn
  • Olivia Beardsley as Mel
  • Thuso Lekwape as Ali
  • Tom Golding as James
  • Ewen Leslie as Tony Keirath
  • Miah Madden as Danni
  • Renee Lim as Joy Fong
  • Julia Billington as Jackie
  • Hannah Waterman as Rosemary Miller
  • Damai O'Sullivan as Putu Badrawan
  • Antok Sudarmanto as Arnasan
  • Tobias Muhafidin as Feri
  • Indiana (Indy) Linzbichler as Marc Gajaros
  • Bianca Oakes as Doctor Dewi
  • Panda Likoudis as Dr Don Williams
  • Alana Louise as Annika
  • Made Kurniawan as Gusti
  • Julia Hyde as Sri (Sari Club Waitress)
  • Ilmi Bilquish as Nurse
  • James Olsen as Tom Keirath
  • Audrey Wyldhill as Evie Keirath
  • Laura Djanegara as Balinese Volunteer #1
  • Suen-Ming Grace Chim as Balinese Volunteer #2
  • Derry Sani as Made Maja - Ashton's Bodyguard
  • Tamarind Elkin as Marie Stoner
  • Jack Powell as Dan Miller Body Double
  • Vehicle Driver: Anthony Duong
  • Post-explosion Sari Patron: Hannah Cameron
  • Post-explosion Sari Patron: Michael Jupp
  • Aussie Man: Neal Horton
  • Balinese Youth: Anthony Duong
  • Ute Driver: Glen Chow