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Restoring the Balance

Writers: Justin Monjo, Michael Toisuta, Tim Pye
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Co-Director: Katrina Irawati Graham

As some of the perpetrators stand trial, investigators hunt for the elusive mastermind who continues a bombing spree across Indonesia. Injured survivors look to each other for emotional healing and attempt to come to terms with their new lives.

A week after the terrorist bombings in Kuta Beach, Polly Miller wakes in a Brisbane Hospital to nd her deeply relieved mother by her side. Polly’s mother has the heart-breaking task of telling her daughter that Dan, her husband of just ve weeks, and eight of her friends were all killed in the blasts. She is the only person from her group of friends who survived. Determined not to let her loss overwhelm her, Polly returns to work in London on the eve of the bombers’ trial in Bali. She has no interest in the fate of the men who turned her life upside down and puts all her energy into her work.

There are tense and chaotic scenes in Denpasar as Amrozi, Imron, Mukhlas and Samudra are led into the courthouse for their trial. Having caused so much harm to the local community, the Balinese are very angry with the bombers — none more so than Ni Luh Erniarti who explodes in fury at the de ant terrorists and is asked to leave the court. Bambang Priyanto, a Balinese Muslim who helped to rescue many people from the wreckage of the bombings gives a tearful impact statement to the court and accuses the bombers of betraying Islam.

In Melbourne, Nicole McClean is coming to terms with life without her right arm. Luke Beasley refuses to leave Nicole alone, despite being told to go and live his life without her. Luke declares his love for Nicole and she realises she has found the love of her life.

The Australian and Indonesian police continue their work, tracking down Dr Azahari to a small town in Java. When he is cornered by Indonesian police in a crowded market with a bomb in his backpack, he is allowed to escape in order to save more innocent lives. Graham Ashton is forced to defend the reputation of the Indonesian police when the Australian government questions the Indonesians’ commitment to Azahari’s capture.

Despite her best efforts, Polly Miller nds it increasingly dif cult to put the trauma of the bombings behind her. When she sees Hanabeth Luke, a survivor of the bombings, confront Tony Blair on national television over the wisdom of the Iraq invasion, Polly begins to feel like she can never escape the past. And when she starts seeing apparitions of her dead husband, Dan, she realises she must change her life if she is ever going to recover emotionally.

With the help of Bambang Priyanto and several other women who were widowed by the Bali bombings, Ni Luh starts a sewing co-op and, with the money she is able to earn, nally lays her husband to rest in a cremation ceremony, releasing Gede’s spirit to the Gods.

Dr Azahari is nally surrounded by an Indonesian task force in a Javanese safe house where he is preparing more bombs. In a deadly shoot out, Azahari is killed. Back in Australia, Graham Ashton is deeply upset by the idea that the Australian government may have been warned about the possibility of the bombings and took no action to warn its own citizens.


  • Claudia Jessie as Polly Miller
  • Richard Roxburgh as Graham Ashton
  • Sean Keenan as Jason McCartney
  • Srisacd Sacdpraseuth as General Pastika
  • Sri Ayu Jati Kartika as Ni Luh Erniati
  • Elizabeth Cullen as Nicole Mclean
  • Sophia Forrest as Natalie Goold
  • Saskia Archer as Hanabeth Luke
  • Wongso Marno as Gories Mere
  • Murtala as Bambang Priyanto
  • Raihan Prabowo as Amrozi
  • Josh Heuston-Brohier as Luke Beasley
  • Rob Carlton as Robert Daniels
  • Paul Michael Ayre as Dan Miller
  • Melissa Bonne as Lydia
  • Tom Golding as James
  • Hannah Waterman as Rosemary Miller
  • Mark Kilmurry as Syuart (Polly's GM)
  • Damai O'Sullivan as Putu Badrawan
  • Robin Robin as Imron
  • Alvon Junior as Mukhlas
  • Bravo Rima as Samudra
  • Katherine Nheu as Santi
  • Sharon Karina as Endang Isnanik
  • Ketut Yuliarsa as Judge
  • Ranti Wardhani as Balian
  • Alfred Nicdao as Dr Azahari
  • Daniel Krige as Western Man
  • Alana Louise as Annika
  • Ni Nyoman Sumerti as Translator
  • Josh Sumarwata as Arman
  • Derry Sani as Made Maja - Ashton's Bodyguard
  • With thanks: Karl Stefanovic
  • Azahari Pushovers: Nipon Kittikhoun, Xiaoye Zhou, Chongwei Zhang
  • Taxi Driver: Nipon Kittikhoun
  • Scooter Riders: Anthony Duong, Martin Reyes
  • Police Vehicle Drivers: Michael Tang, Ali Kadhim
  • Vehicle Drivers: Cyrus Ning, Michael Tang, Martin Reyes, Xiaoye Zhou, Anthony Duong, Nipon Kittikhoun