All Saints: episode guide

Valley of the Shadow, Part One


Episode 3.01 (85)
Tuesday, February 08, 2000
Screenplay by David Phillips
Directed by Mark Piper

All Saints is thrown into emergency status when an explosion creates chaos and carnage. The disaster becomes personal when the staff realise that Von is missing. Steph has to put aside her fears about her own pregnancy while Ben and Bron fight to save the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Jeremy Cumpston, Martin Lynes, Judith McGrath, Libby Tanner, Ben Tari, Erik Thomson, Kirrily White

Special Guest: Eric Bana as Rob Biletsky

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Dr Kylie Preece, Liz Burch as Di Richards, Pip McGrouther as Alex Richards, John Hamblin as Alan Knight, Bruce Venables as Bosco the Clown, Jason Clarke as Eddie Furlong, Caitlin McDougall as Jodie Reeves, John Noble as John Madsen, Kim De Lury as Mick Todd, Ashleigh Johnson as Caitlin Price, Treffyn Koreshoff as Rowan Price, Wayne Rigby as Macka, Jan Stritt as Nurse Burchett, Richard Henwood as Craig Harkins, Grant Galea as Bomb Squad Officer, Sarah Vassallo as Stella

Notes: this episode won the 2000 Australian Film Institute award in the category of "Best Episode in a TV Drama Series (Long)". Appearing in a guest role as an expectant mother is actress Caitlin McDougall who is married to Erik Thomson (Mitch)

Valley of the Shadow, Part Two


Episode 3.02 (86)
Tuesday, February 08, 2000
Screenplay by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Mark Piper

Alex Richards is free from the rubble. She is unconscious, suffering head injuries and in urgent need of surgery. Luke and John Madsen perform a craniotomy to remove a haematoma, and although Alex survives the operation she suffers a respiratory arrest on the Ward. Steph manages to stabilise her but she goes into a coma. Her prognosis is not good and her mother, Di, is distraught.

Luke and Madsen are operating on Rob when the word comes through he is the one responsible for setting the bombs. Luke has just heard of Alex's decline and is so angry he does not care whether Rob lives or dies. But he learns a lesson in professionalism from Madsen.

Unknown to all of them, Rob left a ticking bomb on the Ward when he went into surgery. He is prepared to lose his life for the sake of his vendetta.

Jared is nursing Mrs Price who is frantic about her two missing children, Caitlin and Rowen. When news comes through the kids have been located, Jared suggest Bosco might go over to the site to entertain and distract the kids while the rescue workers try to free them. Bosco laughs in Jared's face and says he has no intention of putting his life in danger and says he is going home.

Over at the Medical Centre, Bron and Ben are just at about their wit's end trying to calm Rowen and Caitlin, when out of nowhere (it seems) a clown appears. Bosco calms the kids and he finally has an audience who appreciates his jokes.

In the middle of the chaos, Mitch proposes to Rose. It never occurred to him she might want time to consider his proposal. In fact, there are a few delicate matters concerning his past that she wants to discuss before she will give him a genuine answer.

Tension levels on the Ward rise even higher when it is learnt Rob is being sent back to Ward 17 after surgery. When Alex's distraught mother Di discovers the man responsible for the bomb is on the Ward after she loses control. She barges into Robs room and starts to attack him. AS far as she is concerned, it is totally unfair for him to live through when it looks like her daughter is dying. Terri has to throw herself in front of Rob to defend him. It is then he tells Terri there is one more bomb...

Special Guest: Eric Bana as Rob Biletsky

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Dr Kylie Preece, Liz Burch as Di Richards, Pip McGrouther as Alex Richards, John Hamblin as Alan Knight, Bruce Venables as Bosco the Clown, Jenni Anderson as Mrs Price, John Noble as John Madsen, Kim De Lury as Mick Todd, Ashleigh Johnson as Caitlin Price, Treffyn Koreshoff as Rowan Price, Sarah Vassallo as Stella

Note: parts one and two of "Valley of the Shadow" originally aired back-to-back

Bending and Breaking


Episode 3.03 (87)
Tuesday, February 15, 2000
Screenplay by Anthony Ellis
Directed by Kevin Carlin

Bron is given a glimpse of what her future could be like with Luke when surgeon John Madsen's wife and brother are admitted to the Ward following an incriminating incident. Regina resorts to radical and desperate means to save a charming, young Irishman from deportation. The Ward is in fierce competition as they prepare for battle in the annual All Saints fundraising bed race!

Guest Cast: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, John Noble as John Madsen, Deborah Galanos as Sarah Madsen, Andrew Tighe as Chris Madsen, Anthony Lawrence as Fergus Tiegan, Charles Ryder as Arthur, Terence Hepburn as Immigration Officer, Greg Fraser as Courier

Eye of the Beholder


Episode 3.04 (88)
Tuesday, February 22, 2000
Screenplay by John Banas
Directed by Peter Fisk

Terri's patience is tried to the limit by the demands of an aging and embittered TV star who has suffered terrible facial scarring from an acid attack. Pregnant and overtired, Steph's worst nightmare looms large when she starts to bleed and suffer severe stomach cramps. Cold-shouldered by Bron, Luke accepts a drinks invitation from a glamorous patient and is shocked by a proposal she has for him. Mitch is concerned Regina is becoming too fixated on her wedding plans.

Special Guest: Rowena Wallace as Katrina Ford

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Alan Flower as Dave Winton, Andrea Wallis as Joanne Kirk, Elise Greig as Felicity Sanders, Mark Toole as Orderly, John Jamieson as Barman, Miranda Podleska as Ultrasound Technician, Nicholas Puckett as Child

First, Do No Harm


Episode 3.05 (89)
Tuesday, February 29, 2000
Written by Ro Hume
Directed by Nicky Marshall

On an inspection tour of the hospital, Professor Caroline Edgewater and her grand-daughter Phoebe are pleased to encounter Mitch, Caroline's former student and a friend to both of them. Mitch was a close friend of Caroline's daughter Sarah, who died of cancer when Phoebe was little and he was emotional support to all of them during the difficult months of her illness. Time and tyranny of distance have meant they have lost touch but Phoebe and Mitch quickly fall back in to their former affectionate, teasing relationship. Phoebe feels so comfortable she asks "Uncle Mitch" for a favour — will he give her a prescription for the contraceptive pill without telling her beloved Gran? Mitch — who is still slightly in awe of Caroline — finally agrees to consider doing so, But proper to reaching for his pen, he asks Phoebe some routine questions about her menstrual cycle and is disturbed enough by her answer to insist she has a full gynaecological examination before he will give her what she wants. Phoebe reluctantly agrees, sure that Mitch is being overcautious. When the routine examination shows large numbers of abnormal cells and a suspicious lump on the vaginal wall, which could be a rare form of cancer, Phoebe is admitted to hospital for urgent tests.

When Phoebe learns there is a possibility she has cancer she makes Mitch promise if the tests show what she fears, he must immediately perform a full hysterectomy. Phoebe has vivid memories of her mother's death and could not bear to go through anything as painful. Scared of the nightmare Mitch has discovered, Caroline tells Phoebe to stop being silly and tired to over-rule her granddaughter's decision. She is shocked when Phoebe tells her to get out if she can't stop trying to run her life and even more stunned when Mitch stands up to her, on Phoebe's behalf. Mitch is stunned to learn Caroline feels responsible because she is responsible: when pregnant with Sarah, she took DES, a drug that was then fashionable as the "pregnancy vitamin" and believed to prevent miscarriage. Subsequently it was discover DES did not make any difference to the outcome of a pregnancy and to also cause deformity and abnormality in the affected babies. Sarah's cancer was one consequence of Caroline's use of DES and she now has to come to terms with the fact the abnormalities have also shown up in the next generation — Phoebe.

Bron is exhausted after an all night agency-nursing shift in Emergency. She sweet talks her ambo colleague Mick into swapping shifts with her, but instead of sleeping, she hits the shops looking for a dress for the upcoming hospital fundraising ball. Meanwhile Mick and Ben respond to a call and interrupt an assault in progress. Thinking they have saved a young teenager, Cameron, from being mugged for his fancy running shoes, Mick stands up to his attacker. Then he discovers that far form being an innocent victim, Cameron is dealing heroin and has a large sum of money hidden in his shoes. As a new father, Mick's views on "drug-dealing scum" are pretty headline and he has a confrontation with Cameron's attacker, Jack, when he turns up at the hospital, looking for the money. Mick is happy to tell Jack that Cameron is telling the police everything he knows. Jack swears vengeance but Mick assumes the threats are only hot air. But later, Bron is shocked to see a car pull up, several thugs leap up and start beating Mick to a pulp with baseball bats. Bron feels totally responsible for what has happened, especially when she learns Mick's spinal cord has been severed and he will be paralysed for life.

Stan Ridgeway's mother is admitted through Emergency with a fractured hip. Determined to impress Stan, Luke orders every test and scan he can think of, while trying to organise surgery for her as soon as possible To his bewilderment, Betty starts throwing mysterious fevers and bouts of confusion. Luke responds by ordering all the scans and tests be repeated. When she there is still no clear-cut answer and the diagnostic picture is totally clouded, Luke finally realises — with a little help from Von — perhaps the tests themselves are the problem. Suspecting Betty has an adverse reaction to the contrast medium used for the scans, he suspends all treatment, despite Stan's concerns. These concerns are only allayed when Betty starts to improve and eventually Luke enjoys Stan's praise for a job well done.

The brother of one of Connor's patients is a constant visitor on the Ward who gives the impression that he is a nurse and is only too willing to help Connor out with his workload. Malcolm means well but his interference gets up everyone's nose and endangers the welfare of the patients. Connor finds it more and more difficult just to be polite. He and Jared try to find a way to get Malcolm out of the way but it is left to Regina to come up with an ingenious solution.

Terri is too proud to admit her reluctance to go to the ball is because she has nothing she wants to wear. Von guesses her dilemma and so when a very beautiful dress is delivered. Terri assumes it is a gift from Von. Von denies it but persuades Terri to accept the gift since whomever it is from only wants to give Terri please, so why spoil the fun?

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Dinah Shearing as Caroline Edgewater, Prudie Quigly as Phoebe Edgewater, Kim De Lury as Mike Todd, Celia Ireland as Reina Butcher, Marjorie Child as Betty Ridgeway, James Roden as Stan Ridgeway, Ben Harkin as Malcolm Wright, Alex Blias as Jack, Wanye Rigby as Macka, Mitchell Firth as Cameron, Peter Benedict as Detective Dwyer

After The Ball


Episode 3.06 (90)
Tuesday, March 07, 2000
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Mark Piper

There is an atmosphere of excitement on the Ward as everyone prepares for the Hospital Fundraiser Ball. Both Mitch and Von deny having bought Terri's ball dress. Nervous and excited, Terri leaves work early to get ready for the ball.

Meanwhile a post-operative patient, Len Gould, blames Von for giving him non-stop hiccups, and Ruby Nolan returns to the ward. Mitch's heart goes out to Ruby when she tells him how much she would love to dance at the ball. Kylie Preece, overconfident about her skills as a doctor, has forgotten to check Ruby's pathology results placing the old lady's life in the balance. Mitch is furious.

As she dresses for the ball, Terri's excitement is tempered when her nosy neighbour Gilda complains about the loud music. There is another knock at the door. Terri assumes it is Gilda again but it is obsessed ex-patient Neil Phillips. Neil reveals he bought the Terri's dress and forces his way into the flat. When she spurns his advances things turn ugly. Furious his love for Terri is unrequited, he assaults her. Terrified, Terri tries to defend herself and stabs Neil with a pair of scissors. Appalled and full of self-pity, Neil leaves the flat with the scissors.

At the Ball, everyone wonders where Terri is. Mitch gets a phone call but it is Kylie. Shaken and rapidly losing confidence, she needs advice about how to keep Ruby alive. Mitch gives her cause for confidence with Ruby but this soon evaporates when Kylie is unable to cope with Len Gould's post-operative crisis — he has hiccuped his wound open and his guts are hanging outside his body. Fortunately, for both of them, Von is on hand to assist Len and give some words of advice to Kylie. Kylie's confidence is restored when Ruby's condition finally starts to improve and the old woman thanks her for being such a caring doctor.

Terri is in shock and rings Von for help. Von comes to her and calls the Police. As Terri tells the Police about what has happened, Neil turns up at the ball to confront Mitch about Terri and the way she has mistreated him. Enraged, Mitch manhandles Neil and to his horror, discovers Neil's injury. Neil explains that Terri stabbed him because they have been having a relationship and her guilt finally got the better of her.

Mitch goes to Terri's apartment but Von refuses to let him in. Mitch returns to the hospital, desperate to feel needed and to help someone. He makes Ruby's dream come true when he dances with her in the darkened ward but the magic is broken when Luke arrives with some shocking news…

Terri receives the news at the same time as Mitch — Neil Phillips is dead. Worse, his injuries don't match with Terri's description. As the detectives lead her to the Police Station for questioning, it is clear Terri is now a murder suspect.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Peter Lamb as Neil Phillips, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Connie Hobbs as Ruby Nolan, Anthony Lawrance as Fergus Tiegan, Lindsey Wallington as Fiona Maguire, Marta Dusseldorp as Debbie Bloom, John Gibson as Len Gould, Arianthe Galani as Gilda Poletti, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Terry Binding as Jane Foster

Command and Control


Episode 3.07 (91)
Tuesday, March 14, 2000
Screenplay by Chris Hawkshaw
Directed by Geoff Cawthorne

Terri leaves the Community House and returns to Ward 17. She has healed somewhat since the death of Neil Phillips a week ago, but Terri knows a return to her usual world will be a trying time. Von gives her all the support she can, but so far Terri's ordeal is not general knowledge and Mitch has decided to make himself scarce. Terri gets stuck into office work, avoiding contact with the patients and awkwardly deflecting the friendly inquiries of her colleagues. Meanwhile, rumours are circulating about a rape and fatal stabbing.

Steph is shocked when her ambulance officer friend, Mick Todd, is transferred to the ward from the ICU. Mick is not coping with his new life as a paraplegic — he is angry and resentful, a very different person from the lively friend she knew before. When Mick's wife and son arrive for a visit, it is instantly clear how close the marriage is to collapse. Mick wants nothing to do with either of them. He has worked with paraplegics and knows how hard the future will be for him. In putting up his emotional barriers he shuts everyone out — especially the people who love him.

Bron finds herself dealing with a computer savvy hypochondriac. Kent has arrived at the hospital with a range of symptoms and has just about convinced everyone his problem is a blocked bowel. But there is a strike in the hospital today and everyone is under pressure. Kent's demands are not being met and his agitation grows. Eventually, geeky Kent turns out to be a very violent and frightening customer. Bron has to work hard to make up for some less than perfect procedures and save herself and Kent from harm.

Across the ward, Jared is frustrated by the imposing Mr. Roach who is very much "off with the fairies" after neurosurgery. Mr. Roach just wants a cup of tea but can't remember he has had several already.

Events conspire to wind up the pressure on a very fragile Terri. Mick Todd seizes her arm and pours out his humiliation and fear over the loss of his sexuality. Terri witnesses Kent lose control and threaten the life of Bron. Finally, confused Mr. Roach gets very close and demands one too many cups of tea. Terri, rocked by flashbacks to the terror of Neil Phillips' attack, becomes hysterical and collapses in front of her colleagues.

Terri bravely faces her colleagues and reveals the truth. She will need the support of her friends to get by as she tries to return to a normal life.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Kim De Lury as Mick Todd, Melissa Jaffer as Eileen Sullivan, Kristen Boys as Shelley Todd, Thomas Holesgrove as Kent O'Hanlon, Mary Regan as Trish Rawlins, Nerida Brown as Louisa Grace, Mark Jago as Mr Roach, Jarrod Jones & Harry Woodhams as Daniel Todd, John Feeney as Mr Palermo, Michelle Boyle as ICU Nurse

A Fraction Too Much Friction


Episode 3.08 (92)
Tuesday, March 21, 2000
Screenplay by Denise Morgan
Directed by Peter Fisk

Luke's younger brother Rick is admitted to the ward. He is serving six years for robbery but has swallowed razor blades in an attempt to temporarily get out of prison. Bron quickly discovers Luke is estranged from his brother and attempts to understand what it is going on with Luke's family.

It is not until Rick is in the operating theatre that Luke discovers why his brother took such desperate measures to get out of prison for just a short time. Rick has been badly beaten and tortured, Luke guiltily turns to his mother, Maureen, for help. Is he responsible for Ricky's criminal path? Has he really turned his back on his brother? Eager to make amends, Luke contacts someone who might be able to protect his brother in prison. But it will come at a price.

Ben is teamed with Pete Moroney. Reluctant to give him a go, Ben is sure Pete is still suffering from post-traumatic shock It is only when Steph reminds Ben of his own past nightmares that Ben decides to give Pete a second chance. As fate would have it, it is Pete who prevents Ben from losing his cool when Ben confronts a delivery man who accidentally prevents him from catching the "basher" who injured his friend Mick.

Kylie has to confront a patient with extremely bad body odour. Unable to stay in the room for long, Kylie does not do a proper examination, Mitch insists Kylie compete the task and with Mitch's caring help they are able to change the poor woman's life for the better.

Industrial action has spread to the kitchens and Ward 17 is kept busy with extra duties. An outbreak of food poisoning adds to the chaos and Connor believes, thanks to Jared, that he has also been poisoned. Desperate to go on the date of a lifetime, Connor treats himself unnecessarily and becomes ill. The one good thing to come out of Connor's plight is that Terri laughs for the first time since her assault.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Christopher Pitman as Rick Forlano, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Julie Hamilton as Maureen Forlano, Michelle Collins as Marcia Webster, Tim McCunn as Peter Maroney, John Adam as Tom Snowden, Zika Nester as Mrs Benvenuti, Hamish Mitchell as Delivery Man, Alan Cinis as Mr Higgins, Alex Blias as Jack, Gavin Douchkov as Cop, Shannon Lister as Sign Painter

A Fine Balance


Episode 3.09 (93)
Tuesday, March 28, 2000
Screenplay by Serge Lazareff
Directed by Catherine Roden

Mitch goes to great personal and professional lengths to diagnose the illness of an aspiring Olympic athlete who accuses him of molesting her. Bron learns an important lesson about herself while dealing with a difficult situation. Von wants a dying patient to divorce her loving husband — but for whose benefit? A hungry street kid pays a visit to Ward 17 and brings some joy to a lonely, old man. Ben and Bron are called out to the site of a fatal motorcycle accident where Bron finds herself searching for the victim's decapitated head.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Lynette Curran as Hilary Doyle, Bill Young as Owen Doyle, Kate Sherman as Amy Banks, Paul Hunt as Gary Banks, Helen Everingham as Mrs Clarke, Leighton Picken as Jed, Cedric McLaughling as Mr Roberts, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Chris Barry as Truck Driver, Sean Morrison as Constable Fewtrell, Matt Cheney as Constable Thomson

Note: the characters of Hilary and Owen Doyle first appeared in episode 2.23

In The Blood


Episode 3.10 (94)
Tuesday, April 04, 2000
Screenplay by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Mark Piper

Terri endeavours to put the horror of Neil Phillips' death behind her and get on with her life. She has even decided to move back to her old flat, after living in the Sisters' Community House.

Mitch finds himself treating Graham Farmer, a patient with mysterious symptoms uncomfortably similar to those of Neil Phillips. A wary Terri jumps to the conclusion Graham also has Munchausen's Syndrome. Graham's erratic behaviour seems to bolster her claim. However, Mitch has a gut feeling his patient's varied symptoms are genuine and refuses to discharge him. It is only when Mitch discovers the patient has a rare blood disorder, that Terri is forced to acknowledge the demons of her recent past still have to be laid to rest. Consequently, she decides it is not yet time to leave the security of the Community House.

Luke is extremely paranoid. He is convinced his colleagues are giving him the cold shoulder due to his working class origins and the recent hospitalisation of his criminal brother. The theory gains credibility when he finds himself teamed with anaesthetist Tom Snowdon for a surgical procedure. Luke and Tom had previously come to blows over Tom's pethidine addiction and the mutual mistrust and dislike has only intensified. To compound matters Luke makes a minor slip-up in a simple procedure resulting in an otherwise healthy woman requiring a temporary colostomy.

This woman, Belinda is Steph's patient and Steph finds herself siding with her patient when Belinda decides to lay a formal complaint against Luke. Mitch reassures Luke the incident was unfortunate but understandable, and that CEO Stan Ridgeway will be most sympathetic. However, Luke is unprepared for Tom's vindictive ambush.

Even Bron is finding Luke's paranoia wearisome, but if she thought Ben would lend her a sympathetic ear she is about to be proven wrong. The friction between the two ambos soon takes a back seat to a full-scale emergency. A "client" assaults Ben and leaves him floating face down in a pool. Bron risks her own safety to rescue Ben and perform lifesaving resuscitation, which, essential though it may have been at the time, does not exactly make Ben's day. Later Bron receives word she is being slated for a bravery commendation, which just about sends her over the moon. It is only when she tries to convey the good news to a self-absorbed Luke that she is brought back to earth with thud.

Kylie and Jared find their work cut out for them trying to prepare a retired pensioner, Clive Murray, for some routine heart studies. The patient appears to have a never-ending stream of female family visitors which makes doing check ups increasingly difficult. In a last-ditch attempt to complete their preparation duties they catch him in the act of having sex with one of the so-called daughters. Not only do they solve the riddle of the constant stream of visitors, they learn Clive's heart problems have been exacerbated by his passionate commitment to prostitutes and Viagra.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, John Adam as Tom Snowden, Nick Jazprizza as Graham Farmer, Tessa Wells as Belinda Johnson, James Roden as Stan Ridgeway, Alan Cinis as Dr Higgins, Kim Knuckey as Clive Murray, Holly Brisley as Janelle, Stacey Jensen as Nicolette, Ned Saffin as Dylan, Clare Fonti as Jenny

Hearts and Minds


Episode 3.11 (95)
Tuesday, April 11, 2000
Screenplay by Anthony Ellis
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

As Luke faces the internal investigation into his supposed negligence, he is forced to defend himself, putting his career and relationship with Bron on the line. Ben attends the attempted suicide of a mysterious young man. Will the truth of his haunted psyche be revealed before it's too late? Mitch goes into battle against the hospital authorities when patient's relatives are forced to sleep in the car park due to lack of funds. The Cold War between Jared and Von threatens their future on the ward.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Jamie Croft as Adam Buckley, John Adam as Tom Snowden, James Roden as Stan Ridgeway, Leslie Dayman as Ray Hanson, Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Trevor Farrugia as Tim Nicholson, Dimity Berriman as Jenny Hanson

Food for Thought


Episode 3.12 (96)
Tuesday, April 18, 2000
Screenplay by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Mark Piper

A young man struggles with the news that to save his life, a large portion of his face will have to be removed. A young woman uses her anorexia to regain media notoriety. Kylie suspects a patient has tuberculosis and refuses to listen when Von questions her diagnosis. Ben and Bron are faced with an emergency when a boy, whose head is stuck between the metal bars of a security door, is stung by a bee.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Dr Kylie Preece, T'mara Buckmaster as Bree Watson, Danielle Spencer as Kate Taylor, Ryan Johnson as Nick Patterson, Sri Sacdpreseuth as Mr Tran, William Drury as Mr Barnett, Steven Grant as Pete Blair, Ross McQuinn as Danny Jacobsen

Blessed Release


Episode 3.13 (97)
Tuesday, April 25, 2000
Screenplay by David Phillips
Directed by Peter Fisk

Terri is facing two crises on different fronts. She has been charged with the murder of Neil Phillips and is presently out on bail, continuing to work at All Saints. The police are challenging her claim that when she stabbed Neil she was defending herself against indecent assault and intended rape. To make matters even worse, her colleagues at the hospital, including most of those in Ward 17 will either be witnesses for the defence or are listed to give evidence for the prosecution. The practical situation is pressure enough. But Terri, being who she is, is haunted and appalled she caused the death of another human being, whatever the circumstances.

Terri's identity has been suppressed in media reports of the incident so her parents are ignorant of her involvement. Terri has told them nothing. Her reasoning is she is keeping this from them in deference to what they are already going through with her father's cancer. The real reason is the sub-level of shame and her unwillingness to face them with it.

But now Ryan Sullivan is admitted to Ward 17. Dehydrated from his chemotherapy and radiation treatment, he has also been diagnosed as having suffered a "silent" heart attack. On the surface, and Eileen would say this, Ryan's illness has brought the couple back together again. It is not true. Ryan feels betrayed and resentful his "power" has been stripped from him. Eileen, who now has the power, could be forgiven for thinking what goes around, comes around, and that Ryan has earned his suffering, even if it is God's will. Eileen would never admit this, not even to herself. But the subtext of resentment between husband and wife is always there.

Which is one of the reasons that, once he is in hospital, Ryan excludes Eileen and turns to Terri. But it is not the main reason. Ryan can't handle the pain generated by his cancer. He thinks God has double-crossed him. He has had enough and he wants Terri to help him die. With the issue of euthanasia thrust on her by her own father, Terri is close to cracking. It takes Mitch's help and empathy to offer Ryan another option, that of pain management.

The police, in the shape of Detective Debbie Bloom, are interviewing hospital staff including Terri's Ward 17 colleagues. It turns out Jared knew Debbie at school — she was the older sister of a friend — and had a huge crush on her. It also seems Debbie thinks Terri is guilty and will use any methods to get the information needed to convict Terri. When Debbie learns Terri's parents are at the hospital, Terri has no choice, she tells her mother about Neil Phillips and the police investigation, but (as she secretly feared) instead of comfort and sympathy, she gets criticism and implied condemnation.

Ben and Steph are having a wonderful time trying to fall pregnant, and Rose and Mitch are having a wonderful time playing house. But things go wrong when Rose loses her precious engagement ring, She is scared of Mitch's reaction — will he be angry with her? He is not. In fact, he has found the ring, and lovingly slips it back on her finger.

Ben and Bron attend a call, which seems at first to be merely an act of spite by a wife against Doug, her husband, who is drunk and passed out. But then Ben and Bron spot the tyre mark across the man's shirt. He has been run over and for all they know, the wife Evie did it. But when Doug is in Steph's care in Ward 17 a different story emerges. Doug has not been able to handle the death of his mother. Husband and wife ha**ve been unable to communicate, and their marriage is at risk. Steph helps them repair the damage.

Von covers up for a tardy security guard, a long-term member of staff, when she discovers he has health problems, which must be dealt with immediately. The guard is pathetically grateful they have saved his job; he is hanging out for an offer of a redundancy package. Von has been given an uncomfortable preview of how health can produce a use-by date.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Martin Vaughan as Ryan Sullivan, Melissa Jaffer as Eileen Sullivan, Marta Dusseldorp as Debbie Bloom, Gael Ballantyne as Evie Mollock, Chris Burke as Doug Mollock, Rob Baxter as Rodney "Rocket" Sturgess

Rush To Judgement


Episode 3.14 (98)
Tuesday, May 02, 2000
Screenplay by Andy Ryan, Ro Hume
Directed by Catherine Roden

Nursing Unit Manager Cynthia Murdoch has devoted the past 25 years of her life to the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Unit attached to All Saints. But, despite her superhuman efforts, the place is rundown, understaffed, last on the queue for funds and generally under continual pressure from the administration. Rose is not enjoying her brief work rotation there. When Mitch drops her off to work, he runs into his former patient Ruby Nolan [episode 2.30]. Ruby begs him to please get her out of the Unit: she does not want to die "like all the others". Mitch puts her paranoia down to dementia; he is sure she is being well looked after.

Meanwhile, Kylie pages him urgently to examine Dave Harris, a brain-damaged Rehab Unit patient who was admitted with a mild chest infection, but whose condition has suddenly deteriorated sharply. Mitch cannot identify what is causing the infection and Dave is not responding to treatment. Despite everyone's best efforts, he dies. Frustrated by his inability to uncover Dave's cause of death, Mitch starts examining patient records from the Rehab Unit. A pattern of chest infections is emerging and Mitch decides Ruby might be dying after all. In spite of Cynthia's protests, Mitch brings Ruby up to Ward 17, where the final piece of the puzzle falls into place. There is a lethal fungus lurking somewhere in the Rehab Unit and it is up to Mitch to locate it.

Bron and Ben treat a delusional young woman dancing half-naked in a park. Bianca also has a potentially serious heart condition, as well as her paranoia and disorientation. Getting ready to bring her in, Ben discovers her young baby, Jack. Bron tries to feed him some chocolate cookies from Bianca's picnic spread and when he is not interested she samples them herself.

Bianca is admitted to Ward 17, where Steph is more than happy to look after the baby. But her opinion of Bianca changes radically when it is revealed she has overdosed on hash cookies. The prospect of an overnight stay in hospital means Steph must find accommodation for baby Jack. But that is more complicated than at first glance.

Bron, who is now stoned from the hash cookies, gatecrashes Luke's important work lunch with Mr Madsen. Her stoned behaviour infuriates Luke who assumes Madsen will judge him harshly for his girlfriend's behaviour. However, Luke soon finds out his mentor is more worldly-wise than he gave him credit for.

Wayne Calder can't help picking the surgical wound from a knee reconstruction he had last month. As a result, he has developed a severe case of cellulitis and risks serious complications. All of Jared and Kylie's warnings fall on deaf ears, until Kylie realises she needs to customise her warning message. The threat of amputation finally forces Wayne to take notice.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Connie Hobbs as Ruby Nolan, John Batchelor as Wayne Calder, Hannah Durack as Bianca Jaimeson, John Noble as John Madsen, Jan Langford Penny as Cynthia Murdoch, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Jackson & Nicholas Arico as Jack Jamieson, Jay Medwick-Daley as Dave Harris

Judge Not…


Episode 3.15 (99)
Tuesday, May 09, 2000
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Terri's trial begins. Prosecution barrister Marion Lord tells the Jury Terri murdered Neil Phillips to keep their love affair secret. Terri is horrified Lord should believe she is a cold-blooded killer. Her barrister Steve Coulter assures her all that matters is what the Jury believe at the end of the trial.

Jared is in court to support Terri and watches as Debbie Bloom presents the police evidence against her. Debbie presents items of Terri's clothing found in Neil's flat and Neil's diary containing intimate details of their affair. Coulter cross-examines Debbie establishing the clothing may have been stolen; there is no other physical evidence to prove Terri ever visited Neil Phillips and he may have made up the diary.

Under oath, Luke is forced to say that as Neil was dying he accused Terri of stabbing him. Terri has said she stabbed Neil once in self-defence but the Prosecution force Luke to confirm he saw two stab wounds. In cross-examination, Coulter gets Luke to establish only one of the stab wounds was fatal and there is nothing to prove Terri caused this fatal wound.

Under pressure in the witness box, Von has to admit Terri did not mention the stabbing until police were present. While she ridicules the idea Terri had an affair with Neil, saying Terri's religious vows are the centre of her life, she is pressured into admitting Terri never told her of her fears she was being stalked and she left her community house after she met Neil.

Meanwhile, Mitch, desperately worried about Terri and unable to help her, takes his frustration out on Kylie and other members of the staff. Connor struggles to understand why a loving husband and father has started to display sudden irrational bursts of homicidal violence. With staff frustrated by a shortage of supplies, Bron takes it upon herself to lead a raid on Ward 12 with assistance from Connor.

Special Guests: Josephine Byrnes as Marion Lord, Bille Brown as Steve Coulter

Guest Cast: Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Marta Dusseldorp as Debbie Bloom, Jules Sobotta as Tick Harpur, Joel McIlory as Case Harpur, Jodie Dry as Linda Davies, Jonathan Elsom as Judge, Yvette Alcott as Sally Gilfan, Nick Jones as Foreperson, Mia Meadows as Tracey Harpur, David Goddard as Judge's Associate, Ian McClom as Sheriff's Officer, Geoffrey Reczeck as Tipstaff

…Lest Ye Be Judged


Episode 3.16 (100)
Tuesday, May 16, 2000
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Peter Fisk

The final day of Terri's trial begins. She is horrified as prosecution barrister Marion Lord continues to paint her as some fallen woman. The nosy neighbour Gilda gives the Jury the impression Terri was not only having an affair with Neil Phillips but also had another lover, namely Mitch.

Von tries to calm a nervous Mitch, who believes his testimony could make all the difference to the trial. When called to the witness box, Mitch performs admirably under the guidance of Terri's barrister but when it comes to the enemy…

Under cross-examination, Mitch's confidence is rocked when the Crown starts to focus on his past relationship with Terri and he is completely thrown by the question of whether or not he is still in love with her. Under oath Mitch has no choice but to say he is. The Crown uses this to put the idea into the Jury members' heads that Mitch might be prepared to lie to protect Terri.

Terri' s nerves almost get the better of her but Coulter talks her into testifying. Leading her gently through the horror of the attack, Terri almost believes she can get through this. But under cross-examination an emotionally exhausted Terri starts to falter, finally cracking under the pressure and admitting she was angry, not scared when she stabbed Neil Phillips.

Meanwhile, Val Hale is admitted to Ward 17, having suffered an asthma attack. There seems to be nothing Kylie can do to help her but Jared suspects there is something the woman is not telling them. Kylie finally gains Val's confidence and learns that in addition to the asthma, Val is suffering from severe vaginal discomfort, which manifests every time she has unprotected sex with her husband. Jared jokingly suggests she might be allergic to him and is horrified to learn he is right. Between them, Kylie and Jared counsel Val about treatment, persuading her to have hope for the future, and manage in the process to fuel Bron's suspicions about their feelings towards each other.

When a patient, Ken Burgess, arrests and nearly dies because a defibrillator is not available, Steph goes on the warpath. Equipment shortages are worse than ever and Connor volunteers to venture down to the Maintenance Department to berate the staff. The head of Maintenance has a scary reputation and Connor returns with even more rumours. But when Derek comes up to the ward, the staff members discover the rumours about him are wildly exaggerated.

Special Guests: Josephine Byrnes as Marion Lord, Bille Brown as Steve Coulter

Guest Cast: Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Marta Dusseldorp as Debbie Bloom, Mary Regan as Trish Rawlins, Arianthe Galani as Gilda Poletti, Victoria Taylor as Val Hale, Paul Holmes as Ken Burgess, Greg Bepper as Derek Havis, Jonathan Elsom as Judge, Yvette Alcott as Sally Gilfan, Nick Jones as Foreperson, David Goddard as Judge's Associate, Ian McClum as Sheriff's Officer, Geoffrey Reczeck as Tipstaff, David Gambin as Jason Maroney, Deborah Jones as Female Prisoner

Duty of Care


Episode 3.17 (101)
Tuesday, May 23, 2000
Screenplay by Louise Crane
Directed by Catherine Roden

Ward 17 is notified it is being closed down in favour of more specialised wards. Understandably the staff, and Terri in particular, are horrified to learn the team is to be split up. Claudia MacKenzie takes over from Stan Ridgeway as hospital CEO and despite all pleas to reconsider, keeps her eyes firmly on the bottom line — hospitals are a business like any other.

As decisions are made to strike, the team all have to examine the balance between their desire to improve conditions in the hospital and their duty of care to their patients.

Von is struggling to see Hilary and Owen through the difficult time of Hilary's death. It is emotionally draining for all concerned but Von manages to make the woman's last hours as comfortable as possible. It is Owen who really needs Von's help.

Jared is torn between his desire to see working conditions change and his need to see an old patient of his, Judith, through a course of chemotherapy. It is the patient herself who finally encourages him to join his peers in the industrial action… it is the right thing to do and patients such as Judith will ultimately benefit from the work the nurses put in now.

Terri, still stinging from her court case, is horrified to learn a woman whose daughter was murdered regards her as a hero. The woman's congratulations on the action she took against Neil Phillips cements for Terri her feelings that what she did was wrong. A vulnerable Terri reaches out to Mitch, only to be reminded she made her decision regarding their relationship and he is about to marry another woman because of that decision. Terri is left feeling isolated and humiliated.

Regina's world is turned upside down when she learns not only is her job at risk but that Fergus is to be deported. Hurried wedding plans are made and she weds him in a civil ceremony, only to have to bid him goodbye immediately afterwards.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Celia Ireland as Regina Butcher, Lynette Curran as Hilary Doyle, Bill Young as Owen Doyle, Annie Davies-McCubbin as Judith Dawson, Anthony Lawrence as Fergus Tiegan, Rachel Gordon as Claudia McKenzie, Sally Cahill as Robyn Debrincat, Daryl Lee as Jimmy Wallace, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Michelle Boyle as Nurse, Gabriella Paussi as Nurse, Stuart Forbes as Maintenance Man

Beyond All Praise


Episode 3.18 (102)
Tuesday, May 30, 2000
Screenplay by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Scott Feeney

Terri takes on Claudia McKenzie, the hospital's new CEO, as the ward's closure becomes a reality and Terri finds herself being used by the hospital administation in PR exercise against the striking nurses. Steph helps a young single mother suffering from post-natal depression. Von struggles to nurse a patient with cancer. Mitch's belief in the good he can do as a doctor is reaffirmed when he is called out by Bron and Ben to attend to a house full of sick illegal immigrants. Connor takes on the role of second-in-charge and finds himself drowning in a sea of never-ending demands.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Annie Davies-McCubbin as Judith Dawson, Rachel Gordon as Claudia McKenzie, Tamsin Carroll as Nikki Collins, Terry Binding as Jane Foster, Kim Hillas as Joan Marden, Jodie Dry as Linda Davies, Hsiao Ling Tang as Sister Geneveva, Ken Porter as Mr Elenius, Odette Alvis as Grace Nguyen, James Sabastiao as Jose Nguyen, Clio & Sasha Davidson-Lynch as Baby Collins, Philomena Lay as Anselmo

Out of Nowhere


Episode 3.19 (103)
Tuesday, June 06, 2000
Screenplay by Serge Lazareff
Directed by Di Drew

Linda Davies, formerly of the now-closed Ward 12 and now an agency nurse, arrives to help out on Ward 17. Connor, who had tried to make her intimate acquaintance at the All Saints' Ball, takes her under his wing and trusts her with some of his patient medications. Unbeknownst to him, Linda is a pethidine addict who absconds with the patients' doses. Only when he catches her in the act does Connor realise the extent of her habit. Faced with the dilemma of dobbing on a colleague, Connor dallies despite Von's advice. Only when confronted with the results of Linda's lies does he finally inform Terri.

In the meantime, Brett Addison, a spinal accident victim is prepared for an op by Luke and anaesthetist Tom Snowden. The ward is amazed that the anaesthetist — an ex-pethidine addict who has now allegedly given up the habit and is undergoing counselling — is attending pre-op debriefings with patients. The consensus is Tom must have turned over a new leaf and be genuinely rehabilitated. Jared is the one who thinks otherwise; in his social circle it is well known Snowden is still out having a high time. Despite his feelings to the contrary, Luke tries to bury the hatchet and make a friendly approach to Tom only to receive a slap in the face. Tom blames Luke for all his ills and when Madsen refuses to work with Snowden, Snowden is convinced Luke has been saying things behind his back. Snowden facing a career halt and still in the throes of the major drug habit makes a desperate decision.

One of the illegal aliens who had sought Mitch's help recently comes back to him with her sick child. Mitch keeps the mother's secret intact by treating the boy without officially admitting him to the Ward. The boy is showing signs of pneumonia but things get more complicated — the eventual diagnosis is epilepsy.

Kylie and Mitch disagree on various options of treatment, the inference of parental abuse and on whether or not to admit and identify the child thereby bringing in the authorities. Mitch wins the day on all grounds much to Kylie's chagrin. She begins to have doubts about her competence, which Jared picks up on. His offer to discuss her situation leads to a night out together. Terri, meanwhile, admires Mitch's professional passion and his commitment to his patients; she senses somewhere along the way in the last few months she has lost her focus and surety in the same.

Ben and Bron arrive at a motel room to find their man dead after what appears to be a sexual assignment. They presume the prostitute called them and fled. However, upon hearing noises from the bathroom they meet up with a relatively older and distraught woman. This sex worker certainly seems older — given the age of the client — than they would have expected. Eventually, the two ambulance officers are surprised to discover the prostitute is in fact the dead man and the older woman is the client. Ben is put off by this new take on the oldest profession in the world, but Bron provides a ready ear and advice to allay the woman's fear and embarrassment and ultimately applauds her courage and adventure.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; John Adam as Tom Snowden, Jodie Dry as Linda Davies, Ling Hsueh Tang as Dr Kylie Preece, Rebekah Elmaloglou as Justine Addison, Ashley Lyons as Brett Addison, Odette Alvis as Grace Nguyen, John Noble as Mr Madsen, James Sebastiao as Jose Nguyen, Kerrie Adams as Pauline Matthews, Leonid Dobrinski as Mr Vella, Sarah Vassallo as Stella

Frozen in Time


Episode 3.20 (104)
Tuesday, June 13, 2000
Screenplay by Denise Morgan
Directed by Peter Fisk

Terri is finding counselling is doing nothing to help her anxiety and guilt over the death of Neil Phillips. Forced onto medication, she attempts to straighten herself out by working back on the ward in general nursing, handing the reins over to a delighted Steph.

In the course of nursing a severely brain-damaged woman, Terri comes face to face with young Simon, who everyone assumes is the woman's nephew. Terri discovers the boy is in actual fact an ex-student of the woman and he is hiding a shocking secret. Feeling responsible for the car accident, which caused Jessica Hollis' injuries, Simon has visited her every day in the hope she will somehow get better. It is up to Terri to tell him this is not possible. Knowing Simon will not move forward unless he can forgive himself. She gives him the tools to enable him to confront Miss Hollis with the part he played in the accident. Believing Miss Hollis has heard his apology Simon is able to move on with his life. Terri, however, is still unable to forgive herself.

Jared also has to face his own emotions when he nurses a young woman who is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Her fiancé, unable to cope with the illness, walks away from her. But Jared — reminded of his own pain with Samantha who refused to have anything to do with him once she knew she was carrying the genes of Huntington's Disease — confronts the fiancé angrily. Jared then feels obliged to explain his actions to Kylie. An admission and exposure of himself that draws him closer to her.

Steph is enjoying her day as NUM and looking forward to the celebrations with Ben on their anniversary night. That is until she starts nursing Naomi Collins whom she discovers is the woman Ben slept with when they were separated. Her happy day jars to a halt until she learns from Naomi that Ben did not enjoy the experience and had pangs of guilt. However, she is not prepared to let Ben off quite so quickly and enjoys letting him suffer for a while.

Bron and Ben attend Clayton Trent. Clayton set up a fall for a video competition and succeeded in skewering himself on a garden stake. As they wait for rescue to cut out the stake, Bron finds a common interest with Clayton — gambling.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Doug Scroope as Clayton Trent, Alexandra Davies as Naomi Collins, Raphael Dickson as Simon Beck, Jennie Dibley as Jessica Hollis, Danielle Baker as Ailsa Fulcher, Jason Paull Hayes as Leon Hudson, Paula Iland as Dr Lewis, Wayne Rigby as Macka, Andy Owen as Clayton's Double

Note: Jake Blundell was last seen in episode 2.37 and Alexandra Davies was last in episode 2.29

Girl of the Moment


Episode 3.21 (105)
Tuesday, June 20, 2000
Screenplay by Chris Hawkshaw
Directed by Catherine Roden

Steph steps into Terri's shoes as Nursing Unit Manager but alienates her colleagues with her demanding behaviour. Bron uncovers the shocking family secret that drove sisters apart 23 years ago when the sister of a brain-damaged patient insists her sister be allowed to die so she can receive an insurance payout. Luke is convinced his good relationship with Madsen is over for good when he risks a patient's safety by operating with an injured hand. Mitch and Kylie deal with a hypochondriac while Connor learns a lesson of the heart.

Guest Cast: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham; Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Fiona Press as Elena Freeman, John Noble as Mr Madsen, Joyce Jacobs as Mavis Davis, Muffy Potter as Francine Docla, Hermione Gehle as Lizzie Dewhurst, Jennie Dibley as Jessica Hollis, Jana Fort Haber as Lara Simpson

Note: Joyce Jacobs appeared previously as Mavis Davis in episode 1.31

Dead on Time


Episode 3.22 (106)
Tuesday, June 27, 2000
Screenplay by Anthony Ellis
Directed by Scott Feeney

Connor becomes Acting NUM when Steph is uncharacteristically late for the morning shift. Anxiety mounts as the morning wears on.

Ben and Bron meanwhile, arrive on the scene of a terrible car smash to discover with horror that Steph is the critically injured driver of one of the cars. Bron is forced to take command of on-site medical assistance as Ben becomes paralysed by fear and anguish. His anger erupts in violence against the bewildered drunken driver of the other car and he has to be pulled off by the arresting police. Relieved by the Police Rescue Squad and a second team of paramedics, Ben sits with his wife, coaxing her to remain conscious, urging her to hang on

Luke is paged to join a trauma team and is horrified to find Steph is the candidate for emergency surgery while the news of Steph's accident sends shock waves around Ward 17 where they still have patients to look after.

Admitted with swollen glands and fatigue, a woman's blood tests reveal she is not suffering from leukaemia as feared, but treatable toxoplasmosis. The down side is the comparative blood tests of her husband and young son reveal the little boy cannot possibly be her husband's child. When Mitch tactfully broaches the subject with the woman he is baffled by her insistence that her husband is the only man she has slept with since their wedding and he must be the father. The solution to the mystery is provided by the little boy's fond retelling of his own birth story and the revelation that he and his mum were separated for some time in his first few days of life while she was sick. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that two baby boys were somehow mistakenly swapped. Given a choice, Pam and Allan decide against legal action and to keep the little boy they have loved as their own but Mitch is uneasy: he knows one day the Millers will want to meet their real son.

Von's patience is tried by a rude and demanding blind man whose ex-girlfriend's preference for circumcised penises has persuaded him to have the chop himself. But a day of dealing with his constant whingeing convinces Von the girlfriend's departure had more to do with intense irritation than an unsightly foreskin.

Featuring: Brian Vriends as Ben Markham

Guest Cast: Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Kate Reid as Pam Miller, John McNeill as Allan Miller, Ben Wilson as Justin Miller, Stephen Pease as Matt Deacon, Wayne Rigby as Macka, Trevor Farrugia as Tim Nicholson, Alan Cinis as Mr Higgins, David Lucas as Drunk Driver, John Griffiths as Anaesthetist, Lauren Peters as Anaesthetist Nurse, Harpo the Dog as himself

Note: this episode recieved a 2000 AFI Award Nomination in the category of Best Episode in a TV Drama Series (Long)

Blood, Sweat & Tears


Episode 3.23 (107)
Tuesday, July 04, 2000
Screenplay by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Di Drew

The staff of Ward 17 fight desperately to save the life of a sixteen-year-old boy suffering from a rare blood disorder. The situation intensifies when he begins to haemorrhage internally and Mitch doesn't think he can stop the bleeding. Two high school friends end up on the ward after mixing an ecstasy tablet with too much booze at their high-school reunion. Following Steph's funeral, Steph's mother returns to Ward 17 to see where her daughter worked and becomes involved with the staff and patients. Meanwhile, Luke bonds with a young woman with Downs Syndrome, and Bron grows concerned for Ben when she see how he is coping with Steph's death.

Starring: Georgie Parker, Jeremy Cumpston, Martin Lynes, Judith McGrath, Libby Tanner, Ben Tari, Erik Thomson, Brian Vriends

Special Guest: Carmen Duncan as Elizabeth Wallace

Guest Cast: Kirrily White as Stephanie Markham; Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Justin Martin as Joel Diek, Tracie Sammut as Barbara Woods, Eva Sitta as Brigetta Diek, Kate Mulvany as Hayley McMasters, Sheena Crouch as Julie Bullock, Lewis Williams as Sean McMasters, Tony Partridge as Minister, Alex Hamill as Christopher, Terry Binding as Jane Foster, Glenn Ruehland as Christopher's Double

Note: Brian Vriends is added to the opening credits replacing Kirrily White who makes her final appearance in this episode

Twentieth Century Blues


Episode 3.24 (108)
Tuesday, July 11, 2000
Screenplay by David Phllips
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

When Ben and Bron answer a cry for help they find a woman, Lynette Newman, living in a sealed flat, under rigidly sterile conditions. A fall has given Lynette head injuries and she is transferred to All Saints and ultimately to Ward 17. She displays a paranoid fear of being there, and what appears to be a obsessive/compulsive disorder. Connor, currently Acting NUM, wants Lynette transferred to the Psych unit. Mitch suspects there is more to it and insists Lynette remain on the ward.

Mitch sets out to solve the mystery of Lynette, made all the difficult by the fact she distrusts all doctors. She gets Connor and the rest of the staff offside with demands for special sterile conditions for anyone and anything in contact with her. Mitch overcomes her distrust and Lynette confesses she has chronic allergic reactions to a wide range of substances. Other doctors through it was a psychological, rather than a clinical problem, and Lynette gave up on the medical profession, sealing herself away from all the things which could harm her. Mitch sets out to define her condition. He is shocked when he realises Lynette has Twentieth Century Syndrome — that her capacity for allergic reaction is virtually unlimited, leaving her immune system in constant overload. It is a condition, which cannot be treated. But it can be managed and Lynette can be helped.

Rose and Mitch's wedding is approaching and Rose has pre-wedding jitters. However, these are only symptomatic of deeper concerns that Rose has about married life with Mitch. When she is confronted with Mitch's passionate commitment to his patients, her concerns reach crisis point. Von becomes her unwilling confidant, as Rose spells out her fears Mitch's professional dedication will always leave her in second place. Rose can't handle that and calls off the wedding. Mitch, who needs to be needed as much as Rose is needy, calls her bluff, offering to give up his medical career if that is what she wants. Rose gives in. She would never ask him to do that. But his gesture reconciles them and the wedding is back on.

Connor is determined to do a good job as acting NUM but things go from bad to worse. He is inundated with the bureaucratic aspects of the job — he is at odds with Mitch over Lynette, and Von and Jared seem to be giving him no respect whatsoever. On top of all that, he is sorely tempted by Amanda, an agency nurse filling in for the day. This is complicated by the fact Luke seeks to have a vendetta against her. By day's end, Connor has done a good job, has the respect of his staff (with a little help from ward clerk Tony) and has resolved the Luke/Amanda dispute.

On Retreat, Terri is joined by, Maria, a nun with her own problems. A dedicated social worker, Maria is at odds with the Church over the issue of safe injecting rooms. Maria is feisty, honest, and direct and Terri finds herself swapping confidences with her new friend. In doing so, Terri is forced to evaluate her own past as a chronic runaway from unpleasant situations.

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Louise Crawford as Lynette Newman, Dina Gillespie as Maria Sanderson, Sarah Aubrey as Amanda Morton, Terry Binding as Jane Foster, Adam Drummond as Robby Fowler, Thais Alexis as Jan Murray, Trisha Noble as Sister O'Reily, Leigh Clunes as Rosanne Green, Stephen Holt as Police Officer, John Marsh as Photographer

Into the Unknown


Episode 3.25 (109)
Tuesday, July 25, 2000
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Catherine Roden

Bron is nurse in charge for the night shift on Ward 17. Von isn't too impressed when Bron tries to delegate all the work to her and agency nurse Amanda but Bron is forced to take on responsibility for an elderly nun. Sister Frances is desperately confused, constantly asking for the nurses to contact another Sister who, Bron learns, died twenty years ago.

While Bron struggles to find a way to help Sister Frances, an Aboriginal patient arrives from Emergency. An arrogant new Medical Resident, Dr. Wilkes, believes eighteen-year-old Ajay is suffering from the effects of sniffing the propellant in aerosol paint cans. Bron becomes concerned Ajay's heartbeat is irregular. She wants Dr. Wilkes to examine his patient again but Dr. Wilkes refuses. He believes all Ajay needs is to sleep it off. Bron becomes convinced her patient is not a solvent abuser, but a diabetic. When Ajay's condition worsens, Bron takes her patient to the Emergency Ward to insist Dr. Wilkes examines him. This brings her into conflict with Emergency staff and Brenda Blair, the night ADON. Bron's instincts are proved right when Ajay goes into a diabetic coma.

Bron's night is further complicated when Ben turns up on the Ward, drunk. She hides him in the tearoom while she attends to Sister Frances. When Bron has to replace the old woman's catheter, Sister Frances tells her she believes this is a punishment from God. Bron seeks advice from Von and learns Sister Frances was one of the women in the Order who regretted the decision in the late 60s to adopt a more modern form of dress. Bron hears the old woman say she fears she can't go to God dressed as she is now, Bron enlists Von's help to make Sister Frances a makeshift wimple. Sister Frances at last manages to sleep.

Meanwhile, Mitch is enjoying his buck's night. When his friend Norman makes a speech about Mitch and Rose, Luke can only think of Steph. Luke is very drunk and he urges Mitch not to marry Rose. He says he is marrying the wrong woman. When Mitch gets angry, Luke swings a punch and damages his hand. In Emergency, a shamefaced Luke confides to Mitch he was not talking about Mitch and Rose at all, rather he was acknowledging Steph was the woman he loved.

At the Retreat Centre, Maria tells Terri she is leaving the Order in the morning. Maria wants to celebrate but Terri tries to get her to reconsider her decision. As Terri outlines the reasons why Maria should stay, she begins to question her own reasons for staying and finally comes to a decision about her future.

Guest Cast: Dina Gillespie as Maria Sanderson, Pat Hutchinson as Frances McArthy, Wesley Patten as Ajay Sutton, Sarah Aubrey as Amanda Morton, Desan Padaychee as Norman Kingsley, Phillip Lowe as Dr. Peter Wilkes, Joy Miller as Brenda Blair, Sarah Vassallo as Stella

Promise of Things to Come


Episode 3.26 (110)
Tuesday, July 25, 2000
Screenplay by Louise Crane
Directed by Kevin Carlin

The big day has finally arrived for Mitch and Rose but despite the best efforts of the Ward 17 staff, Mitch becomes involved with a patient suffering chronic pain as a result of the condition Ankylosing Spondylitis. The young man, Scott, has just about given up but Mitch has a radical idea on how to break the pain cycle. Connor is less than impressed to learn Mitch intends to bring dope onto the ward, particularly when he has worked so hard to be a good NUM. Mitch finds an unlikely ally in treating Scott, when Rose takes time out of her wedding day preparations to lend a hand.

While Mitch is struggling to help his patient and make it to the Church on time, Terri is saying her farewells to the women at the Order's community house. She makes yet another difficult decision and goes to the Church to see Mitch and Rose.

Von's attitude to her seemingly vain patient, in for a cosmetic procedure, does little to diminish Luke's enthusiasm for sitting in on the liposuction procedure. Luke, believing cosmetic surgery is a huge money spinner, and Von, believing the bed could be better used for someone in "real" need, will both have cause to re-examine their attitudes when the woman suffers post-operative complications and we learn the true reason for her wanting the operation.

Kylie's diagnostic skills, as well as her patience, are tested when the infamous psychiatrist Dr. Jerry Stafford is admitted with symptoms mirroring the condition Bell's Palsy. But Kylie is convinced there is more this than meets the eye. Determined to find the cause of the symptoms without Mitch's help, Kylie enlists Jared to unravel the mystery. Jerry is not the most co-operative patient in the world but they persist.

Special Guest: Travis McMahon as Scott Fitzpatrick

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Amanda Wenban as Sarah Constantini, Brendan Higgins as Jerry Stafford, Mary Regan as Trish Rawlins, Anthony Martin as Rev Charleston, Desan Padayachee as Norman Kingsley, Joanna Stevens as Tania Peters, Yuri Zineko as Young Boy, Sasha Simon as Flowergirl, Julie Stevenson as Victoria Carleton, Bob Brooks as Mark Carleton

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?


Episode 3.27 (111)
Tuesday, August 01, 2000
Screenplay by Annette Moore & Sarah Smith
Directed by Di Drew

When two children are killed by a drunk driver, their mother's grief unlocks another woman's secret and is the catalyst for Ben finally venting his anger over losing Steph. Meanwhile, Jared volunteers to look after Brittany Finlay, the new student nurse. He expects a nervous newcomer but instead is faced with an obnoxious and outspoken young woman.

Special Guest: Victoria Longley as Kath Williams

Guest Cast: Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Pia Miranda as Brittany Finlay, Roslyn Oades as Leanne Souza, Anthony Kierann as Joe Kleminsky, Billy Milionis as Trev Souza, Micky Catalanotta as Nathan Souza, Terry Binding as Jane Foster, Trevor Farrugia as Tim Nicholson, Martin Grelis as Adam Peters, Glen Phillips as Antonio Tenisi, Matthew Dale as Police Officer, Ben Jobberns as Computer Support, Gianni Corvetti as Waiter, George Symons as Nathan's Double

Note: Pia Miranda's first appearance (article)

The Cost Of Living


Episode 3.28 (112)
Tuesday, August 08, 2000
Screenplay by Andrew Ryan
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Bron is worried about Ben. He has slumped into a depression since Steph's death and she is concerned he is not taking adequate care of himself. So concerned, in fact she has temporarily moved into his flat to keep an eye on him. Which is where Ben drops his bombshell; he has decided to transfer from active paramedic duties to a desk job at HQ. Bron is aghast. She knows this is an ill-considered decision borne of his depression, but Ben won't hear reason. He is quitting just as soon as he finishes the paperwork.

When Ben and Bron attend a woman injured in a jet ski accident, Ben is on autopilot. He fulfils all the medical requirements to splint Jody's broken arm but he remains emotionally distant from Jody and her yuppie husband Phil. Nothing Bron says or does can shake Ben from his rut. It is not until Jody's condition deteriorates and Ben discovers her injuries are life threatening, that he gets the spark back in his eyes. It takes all of Ben's knowledge, experience and empathy to get Jody to safety and reassure her by-now hysterical husband. In doing so, Ben rekindles his passion for ambulance work, and comes to a deeper understanding of his grief for Stephanie. He rips up the transfer papers. After weeks of self-destructive grief, it looks like Ben is turning the corner.

On the ward, Jared is in a bad mood. Connor assumes it is because he has been staying at his mother's house recently. Tony is not so sure… could it be because Jared has been partnered with obnoxious student nurse Brittany yet again? Jared's mood deteriorates when he nurses a greedy amateur investor, Michael, who is more concerned with making money via on-line share trading than following doctor's orders. While leafing through a patient's newspaper, Tony uncovers what is really bugging Jared — his business executive father has absconded after being caught extorting millions of dollars from his clients. Jared and his family are now bankrupt. To rub salt in the wound, Michael returns from surgery, for a life-threatening aneurism, to discover his shares have skyrocketed in his absence. This foolhardy speculator has made a fortune, while conservative Jared is now broke.

It is Mitch's first day back from his honeymoon and Terri is tying herself up in knots over one simple task: to tell him she has left the Order. To make things more difficult, she and Mitch are working together today. Their patient Tanya has severe septicaemia, the cause of which leaves even Mitch gaping in horror.

Terri is pre-occupied with the Mitch issue all day. Even the problems with the new NurseCare computer system seem insignificant alongside the crippling indecision. Matters come to a head when Mitch notices her "wedding" ring is missing. Terri is trapped — she must reveal her decision. It only takes a moment, and Mitch greets the news with polite equanimity. But if it is all so straightforward, why does Terri feel such mixed emotions?

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carlton, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Pia Miranda as Brittany Finlay, Helen O'Leary as Tanya Radzner, David Franklin as Michael Politis, Shelly Coughran as Jody Sedgewick, Scott Bowie as Phil Sedgewick

One for the Road


Episode 3.29 (113)
Tuesday, August 15, 2000
Screenplay by Serge Lazareff, Margaret Wilson
Directed by Mark Piper

Brittany, under Jared's wing, has a "coming of age" working experience when Ian, an alcoholic lecturer with liver damage, and Lee, a car accident victim with a drinking habit are brought together in Room Four. Brittany develops a crush on Lee and goes so far as to kiss him. Jared spies them both and educates her on the need to separate her work from play. Brittany takes no heed until Jared forces her to do her normal nursing duties and help Lee with his toiletry. The lesson is a sorry one for romance and earns Jared Brittany's resentment. As a result of her feelings for Lee, Brittany is talked into keeping silent about the fact Lee's mates have brought him in a six pack of beer to drink on the Ward. This has a snowball effect when she later finds Ian drinking from one of the cans. He talks her into maintaining her silence, reminding her everyone will be in trouble if this is discovered. However, the beer causes Ian to suffer a hypoglycaemic attack. Knowing she has played a part in making Ian sicker, Brittany is guilt-stricken and starts to doubt her career choice. However, after a day of locking heads with Jared, he proves to be supportive, and his efforts to help to restore Brittany's faith in herself. Lee, meanwhile, gets a vivid picture of where irresponsible drinking ultimately leads.

Mary Serdaris, a Greek woman who can't speak English, is brought in with a bowel obstruction. Her young son Jimmy, in his efforts to protect his mother, gets in the way of Von, Terri and Luke. Luke is frustrated by not having an interpreter — it makes treating Mary extremely difficult, as no one can explain to her what needs to be done. As a result, Mary is terrified. A delay in getting an Operating Theatre increases Luke's frustration, and in order to hurry things along, he "enhances" the situation somewhat by telling Theatre Mary will die if she does not get in there immediately. Unbeknownst to the staff, Jimmy overhears and tells his mother she is going to die. So Mary, in an attempt to save her son witnessing the death of a second parent, escapes from her room. A search party eventually finds her and she is taken through Emergency for her operation, When brought back to Ward 17, asleep and under medication, Jimmy still believes she is dead. It is only when Luke physically demonstrates to him that his mother is fine that Jimmy finally gets some good news.

Ben and Bron have an interesting day out. An emergency call for a dying baby proves to be for a cat named "Baby" — it has a furball lodged in its throat. All goes well until Bron reverses out of the driveway and straight over the just revived Baby. The elderly owner, upon seeing her Baby wrapped in a blanket and presuming the worst, is shaken badly. Ben and Bron deliver them individually to a vet's clinic and a hospital — both survive unharmed.

Terri, after criticism from Claudia, decides to give her Nursecare program a thorough test before making any final decisions.

We discover Luke has had a personal liaison with Claudia. It leads him to make a decision about his relationship with Bron.

Special Guest: Max Gillies as Ian Benson

Guest Cast: Pia Miranda as Brittany Finlay, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Rachel Gordon as Claudia McKenzie, Teague Rook as Lee Walton, Yanna Black as Mary Sendaris, Tommy Bakoulis as Jimmy Serdaris, Marcia Neal as Lorna Mullins, Chris Sadrinna as DavidToby Villas as Vince, Patricia East as Mrs Barnsley

Another Place, Another Time


Episode 3.30 (114)
Tuesday, August 22, 2000
Screenplay by Louise Crane
Directed by Kevin Carlin

Von's past is highlighted when a patient, Will Harrington, she nursed in a London pediatric unit is admitted to Ward 17. His memories of Von result in a lot of stirring from the rest of the staff and consequently a furious Von confronts Will, telling him she is not the person he thinks she is. Will comes to realise she may be right — he doesn't recognise this new Von at all. Besides, he does not need handholding any more — he is an adult. But, on learning he has cancer, all Will's childhood fears re-surface and Von is forced to re-enact the magic that got him through his childhood illness to help get him through this one.

Meanwhile, Bron discovers Connor's new job is not all it is cracked up to be. When she and Ben attend an accident, they discover the male involved has just been discharged from Connor's new ward at All Saints. When the victim insists on being taken back to it the same hospital, Bron drops in on Connor to tell him. There, she witnesses the rebellion of staff against Connor and while he is strong in his combating of the situation it is obvious he is not really happy in his new position. The trouble is, he does not have a clue how to get himself out of the situation without sacrificing what little dignity he has left. Ultimately, Connor bites the bullet and asks Terri to get him back onto Ward 17.

Luke, having completed knee surgery on Heather O'Neill, is all set to discharge her when Rose points out she has a hearing deficit and peripheral vision problems. Luke is happy to refer the patient on to Mitch who soon realises something is seriously amiss here. Heather is diagnosed with a meningioma, which should have been picked up a decade ago and now runs the risk of paralysing and even killing her. Luke takes the opportunity to get back in Madsen's good books by effectively taking credit for the diagnosis as he schedules emergency surgery.

Terri, still struggling to run an understaffed ward, still run off her feet picking up the staffing shortfall and still struggling to give the Nursecare system a fair go, finds herself on the wrong side of Rose. An innocent comment, reminder Rose of her obligation as a physio to Heather and her family, is completely misread by Rose, who believes Terri did it deliberately to stay in favour with Mitch. Rose pulls no punches when she warns Terri never to undermine her in front of her husband Mitch, again. The unspoken "or else" is heard loud and clear by Terri.

Luke is unimpressed to discover Bron is still gambling and has been throughout their now defunct relationship. He realises his loans to her were in fact payrolling her addiction and he demands she repay him every cent.

Special Guest: Simon Lyndon as Will Harrington

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Pia Miranda as Brittany Finlay, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Tanya Bulmar as Heather O'Neill, Peter Carmody as Douglas Warren, Kathryn Hartman as Kristina Warren, Nicole Winkler as Claire Hamilton, Jae Koutrae as Jack

Bosom Of The Family


Episode 3.31 (115)
Tuesday, August 29, 2000
Screenplay by Chris Hawkshaw
Directed by Di Drew

Terri settles a dazed Robyn Michalandos on Ward 17 but is immediately suspicious. Robyn insists her head injuries are from a fall down the stairs at home but all the signs point towards domestic violence. When her husband Steve arrives and immediately threatens his teenage stepson, the fears of the staff are seemingly confirmed. The stage is set for a tense day on the Ward.

Connor, back from his unhappy stint as NUM on Ward 8, finds himself welcomed back into an understaffed and badly stretched team. He is feeling insecure but quickly forgets his troubles as he nurses Val Hale. She is back in hospital suffering from another asthma attack caused by her allergy to her husband's sperm. Kylie and Connor stabilise Val and reassure her husband. Val settles down to recover from her fright.

Brittany is angry at the confidentiality rules, which stop the hospital reporting the domestic violence they all suspect. She takes an interest in Robyn's son Declan, who is sullen and anxious for his mother. Declan is not interested in discussing his problems or his family. Brittany persists however and Declan becomes increasingly distressed and suddenly turns on her. He attacks her in the foyer and has to be subdued by his father and the staff.

Meanwhile, Luke, Ben and Bron form an unlikely triangle during a road accident emergency. Ben and Bron pull Ellie from a burning car wreck to save her life. But she will lose her badly burned leg unless Ben can take quick action with a scalpel. It is up to Luke to talk Bron and Ben through the fasciotomy procedure over the phone.

Back on the ward, the Michalandos family troubles unravel. Terri learns Declan is responsible for Robyn's injuries. She and her husband have not been able to control his increasingly erratic and violent behaviour, though they have been determined to keep the problem to themselves. Luke is able to intervene with some frightening news: Declan's problems are not due to unruly adolescent behaviour — he has a brain tumour. Robyn realises her inaction has actually been hurting her son's health. But now surgery offers some hope for the family.

Val Hale dies suddenly, undetected between observations. Connor and Kylie are deeply affected by her death and Kylie must face an irate and unforgiving husband. Mitch rages against the administrative decisions, which left Val without the close attention she needed. And, in frustration, Terri junks the NurseCare computer system, which has blighted their lives. She is set on a collision course with the hospital powers.

Special Guest: Joe Petruzzi as Steve Michalandos

Guest Cast: Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Pia Miranda as Brittany Finlay, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Chris Foy as Declan O'Brien, Victoria Taylor as Val Hale, Marcel Bracks as Kristian Waites, Jason Montgomery as Andrew Hale, Nathy Gaffney as Robyn Michalandos, Belinda Clarke as Ellie, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Angela McGrath as Miss Aldinger, Judy Knight as Mrs Barnes

Duty Bound


Episode 3.32 (116)
Tuesday, September 05, 2000
Screenplay by Denise Morgan
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Bron and Ben rescue Patti Burke from a snap freezer. The woman had gone in to save her friend Jill, who appears to have wanted to commit suicide, and in so doing Patti ended up bound to her friend's hand. Unable to separate Patti from her dead friend, Ben and Bron have to wait until the shelf to which Jill is attached, is cut away. Then, Patti (still attached to the corpse) is able to be taken to All Saints. It is up to Luke, with Kylie now as his observer, to separate the two women surgically. But the scars left on Patti are not just physical. Emotionally, she carries a guilt, which goes deeper than mere survivor's guilt. Once she admits to Jared she and Jill were lovers, we sense she will be able to heal.

Mark, a motor neurone patient, is brought into room one to have a PEG inserted. His wife Ellen is his sole constant carer, finding it difficult to hand over his nursing to Connor or to Rose who is his physiotherapist. The physical pressure of nursing Mark begins to tell on Ellen as Terri finds her near to collapse. Terri discovers Ellen is on a cocktail of prescription drugs to keep her going under from the stress. Terri and Mitch need to somehow work out a plan before Ellen's health further suffers. But they discover Ellen's bond with her husband is stronger than their advice.

Mitch and Rose discover they are pregnant. Considering Rose has been on the pill, this is a surprise but a greater shock is in store for them when they discover Rose is more than five months pregnant.

Brittany's last day is far from what she would imagine to be an easy one. After two arrests, in which she is unable to cope with the situation, she is left feeling redundant but what happens next will test Brittany's ability to make it as a nurse. She discovers teamwork and a liking for her profession when she is part of the team to save a man's life.

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Pia Miranda as Brittany Finlay, Jo Briant as Ellen Croghan, Scott Ferguson as Mark Croghan, Elena Carapetis as Patti Burke, Raj Ryan as Dr Mukerjee, Gennie Nevinson as Mrs Levine, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, John Mildren as Foreman, Norman Phillips as Ray Partridge, Monica O'Brien as Jill McGregor, Kate Smith as Kath

Note: Pia Miranda's final appearance

Tender Loving Care


Episode 3.33 (117)
Tuesday, September 12, 2000
Screenplay by David Phillips
Directed by Mark Piper

Mitch discovers Rose has been keeping a huge secret from him. She suffers from Bipolar disorder, a manic depressive condition which she has been managing with a Lithium dosage. However since discovering her pregnancy, she has discontinued the medication, leaving herself vulnerable to manic mood swings. The fact Rose kept this from Mitch underlines her insecurity in the relationship. Even Mitch does not realise how much this insecurity is focussed on his friendship with Terri. Rose's condition is a blow to Mitch, but he rises to the challenge in sterling fashion, enlisting psychiatrists to provide help for Rose and an alternative therapy to the Lithium dosage. Ironically, Mitch thinks this is all bringing him and Rose closer together. But Mitch is not to know that Rose is starting to fixate on Terri as the enemy. Behind Mitch's back, Rose does her best to make trouble for Terri with Hospital Administrator Claudia McKenzie. Claudia is an old student chum of Rose's — something else Mitch does not know. By the end of the episode, not only is Rose turning her back on the therapy Mitch has so carefully arranged, we are beginning to wonder if Rose's malice towards Terri is not about to take an alarming turn for the worse.

Bucking the system, Mitch, with Terri's help, directly admits a patient from Emergency into Ward 17. The patient, Arthur Constantine, is loud-mouthed and obnoxious. Apparently, he is a drunk who is here because he passed out in a taxi. The complication is that he has his young son Theo with him. This has influenced Mitch, the father-to-be, in his desire to find what is wrong with Arthur. For the same reason, Jared, nursing Arthur, is alienated by the man's apparent irresponsibility towards his son.

Claudia discovers (via Rose) that Mitch and Terri have bent the rules by admitting Arthur to the ward. The trouble escalates when they learn Arthur has been lying to them. He has effectively kidnapped his son from his ex-wife and is on the run. Arthur's explanation for his actions is that he knows he is dying and he wanted to spend his last days with his son.

Terri knows she should inform Arthur's ex-wife immediately but Mitch convinces her to delay a couple of hours until they can get to the bottom of Arthur's condition. With Jared's help, Mitch succeeds. Arthur is no drunk. He is suffering from Polycythemia, a blood disorder, which affects the liver and can be managed. Arthur is not going to die after all. However, an explanation of Arthur's condition carries no weight with his vengeful ex-wife. She takes Theo, with threats of charges to follow. Mitch, with half a mind on his own domestic problem, manages to convince Arthur that while there is life there is hope.

Ben is called to a nursing home, where an elderly lady has fallen out of bed. Ben is less than impressed by the apparent level of care at the home. The lady is admitted to Ward 17, and disturbing things are discovered. The nursing home is mistreating its residents and covering up its mistakes. Ben later appeals to a nurse working at the home to make a formal complaint about the conditions. But by this time the old lady has bequeathed a plague of scabies to Ward 17.

Bron is trying to deal with the hurt of splitting up with Luke. Since he dumped her, his behaviour has been unpleasant and he is pressuring her about the $10,000 she owes him. The pain and humiliation are doubled when Bron learns that even before he dumped her, Luke was (and is) having an affair with Claudia McKenzie.

When Bron befriends Patrick, an intellectually diabled patient in for an appendectomy, he gives her his two tickets to the Olympic opening ceremony. Bron sees a way out of debt — sell the tickets and pay off Luke. But in the end, she will decide to take Patrick to the Olympics instead. And she even manages a moment of sweet revenge on Luke and Claudia.

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Jake Blundell as Tony Hurst, Rachel Gordon as Claudia McKenzie, Craig Elliott as Arthur Constatine, David Abren as Theo Constatine, Mercia Deane Johns as Mary Constatine, Alex Sideratos as Patrick, Milly Potts as Mrs Crane, Maggie O'Brien as Cathy Rickard, Michelle Boyle as Ella Paterson, Trevor Farrugia as Tim Nicholson, Saxon Graham as Adam, Richard Johnson as Jason, John Simmons as Mr Walsh



Episode 3.34 (118)
Tuesday, October 03, 2000
Screenplay by Charlie Strachan
Directed by Scott Feeney

Jared's beloved grandmother accuses him of nursing a war criminal. The situation brings Jared to gain a personal understanding of the holocaust and his heritage as a Jew. Rose becomes suspicious of something going on between Mitch and Terri. Jodi Horner starts on the ward as the new clerk and Connor does his best to try and impress her. But it is Connor who's impressed by a patient who is rehearsing a swallowing act for a freak circus show.

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Belinda Emmett as Jodie Horner, Wendy Flayfair as Hannah Rosen, Mat Stevenson as Matt Brooker [sic], Julian Dibley-Hall as Kane Sharpe, Alan Light as Harry Booker, Nicholas McKay as Wally Brown, Michelle Boyle as Ella Paterson, Eroll Henderson as Mr Booker, Jill Wockner as Mrs Booker, Amber Virtue as Sally, Benjamin Tomkins as Constable Pell, Rudi Annus as Bernie

Note: Belinda Emmett's first appearance as ward clerk Jodi Horner

More Than Life


Episode 3.35 (119)
Tuesday, October 10, 2000
Screenplay by Michaeley O'Brien
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Luke and the hospital are manipulated into agreeing to operate on a man who wants to die so his body can be cryogenically frozen. Bron protects Ben from a flirtatious female jockey but can he save a heavily-endebted Bron from losing a fortune on a horse race? Jared is pushed to find a solution for a young boy trying to pass his HSC while suffering from a painful condition. Jodi surprises everyone.

Guest Cast: Belinda Emmett as Jodi Horner, Rachel Gordon as Claudia Mackenzie, Mark Constable as Evan Sturzaker, Esther Van Doornum as Jennifer Sturzaker, John Noble as John Madsen, Garth Holcombe as Corey Miller, Rachael Coopes as Sandy Lancaster, Ian Maguire as Paul, Craig Coventry as Dr Nigel Thompson, Rebecca Barrett as Anesthetist, Joel Behsman as Injured Jockey, Brent Murphy as Motorist

The Best Laid Plans


Episode 3.36 (120)
Tuesday, October 17, 2000
Screenplay by Christina Milligan
Directed by Mark Piper

When a pregnant woman is diagnosed with cancer, Mitch is caught up in the pain she and her husband suffer trying to decide between treatment or a termination. A fit man presents with an inexplicable range of symptoms and it takes all of Connor and Luke's tenacity to track down the source of the problem. Ben and Bron are called out to a junk yard to attend to an injured girl but also find themselved helping the owner when he collapses. Terri's mother asks her to return home to help care for her ailing father.

Special Guest: Zoe Carides as Sarah Armstrong

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Belinda Emmett as Jodi Horner, Damian Rice as Nick Adams, Melissa Jaffer as Eileen Sullivan, Damian Monk as Gary Pederson, Emily Doyle as Shelley West, Bree Beadman as Emma Reynolds, John Samaha as Trevor, Adam Hilbert as Rob Smith, Jessica Taylor as Bella Adams, Terry Binding as Jane Foster, Michelle Boyle as Ella, Kate Smith as Kath Armstrong

Note: the story of Sarah and Nick is revisited in episode 3.40 and again in 4.03 - 4.05

Lottery of Life


Episode 3.37 (121)
Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Screenplay by Andy Ryan, Serge Lazareff
Directed by Scott Feeney

Bron's desperation to pay back her gambling debt to Luke intensifies when she is stuck nursing one of his patients, a woman in dire straits with chronic back pain and a resentful teenage daughter. Mitch and Jared nurse a young man who will do anything to make himself more masculine — even if it kills him. Ben and his partner must try and calm down a lottery winner with suicidal tendencies and Von finds herself in an awkward situation while caring for a fellow nurse.

Guest Cast: Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Belinda Emmett as Jodi Horner, Kate Raison as Julie Campbell, Errol O'Neill as Guido Albertini, Simon Watts as Wayne Murray, Linden Wilkinson as Helen Upton, Mina Waks as Michaela Campbell, Michael Angus as John, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Oliver Spencer as Orderly A, Ric Marsh as Alex, Joseph Mukota as Orderly B, Paul Tassone as Race Caller

Fate Dances with Lady Luck


Episode 3.38 (122)
Tuesday, October 31, 2000
Screenplay by Chris Hawkshaw
Directed by Geoff Bennett

Luke, Bron, and Ben must overcome their personal differences in a cliff-side battle to save a young man's life. Von believes a young male patient with cancer needs help from a different kind of specialist when she determines he is mimicking symptoms to get attention from his parents who are proccupied with his cancer-fighting sister. Mitch cares for a married woman who wants to keep her diagnosis from her husband. A clumsy painter keeps the staff on their toes. Connor rides a rollercoaster as he tries to follow the tangled personal lives of a patient and her husband. Jodi shares some startling news prompting Connor to tell Bron the truth about his feelings for her.

Guest Cast: Belinda Emmett as Jodi Horner, Paul Mercurio as Oscar Franklin, Di Adams as Sandra Franklin, Lindley Joyner as Daniel Franklin, Brittany Byrnes as Becky Franklin, Joes Element as Ewan James, John Schwan as Adam Black, Karen Vickery as Annie Rixon, Wayne Cull as Keith Rixon, Gil Balfas as Dane Flemming, Gill Falson as Mrs Morebank

Me, Myself and I


Episode 3.39 (123)
Tuesday, November 07, 2000
Screenplay by Daniel Krige
Directed by Kevin Carlin

Mitch diagnoses a patient who is suffering a rare and fatal condition — however, it is the patient who has a few surprises in store for the staff of Ward 17. Terri struggles to come to terms with her father's impending death while Rose suffers a delusion after seeing Mitch and Terri in an embrace. Bron has a big win on the Melbourne Cup race while Connor thinks his flirting is a dismal failure until there's a knock on his door…

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Belinda Emmett as Jodi Horner, Melissa Jaffer as Eileen Sullivan, Martin Vaughan as Ryan Sullivan, Brandon Burke as Joseph Anderson, Robert McDougall as Stewie, Jacqueline Linke as Shannon Reilly, Kathe Thomas as Kerri, Kali Mosdell as Philippa, Sarah Vassallo as Stella, Mark McCann as Mal, Jarrod Dean as Gary, Tony Sunners as Co-worker, Warren Price as Linen Staff, Peter Farmer as Linen Driver, Candle Faithfull as Terri's Body Double

Heart and Soul


Episode 3.40 (124)
Tuesday, November 14, 2000
Screenplay by Denise Morgan
Directed by Mark Piper

Bron and Ben's relationship takes on new meaning when they are trapped in a life and death situation. A busy schedule and a patient with something to hide causes Kylie to make a mistake. Mitch's impending fatherhood impacts on his treatment of a pregnant woman. Connor feels obliged to lay down the law with Jodi and a man's piercing fetish fascinates the staff.

Special Guest: Zoe Carides as Sarah Armstrong [uncredited]

Guest Cast: Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Belinda Emmett as Jodi Horner, Damian Rice as Nick Adams, Ric Herbert as Jimmy Curtin, Andrew Crabbe as Samuel Tennant, Sarah Vassalo as Stella, Gil Balfas as Dane, Jessica Taylor as Bella Adams, Dean Dunstone as Jerry the Foreman, Damian Bradford as Ben Stunt Double, Debbie Santic as Bron Stunt Double

Stolen Moments


Episode 3.41 (125)
Tuesday, November 21, 2000
Screenplay by Louise Crane
Directed by Di Drew

Between heavy labour pains, Rose shocks Mitch by demanding to know what caused his break-up with Terri more than a decade ago. The sad truth is he really doesn't know the answer. When Rose suffers complications, Mitch and Terri are left holding the baby. Mitch decides it's time to confront Terri and asks her what went wrong with their love affair. Is she finally ready to tell the truth? Meanwhile, Ben and Bron bring in a patient suffering from progressive dementia, Jared rejects Kylie's generous gift, and Luke is called on to make good on an old debt.

Guest Cast: Joy Smithers as Rose Carleton, Ling Hsueh Tang as Kylie Preece, Belinda Emmett as Jodi Horner, Simon Bossell as Mathew Goodman, Gabrielle Adkins as Cassandra Goodman, Sam Atwell as Douglas McCreadie, James Rodden as Stan Ridgeway, Kerry Ella McAullay as Angela Delaney, Liam Flynn as Samuel Goodman, Mickey Catalanotto as Adrian Goodman, Rodney Samuel as Driver, Venus Morcos as Sister Lee; Jemma Torrington, Colaina Raccani, Emily Hawkins, Jessica Walker & Benjamin Chesler as Lucy Stevens; Kelly Lamport-Dixon as Rose Body Double

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