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Pia Miranda

Looking for Pia Miranda

Twenty six year old Pia Miranda — star of Looking for Alibrandi — is guest starring on All Saints as the obnoxious student nurse, Brittany Finlay.

The casting of Pia Miranda in Looking for Alibrandi has proved inspired. Although Miranda is 26 years old, she is believable and lovable as the feisty, frustrated 17 year old dealing with year 12. Again her All Saints role involves playing an 18 year old. Be warned you'll find the character of Brittany vastly different to the warmth and courage of Jose.

Towards the end of her HSC year Brittany started looking into university/career opportunities, all based on the TER she was likely to get and what would be a decent job with a good income. She did her research and decided on optometry but her TER did not end up as high as she expected.

Her marks led to a re-evaluation of her options and nursing came out as s steady career with good prospects. It is not her life's passion by any means but she likes the reaction people have towards her when she tells them she is going to be a nurse - they immediately think she is a lovely, self-sacrificing, caring person, which she likes to think she is.

Brittany is the first of her family to go to university. She has excellent self-esteem and sometimes can come across as a bit of a princess but this just comes from being told all her life that she is good, special and precious. She always got her own way and this has exacerbated her natural tendency towards bolshiness. She is well aware of the unionised side of nursing - she knows her rights and how to stand up for them. She is doing very well at Uni. It is only when she comes into contact with flesh and blood patients at All Saints that she begins to see that nursing is really about.

Nurse Jared Levine (Ben Tari) volunteers to supervise Brittany - a decision he immediately regrets when Princess Brittany waltzes into All Saints.

Ben and Pia first met each other doing Arts at Melbourne's Latrobe University. Miranda graduated in 1995 with a performance studies degree from the Victorian University of Technology.

Pia Miranda guest stars in All Saints from Tuesday, August 1 at 8.30pm.

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