All Saints - Medical Response Unit: episode guide

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Out of the Ashes

Episode 12.01 (457)
Tue, Feb 03, 2009 (9.30)
1.298 million viewers (9th)
Produced by Bill Hughes
Written by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Ian Gilmour

A boating accident in a remote river location has left four people injured and stranded without medical help. Mike and Steve are sent via chopper to attend to the casualties. Burns from an explosion in the boat's engine room plus the horrifying injuries of a man who fell into the boat's propeller will ensure they have their work cut out for them. And to add to the stress, one casualty is pinned to the wall of the sinking boat. Out of their comfort zone, the doctors will need to draw on all their strengths in order to triumph. And the presence of a feisty female Paramedic who is in charge of the rescue will do little to calm the situation. The day's events will lead Mike to a decision that could change everything at All Saints.

Meanwhile, back in the ED, Frank has rallied his troops to prepare for the multiple traumas they're expecting from the accident. And the team continue to deal with the shocking aftermath of the news on Erica. Bart is particularly rattled and Amy's efforts to reach out to him end in yet another dispute. Frank tells Amy that she and Bart must put their obvious differences aside and find a way of coexisting in the ED.

Starring: John Howard, Tammy Macintosh, Judith McGrath, Andrew Supanz, Virginia Gay, Jack Campbell, Kip Gamblin, Mirrah Foulkes, Ella Scott Lynch, Alix Bidstrup, John Waters

Featuring: Brendan Donoghue as TJ, Sophie Luck as Lacey Talbert, Dan Feuerriegel as Brendan, Kate Raison as Kathy Whittaker, Peter O'Brien as Sam Whittaker

With: Mike Smith as Heath Velaga, Donald Sword as Crewman Paul, Jonathan Martin Reurich as Pilot Double, Mark Duncan as Steve Stunt Double, Brit Sooby as Jo Stunt Double

Notes: the revamped 12th season (which sees a greater focus on the Medical Response Unit) launches with All Saints' highest rating for a season premiere since 2003. Mirrah Foulkes joins the main cast as paramedic Jo Mathieson.

Dreams and Nightmares

Episode 12.02 (458)
February 10, 2009
1.125 million viewers (11th)
Written by Sean Nash
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

A cabbie, Gazza, brutally bashed for no apparent reason by an apparently psychotic assailant, Corey, is left so traumatized he's aggressively non-compliant by the time he gets to the ED. Bart manages to calm him while Claire, his nurse, is rattled by the random violence. The team have to cope with traumatic fallout when the assailant is brought in by Jo who managed to harness him just before Corey stepped off the top of a multi-story building. With Gazza in a life-threatening condition after trying to wreak vengeance on Corey — who claims no memory of having attacked Gazza in the first place — Steve is left with the puzzle of whether Corey's lying or suffering from some other condition.

Treating a bride who's walked into the ED on her wedding day, Adam becomes aware she's lying to her fiancé about her health. Bart, who has been transferred onto the case, does his best not to let the couple's failing relationship affect him. But, unable to remain professionally detached, Bart's efforts to help the pair jeopardises his professionalism.

Throwing himself into the management and upgrading of the Medical Response Unit, Mike starts looking for the best of the best All Saints staff to join him — even if it means poaching from Frank Campion's ED. Mike's fully focussed efforts may end up derailing the first relationship he's been prepared to commit to in a long time.

Featuring: Genevieve Hegney as Juliet, Anna Lise Phillips as Heather, Spencer McLaren as Evan, Khan Chittenden as Corey, Hazem Shammas as Gazza

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Adam Ray as Marriage Celebrant, Donna Brooks as Bridesmaid, Karenza Stevens as Bewildered Passenger, Brit Sooby as Jo Stunt Double, Dean Gould as Corey Stunt Double

Day One

Episode 12.03 (459)
February 17, 2009
1.154 million viewers (10th)
Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Samantha Lang

It's the first day of official operation for Mike's MRU team, and the adrenaline is pumping as they are called out to a precarious rescue in the National Park. Two paragliders have come to grief on a remote cliff-face, and a daring vertical rescue is soon in operation. The casualties are a young husband and wife, Adele and Gus Rogers. Having watched his wife become snagged on a tree, sustaining severe injuries, Gus has attempted to rescue her himself and fallen. While lucky enough to land on a ledge, he seems to have broken his spine in the process. Can the team save their first patients or will the rescue prove too much for them?

Meanwhile, the team are baffled by an elegant, high-flying lawyer who has presented with a mysterious double lung collapse. While Adam and Frank struggle to get to the root of the problem, Von tries to keep the woman optimistic, not only over her medical situation but also her personal goals which are now very much at risk.

Bart and Amy have their hands full with a larrikin who has managed to trap his arm in an old mattress base. But Bart finds himself struggling with what should be a simple procedure as well as Amy's amusement at his discomfiture. Ultimately, things reach a crisis point between them and it'll be up to Bart to attempt to clear the air. And he might just get more than he bargains for in the attempt.

Juliet has news that will devastate Mike.

Featuring: Genevieve Hegney as Juliet, Sacha Horler as Collette Harris, Scott Lowe as Eddie Butler, Huw McKinnon as Gus Rogers, Maia Thomas as Adele Rogers

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Donald Sword as Crewman Paul, Brit Sodby as Jo Stunt Double, Rea Corcoran as Adele Stunt Double, Mark Duncan as Steve Stunt Double, Michael Cotton Stapleton as Park Ranger [Jeremy], Jonathan Martin Reurich as Pilot Double, Goran Jakovski as Gus Stunt Double

Sins of the Past

Episode 12.04 (460)
February 24, 2009
1.223 million viewers (7th)
Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Marcus Cole

Steve is confronted with demons from his past when he discovers that the MRU call out is to Gabrielle's family property — her brother Ben's arm mangled by some farm machinery. There's no love lost between Steve and Gabrielle's father, Russell, and, despite suspecting his very presence will be a problem, he assures team leader Mike otherwise.

So Mike is not impressed when fireworks ignite right off the bat, but as Steve is the only one with the know-how to free Ben's arm from farm machinery, Mike puts his anger on hold. But when Steve notices Russell isn't well, it's going to be a struggle to put the past behind him, and do what needs to be done now. And the decision will have deep repercussions for him.

Mike's still smarting from his break-up with Juliet, so it doesn't take much for Steve to be in the firing line. When the MRU looks set to fall apart, Mike is forced — with more than a little help from Jo — to reassess the meaning of the word 'team'.

Husband and wife, Stacey and Kevin, come in, with Stacey presenting a back injury she endured several months ago. Adam and Claire are attentive and sympathetic, but it soon becomes very clear that this husband and wife are not what they seem. Adam, Von, Claire and Charlotte work together to unfold the mystery, which culminates in Adam drawing on his survival skills to protect both patient and staff alike.

Bart can't believe his eyes when he wakes up beside Amy. But that's only the tip of the iceberg when he realises that Amy doesn't live alone.

Featuring: John Sheerin as Russell Jaeger, Curtis Oakes as Ben Jaeger, Steve Vella as Kevin Elliott, Amanda Crompton as Stacey Elliott

With: Melanie Harriman as Caitlin, Donald Sword as Crewman, Nathaniel Scotcher as Dmetri, Jonathan Martin Reurich as Pilot Double

Evil Is As Evil Does

Episode 12.05 (461)
March 03, 2009
1.221 million viewers (12th)
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

A cave-in brings the MRU to rescue a disoriented man from the fall. Although a difficult extrication, the rescue appears to be successful until the man reveals there is a child still inside the cave before he loses consciousness. After going back into the dangerous area, they are about to give up the search when they locate the partially buried body of a six year old boy.

Once in the ED, the man is recognized by Frank as being their Fatal Familial Insomnia sufferer [11.38]. Worried that the MRU team has given him sedation which would induce an irreversible coma, they work frantically to counteract any medication.

Back at the cave-in, a drawing in the rescued child's pocket indicates there could be another child buried in the cave-in. The existence of a second child is confirmed by Von who has to contact the wife and break the news that she could lose a husband and a child with another child unaccounted for. Roz reveals that both children have the FFI gene and she and Von come to the conclusion that Ken was, in his deteriorating stage, trying to save his children from the disease which is killing him. Steve and Jo then have a race to find the second child.

Frank becomes involved with an elderly woman whose life has become a tragic result of the evils of poverty in the pensioner squeeze. Frank takes a hands-on interest in Mae Mooney and discovers that a full contributing life in youth does not guarantee a rewarded old age.

Meanwhile, Bart and Amy once again come to loggerheads when they try to deal with a young man who is in a total manic phase after days of cocaine use. Amy deals with him 'her way' and in the process annoys the hell out of Bart.

Featuring: Betty Lucas as Mae Mooney, Kathryn Hartman as Roz Bracey, Christopher Stollery as Ken Bracey, Hayden Annable as Rodger

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Adam Hilberry as Trapper, Lachlan Judd as Dion Bracey, Emily Judd as Marley Bracey

Facing the Music

Episode 12.06 (462)
March 10, 2009
1.220 million viewers (7th)
Written by Michael Miller
Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

The MRU respond when a newlywed couple become trapped in their mangled car following an accident on a country road. Both husband and wife are in need of urgent medical attention, but while waiting for rescue, the wife succumbs to her injuries. Rather than sharing that information with the husband, Mike asks his medical teams to continue to treat the man's wife to keep him calm. Bree, Jo and Steve are not happy with the charade being forced upon them, and the MRU's ability to work as a team is stretched to the limit.

Frank has taken a highly unusual morning off work to indulge in a concert given by a musical hero of his, cellist Annalise Lang. Annalise's intimate concert is cut short when she has a seizure. Frank brings her into the ED where the team quickly realise they have a Prima Donna on their hands. Frank is forced to give this highly successful, driven woman a debilitating diagnosis that completely cracks her tough exterior.

Adam's skills as a doctor are tested by backpacker Liam Beach. Liam's condition rapidly deteriorates, and Adam is perplexed as to the underlying cause. Once Liam's girlfriend admits to his participation in European drug trials, it becomes a race against the clock to determine exactly the nature of the drugs ingested, and how to treat it. Helping Adam are Bart and Amy, who struggle to keep their mutual dislike for each other at bay, and their physical attraction for each other on hold. At day's end, they will go on a "non date" to determine once and for all that there is no future in their non-relationship.

Featuring: Wendy Hughes as Annalise Lang, Wadih Dona as Gerard, Tim McGarry as Garth Wilkinson, Jessica Donoghue as Jess

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Geordie Robinson as Liam Beach, Helen Chebatte as Helen Wilkinson, Paul Doyle as Garth Stunt Double, Raelene Chapman as Helen Stunt Double, Margaret Iddison as Annalise Cellist Double

Awake in Fright

Ella Scott Lynch, Tom Oakley

Episode 12.07 (463)
March 17, 2009
1.165 million viewers (9th)
Written by Lily Taylor
Directed by Daniel Nettheim

Tthe MRU team's rescue of a man trapped in a scaffolding collapse is compromised when the man reveals he has diabetes. His sugar levels are dangerously low and as the team have restricted access to him, they are forced to ignore all the rules of medicine to keep him alive.

A home care patient of Von's is brought in with a suspected rejection of a transplanted kidney. The young woman, who seems resigned to her fate, has already been treated for acute rejection previously and so things are not looking good this time around. Adam helps her confront her feelings of guilt — and learns some home truths about himself in the process.

When Claire refuses to treat a patient, she's forced to reveal to Gabrielle that he is her ex-partner and the very reason that she left her previous life in Western Australia. Despite reassurances that it's just a coincidence he's turned up at All Saints, Claire is certain he is there specifically to hunt her down.

After being confronted with the truth of his actions, Bart puts a stop to his burgeoning relationship with Amy, much to her dismay.

Featuring: Tom Oakley as Ian Kingsley, Melanie Munt as Ruth Gordon, Chris Zweck as Henry

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Garry Who as Jim Patterson, Ingrid Kleinig as Jo Stunt Double, Neal Horton as Henry Stunt Double

Behind Closed Doors

Sara Zwangobani, John Waters

Episode 12.08 (464)
March 24, 2009
1.130 million viewers (9th)
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Mike, Steve and Jo are called to a domestic siege where a young man has taken his parents hostage in their home. At least one hostage is injured, and the hostage taker has requested urgent medical assistance. Steve's recent awareness of Claire's background results in him putting himself in harm's way in order to get a good result on the case. When it becomes apparent the situation is even more complex than first thought, Steve has reason to regret his hasty decisions.

Claire's past continues to menace her when her abusive ex, Ian, returns to confront her. The argument results in Ian collapsing and Claire is forced to get him the medical help he needs. The man she fears is, once again, a patient in her ED. While nursing Ian, Gabrielle comes to understand more about Claire's relationship with Ian, and the genuine grounds for her fear of him.

Bart and Amy are thrown together treating Claudia, a young woman who has, to her great embarrassment, suddenly found herself unable to have sex with her boyfriend. Amy is very impressed with Bart's sensitivity in his handling of the situation. Perhaps there is more to Bart than she initially supposed.

Featuring: Tom Oakley as Ian Kingsley, Stuart MacRae as Andy, Bree Desborough as Claudia, Barry Quin as [Andy's father], Julieanne Newbould as Hannah

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Sara Zwangobani as Detective Allen

Danger Zone

Episode 12.09 (465)
March 31, 2009 (8.30pm)
1.314 million viewers (8th)
Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Ian Gilmour

An explosion at a boutique winery sees the MRU team fighting to save several members of the Lewis family. While family dynamics play out amongst the victims, the MRU team, and in particular Jo, is left to do some soul searching when events take an unexpected turn.

After Bart's rejection of Amy, things are strained between them. To top it off, Amy is confronted with her first serious burns patient. She does her best to work with the smell of burnt flesh and the horrendous nature of her patient's injuries, but eventually it's too much. Bart tries to comfort her and Amy turns on him.

Adam and Frank come head to head over Frank's treatment of a violent Ice addict. When Frank attempts to justify his position he's given a surprising insight into Adam's past.

Featuring: Billie Brown as Bill Lewis, Kimesia Hartz as Sarah Lewis, Matthew Burn as Lee Phillips

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Matthews, Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Clayton Adams as Dale Lewis, Christopher Darling as Ned Lewis, Allison Butler as Anissa Carlton, Ben Wood as Troy Sanders, Jonathan Martin Reurich as Pilot Double, Donald Sword as Crewman Paul, Chris Mitchell as Constable Tate

Pushed Too Far

Episode 12.10 (466)
April 21, 2009
1.173 million viewers (11th)
Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Marcus Cole

The MRU is called out to a car wrecking yard where two men are injured, the result of a fight. Greg, the owner of the yard, seems the less injured of the two, and is taken to the ED where he is treated by Charlotte and Claire for a head injury. Les, the initiator of the fight, has been pushed into the car compactor and is suffering a crush injury. While Mike and Steve deal with the medical implications, Jo bonds with Les and helps keep his spirits up while he makes a last phone call to his wife.

Claire's care of Greg brings her to reflect on her own situation as a victim of violence. Aware that she's upset, Steve comforts her and suggests dinner that night. When Gabrielle discovers that Ian, Claire's ex, has discharged himself from hospital, she tries to contact Claire, but it is too late. Ian appears at Claire's house and attacks her, and when Steve arrives for the planned dinner, he finds the house trashed and Claire in a state of shock.

Adam and Amy deal with Natasha, a young woman who has tried to commit suicide. When a note is found in her clothing, Von is dispatched to find the man mentioned in the note. It turns out that Chris, a married workmate, had broken off a brief affair with her, and it is presumed that this is the cause of the suicide attempt. Amy is very down on Chris, assuming he has a love 'em and leave 'em attitude, but it soon transpires that things are more complicated than she suspected. After an approach from Adam, Chris does the right thing and stays long enough to let Natasha down properly.

Bart is being punished by Frank for his perceived attitude towards Amy, and has been given a boring administrative task, something which Frank assumes will take the rest of the week. Amy becomes aware of his attitude towards Bart and, taking some lessons learnt from Natasha and Chris, has a go at Frank, telling him to butt out of her business. Frank is chastened, and even moreso when he discovers the audit on his desk, completed well ahead of time.

Featuring: Tom Oakley as Ian Kingsley, Scott Parmeter as Greg, Andy McPhee as Les, Hannah Durack as Natasha, Don Christopher as Chris Callaway

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Scott Timmins as Dave Williams, Martin Jones as Laurie Coombes, Ingrid Kleinig as Jo Stunt Double, Mark Duncan as Steve Stunt Double, Philip Patridge as Mike Stunt Double

Handle with Care

Episode 12.11 (467)
April 28, 2009
1.112 million viewers (16th)
Written by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

The MRU Unit is called to a dirt bike accident in the bush. Ryan, the injured biker, is badly hurt. With Ryan's condition deteriorating and the chopper unavailable due to high winds, Mike knows he will die before an ambulance can reach him. With only the MRU surgical kit and Jo to assist him, Mike decides to operate.

Frank, Bart and Amy struggle to save Sam, a young man who choked on his own vomit after binge drinking. However, it becomes clear that Sam's brain damage is massive and irreversible, and Sam's mum, Lesley, has to make the decision to keep him alive by machines or to let him go. Amy realises the situation has resonance for Bart, in his loss of Anne-Maree. As Frank helps Lesley come to her decision he sees Bart and Amy in a new light, and is able to let his young charges live their own lives.

Steve spends a devastating day caring for Claire, who has been sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Ian Kingsley. He wants nothing more than to care for and comfort her. However, Claire is too traumatized to let him touch her, so Steve calls Gabrielle. While she cares for Claire, Steve tracks down Ian and comes dangerously close to beating him to death. However, he controls himself and tells Ian to go back to Perth — spelling out exactly what will happen to him if he ever comes near Claire again.

Charlotte attends to Blanche, a woman who has been brought in after fainting. Charlotte begins to suspect there is no physical cause for her fainting spells, but is hampered from being too honest by her professional courtesy. Feeling harried by Blanche's obnoxious personality, Charlotte enlists Von's help, but even unflappable Von is pushed to make an unorthodox diagnosis.

Featuring: Michelle O'Grady as Lesley Kosana, Odile Le Clezio as Blanche, Jack Millynn as Ryan

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Tom Oakley as Ian Kingsley, Travis Cardona as Matt Davis, Mitchell Eldred as Sam Kosana, Brett Sheerin as Matt Motorcycle Double

The Devil Within

Episode 12.12 (468)
May 05, 2009
1.151 million viewers (10th)
Written by Sean Nash
Directed by Cherie Nowlan

Steve's anger at being unable to help Claire in the aftermath of her rape creates tension with his workmates and patients. A female prisoner who deliberately swallowed a toothbrush for a day out of gaol opens up the past for Claire and Adam in a surprisingly similar way. Mindless violence at a teenagers' soccer match spills into the ED.

Featuring: Warwick Young as Tom, Mark McCann as Kenny Wilcox, Emma Palmer as Amanda Fincher, Paula Arundell as Officer Wilson, Luke Erceg as Josh

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews

Give & Take

Episode 12.13 (469)
May 12, 2009
1.144 million viewers (14th)
Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Ian Watson

Bart has to think outside the square to help a well-travelled patient who is suffering from a mysterious infection. Tragedy strikes a young expectant mother who comes in with breathing difficulties. Steve makes a connection with a woman trapped in a motor vehicle, while Claire develops a similar rapport with the victim's best friend.

Featuring: Adelaide Clemens as Stephanie, Richard Wilson as Aaron, Damian De Montemas as Jules, Katrina Foster as Denise

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews [uncredited], Suzanne Dudley as Reba Collins, Ben Wood as Troy Saunders, Mark Duncan as Steve Stunt Double, Ingrid Kleinig as Jo Stunt Double

When the Bough Breaks

Episode 12.14 (470)
May 19, 2009
1.184 million viewers (11th)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

A devastating bus crash impacts heavily on the MRU team. Adam's past affects his treatment of a mentally ill patient who arrives in the ED claiming to have been poisoned. Von becomes the meat in the sandwich between Adam and his mother.

Featuring: Anthony Burke as Gary Cassidy, Tessa Wells as Lisa Cassidy, Michael Howlett as Elliott Parsons, Patrick Wilson as Tony Knight, Sarah Woods as Debra Rossi, Tom Oakley as Ian Kingsley

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Scott Timmins as Dave Winters, James Fraser as Jack Cassidy, Roslyn Powell as Mrs Morris, Maria Karambelas as Receptionist, Mark Chandler as Paramedic, Jane McDonald as Triage Paramedic, Mark Le Cornu as Rescue Worker, Mark Duncan as Rescue Worker, Mike Duncan as Rescue Worker

Seeing The Light

Episode 12.15 (471)
May 26, 2009
1.197 million viewers (11th)
Written by Alexa Wyatt
Directed by Ian Gilmour

A life-threatening rescue in a grain silo rescue pushes the MRU to the limit. Steve is fully aware of the inherent dangers but Jo is her usual invincible self, confident she can handle anything. At the end of the day, her inability to admit making mistakes endangers herself and others, and Jo is shaken to realise just how dangerously far she took her 'never say die' mind set.

An elderly man, Walter, arrives with a myriad of geriatric complaints. Walter charms, then bores, the ED staff with his tales of working for a legendary hotel and the celebrities he's met but refuses to name.

It's Frank's birthday, not that he wants anyone to make a fuss, but hearing Walter's endless dull stories gives Frank food for thought — will he end up boring everyone when he retires, since work is all he has to talk about too? Another patient, Mia, a young woman who presents with what seems to be an eating disorder, also pushes Frank's buttons. Maybe it's time Frank had a career change.

A bouquet of flowers arrives in the ED for Claire, who thinks they're from Steve but he denies sending them. She immediately assumes they're from Ian, playing mind games with her. Her suspicions appear confirmed with Ian landing a job as the new mechanic at the MRU chopper hangar. It's clear Ian is planning something...

Featuring: Peter Whitford as Walter Elliott, Amber L'Estrange as Mia, Christopher Rodwell as Garth

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Tom Oakley as Ian Kingsley, Joseph Williams as Wayne, Daryl Heath as Dean Mavris, Maria Larambelas as Receptionist, Brit Sooby as Jo Stunt Double, Mark Duncan as Steve Stunt Double, Steve Morris as Sean Stunt Double

We All Fall Down

Episode 12.16 (472)
June 02, 2009
1.199 million viewers (11th)
Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by Geoff Bennett

The MRU are called out to rescue a journalist and her injured photographer who are stranded in remote bushland. Mike is winched down to the couple first but before Jo can follow they get an urgent call from Frank — they need to get the chopper out of the sky immediately! Ian came to the hospital and made threats against Steve. Claire realises Ian's got a job with the MRU as a mechanic and she and Frank suspect he may have sabotaged the chopper.

Fearing that he is losing his passion for the ED and thinking about a possible career change, Frank is determined to get back into hands-on medicine. Time is of the essence in treating Sue, a lady who has come in with a stroke and Frank makes a call regarding treatment Charlotte regards as too risky and she confronts him on his real motives: is he following this course of action because it's in the best interests of the patient, or because he's feeling bored and redundant? Frank is deeply offended, and when Sue's condition deteriorates and is complicated by the course of treatment, it seems that perhaps Frank has made the wrong call.

Amy is far from thrilled when Bart's patient turns out to be his first-ever serious girlfriend. Bart is oblivious to Amy's feelings as he reminisces with Flick about the crazy antics they got up to at uni together. Amy learns about a wild side of Bart she thought he'd only revealed to her. But when Bart finally realises Amy's actually jealous he decides it's time to make his real feelings for her clear.

Featuring: Tom Oakley as Ian Kingsley, Andrea Demetriades as Felicity Summers, Tony Cogin as Peter Harding, Susan Kennedy as Sue Harding, Luisa Hastings Edge as Roxy, Jason Crewes as Drew

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Joseph Williams as Wayne, Michael Teulon as Constable Mitchell, Erin Connors as Crewman, Martin Jones as Luke Davies, Philip Patridge as Mike Stunt Double, Mark Duncan as Steve Stunt Double, Ashley Fairfield as Ian Stunt Double

Note: Andrea Demetriades' first television role. Her breakout role in the ABC drama Crownies comes in 2011.

Bodies in Motion

Episode 12.17 (473)
June 09, 2009
1.225 million viewers (12th)
Written by Lily Taylor
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

The MRU team are called to a factory site where a truck has accidentally reversed into a pole bringing down high voltage electricity cables over the vehicle. While Mike keeps the driver talking, Steve, Jo and the paramedics get to work on the passenger. Jo becomes concerned over the time it's taking to turn off the electricity when the driver reveals he has a pre-existing heart condition. The stress of watching his friend and colleague being worked on by the medical team is exacerbating his situation, with all physical signs from the driver indicating a heart attack is imminent.

After the passenger is taken to the ED, the Resus team struggle to get on top of the compounding problems caused by the electric shock. The situation is made more difficult by Frank's seeming loss of confidence and erratic emotions. His behaviour causes concern for all his colleagues and Frank is forced to make a decision about his future.

Adam and Amy treat Cameron, a young man with a nasty ulcer on his leg. But Cameron is more concerned with his failure to declare his love to the girl of his dreams than his pus-filled leg. And Amy finds this difficult to comprehend.

Charlotte and Von have their hands full with a larger than life patient who appears to be allergic to the world. But could both her flamboyant personality and the physical reactions to every day chemicals really be masking a more devastating illness?

Featuring: Niall Mather as Terry Jones, Morgan David Jones as Cameron, Val Lehman as Maggie

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Michelle Collins as Dianne Jones, Zach McQueen as Salvatore, Dave Lang as Jason, Mark Duncan as Steve Stunt Double, Chris Michell as Terry Stunt Doube

On Second Thoughts...

Episode 12.18 (474)
June 16, 2009
1.211 million viewers (10th)
Written by Sally Webb
Directed by Ian Watson

Hank, an unlucky home renovator, is delivered into the care of Bart and Adam who are at a loss to explain or treat his symptoms. As the man's condition worsens, it soon becomes obvious that something other than the wall collapse that brought him in is responsible and the race is on to identify the cause in time to save the man's life.

Charlotte and Amy treat a tree-hugging hippie, Marina, who has been brought in suffering from exposure after a long protest to save a tree. Amy finds herself relating to Marina's motives while Bart can't help but be critical of the lengths some people will go to to be "green". It's a debate that drives a wedge between our young couple… and might just end up strengthening their relationship if one of them could find a compromise.

Mike has a mountain of paperwork to catch up on, in order to justify the running costs of the MRU team, so he is delighted when a call out comes that does not require the whole team. Steve and Jo arrive at the location to find Paramedics and Rescue already in attendance, and all at a loss as to how to help a young man who has got himself into a terrible (and embarrassing) predicament.

Frank arrives in an uncharacteristically good mood, arousing comment and intrigue. His plans to reinvigorate his life are firmly in place. But is Frank's counting his chickens before they hatch on this one? And if so, how can he turn things around?

Featuring: Charlie Garber as Stuart, Kathryn Beck as Marina Reade, Matthew Starling as Hank

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Alex Bryant-Smith as Kel

Note: Which is dumber: the bench, the frostbite, or Bart and Amy standing under a tree in a thunderstorm holding an umbrella?

Starting Over

Episode 12.19 (475)
June 23, 2009
1.197 million viewers (11th)
Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Marcus Cole

Frank's intern program gets off to a shaky start with the ED's newest recruit giving Frank more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Adam's sent into a spin when his mother turns up wanting to start over and a father and daughter's lives hang in the balance when a weekend away turns to tragedy.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Sarah Woods as Debra Rossi, Dane Carson as Bruce Collins, John Tarrant as Glen Hoskin

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Tom Pelik as Dane Woods, Audrey Gordon as Taya Hoskin, Jonathan Martin Reurich as Pilot Double, Donald Sword as Crewman, David Bishop as Dirt Bike Rider, Philip Partidge as Mike Stunt Double, Chris Patton as Glen Stunt Double

Note: Anna Volska is the mother of actress Lucy Bell who has also appeared on All Saints, most recently as Dr Sonia Moore in series 10

Curve Balls

Episode 12.20 (476)
June 30, 2009 (9.30)
1.241 million viewers (10th)
Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

When a patient's life is destroyed by alcohol, Gabrielle goes to Steve and tells him Claire needs to know the truth about his past alcohol problems. After much inner turmoil Steve finally tells Claire, with devastating results. Adam and Von have their own difficulties in the shape of his estranged mother, Debra, who is leaning on him for a closer relationship, one he's not ready for. Debra not only leans on him, but also accuses Von of trying to take her son away from her. Bart's patient, a woman who presents with appendicitis but proves to have a devastating form of cancer, is someone who, like Bart, thinks she can plan her whole life. Amy shows Bart that not everything can be predicted or planned, causing Bart to reassess his own life. Meanwhile, new intern Katerina reveals her hidden skills to Frank when she intervenes to save a surfer from paralysis.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Sarah Woods as Debra Rossi, Nathan O'Keefe as Carson, Nicholas Cassim as Adrian Mitchell, Greg Poppleton as Damien Collins, Sarah Snook as Sophie

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Scott Timmins as Dave Winters, Deborah Woodley-Page as Sharon Mitchell, Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Scott McLean as Adrian Driving Double

Test of Faith

Episode 12.21 (477)
July 07, 2009
796,000 viewers (25th)
Written by Blake Ayshford
Directed by Ian Gilmour

A pregnant cult member's rare allergic reaction puts her life, and that of her baby, in grave peril. Steve and Claire come to the end of their road, via very different paths. Frank finds doing an easy favour for a colleague much harder than he imagined.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Eamon Farren as Caleb, Sophie Lowe as Chloe, Michael Denkha as Toby

With: David Ritchie as Elijia Forbes, Libby Munro as Constable Drago, Jonathan Martin Reurich as Pilot Double, Donald Sword as Crewman, Flynn Comerford as Baby #1, Finn Gosney as Baby #2

Note: ratings do not include the Melbourne audience who saw the episode one week earlier

All Saints cancelled

On July 09, Seven confirmed that All Saints would conclude at the end of the current season with episode 493. That episode was be filmed at the end of August and aired in late October. Seven's Director of Programming said the decision was a financial one, blaming increased production costs and tougher competition. By all accounts, ratings were still respectable for a show airing at 9.30 (Seven's own ratings report for Week 28 reveals All Saints won its timeslot across its four broadcast markets with a 36 share in all people, 30 share in 16-39s, 33 share in 18-49s and 34 share in 25-54s).

Blood is Thicker

Episode 12.22 (478)
July 14, 2009
1.202 million viewers (9th)
Written by Martin McKenna
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Adam faces death when mindless violence spills into the All Saints ED. Meanwhile, Frank accidentally discovers the appalling secret Katerina is carrying and Von is presented with the opportunity of re-evaluating her relationship with Adam when she deals with a grief-stricken mother.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Sarah Woods as Debra Rossi, Fiona Walsh as Sandy Wilson, Jonathan Latham as Nick Wilson

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Andy Madden as Hatchet, Luke Reid as Ryan Wilson, Philip Partridge as Police Stunt Double, Stunt Gang Members: Chris Patton, Neal Horton, Blake Lindsey

Out of Control

Episode 12.23 (479)
July 21, 2009
1.247 million viewers (10th)
Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Jo is pulled out of her comfort zone when she falls for Declan, a stuntman at the centre of an accident involving multiple injuries. Steve comes under fire when he fails to notice a patient under his care has critical injuries. Frank is forced to question his motivation for helping Katerina. Von makes a heartbreaking decision where Adam's welfare is concerned. Amy and Bart are affected by the plight of a young woman who suffers from an extraordinary illness. Charlotte helps an elderly patient realise that sometimes the worst things that could happen, turn out to be the best.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Henri Szeps as Victor McGregor, Radek Jonak as Declan, Jessica Napier as Elyse Leine, Sarah Woods as Debra Rossi

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Graham Hyland as Todd Walton, Olivia Simone as Helena Brown, Philip Partridge as Declan Stunt Double, Mike Duncan as Todd Bike Double, Chris Patton as Todd Ambulance Dbl

Note: episode 1.35 was also titled "Out of Control"

In Trust

Episode 12.24 (480)
July 28, 2009
1.262 million viewers (8th)
Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Di Drew

The MRU are called out to the same location twice after a local butcher abuses his position of power. Meanwhile, Adam and Von help a pregnant schoolgirl whose situation is more complex than first thought, and a journalist proves a handful for the staff. Also, the blossoming love between Jo and Declan is threatened when Mike starts to suspect Declan may have a serious undiagnosed condition.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Bruce Spence as Barry Goldsworthy, Lawrence Aitchison as Art, Alicia Jefferey as Terri, Sophie Hensser as Isabelle, Radek Jonak as Declan

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Renato Fabretti as Dale Hoskins, Marcus Jacometti as Lee Pyke

In Duty Bound

Episode 12.25 (481)
August 04, 2009
1.184 million viewers (8th)
Written by Denise Morgan
Directed by Marcus Cole

Frank is in danger of losing his perspective on Katerina as she deals with a punch-drunk patient who is at risk of losing his son and his life due to a dark family secret. Declan's rejection to any suggestion he have a medical before his stunt, leads Jo to confront her own fears. Sisters fighting over their mother's life or death have Von realising there should be no battle over Adam between herself and his mother. Bart sees another side of Charlotte when he volunteers to look after Zach.

Featuring: Max Cullen as Barney Fawcett, Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Jeremy Shadlow as Godfrey Fawcett, Hannah Marshall as Sandra, Gabrielle Rogers as Jenny, Jett & Jai Heany as Zachery

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Radek Jonak as Declan Travers, Charlotte Feldman as Betty White, Ben Mezups as Movie Actor, Olivia Simone as Helena Brown, Natalie Smith as Farmer, Donald Sword as Crewman, Johnathon Martin Reurich as Pilot Double, Philip Partridge as Declan Stunt Double, Chris Mitchell as Stunt Driver, Brit Sooby as Warrior Princess 1, Rea Corcoran as Warrior Princess 2.

Note: guest actor Jeremy Shadlow was awarded a 1983 Logie Award in the category of Best Juvenile Performance (I'm assuming for his guest role in A Country Practice)

The Waiting Game

Episode 12.26 (482)
August 11, 2009
1.174 million viewers (11th)
Written by Lily Taylor
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

The MRU are called to a remote bush location to tend to an environmental protestor suffering possible cardiac distress and stuck up on a makeshift platform at the top of a tall tree. A man who has been run over and brought into the ED looks like he's going to succumb to his injuries but a visit from his wife and a demonstration of the power of love might just make the difference between life and death. After a night out with Frank, Katerina starts making her presence felt in the ED. Adam and Bree treat a man who presents with an embarrassing injury... and an even more complex psychology. Meanwhile, Von realises that she must tell Adam the truth about his mother's sudden reappearance and Jo learns whether or not she has Huntington's disease.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Mark Owen-Taylor as Doug, Matthew Edgerton as Will, Clare Blumer as Cathy, Christina Falsone as Gina Stratiotis, Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews

With: Costa Aristidoglou as Angelo Stratiotis, Brit Sooby as Jo Stunt Double, Jack Kingsley as Wil Stunt Double

A Precious Waste

Episode 12.27 (483)
August 18, 2009
1.078 million viewers (14th)
Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by Ian Gilmour

Katerina goes to drastic lengths to win back Frank's approval. A tragic accident makes Jo reassess her priorities.

Featuring: Anna Volska as Katerina Ajanovic, Sarah Woods as Debra Rossi, Radek Jonak as Declan, Clare Bowen as Holly Russell

With: Scott Timmins as Dave Winters, Renee Lim as Suzi Lau, Jason Cunnenn as Ethan McLean, Max Young as Scott Little, John Marsh as Rescue Worker

Music: "Holly's Song" written by Ben Porteous, performed by Natasha Ferguson

Tell-Tale Hearts

Episode 12.28 (484)
August 25, 2009
1.145 million viewers (10th)
Written by Trent Roberts
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

Gabrielle is forced to confront her worst fears when her father suffers another heart attack. Bart is mortified when Amy comes up with a controversial solution for a patient who looks likely to die a virgin. Jo reveals to Mike and Steve the reason why she wants to leave the MRU. Adam is once again about to be hurt by the mother he has only recently reconnected with.

Featuring: John Sheerin as Russel Jaeger, Sarah Woods as Debra Rossi, Sam Anderson as Zeke, Curtis Oakes as Ben Jaeger

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Erin Connors as Pilot Double, Donald Sword as Crewman

Note: the same day this episode aired, filming for the last episode All Saints was completed at Epping Studios.

Moving On

Episode 12.29 (485)
September 01, 2009
1.175 million viewers (10th)
Written by Fiona Kelly
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Adam joins the MRU to help rescue two men who have fallen into a disused mine. Bart's jealousy soars when the charming new intern sets his sights on Amy. Steve continues to support Gabrielle as she struggles to come to terms with her father's death. Von helps Adam see things from his mother's perspective which finally allows him to let her go.

Featuring: Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Mark Pound as Jamie, Ben Geurens as Owen, Catherine McGraffin as Christie

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Ben Wood as Troy Saunders, Curtis Oakes as Ben Jaeger, Mark Le Cornu as Ambo Rescue #1, Mark Duncan as Ambo Rescue #2, Roger Graham as Ambo Rescue #3

Safe Haven

Episode 12.30 (486)
September 08, 2009
1.163 million viewers (9th)
Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Scott Hartford Davies

When Jo is affected by the abusive horror of an illegal brothel, she ends up putting her own life in danger. A suicidal woman's outlandish lies have Bart and Elliott baffled as to the cause. Amy's attempts to warn Bree against the new Intern causes a rift between the two women.

Featuring: Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Brendan Clearkin as Ken, Lena Cruz as Mary, Nathan Page as Paul, Molly Knight as Kyra

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Felino Dolloso as Albert, Alice Keohavong as Mimi, Daniella Serret as Kim, Michelle Moore as Woman 1, Sarah Grieve as Jo Stunt Double

Win Some, Lose Some

Episode 12.31 (487)
September 15, 2009
1.163 million viewers (9th)
Written by Andrew Kelly
Directed by Marcus Cole

The MRU Team is called to a horse training facility where three people are injured, and Mike must choose which patient to prioritise. His decision could mean the death of more than one. Gabrielle and Adam attend to a woman with a mystery illness. Her situation exacerbates Gabrielle's unresolved grief.

Featuring: Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Robin McLeavy as Katherine Burnett, Adam Lubicz as Dave Burnett, Denise Kirby as Lorraine

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Warwick Rimmer as Evan Bourne, Glen Gary Ross as Harry Norton, Donald Sword as Crewman, Erin Connors as Pilot, Anthony Calabrisello as Taxi Driver

What It Takes

Episode 12.32 (488)
September 22, 2009
1.151 million viewers (9th)
Written by Trent Atkinson
Directed by Lynn-Maree Danzey

Mike finds himself going out on a limb when the MRU are called out to rescue a girl who has been kidnapped by her father. Adam, Charlotte and Amy work to help an injured man who is desperate to keep his extra-marital affair from his wife. Bart and Elliott form an unlikely team as Bart struggles to treat a patient who has put her own life at risk. Adam tries to come to grips with difficult news.

Featuring: Peter Fenton as Noah Kross, Danielle Catanzariti as Tilly Kross, Phillip Lowe as Grant Best, Zoe Coyle as Elaine Best, Sophie Cleary as Corrine Martin, Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Drayton Morley as Lance McCready, Dina Gillespie as [Tilly's mum]

With: Shameer Birges as Constable O'Donnell, Libby Munro as Constable Drago, Katherine Warner as Reporter, Erin Connors as Pilot Double, Donald Sword as Crewman

Too Close for Comfort

Episode 12.33 (489)
September 29, 2009
1.123 million viewers (11th)
Written by Jenny Lewis
Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon

A multi-casualty disaster at a plastics factory tests the MRU's mettle with Mike's attempt to save a life threatenig his own. Meanwhile, Charlotte struggles to ward off her burgeoning attraction to Adam, so they can work together to save the life of a blast victim, and Gabrielle makes a discovery that promises to turn her life upside down.

Featuring: Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Marcel Bracks as Tim Patterson, Ian Boland as Brian Cavanaugh, Krystle Sansom as Sally Sharpe, Kaaran Watene as Theo

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Scott Timmins as Dave Winter, Ben Wood as Troy Saunders, Paul Doyle as Mike Stunt Double

Note: Kaaran Watene's surname is misspelled in the credits , it has been corrected above.

Damned If You Do

Episode 12.34 (490)
October 06, 2009
1.099 million viewers (10th)
Written by Martin McKenna
Directed by Pino Amenta

The MRU team are called to a serious accident at a remote farm. Mike braves his own personal injuries to deal with the patient, despite serious reservations from all those around him. A woman presents having suffered a miscarriage. A history of SIDS with two previous babies throws a raft of distressing possibilities at Von and Charlotte. Bart finds himself dealing with an old school friend of Elliott's. The symptoms of this patient and what he reveals about Elliott prove to be totally unforseen.

Featuring: Anthony Martin as Ray Tucker, Sally Cahill as Julie Tucker, Anna Martin as Danielle, Luke Townson as Rick, Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Leigh Scully as Morgan

With: Erin Connors as Pilot Double, Donald Sword as Crewman

The Two of Us

Episode 12.35 (491)
October 13, 2009
1.181 million viewers (10th)
Written by Kim Wilson
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

With Mike out of action, Steve's leadership abilities are put to the test while rescuing two brothers trapped in an elevator. Joan Marden, the former Director of Nursing at All Saints, is suffering early onset Alzheimer's and her arrival in the ED makes both Von and Claire face the loneliness in their own lives. A father's decision with regards to his daughter leaves Charlotte feeling hamstrung, and forces Gabrielle to examine her own hypocrisy when it comes to keeping secrets.

Featuring: Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Kim Hillas as Joan Marden, Ryan Johnson as Jake, Sebastian Lamour as DC, John Jarratt as Paul Spalding, Eliza Taylor as Carly Spalding

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Ben Wood as Troy Sanders, Chris Moody as Security Guard

Note: Kim Hillas last appeared as in her reoccuring role of Joan Marden in episode 7.10. Eliza Taylor (who plays John Jarratt's daughter) may be better known as Eliza Taylor-Cotter; she started her career with roles in Pirate Islands, The Sleepover Club, and Neighbours

Reality Check

Episode 12.36 (492)
October 20, 2009
1.048 million viewers (11th)
Written by Blake Ayshford
Directed by Di Drew

A dying father's desire to make amends with his son deeply affects both Elliott and Steve. Gabrielle is led to question whether she's in over her head. After Joan deteriorates, Von decides to shoulder the burden.

Featuring: Chris Haywood as Neil, Kim Hillas as Joan Marden, Matthew Okine as Brendan, Elena Carapetis as Patrice, Trent Baines as Jesse Stevens, Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker

With: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Erin Connors as Pilot Double, Donald Sword as Crewman, Irena Herc as Clinic Receptionist [Pam], Mark Duncan as Steve Double

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Episode 12.37 (493, finale)
October 27, 2009
1.512 million viewers (3rd)
Written by Louise Crane-Bowes
Directed by Marcus Cole

On the final episode of All Saints, it's Von's last day at All Saints and while the rest of the team struggle to get through another day of Emergency medicine, she is determined to leave with a win. Von makes final preparations to leave All Saints, while Adam, Charlotte and Gabrielle find themselves faced with a heartbreaking challenge. Frank gives Elliott an ultimatum. Mike's test results arrive and they're not at all what he's expecting. And Steve struggles to deal with Gabrielle's decision.

Featuring: Celeste Barber as Bree Mathews, Jonathan Wood as Elliott Parker, Heather Mitchell as Gemma McKenzie, Frankie J. Holden as Andy McKenzie, Sapphire Blossom as Melinda

With: Luke Pegler as Jasper, et al


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