All Saints: profiles

Andrew Supanz…

Andrew grew up in Noranda, Western Australia, attending Morley Senior High School. After finishing year 12 went on to complete a BA at Curtin University double majoring in Acting and Creative Writing, specifically scriptwriting and poetry. During this time Andrew became involved with fringe theatre in Perth, allowing him to direct, write, and act.

After graduating from Curtin, Andrew was accepted into NIDA and moved to Sydney. After completing the NIDA acting course in November 2005, Andrew jumped straight into the deep end scoring the role of Dr Bart West in February 2006.

Andrew talks about Bart. "Bart's a terrier. He's a young intern trying to prove himself at the heals of the biggest doctors and egos at All Saints. To add to that, it's his first gig out of med school, and he's wound up doing shifts in the most frantic part of the hospital, the ED. Bart's a smart kid, very smart, but to make it in Campion's world you've got to be more than that, you've got be resilient and dogged and damn sure you don't stuff up. Bart's got the will, and he's doing his best to find his way, with a little help from a sexy brown haired nurse."

Andrew is the youngest male cast member of All Saints, he says "to get a break like this, to be allowed to wake up everyday and act in front of a camera, and then to look up and see John Howard standing next to me… well, it makes me feel like kicking him in the knees… he's so bloody tall… no seriously jokes aside… I could never reach his knees."

In his spare time Andrew enjoys working on his scripts, catching a wave, keeping fit, and watching movies.

…as Dr Bartholomew West

Bart is a young intern starting his first gig after graduating with honours from Med school. Bart has enjoyed a privileged life of private schools, a nice home in the best suburb, and he has never really had to struggle for anything. He plays rugby, drives a sports car and moves in a fairly up market crowd.

He's incredibly attractive but doesn't seem overly aware of it. He's more likely to react to an admiring glance from a woman by checking whether his fly's undone than by any awareness that she might just be hot for him. Bart graduated top of his year at med school and sees himself as a specialist of some sort down the track. He applied to St. Vincents private for his internship and was disappointed when he got All Saints. But he's more than willing to do the work to get where he's going.

His heart's in the right place but like so many young doctors, he has no idea of what the real world of medicine can be like. Whether he copes with the rigours of being a doctor is yet to be determined.