All Saints: profiles

Alix Bidstrup…

Alix was born in 1983, in Toowoomba, country Queensland and grew up near Jandowae in South East Queensland. Alix is the eldest of her siblings, with a young teenage sister and younger brother too. Alix has completed a BA of Theatre Arts Acting as University of South Queensland in Toowoomba.

From an early age Alix enjoyed performing and always took part in school musicals and concerts - writing and playing music (piano and guitar), singing and dancing. Now in her spare time she still enjoys playing and writing music, jewellery making, fire-twirling, Africa drumming and enjoys spending time in parks or at the beach.

Amy Fielding is Alix's first major acting role and she says "I jumped at the chance to work on All Saints, the opportunity to work with and learn from experienced and talented actors and directors plus getting paid to do what I love… I didn't even think about it I just said yes!"

About her character Alix says "she's sweet and compassionate but feisty and proud... the ED is new to her so she is sometimes shocked and moved by the injuries and stories she hears"

…as Nurse Amy Fielding

Amy is Frank's much loved niece, his sister's daughter.

When we first meet Amy, she has just graduated from Uni and Frank has organised her employment in the ED. It's highly unusual for a new graduate to commence their career in the intense environment of an Emergency Department but Frank has total faith in the girl. She has Campion blood after all.

But while Amy did well in her nursing training, she finds the ED a real challenge. Not only is she inexperienced (and therefore prone to mistakes under pressure) but she'd rather be a doctor than a nurse (largely because of family's expectations). Sadly, she didn't get the marks necessary for medicine, and has fallen into nursing without any real love for it. Because of this, she has underestimated the job.

Amy is bright, friendly, attractive and genuinely warm towards the patients, although occasionally lax when she can't see the reason for doing something (particularly if the task is boring or unpleasant). She's a good people reader and her perceptiveness allows her to manipulate others when it suits her. Men, in particular, often fall for her flirtatious nature. Amy likes people to like her.

Although not a spoiled brat, she has had a comfortable upbringing, and has the youthful arrogance that often goes with that. But if you really got to know her, you'd find that Amy is lost, desperate to keep up the fašade of not caring rather than admit she might be out of her depth.

Amy will learn some hard lessons in her first few weeks in the ED, and will need to think hard about what she wants out of her career and her life. But once she decides she really does want to be a nurse, nothing will stand in her way. Amy will fight hard to get things right, frustrated by the stumbles she'll inevitably have along the way, challenged by the lessons she'll be forced to learn… but Frank got one thing right — Amy has Campion blood, and that means she will never give up. She's just too stubborn to admit defeat, no matter how hard it all gets.