All Saints: profiles

Virginia Gay…

Virginia grew up in Sydney's inner west, and also spent a couple of years in England while her mother researched English Literature. She developed a taste for the arts from a young age when her parents were involved in amateur dramatics.

Virginia attended Newtown High School of the Performing Arts (after throwing a theatrical style tantrum and demanding to be allowed to audition). At Sydney University undertaking an English literature/ performance studies degree, she became so involved with the student dramatic society she realised that she should probably try to act full time, and consequently dropped out and auditioned for WAAPA.

Still at Drama School Virginia originally auditioned for the character of Ricky on All Saints but was unsuccessful. But she impressed the directors so much that after graduation she was called into audition for the role Gabrielle which was specifically written for her and was given the role - much to her and the family's surprise.

Before All Saints Virginia was involved in local Perth theatre, theatresports and singing. Virginia also loves yoga, writing comedy, old movies, live music, festivals, theatre and the circus.

What I love about being in the cast of All Saints "Every morning, I wake up and think, this can't be happening. I can't actually be going into Channel Seven and be being paid to do the only thing I've ever wanted to do with my life. What have I done Karma-wise to deserve this?"

Virginia talks about working on All Saints and her cast members "The cast of All Saints contains some of the best actors in the business, and some of the friendliest attitudes around. It is an honour to do so many scenes with John Howard because every moment is like a masterclass. The crew are some of the most patient, cheerful and hilarious people I've ever met, and the producers are so supportive and generous. When I'm not there working I miss the people as well as the job."

Virginia comments on her character - Gabrielle "She's who I want to be. She's brave and funny and loyal and caring, and she's not afraid to acknowledge where she comes from or who she is. She's a country girl with attitude who doesn't take anything from anyone, but she can be playful and sexy. Unfortunately she has to be the person who lays down the law occasionally, so she's tough, but has a flair for organisation and an ability to keep anybody in line".

…as Nurse Gabrielle Jaeger

In her late twenties, Gabrielle is gutsy, sexy, intelligent and, seemingly, not intimidated by anyone or anything. Gabrielle grew up the older sister to three brothers in a small country town. She loves being a country girl and she wears it on her sleeve, and in her vernacular, often using classic, and bizarre, Australian colloquialisms. She's inherited the great bush tradition of storytelling and is also prone to country remedies, some passed down via her ancestors, some she just makes up on the spot. Gabrielle doesn't suffer fools gladly and she's not afraid to discipline someone who is out of order. She's quick to point out that 'If you've spent as much time as I have knee deep in cow manure, you get a bloody good bullsh*t radar.' But at the end of the day she's willing to put a grievance or disagreement behind her.

Gabrielle's a great nurse; her caring nature borne out of her relationship to her brothers and also to her mother, who she had to care for when she became very ill. Coming from a small town where the nurse is everything, she's got wide ranging experience. She's fantastic with patients, using her sensational intuition to great advantage, often finding unorthodox solutions to problems. She might even sing for a sick child if she thinks it will help and if she's sure no one else is around.