All Saints: profiles

Natalie Saleeba…

Natalie is no stranger to television. Before her first on-air appearance in All Saints in April 2004, she played a lead role in the series Love Bytes for pay television and has also appeared in CNNNN, Secret Life of Us, Stingers, The Camera Trap, Always Greener, Corridors of Power, Head Start, and in Heath Ledger's first appearance on Australian television, Sweat.

Natalie also has some notable theatre credits. She worked with the famed Bell Shakespeare Company where she appeared in productions of Rough Justice, Mad About You and Much Ado About Nothing. Saleeba's most recent stage performance was the controversial Purgatory Down Under at Sydney's The Old Fitzroy Hotel.

Born in Perth, the 25 year-old has always wanted to entertain and relishes in the art of bringing written characters to life. Natalie's extensive training includes London's The Actors Studio, Australian Film, Television and Radio School and Elizabethan Language and Performance workshops at WA's Edith Cowan University.

Natalie's first introduction to acting was with the 1995 feature film Under The Lighthouse Dancing starring Jacqueline Mackenzie and Jack Thompson where she played an acrobat. After ten years of gymnastics and circus workshops this role opened the doors to a whole new passion.

Saleeba currently lives in Sydney's eastern suburbs. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, spending time at the beach and traveling when she can.

…as Jessica Singleton

Jessica has worked in the Emergency Department ever since she became a Registered Nurse. She loves the variety, the pace and the challenge.

She's a serious but happy young woman with a real vocation; a great nurse, practical and efficient, though sometimes these qualities win over compassion. She loves everything about the job and she even likes the boss. Jessica's worked in the Emergency Department ever since she became an RN.

Jessica is still coming to terms with witnessing a shooting in the ED. She now panics whenever an aggressive patient or relative begins to act out - and this happens often in the ED. But Jessica is a fighter, not a quitter, she doesn't see herself as a fearful, panicky person.

Jessica comes from a solid, happy, thoroughly middle-class family: dad's a surveyor, mum's a happy housewife, and brother Adrian has a year to go until he's an architect. After a short stint overseas, they're all pleased to have Jessica living at home again and very proud of her.

The only thing Jessica lacks is the same kind of absolute confidence in her own ability that her family has. This is a pity, as it would take some of the tension out of her working life. Despite being petite and attractive, she still thinks of herself as the frumpy, plain teenager she once was.

Though she'd never admit it, Jessica is a closet romantic, devouring Mills and Boon novels, going to the movies to watch classic romantic movies. She dreams of a Mr Right sweeping her off her feet and she knows he's just around the corner…