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Something Of Value

Episodes 969-970

The hospital's reclassification brings about the forced closure of its operating theatre. Bernice's plans to build a gazebo go awry when she finds human remains which she thinks belong to an old war buddy of Perce's that he met with, and faught with, the night before. A pregnant woman is brought into hospital to have her baby but complications arise requiring her to to be taken in to the closed theatre for a cesarean delivery.

The hospital and it's staff come under fire for their performing the operation when they shouldn't have. A fund raiser is organised to upgrade the OR's aging equipment to bring the hospital up to current standards. Tom deals with an elderly lady who complains that her dog is being hounded by the animals along her walking route. Darcy needs a car, and after turning down Perce's offer of a good reliable Aussie car, she takes Hugo up on his offer to go in a car together. However, when Hugo's car deal falls through, Darcy takes Perce up on his offer leaving Hugo on the outside looking in.

Guest Cast: Tracy Mann as Jenny Pope, Kate Sheel as Dr. Wendy Gale, Syd Conabere as Reg Brundle, Pamela Young as Maureen Gunn, Kira Osborne as Lottie Bates, Tim Elston as David Pope, Ron Blanchard as Lennie Sawyer, Faye Fogarty as Valmai Winters, Richard Lindsell as Dr. Robert Wilson, Kate Campbell as Baby Pope.

A Fine Balance

Episodes 971-972

Jo Davis, a promising young gymnast, is injured but refuses to take time off. Harry struggles with the girl's mother who refuses to let him see her other daughter who is in a wheelchair for no apparent reason. Bernice buys a painting at a jumble sale simply to keep it out of the hands of Esme and the Historical Society, but as Bernice later learns, it's not the painting that is valuable, it's the frame. Anna reluctantly lets Perce handle the remodelling of her surgery, but the simple job takes on grand proportions when Perce spots evidence of termite damage.

A talent show fundraiser takes the stage. Terence performs a magic routine, with Bernice as his assistant, while Tom decides to abandon his poetry and spoons routine in favour of stand up comedy. Harry works with Jo's disintegrating family to get her parents to put the needs of their two daughters first. The parents get back together and their wheelchair-bound daughter takes her first steps in twelve months.

Guest Cast: Janet Andrewartha as Lisa Davis, Peter Curtin as Sandy Davis, Caitlin Wright as Jo Davis, Raelene Winter as Cassie Davis, Noel Trevarthen as Doug Briggs, Antony Waddington as Minder.

Twice Shy

Episodes 973-974

Bernice invites travel writer Victor Tutt to "historic Rainbow Farm" hoping to score a good review in his next book. Rosemary's replacement Leonie Sterling proves to be a big hit with the doctors—and Bernice's visiting writer. Feuding neighbours argue over their pets, but when one is hospitalised for a spider bite, they are finally able to admit their feeling for one another after some encouragement from Esme.

Bernice plays matchmaker for Victor and Leonie and the pair leave for Paris to get married. Tom finds a sick dog and brings it to Anna who uses expired anti venom from the hospital to avoid the hefty $400 price tag for the regular vet supply anti venom. Hugo talks Darcy into going to the doctor when she suspects breast cancer.

Guest Cast: Noel Ferrier as Victor Tutt, Beverly Dunn as Leonie Sterling, Jeremy Stanford as Chris Brooks, Lorna Kelly as Vanessa Rennet, Aleesa Henricks as Miranda Grey, Vanessa Patterson as Chantal Cooke, Carmel Mullin as Doctor, Toula Tzoras as Sister Amelia Theopoulos, Arthur Percival as Patient.

The Prodigal

Episodes 975-976

Alec Lacey, Anna's younger world travelling brother, is back in the country and makes a surprise visit. Anna however is not pleased to see him when she discovers he's trying to smuggles drugs inside the table he's brought her and Tom as a wedding gift. An MVA sends a young man to hospital., he is a former drug user and refuses any pain relief medication in an attempt to avoid a relapse. Perce's stories inspire Bernice to open up an abandoned mine shaft on the farm, but despite her visions of riches, all she and Hugo find is one of Perce's old hideaways that he conned them into opening back up for him.

Alek is arrested in a drug bust after Anna kicks him out of her home. He's released due to a lack of evidence but Anna makes him go back and turn himself in. Harry, Kate, and Bernice play servants to Eden's former owner to allow her to keep up appearances for an affluent friend. Anna and Tom receive bad news regarding the prospects of having kids of their own so Billy suggests that they could adopt him—but would they want him? Hugo, who has been sending money back home lately, considers moving back home to help out his family but Rosemary makes arrangements that allow him to stay.

Guest Cast: Daniel Lapaine as Alec Lacey, Erick Mitsak as Matthew Long, Bruno Walter as Farmer Gino, Chris Simpson as Taxi Driver, Roger Ward as Inspector Poulos, Nan Vernon as Mary Reed, Gerry Tacovsky as Constable Ken Waters, Betty Lister Davis as Cecily Townes, Clarrie Thane as Kevin Mead

Little Lies

Episodes 977-978

Bernice plays reluctant host to a group of bikers, with whom is a 14-year-old pregnant runaway. Darcy gets the girl to see Terence who then admits her to hospital. Perce gives away the bride at a bikie wedding officiated by Bernice. The young girl runs away from hospital and after being brought back in labour, allows her sister Helena to be contacted.

Mary's sister arrives and chases off Wolf, the biker who's been looking after Mary. Helena then makes the startling revelation to Mary that she is actually her mother. Wolf returns, and along with Helena, convinces Mary to keep her child to raise herself with help from Helena and himself. Strange noises from the roof of the club bring terror to its patrons and staff, but the "monster" turns out to be a large lizard that Anna promptly catches. Anna goes to a meeting of the Police Wife and Friends Support Club.

Guest Cast: Ian Mortimer as Wolf, Natalie Morkos as Mary Theocharous, Victoria Wells as Tori, Delta Goodrem as Georgina Bailey, Jacqueline Linke as Satana, Damian Cudmore as The Rev, Ron Blanchard as Lenny Sawyer. Deborah Galanos as Helena Theocharous, Claudia Mooney as Baby Theocharous.

One Man's Poison

Episodes 979-980

First, Terence has has his tires slashes, and a case of wine smashed, then Franks's roses are ripped up and he receives a picture of Shirley accompanied by a disturbing note. Someone is after the two. That someone is Russell Draper, who has back in town looking for his former wife and daughter—the town "do-gooders" helped his family get away from him five years earlier. Anna teaches a girl with cerebral palsy to take care of her diabetic dog. A woman's hearing loss is caused by her husband's snoring.

Russell holds Rosemary captive in her apartment bringing about a standoff with the police. It ends when Russell collapses—he is taken to hospital and diagnosed with an insulin secreting pancreatic tumour. Hugo replants Frank's roses, Terence doesn't propose to Rosemary, and Bernice kicks a coffee addiction only to become a carrot junkie.

Guest Cast: Warren Coleman as Russell Draper, Adam Bowen as Anthony Upton, Vanessa Gabriel as Michelle Upton, Jacqueline Brennan as Amanda Morton, Mark Holmes as Kyle Fraser, Cedric McLaughlin as Ernie Plover, Kim Hillias as Eileen Plover, Gary Lynch as Gordon Gill, Alan Lock as Officer White, Jamie Walter as Newsreader

An Act of Love

Episodes 981-982

Hugo's girlfriend Judith Marques, the daughter of a visiting physician, learns she is pregnant (not by Hugo) and turns to Hugo and Darcy for help. She initially wants an abortion but after talking to Hugo and listening to her fathers idea of a solution (sending her away), she decides to keep her baby. Bernice wins $1000 at the track when Tom fails to pull a bet. Kate is offered a job in Burrigan.

When Judith doesn't get support from her father, and Hugo's wedding talk turns out to be just that, Judith takes matters into her own hands, attempting an abortion which nearly kills her. Anna discovers that Billy's grandparents are vying for custody of Billy. When Billy overhears the phone conversation about Anna and Tom needing money for a possible lawyer, Billy uses Tom's new TAB account to place a substantial bet on a dog race. Esme's return from a trip has Terence and Rosemary frantically trying to hide all remaining traces of their time spent together at Camelot. Esme however finds some of Rosemary's personal belongings and asks Terence to allow her to hold a dinner party to allow his relationship with Rosemary to be legitimised in public.

Guest Cast: Katerina Balter as Judith Marques, Lex Marinos as Stephen Marques, Nicholas Garsden as Paul Baxter, Ron Blanchard as Lenny Swayer. Jill McKay as Joan Hayes.

Billy's Choice

Episodes 983-984

Billy's paternal grandparents arrive in the valley, they are after custody of Billy. Esme moves out of Camelot when Terence suggests that it may be time for a growing Ruby to move out of the house. A young girl calls the hospital's help line to get aid for her mother. After refusing to give her name, the girl is eventually identified allowing her mother to be found and brought into hospital. Terence signs a treaty with Esme requiring him to build a state-of-the-art "cabana" for Ruby in exchange for her return.

Before his big date with Esme, Bernice accidentally smashes Perce's false teeth while attempting to kill a cockroach. After Bernice comforts Perce with ice cream, Harry must be called out when Perce mistakes an ice cream headache for a more serious ailment. Billy's grandfather collapses while playing cricket with him. Upset, Billy tosses his father's cricket bat (just given to him by his grandfather) into the dam. Later, after having waded into the dam in an attempt to retrieve the bat, Billy comes to a decision about his future after Esme finds him soaking wet and walking alongside the road. When Perce's talk of a romantic ocean cruise turns into a caravan park getaway, an irate Esme storms out, but not before telling him that he is wearing the false teeth of a recently deceased man (Bernice took them from the hospital as a replacement for the ones she broke). Harry and Kate find there is more to a relationship than a magazine quiz.

Guest Cast: Wynn Roberts as Gordon Moss, Dinah Shearing as Heather Moss, Claudia Ventimiglia as Lexie Koski, Carla Aquilia as Pam Koski, Ben Tate as Garth Pinkus, Broun Alexander as Referee.

Come Dancing

Episodes 985-986

Tara Nesbitt, Darcy's best friend from school, comes to the valley to see her before going to the United States to pursue a dance career. Hugo is quickly taken by her, drawing out Darcy's jealousies over both their relationship and Tara's remarkable change from her school days. Darcy and Tara get into a car accident while they are arguing and are unable to avoid Frank's car which is stopped on the road due to his trailer coming unhitched. Darcy breaks her leg while Tara suffers internal injuries requiring both girls to need Terence's operating skills. Frank believes he may be responsible for the accident. Esme believes Ruby has fallen into an "existential malaise" over being banished from the house. Frank becomes the object of affection of a police widow.

Tara is found to have a herniated disk in her back, for which an operation would end her dancing career before it has begun, Hugo talks her into having the operation using tough love/reverse psychology. Tired of being "just friends," Hugo brings his relationship with Darcy to an abrupt end—much to Bernice's disgust as her daughter needs him now the most. Harry goes on an electronics buying spree. Kate asks Esme to photograph her and Harry for their anniversary but a quick snapshot at the club catches her and Hugo instead. To get Billy away from Wandin Valley and the recent car accident, Anna takes Billy to the beach for the day. Originally a rain out, the day turns around on the strength of Anna's mermaid story and an old woman they meet on the beach.

Guest Cast: Brenda Webb as Tara Nesbitt, Elaine Lee as April Patterson, Cathren Michalak as The Mermaid.

Stolen Moments

Episodes 987-988

Kate's mother Liz makes a surprise visit and is convinced that her husband is having an affair. The evidence however points to his relationship with his other daughter which she has still not been told about (see episodes 873-874). Kate tells her mother about Julie but does not tell her that she has known about her for some time, but when Rosemary spills the beans about having met Julie, Kate's mother storms off. Ted Campbell's escaped stud pig causes havoc at Camelot destroying Ruby's chalet and possibly even impregnating her—much to Esme's horror. Billy befriends a stuttering archery buff after having first laughed at him in front of Anna—much to her horror. Tom receives a request to pick up Kate's mother who is wanted by the police for several minor thefts.

Tom arrests Liz on an arrest warrant from Victoria. Taking a short cut to the golf course, Harry is struck in the leg by an arrow shot by Billy. Without telling Anna, Tom accepts a race horse in lieu of payment on an overdue vet bill. Liz tries to torch her husband's car. Harry, drugged up on painkillers in hospital, talks some sense into Darcy and Hugo as they stumble around their feeling for one another. Anna claims ownership of Tom's broken down race horse.

Guest Cast: Douglas Hedge as Des Bryant, Beth Child as Liz Bryant, Anthony Simcoe as Peter Page


Episodes 989-990

A troublesome youth flips out and trashes his classroom and when Tom arrives to intervene, the boy jumps through the window. The boy's mother died and he is now being raised by his grandmother who is in poor health and is having trouble handling him. An elderly man approaching his 100th birthday regales the hospital staff with stories from his life before passing away shortly after celebrating his birthday. Tom tries to turn the wild child around, bringing him back home after he trashes the lodge. With his grandmother's health failing the boy asks Tom to find the father who walked out on him as a child. Anna does her best to fix up Tom's future champion.

Rosemary and Terence take a vacation to the Wandin Valley Winery but Terence's weekend alone with Rosemary is derailed by the arrival of Esme and Bernice, and Rosemary's fascination with reports of Elvis sightings in the area. Darren is told his father's new wife doesn't want him in their lives and Harry diagnoses the cause of the boy's behavioural problems as a food intolerance. Darcy is auditioned for a lead role in a movie by an amorous casting agent. Rosemary suffers a snake bite while stomping grapes at the winery. An Elvis impersonator gives a performance at the lodge.

Guest Cast: Cassie Allsop as Liz Cooke, Basil Clarke as Donald Lightfoot, Roy Hawkins as Elvis Presley, Bill Bentley as Colonel Tom Parker, John O'Hare as Captain Ron Parker, Pat Bishop as Janet Strauss, David Franklin as Lionel Henderson, Ben Fahy as Cameron West, David Kaff as Darren Bannister.

Guilty Party

Episodes 991-992

Two young medical students arrive in the valley for work experience and quickly take to Darcy and her friend Lee. Breaking off after their dinner together, Darcy puts a stop to Tony's advances but, as Lee later tells Darcy, she is raped by Owen. Harry's cattle are found to be contaminated, Harry suspects a deliberate act but research by Kate reveals the source of pollution to be a prewar potato farm. Bernice is hospitalised with an inflamed gal bladder. "Bernice isn't so bad... sedated"—Rosemary.

Darcy tells Tony about what happed to Lee, he at first defends his friend but after talking to Owen, he finds out his friend did in fact rape Lee. Bernice schemes to get her hands on government grant money but must first get Esme's "Progress Association" onside. Bernice's efforts are trumped by Rosemary's appeal for hospital funding and Rosemary wins the grant but the amount is far less than expected. Rosemary accidentally puts her foot through one of Esme's paintings that was hanging in the hospital, fortunately Esme is able to replace it with another one of her masterpieces.

Guest Cast: Daniel Rigney as Toni Laski, Murray Bartlett as Owen Wyatt, Beth Chapman as Lee Stephens.

Trivial Pursuits

Episodes 993-994

Billy is taken to hospital with ammonia burns after trying to clean his cricket bat. Anna buys him a chemistry set to teach him respect for chemicals but under Tom's "guidance" a more radical and experimental method of study is undertaken. Tony Laski's parents have returned from overseas and Tony introduces them to Darcy. Tony's decision to take a cartooning job at a prestigious London magazine upsets both his parents and Darcy who was planning to move to Sydney with him to pursue her education. Kate invites Rosemary golfing as therapy for her bad foot but Rosemary's performance on the course draws the ire of those playing behind her on the course. She eventually settles for another sport—fencing.

Tony asks Darcy to come to London with him. Tony's father asks Terence to talk some sense into him, but Terence, recognising the opportunity Tony has been given, can't talk him out of his dream. Tony's parents eventually come around to accept his going to London but Darcy changes her mind about going with him when she sees no real role for herself in London. After talking to Rosemary, Darcy decides to pursue her degree. Frank's developing romance with April is brought to an abrupt end when April suddenly loses her hearing.Tom interviews for a trainers license and nabs a horse thief trying to reclaim Tom's future champion.

Guest Cast: Daniel Rigney as Toni Laski, Don Barker as Stan Laski, Sheila Kennelly as Val Laski, Pauline Devereaux as Sister June Wood. Alan Flower as Syd Rafferty, Elaien Lee as April Patterson.


Episodes 995-996

Dave Carmody, an old friend of Tom's, arrives in the valley. Dave is a retired police officer who now finds himself under investigation by Internal Affairs and needs Tom to verify his alibi. When a patient asks Kate about alternative medical treatments, Kate is harangued by the woman's doctor, a high profile visiting ob-gyn. Harry defends Kate but she then accuses him of not respecting her work (he was defending her, nor her work as an acupuncturist). Perce is looking after Ruby at Rainbow farm and comes down with the same infection as the pig. Kate announces that she's going to China to study.

Anna learns of the private security job offered to Tom by Dave. A picture in Tom's photo album proves Dave's innocence but Tom soon comes to realise the entire evening on which the photo was taken had been planned to provide Dave his alibi. A glimpse into Tom's previous life has Anna wondering if she really knows him at all. Dave has a heart attack. Kate hands in her resignation with plans to go to China. Harry proposes to Kate and offers to go with her. Hugo gives a bike safety course to Billy's class and a young girl is diagnosed as having cataracts after she falls off her bike.

Guest Cast: Nicholas Eadie as Dave Carmody, Bunney Brooke as Mrs Plummer, Tony Harvey as Dr. Donald McGregor, Margie McCrae as Maggie Burns, Doug Ramsay as The Badger. Natalie Chan as Winsome Yee, Andrew McMahon as Murray, Mitchell McMahon as Reece

True Confessions

Episodes 997-998

Now officially engaged, Kate wants to keep it quiet and have a quick wedding in Sydney on the way to China, but when Esme overhears a conversation and comes to believe that Kate is pregnant, Kate must then tell her the truth. Contrary to Kate's desire for a simple ceremony, Harry wants a big wedding with all their friends present. Bernice puts off an appearance on Barry Baxter's radio show to spend more time with a young man with a passion for old tractors. Toby Olding, the husband of Rosemary's fencing partner, tests positive for HIV.

Toby is in an MVA forcing him to tell his wife about his condition—and how he became infected. An engagement party for Kate and Harry is held but Anna is delayed by a veterinarian pathologists' cocktail party. Tom develops a flirtatious relationship with the woman training him to be a horse trainer.

Guest Cast: Norman Kaye as Toby Oldin, Barbara Stephens as Olivia Olding, John Polson as Robbie Agnew. Laura Keneally as Madeleine Lockwood, Martin Maddell as Dr. Phil Dillon, Harold Kissin as Clarrie O'Reilly.

Floating On Air

Episodes 999-1000

With the wedding two days away, Harry falls out of a tree trying to catch a snake in Eden's garden. New locum Dr. Simone Fox is working at the hospital. Anna losses the locket that Tom gave her when they got engaged. Darcy manages to locates the locket but not before it passes through a goose. Hugo falls for a courier who turns out to be Bev's niece and Esme gets the two together.

Kate has tea with Lottie O'Neill—Esme believes her to be a ghost. Stranded up in a balloon with no way down, Harry and Bernice ask Billy to get help but neither Tom or Anna believe his story due to his recent fibbing. Dr. Fox's real identity is revealed just as she is taking a patient into theatre. When the balloon finally lands, Harry takes to horseback to get to his wedding on time.

Guest Cast: Heather Mitchell as Dr. Simone Fox/Angela Miller, Jake Diggins as Jack Anderson, Lainie Grugan as Mrs. Anderson, Samantha Murray as Cindy Glover, Lizzy Falkland as Nurse. Jennifer Young as Mrs. Cook, Helen Thompson as Charlotte O'Neill, Ron Hill as Reverend Alan Denny.

Big Yellow Taxi

Episodes 1001-1002

Politician Jonathan Fletcher arrives in town to promote his campaign to tear down the historic miner's cottages to make way for a new carpark. Rosemary is chosen to head up the opposition. Jules Goodfellow, a nurse at the hospital, learns that her husband, a professional footballer, is having an affair. Hugo gets a job with Jonathan Fletcher as his PR man and goes about the task of trying to bring the rest of the community onside. When the last residents of the cottages are evicted, Hugo receives a hefty kickback for his efforts. Jules consults Terence for a referral so she may get a nose job. Tom and Anna's horse gets a name—Anatomic.

Tom instigates a search for Killer Burke's turtle when he buries it after thinking it had died. Rosemary, Bernice, and Esme lie down in front of the bulldozer that has been brought in to level the cottages. Jonathan Fletcher is hospitalised after an angina attack. Harry talks Jules out of getting a nose job. The Heritage Counsel blocks demolition of the cottages and the shire counsel blocks any further development on the site. Afterwards, Frank suggests that Wandin Valley should have it's own mayor and town counsel. Harry, Kate and Jules are run off the road while leaving town.

Guest Cast: Loene Carmen as Jules Goodfellow, Ivar Kants as Jonathan Fletcher, Mary Acres as Mrs. Glasson, Seanan Faust as Alice Burgess.

Can't See Around Corners

Episodes 1003-1004

Returning from Harry and Kate's sendoff at the club, Esme comes across the accident scene. Harry comes out of the accident with a collapsed lung, Kate with a fractured arm, but Jules is hurt the worst and is paralysed from the waist down. Andrew Rendell, Frank's nephew, makes a surprise visit with his young daughter. Anna and Darcy deal with a woman who has been feeding her geese pastries.

Frank confronts his nephew about the damage to his car and learns that Andrew was the driver of the car that ran Harry off the road. Andrew plans to quickly leave town but upon passing the accident scene, he turns around and goes back to confess. Anna, Darcy, Esme, and Bernice take Eden off the market and reopen the house for Harry and Kate. Harry struggles to cope with the guilt he feels over the accident.

Guest Cast: Loene Carmen as Jules Goodfellow, Jamie Jackson as Andrew Rendell, Hannah O'Brien as Trish Rendell, Bunney Brooke as Nancy Plummer, Cranston Brecht as Ben Goodfellow, Richard Lindsell as Dr. Robert Stiles, Stuart Robinson as Dr. Munro, Mark Harris as Ambulance Officer 1, Aleeta Vanderdrift as Ambulance Officer 2, Colin Borgonon as Norman Montague, Lizzy Falkland as Nurse.

Tears For Fears

Episodes 1005-1006

Four weeks have passed since the accident. Harry and Kate travel to Sydney to visit Jules in hospital. Jules' husband is not coping well with her injury and Harry takes him to task over it. An old college friend of Anna's is in town, she wants Anna to join her new practice in the city but Anna turns her down stating she's happy where she is. Harry decides to stay in Sydney a while longer to help Jules when her husband falls out of the picture. Hugo and Darcy give a dancing lesson to Billy and his classmates.

Jules is awaiting her wheelchair and the repeated delays in its arrival keeps Harry in Sydney. Rosemary introduces Terence to fencing. Harry's preoccupation with Jules has left Kate feeling abandoned and she shows up on Tom and Anna's doorstep looking for support. A tractor race is organised to raise money for Jules. Tom and Esme rig the race ensuring Bev, the unbacked ringer, will win, ensuring a big return for Jules.

Guest Cast: Loene Carmen as Jules Goodfellow, Cranston Brecht as Ben Goodfellow, Jade Nottage as Bianca Cooper, Genevieve Sulway as Pauline Blackman, Chrisa Bonel as Sister Angelo. Charde Doherty as Wednesday Brown, Stuart Robinson as Dr. Munro, John Polson as Robbie Agnew, Jenny Gelland as Sister Winter, Amjad Ramjahn as Radiographer.

Mixed Doubles

Episodes 1007-1008

Eight weeks after the accident. A letter from Jules prompts Harry to return to Sydney once again just as Kate is going into hospital for another operation. Ben has all but abandoned Jules, and Harry and Jules are getting closer. Anna makes an appearance on the "Valley Vet" radio show while Tom appears on a local children's TV programme. Unbeknownst to Tom, the puppeteer is the same man Tom had given a ticket to on the way to the studio, and as Tom is interrogated on live TV by an aggressive "Mr. Poogle," he accidentally rips the head off the puppet. Darcy is having difficulty with organisation and proper time management for her studies but Esme doesn't help when she loses Darcy's essay on the computer.

Kate flies down to Sydney to join Harry and Jules. Ben arrives as well and both he and Kate can clearly see how Harry and Jules' relationship has evolved in their absence. Billy falls off Anatomic after being told he couldn't ride her, and after they attend to his injuries, Anna and Tom put him right back on the horse. An innocent game of doubles tennis that matches Terence and Rosemary against Hugo and Darcy quickly becomes a grudge match between Hugo and Terence. To make matters worse, Rosemary makes a controversial ruling against Terence. Ben gets back together with Jules after he punches out Harry.

Guest Cast: Loene Carmen as Jules Goodfellow, Cranston Brecht as Ben Goodfellow, Ron Blanchard as Lenny Swayer, Richard Lindsell as Dr. Robert Stiles, Gilda Proietti as Pat Barrett, Anthony Lawrence as Floor Manager.

Certain Women

Episodes 1009-1010

Harry and Kate have finally gone on their honeymoon and Dr. Alex Fraser makes a surprise return to the valley. Esme and Bernice play spoiler when Pearl drops Pudge and begins going after Perce. When Anna gets after Billy for bringing in too many "charity cases," Billy sets up his own blackmarket veterinary clinic in the barn using supplies he's pinched from Anna's surgery. A young girl brought to hospital with a foot injury reveals the recent death of her grandfather that she and her intellectually challenged mother have been keeping a secret so that they won't be separated by Social Services.

Tom takes Anatomic to the track for the first time but only Anna's influence can get the horse into the starting gate. Bernice is busy raising money to buy Darcy a new computer but when $500 goes missing from the club, Frank accuses her of stealing it. The money is later delivered by one of Frank's debtors and Frank apologises to Bernice, but the damage has already been done. Alex drives Julie and Christie home and tries to show Julie how to look after her daughter but Julie, seeing how good Alex is with her, wants Alex to take Christie to raise herself. Julie and Christie are allowed to remain together with the assistance of a community support worker.

Guest Cast: Diane Smith as Alex Fraser, Celia Ireland as Judy Hallam, Robyn MacKenzie as Christie Hallam, Shane Dye as Trev, Mitch Mathews as Pearl McKeever. David McLeod as Spike O'Rourke.

Best Line: "I will not be submissive to a man in flannelette pyjamas!"—Pearl.

Double Indemnity

Episodes 1011-1012

Harry and Kate have returned and Terence and Rosemary are away at a medical conference. Tom takes out an Aprehended Violence Order against Rod Campion after he assaults his wife in front of Anna. Jean-Jacques, a frenchman from Bernice's past, arrives in town but the police and his numerous wives are all looking for him. When Rod's goats die mysteriously, Anna suspects him of trying to commit an insurace fruad and when Tom won't take up her cause, Anna investigates herself, believing the animals' deaths were a deliberate act by Rod.

Bernice is taken to hospital after a wild night in Burrigan. An investigation into the goats' deaths is underway when Rod discovers that his wife is responsible for theri deaths. Their marriage ended as a result of their inability to have children but now Rod's new wife is pregnant. Frank and Esme go all out to welcome an "Indian" family to Rainbow Farm. Tom lays charges against Elizabeth after she confesses to Anna and Tom.

Guest Cast: Karen Vickery as Elizabeth Campion, John Walton as Rod Campion, Francois Bocquet as Jean-Jacques Meursault, Alex Pinder as Mr. Vengkat, Raina Mckeon as Mrs. Vengkat, Daniel Harrison as Bob Mullens, Luke Harrioson as Ollie Mullens, John Rohan as Max Farrell.

Another Country

Episodes 1013-1014

Maryam Zahedi, an immigrant woman originally from the middle east, losses her job at the hospital. She and her daughter Zozan are getting a rough time from people in the community, and when Tom comes by to see them, Maryam's daughter runs away in fear of him, or more accurately, his uniform. A farmer leaves his barking dog with Anna when his neighbours start complaining but it doesn't take long for the incessant noise to get to Harry either. The dog it turns out, can only be soothed by the music the farmer's recently deceased wife used to play. Maryam's application for residency is rejected. The new clinic receptionist is fired for smoking on the job.

Hugo finds Zozan hiding out at at the lodge and takes her back to her mother. Bernice consults Harry, the resident golf expert, about putting in a golf course in at Rainbow Farm, while at the same time, Darcy is undertaking a plan to revegetate the land. Maryam receives notice that her husband has been executed. She is sent the bill for the bullet which provides the evidence she needs to claim refugee status. A party for Terence's 50th birthday is held at the club.

Guest Cast: Teresa Page as Maryam Zahedi, Michelle Filo as Zozan Zahedi, Pamela Morrissey as Mrs. Parker, Troy O'Hearn as George, Maureen Elkner as Carla Feyman, Miles Selwyn as Shane, Les Foxcroft as Neville Brown, Kevin Lester as Russell Duncan.

Local Hero

Episodes 1015-1016

The Wandin Valley Agricultural Show is in progress. Jack Waterman, a friend of Bernice's, is in town for the rodeo when he is diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder (motor neuron disease). Terence is bitten by bull ants while making a road-side pit stop. Harry and Tom tackle the noisy plumbing at Eden but it is Anna and Kate who finally get the job done properly. Hugo officially gives up his dream of riding in the Tour de France when he sells his bike and buys a parcel of land.

George is out with kennel cough so Frank lets Billy borrow Fatso for the rodeo's pet contest. With Anna judging the contest, Billy slyly enters under the pseudonym F.G. Bilmoz and wins, but Anna is far from pleased when she finds out. Events conspire to keep Harry out of various equestrian events but he finally manages to make the show jumping competition. Bernice tries to keep Jack from running out on his son. Tom plays chaperon to a lost girl at the police station but he is not happy to learn that her uncle has spent the entire day at the TAB while he's been babysitting. Frank keeps the promise he made to Shirley and goes on a vacation to India.

Guest Cast: Frankie J. Holden as Jack Waterman, Simon Denny as Stewart Waterman, Peter Fisher as Bluey McKay, Bianca Sulkowicz as Jenny Sawyer, Kate Westlake as Dr. Wiltshire.

No Man's Land

Episodes 1017-1018

Rosemary is offered the Director of Nursing job in Burrigan and Terence accuses her of stagnating by not accepting it. An aging Simone is euthanised. James Hutton's (see episodes 921-922) mother is developing a relationship with her neighbour Malcolm Fellows, and James is not happy about it. Kate helps James plan a party for his mother's birthday but Malcolm's arrival ruins James' hope for a special night with his mother. Bernice befriends a young girl who is in hospital but is crushed when she learns the girl is dying from leukemia. James' mother stops seeing Malcolm to please her son.

Malcolm is electrocuted when he intercedes to stop James from hitting an overhead power line with a length of pipe. James too winds up in hospital when he dislocates his knee in a tractor accident. A shiny new tool kit has Perce looking for work. He first fixes a sink in the hospital and then patches a hole in a wall at the club. When Perce can't locate his new drill, he reopens the patched hole just as Esme enters the club to return the drill that she borrowed. Hugo is upset with the noisy wildlife on his property and Perce suggests he ask the animals for their permission to develop the land. Nancy tells Malcolm about James' past and he and James begin to be friends.

Guest Cast: Rhondda Fiddleton as Nancy Hutton, Michael Caton as Malcolm Fellows, Ari Matters as James Hutton, Meelah Hamilton as Laurel Webb.

The Player

Episodes 1019-1020

A production of MacBeth is put on at the lodge with famous Shakespearean actress Bronwyn Gibson brought in for the role of Lady MacBeth. Bronwyn quickly takes over the production from Bernice and Esme who have been battling one another for creative control. Harry is gunshy about getting another car. Bernice and Esme eventually make their peace over a few drinks at the club and pledge their "eternal friendship" before a stunned Terence and Hugo. An elderly lady with no memory of who she is is brought to the hospital.

The cast and crew of MacBeth revolt in the face of Bronwyn's dictatorial control. Rosemary tries to help Bronwyn when she discovers her heroin addiction. A letter from Jules delivered to Harry at the clinic brings out Kate's jealousy.

Guest Cast: Jane Harders as Bronwyn Gibson, Moya O'Sullivan as Daphne Marshall, Sara Grenfell as Maxine Bolton, Patrick Blackwell as Brad Harvey, Felix Jones as Baby Bolton.

Body Of Evidence

Episodes 1021-1022

A mystery surrounds an unidentified body found in the remains of a burned out farmhouse. Anna is threatened with legal action after she is forced to put down a horse when it becomes trapped in its trailer after a violent car accident. Hugo finds some artifacts buried in his "south paddock" (he only has one) that may suggest a relation between Esme and Bernice. Frank is hurt by his friends' lack of enthusiasm for his holiday photos from India.

Guest Cast: Penne Hackforth-Jones as Martha Lynch, Richard Carter as Detective Branco, Mark Bower as John Burns, Fiona Press as Dr. Ainslie Forsythe, John Rohan as Adam Harper, Eileen Bader as Valerie Bader.

Crimes and Misdemeanours

Episodes 1023-1024

Harry and Kate's marriage reaches breaking point when Jules Goodfellow returns to Wandin Valley for the trial of the man who caused the accident that left her a paraplegic. Anna hires a lawyer to help collect her outstanding vet bills. Rosemary is bequeathed a young kangaroo. Tom surprises Anna on the first anniversary of his proposal. Darcy must treat a dog for a suspected snake bite when Anna is away.

Guest Cast: Leone Carmen as Jules Goodfellow, Rachel Maza as Ruth Forbes, Jamie Jackson as Andrew Rendell, Joyce Hopwood as Sister Grant.

Welcome Stranger

Episodes 1025-1026

Harry and Kate host a dinner party, and after a few drinks, Tom makes some inappropriate comments about the fragile state of Harry and Kate's relationship. Anna must take over the duties of a vet who seems more interested in drawing his patients than treating them. Noriko Kaneta, the Japanese woman Frank met while on vacation in India, arrives in the valley for a visit. A kitten found on the doorstep of the hospital captures Rosemary's heart. While fixing a hole in a wall at the hospital, Perce accidentally seals Rosemary's kitten inside the wall. Hugo finds a runaway girl hiding out on his land.

Guest Cast: Bruno Walter as Farmer Gino, Chin Yu as Noriko Kaneta, Jocelyn Rosen as Bettina Muir, Kate Reid as Maureen White, Tim Elliott as Douglas McKenzie.

Outside Chance

Episodes 1027-1028

Rosemary is away visiting her son, and Kate, as acting Director of Nursing, begins to exercise her newly acquired authoritative powers. Hugo's new girlfriend surprises him by telling him she has a son, and that the boy's father was killed in the robbery for which she was arrested, and subsequently spent time in prison for. She later becomes the prime suspect when the club is broken into. Billy questions Perce about the Eureka Stockade for a school report, and the pair wind up erecting their own blockade when a bill collector comes to Rainbow Farm. A jelly bean contest brings out the amateur mathematacists in Terence and Harry.

Guest Cast: Alyssa-Jane Cook as Theresa Osmond, Andrew Everingham as Brian Hawthorne, Teresa Pajo as Gwen Bannister. Harry Lawrence as Ken Dobie, Mark Snell as Craig Osmond

Troubled Waters

Episodes 1029-1030

Terence is camping and Darcy is doing a kangaroo count in the national park for Anna. Darcy is spooked near a creepy billabong and runs out of the park. The next day she and Anna return to find dead kangaroos everywhere. Terence's campsite is plundered and Anna's car is stolen by a prowler who has been causing trouble in the district. Rosemary and Bernie catch the prowler in the hospital, he's a drug addict who left Sydney to go through withdrawal. An eccentric old woman offers Kate a job as her personal assistant on her upcoming trip to Europe during which she plans to seek out the young man she met during the war. Kate arrives at the woman's home to find her collapsed in her bedroom.

Mrs. Boardman tells Kate of her near death experience and is upset at Kate for saving her. The billabong is found to be poisoned and has to be drained at which time the body of a young man is found. Army dog tags on the body identify it as that of Vera Boardmans' Italian POW lover who disappeared the night they were to run off together. After learning the fate of her lover, the man she was hoping to track down in Europe, Vera dies. Anatomic runs her first race and everyone but Tom backs the horse which comes up a winner.

Guest Cast: Patricia Kennedy as Vera Boardman, Georgia Adamson as Laura Vincent, Michael Watson as Trevor Jackson, Olivia Brown as Margaret Krauser, Andy Cachia as John Krauser.

Thursday's Child

Episodes 1031-1032

Terence's son returns from Vietnam—with a son of his own. Hugo gets his hangglider pilot's license and promptly crashes while flying over the National Park. Tom is sick but can't elicit any sympathy from those around him. After pulling his grandson from the bottom of his pool, Terence revives the boy and rushes him to hospital where the boy is diagnosed with malaria. Tom talks Hugo into having a bus load of kids come out to his property for the day. Billy is "deeply disillusioned" after entering endless contests and only winning baby care products—until he wins the big one.

Guest Cast: Peter Phelps as Christopher Elliot, Rachel Maza as Ruth Forbes, Joshua Kam as Jack Elliott, Troy Carlson as Don Epstein, Kate Saunders as Emma Day. Edward Garth as Mr. McDougal.

Thursday's Child (II)

Episodes 1033-1034

Terence talks Ruth into staying on when she drops Chris' case upon learning that he abducted his son. Jack's mother arrives from Vietnam to fight for custody of her son. Nancy Plummer comes under the care of her guardian angel, Esme Watson, when she is released from hospital. The mayoral campaign between Bernice and Frank is marred by political skullduggery. Kate surprises Harry by getting a dog, but it's not a "real dog" according to Harry who none-the-less quickly becomes attached to the small canine.

Having been blackmailed into dropping out of the mayoral race by Hugo, Bernice offers her services to Frank and Rosemary's campaign. Facing the power of western "societal forces," Mai withdraws her claim for custody of her son. Perce donates his blood for a young boy's operation but the recipient is less than grateful. A photo-op with a mothers' group ends badly for Frank. Chris can't bring himself to separate Jack from his mother and decides to give her custody. Harry is heartbroken when Kate's allergy to their new dog forces them to give him up. Frank wins the election and becomes the first mayor of Wandin Valley.

Guest Cast: Peter Phelps as Christopher Elliot, Rachel Maza as Ruth Forbes, Joshua Kam as Jack Elliott, Phuong Tuy Tran as Mai, Bunney Brooke as Nancy Plummer, Caroline Skinner as Betty Birchgrove. Terence Porter as Gordon Knox, Rossi Kotsis as Wayne McDonald, Kevin Golsby as Barry Baxter.

Carpe Diem

Episodes 1035-1036

Chris goes for help when Ruth suffers a fall in the national park after he proposes to her. Esme is feeling unneeded, and after being hospitalised following a fall, considers selling her house and moving into a nursing home. Harry, Kate, and Anna go to the Drive-In but what they expect to be a Lithuanian "chick-flic" turns out to be a disaster film of truly epic proportions. Harry receives a lesson in film theory from an unusual popcorn vendor. A young girl believes she is never going to stop hiccupping.

Perce asks Esme to move in at Rainbow Farm. Bernice gets Esme out of her depressed state as only Bernice can. Ruth invites her father to dinner at Camelot so that he can meet Chris but the evening ends with Chris throwing her father out after he questions Chris' apparent preference for "non-European" women. Frank schedules the town's first council meeting on the same night as the Rugby Club's presentation night. Esme decides to sell her house to finance a trip to Paris with Perce.

Guest Cast: Peter Phelps as Christopher Elliot, Rachel Maza as Ruth Forbes, Bob Maza as Alan Forbes, George Washingmachine as Popcorn Vendor, Lucy Hill as Amelia Haynes, Joyce Hopwood as Sister Grant, Toby Villis as Tim Blunt.

Note: Bob and Rachel Maza are both on-screen and real life father and daughter

Now Or Never

Episodes 1037-1038

After Bernice is diagnosed with cervical cancer, Darcy calls on her father and grandfather to talk Bernice out of her decision to shun medical treatment and run away to India. She eventually decides to get back together with her ex husband and leaves the valley to move out to his farm. Anna and Kate are treed by a wild pig while camping. Harry agrees to pay a patients medical bill in exchange for the services of his prize bull. While questioning a young man about a jewel theft in Burrigan, Tom takes a personal interest in the boy when he learns they were both fostered by the same family. Billy comes home from school with a black eye.

Guest Cast: Andy Anderson as Sean Thomas, Georgina Banks as Jackie Ridge, Paul Caesar as Stevo White, Percy Sieff as Marco Pizzuti, Peter Ford as Mr. Whitbread.

Heroes and Villains

Episodes 1039-1040

Tom is shot when he is involved in a high speed car chase which leaves the perpetrator, a fifteen-year-old boy, badly injured. After coming under fire for his actions, and with his relationship with Anna strained, Tom decides to quit the police service. Terence and Rosemary's hopes for a quiet vacation in Sydney are dashed after becoming their hotel's millionth customers and getting stuck in an elevator, both being events that made the evening news back home. Fatso feels neglected by Frank.

Guest Cast: Andrew Oughton as Ronny McDonald, Dene Kermond as Peter Martin, Mark McCann as Inspector Charlie Meadowns, Paul Coolahan as Mr. Ferguson, Andrew Robertson as Rex Gallagher, Derek Major as Vet, Geoff Hamilton as Ambulance Officer, Vince Gil as Laurie Morgan, Trent Yee as Kevin Thieu, Simon Mills as Sergeant English, Derek Major as Vet. Michael Butcher as Sergeant Wormald, Dacre King as Mr. Robertson, Jeamin Lee as Staff Member.

A Fine Romance

Episodes 1041-1042

Hugo meets Christina Agapitos while auditioning singers at the club. She's dreadful as a singer and after being given a job at the club, proves to be even worse as a waitress. Esme fears her good reputation has been ruined by the gossip surrounding her trip to France with Perce. Tom intercedes between two neighbours who are feuding over their pets. Billy's preoccupation with guns and violence ever since Tom's shooting prompts Tom to give Billy a lecture on violence. The message finally sinks in when Billy looks on as Anna fails to save a dog that had been accidentally shot by it's owner. When Rosemary gets a goldfish to replace Simone, her friends try to find her a more suitable pet. After trying to drive off Christina, Hugo chases down her bus on a "borrowed" bicycle to ask her to stay. Perce's prostate troubles have Esme concerned about his sudden antisocial behaviour. When Hugo finds Christina vomiting blood, he rushes her to hospital where she reveals that she ran away from home after being diagnosed with leukemia.

Guest Cast: Rebekah Elmagolou as Christina Agapitos, Celia De Burgh as Miriam Barker, Jonathan Mill as Doug Grey, Grant Noy as David Firdenbach, Andrew Oughton as Ronny MacDonald, Dimitry Berriman as Marty Miller, Nikki Bridger as Ronnie Jackson, Trent Bowater as Wayne Sommers.

Lover Come Back

Episodes 1043-1044

Hugo struggles to come to terms with Christina's reluctance to fight her cancer and her father's belief that his daughter will die. Christina eventually decides to go back to Melbourne with her father for treatment and Hugo puts his land up for sale in order to go with her. Tom counsels a young boy and his stuffed rabbit on how to avoid bullies on the walk to school. Kate is eager to try out her new Judo skills after a lesson from Tom and chooses to demonstrate her newly acquired skills on Harry. Tom leads an expedition consisting of Esme, Perce, and Lennie Sawyer into the national park in search of a lost camel ("Whoosh!").

Guest Cast: Rebekah Elmagolou as Christina Agapitos, George Vidalis as Peter Agapitos, Anthony McLachlan as Ralphie Wilks, Ron Blanchard as Lennie Sawyer, Joyce Hopwood as Sister Grant.

Inner Circle

Episodes 1045-1046

Hugo and Christina are back in the valley so that she may attend a CanTeen camp for young people with cancer. Kate must deal with her emotions as her work at the camp brings back painful memories of her own fight with leukaemia. Billy forges Tom's signature to buy a used stereo from a classmate. Tom is knocked down while training Anatomic. It is discovered, to Tom's utter dismay, that Anatomic is pregnant, and to make matters worse—much, much worse—Keith, Harry's Keith, is the father.

Guest Cast: Rebekah Elmagolou as Christina Agapitos, Mason Roy as Martin Laker, Julie Dunsmore as Justine Davies, Katrina Douglas as Jacqui Carlson, Charde Doherty as Wednesday Brown, Mary Mirabito as CanTeen Co-ordinator.


Episodes 1047-1048

Rosemary's son makes a surprise return visit to the valley—with his new wife, who as Rosemary soon learns, is unaware that he suffers from schizophrenia. Tom is emotionally thrown when he learns his ex-wife has had a child, causing him the realisaton that her claim to not wanting children was not true—she just didn't want them with him. Billy sneaks a sick friend's pet echidna into the hospital. When Tom, Anna, Kate, and Harry go camping, Harry accuses Tom of stealing his knife and Tom must somehow find a plausible way to explain to Harry how a bird came swooping down out of the sky and stole it. Darcy sells Hugo's land to Budgie.

Guest Cast: Andrew McDonell as Robert Prior, Elise McCredie as Lindsay Prior, Grant Noy as David Firdenbach, Tanya Denny as Mrs. Firdenbach, Robert Carlton as Budgie Markham, Heather Christie as Mrs. Abbott.

Snakes and Ladders

Episodes 1049-1050

Billy and Trevor Jackson's eleven-year-old Auntie find a weird old hermit living in the National Park. Tom fines Esme but manages to get Harry to pay half. Darcy faints when she tries to watch an operation on her injured knee.

Billy and Rebecca Jackson get help for the hermit when he is bitten by a snake. It is later learned that the man is a holocaust survivor. Terence and Rosemary participate in a cystic fibrosis charity walk. Harry inadvertenly hypnotises Esme—or so he thinks.

Guest Cast: Michael Watson as Trevor Jackson, Ralph Cotterill as Joseph Cohen, Amy Miller-Porter as Rebecca Jackson, Lauren Hewett as Zoe Jones.

New Kid In Town

Episodes 1051-1052

Ian Mcintyre, the new park ranger, arrives in the valley to discover that his farm is still inhabited by it's previous tenants. As mayor, Frank faces a backlash by angry citizens over a proposed rate increase. Harry is relegated to the sidelines when a Muslim woman arrives in the hospital about to give birth. Ian identifies a sick possum as one belonging to an endangered species and tries to get Ted Campbell to cooperate in order to save the endangered animals found on his land. Ian takes pity on the sick woman and her children and allows then to live in his farmhouse. Harry treats Ted Campbell for renal colic.

Guest Cast: Paul Gleeson as Ian McIntyre, Vincent Ball as Ted Campbell, Anna Hruby as Judy Colmer, Ben Connolly as Dennis Colmer, Kate Connolly as Maggie Colmer, Grant Noy as David Firdenbach, John Davies as John, Rana Barghout as Wafa, Ali Shafibeigli as Riach, Benjamin Dawborn as Baby.


Episodes 1053-1054

Mike Sterling opens the new Valley Health Clinic and offers Kate a job there as an accupunturist with the promise of the opportunity to go to China to study as well. When Tom takes Frank to hospital after he has a series of dizzy spells, Frank becomes depressed thinking his active life is over. The press jumps on the story when they hear that Ian had to repel down a cliff in the national park to rescue a boy who wandered off from his school group. Mike makes a pass at Kate, she fights him off in an attempt to protect herself, but the next day Mike stumbles into the hospital claiming Kate attacked him.

Tom goes on a stateout with Killer Burke's niece, probationary constable Marilyn Burke, who inadvertantly helps their targets get away with the goods. After Tom charges Kate for her assault on Mike Sterling, his secretary comes forward with her own claims of harassment which back up Kate and allow her to file a complaint of her own against Mike. Darcy and Ian perform an emergency tracheotomy on Billy's dog.

Guest Cast: Paul Gleeson as Ian McIntyre, Christopher Stollery as Mike Sterling, Ashton Cartwright as Kelly Wilson, Michela Noonan as Donna Martin, Warwick Waugh as Arnie Weismuller, Trisha Starrs as Journalist, Daniel Kellie as David Roberts, Bruck Agnes as Bushwalker. Emily Lumbers as Marilyn Burke, Douglas Mickle as Ned Creed.

Cyclone Claire

Episode 1055-1056
Written by: Howard Griffiths (1055) and Bill Searle (1056)
Directed by Geoff Benett

Ian McIntyre first encounters Claire Bonnacci when he comes across her making a pit stop at the side of the road. Claire is driving up from Perth and is two days late for her job as the hospital's new nurse. Lost but continuing on towards town, Claire comes across the scene of a car accident and is soon joined by Ian. Claire returns to hospital with one of the victims, Lois West, a woman who is eight months pregnant, and sits with her while awaiting news on her husband's condition. Terence operates on the woman's husband but he dies in theatre. Making an already difficult situation worse is Claire's earlier promise to Lois that her husband would be okay. Ian leads Darcy and Trevor Jackson into the national park in search of two llamas Ian saw earlier in the day. Anna solves a mysterious illness in Eileen Plover's dog while Frank discovers that Anna's mobile phone plays havoc with Eileen's hearing aid. Lois West goes into labour.

An emergency C-section is performed on Lois West but unfortunately Lois wants nothing to do with her newborn son now that her husband is dead&#8212, despite Claire's attempts to the contrary. Frank uncovers evidence of some of Ian's childhood pranks while helping him move back to Willow Tree. Ian discovers that his real estate agent has mistakenly rented his house out to Claire with whom he know has to share his home. Claire is finally able to get Lois to begin the grieving process and accept her son. Kane and Fatso rampage through Claire's belongings causing her to toss Ian out thinking he was responsible. Anna finds an adult magazine in Billy's bedroom.

Guest Cast: Paul Gleeson as Ian McIntyre, Claudia Black as Claire Bonacci, Michael Watson as Trevor Jackson, Rebecca Frith as Lois West, Kim Hillias as Eileen Plover, Percy Sieff as Charlie Whittaker, Richard Lindsell as Dr. Robert Stiles, Aaron Willmore & Ailin Hourigan as Baby

Burning Bright

Episode 1057-1058
Written by: Judith Colquhoun and David Phillips
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Christmas is looming as the hospital is busy making preparations to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Tom takes out an Apprehended Violence Order against Peter Courtland, but when he goes out to Peter's farm to collect his firearms, Peter takes him hostage. Tom is eventually able to take Peter into custody but during their struggle, a fire breaks out and quickly begins to spread and gain strength. The fire combines with out-of-control bush fires in the area and soon begins to threaten the entire community of Wandin Valley, resulting in the launch of a massive campaign to save the town and its residents from destruction. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Terence go on a trip to visit the first person ever to be born in the hospital. Maggie Sloan and Vicky Dean return for the centenary celebrations.

With the fire raging around them, Terence and Rosemary struggle to get back to the hospital which is being evacuated as the fire closes in. Anna is preparing to evacuate her surgery when Vicky Dean appears with Fatso—she has run him over. With Anna unable to operate due to being pregnant, Vicky is forced to operate in hopes of saving her old friend's life. Leaving Anna and Tom's house with Billy, Darcy stops to check on an injured animal but in doing so allows George to run off into the fire causing Billy to chase in after him. Lost in the smoke and flames, Darcy and Billy are lead to safety by Luke Ross who appears out of the smoke and haze having just returned to town for the celebrations. Terence and Rosemary are about to close up the otherwise abandoned hospital when a patient's buzzer draws them back in. They can find no one else in the hospital but are now unable to escape as the fire has now engulfed the building, forcing them to hole up and hope for the fire to pass them by. As the hospital burns around them, Terence and Rosemary pledge to get married if they survive the ordeal. Claire goes into the bush in search of an elderly man dressed as Santa Claus, and after finding him, they are winched to safety by a helicopter. With the heart of the fire having passed by, Terence and Rosemary safely make their way out of the burned out hospital. Esme accompanies Perce to Burrigan after he complains of chest pains while Anna informs Tom that she is pregnant. One month after the fire: Anna learns that her baby will be a girl, Terence and Rosemary are married—by marriage celebrant Bernice Hudson—and drive off into the sunset.

Guest Cast: Paul Gleeson as Ian McIntyre, Claudia Black as Claire Bonacci, Tony Barry as Peter Courtland, Ron Blanchard as Norman Leonard Sawyer, Colleen Clifford as Mrs. Grainger, Penny Cook as Vicky Dean, Matt Day as Luke Ross, Roland Hastings as Mr. Nicholas, Judith McGrath as Bernice Hudson, Joan Sydney as Maggie Sloan, Charles "Bud" Tingwell as Santa Claus/Edward Seldon, Christopher Wiseman as Jon Dale.