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Episodes 623-624
Written by David Boutland (623) and Judith Colquhoun (624)
Produced by Denny Lawrence and Bill Searle
Directed by Peter Maxwell

A Chilean refugee tries to make a new life for himself in Wandin Valley, but ghosts of his past come back to haunt him. Shirley is not keen for Michael to move in at the Gilroys with Jo. Alex unravels the mystery behind a boy's uncontrollable behaviour — he is a gifted child. Matt tries to trick Cathy into letting him stay at her new house. A woman in need of surgery is brought to the hospital, but her frightened boyfriend refuses to let Terence operate as in his country, doctors are known for torturing innocent people. Cathy turns the table on Matt and he ends up staying the night on his own in the "haunted house."

Guest Cast: Rolondo Ramos as Eduardo Rodriguez, Elaine Smith as Helen Grey, Laura Gabriel as Linda Harris, Douglas Mair as Ben Harris, Harold Jones as Reg Banjo Black, Joel Fisher as Schoolboy 1; Andrew Hill as Welsey Craven

Message in a Bottle

Episodes 625-626
Written by Steve J Spears (625) and David Phillips (626)
Directed by Chris Adshead

A mysterious stranger arrives in town and confuses everyone with his various stories. All is revealed later at Camelot when a party game turns ugly. Paternal pressure turns a teenager to drink. Frank comes up against a wall of silence when he tries to combat the town's teen drinking problem but the locals are soon forced to sit up and take notice when teenager Chris Bradley drinks too much and slips into a coma, and may have incurred brain-damaged as a result.

Guest Cast: Michael Caton as Clive Bradley, Helen McDonald as Joan Bradley, Tony Rickards as Marshall Doyle, Brad Symons as Chris Bradley, Emily Minty as Danny Lalor, Jessica Gerger as Lisa, Colin Taylor as Harry Benson

Endangered Species

Episodes 627-628
Written by Micky Beckett (627) and Graeme Koetsveld (628)
Directed by Leigh Spence

Alex tries to help a woman who lives in fear of her husband's violent temper. Charlie McKeachnie, an old friend of Esme's, is back in town and Cookie is not happy. Cathy enlists the town's help to save Kelly's Swamp, the home of a large colony of brolgas (large native birds) from Muldoon and his redevelopment plans. Domestic violence tears a family apart.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Alf Muldoon, Smoky Dawson as Charlie McKeachnie, Shane Connor as Barry Hamilton, Trudy Hellier as Karen Hamilton, Dominic Elmaloglou as Mark Hamilton; Jamie Klein as Darren, Andrew McMahon as Alec, Philip De Carle as Dozer Driver, Michael Kozuki as Mr Murakami, Maoko Ohtani as Mr Murakami Assistant

Play it Again

Episodes 629-630
Written by Ray Harding (629) and Sally Webb (630)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Matron Sloan wins the lottery and everyone has suggestions on how she should spend the money. Jo and Michael go to Bribie Island to visit his family. Matt is feeling unwell, but Cathy thinks it's just another ploy to get her to do something for him. Cathy finds Matt collapsed on the kitchen floor, and once at the hospital, Terence tells Cathy there is a possibility of brain damage as Matt has viral encephalitis and has slipped into a coma. Jo receives a letter from her mother. Matt finally comes round and is delighted to see Cathy at his bedside.

Guest Cast: Janine O'Shaughnessy as Janine Butler, Marilyn Allen as Patricia Langley, Martin Mowlam as David Langley, Christopher Walker as Pete Crosby, Jacqui Fifer as Maryanne Crosby, Barbara Antos as Barbara, Shan Simons as Shan, Alan Sabine as Alan; [not available]

Mothers & Daughters

Episodes 631-632
Written by Judith Colquhoun (631) and Shiela Sibley (632)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Alex starts having contractions and is convinced she is losing the baby. Jo goes to Sydney to try and find her mother. Alex gives birth to a girl, but her chances of survival are very slim as the baby's lungs are not fully developed and she has stopped breathing once already. Alex realises that even is the baby survives it will possible have brain damage but she doesn't care — all she wants is for her baby to live. But it is not to be, baby Laura dies. Jo is devastated when her mother refuses to acknowledge her. Alex starts haemorrhaging and Terence has to face the possibility of losing both Alex and the baby. Alex survives after emergency theatre, but comes to a decision about her future — she cannot face the ordeal of losing another baby, ever.

Guest Cast: Bernadette Hayes as Sue Daley, Robina Beard as Aunty Gwen Loveday, Maureen Elkner as Maureen Loveday, John Allen as Owen Carmichael, Daniela Etchells as Sam; Rod Dunbar as Phil, Alan Falkner as Rev. Michaels

Fool's Gold

Episodes 633-634
Written by Tom Galbraith (633) and Bill Searle (634)
Directed by Graham Thorburn

Alex warns a young athlete about the dangers of taking steroids. Shirley is having trouble coping with Jo and Michael's impending departure from Wandin Valley. Alex is finding it hard to convince Meredith not to continue taking steroids, so Matt decides to use some scare tactics. Jo has some serious thinking to do about her future with Michael.

Guest Cast: Kit Taylor as Brian Cox, Kristen Lyons as Meredith Cox, Victoria Eagger as Pam Webb, Andrew Hill as Wesley Craven; Dorothy St Heaps as Dot Ryan, Emily Lumbers as Judy Bartlett, Beverly Jay as Starter

On the Threshold

Episodes 635-636
Written by Stephen Measday (635) and Caroline Stanton (636)
Directed by Leigh Spence

Preparations are well underway for Michael and Jo's wedding, but things don't go quite so smoothly at the buck's night. An aboriginal girl, Kylie Walker, and her uncle, Steve Murray, a United Church pastor, arrive in town and Alex is soon involved in a war of words. Michael spends his wedding day at the hospital with Kylie after she is diagnosed with diabetes while Frank has problems of his own, trying to round up a herd of escaped goats. Jo has a case of pre-wedding jitters, but everything turns out fine and she and Michael ride off together into the sunset, destined for their new home in Armidale. Steve Murray, the Aborigine pastor, tells an interested Alex of his need for a doctor at his settlement.

Guest Cast: Sarah Lambert as Sandy Crosby, Gary Foley as Steve Murray, Olivia Patten as Kylie Walker, David Goddard as Edgar Wilson, James Findlay as Sean Roberts, Gabrielle Morton as Gloria, Maria Masens as Fatima, Andrew McMahon as Alec; Louise Cogan as Fiona McKenzie, Marilyn Allen as Patricia Langley, Martin Mowlam as David Langley

Note: Brett Climo (Michael) and Josephine Mitchell (Jo) depart

Last of the Wine

Episodes 637-638
Written by Dave Marsh (637) and David Phillips (638)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Shirley and Frank try to adjust to life without Jo. Alex is wondering about her purpose in life and is readily losing patience with her patients. Terence can see that Alex is fed-up with live in the Valley. Shirley steals a camera a whilst out shopping with Esme. Frank seeks medical advice from Terence about Shirley's problem. Steve Murray returns to the Valley with one thing in mind convince Alex to join him and his people at Marlu Ngurra until they can find a permanent doctor. After much anguish, Terence agrees to let Alex go with Steve, but only for three months, no longer. Cathy buys a new home called Boolaroo.

Guest Cast: Gary Day as Duncan Stevenson, Susan Lyons as Linda Freeman, Digny Thomas as Vic Bradford, Shani Wood as Shop Assistant No. 1, Lisa-Jane Stockwell as Shop Assistant No. 2; Gary Foley as Steve Murray

Note: Diane Smith (Alex) departs

Snake in the Grass

Episodes 639-640
Written by Graeme Koetsveld (639) and Judith Colquhoun (640)
Directed by Robert Meillon

New nurse Lucy Gardiner tries Matron Sloan's patience but winds up charming Bob. A customs officer arrives in town to investigate a snake smuggling ring and she and Matt don't exactly hit it off. Matron Sloan and Terence are furious when the new locum doctor goes to the racetrack instead of looking after a patient. Lucy brings home an unusual acquisition.

Guest Cast: Deborah Unger as Virginia Scott, Graham Harvey as Brad Kurnell, Sarah O'Donnell as Barbara Roberts, Emil Minty as Danny Lalor, Eva Baltar as Girl, Rowan Shaw as Miss Lakecombe; George Leppard as Charlie Lalor, Caitlin Rose Agnew as Baby

Note: Georgia Parker's first appearance as Lucy Gardiner


Episodes 641-642
Written by Steve J Spears (641) and Sally Webb (642)
Directed by Leigh Spence

The latest new locum is giving Shirley a hard time and has Esme close to tears — but her affect on Terence is quite the opposite. Matt tries to impress Lucy with his masculine charm. Quick action is required to save Bob when he is caught snoozing in a burning barn. Frank wants Matt out of his house and is trying desperately to off-load him onto anyone else who will take him. Lucy moves into Boolaroo with Cathy. Terence sees Dr. Rankin's true colours when she prescribes the wrong medication for a patient.

Guest Cast: Genevieve Mooy as Prue Rankin, Elizabeth Marshall as Ginny Marshall, Alex McDonald as Craig Marshall, Craig Black as Marty Simpson, David Whitford as Red Taylor, Margi De Ferranti as Martina Newman, David Thomas as Male Patient; Louise hayward as Cheryl

Pick of the Crop

Episodes 643-644
Written by Ian David (643) and Geoff Newton (644)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Yet another locum doctor arrives and Terence is hoping that this one will be better than the last two. He soon has reason to doubt it but Dr. Cris Kouros' methods seem to be very alternative which endears him to Shirley, if not the rest of the hospital staff. Cathy tells Matt that Lucy finds him rather interesting. Matron Sloan tries to drum some discipline into Dr. Kouros. A farmer's wife ends up with severe poisoning from a lethal mix of pesticides. Cris shows off his operating skills when Cathy has an accident whilst out riding with the new doctor.

Guest Cast: Michael Muntz as Cris Kouros, Richard healy as John Healey, Helen Jones as Carol Healey, Don Reid as Dave Watson;

Note: Michael Muntz's first appearance as Cris Kouros

Nobody's Fool

Episodes 645-646
Written by Robyn Sinclair (645) and Louise Crane (646)
Directed by Tony Virgo

Everyone is waiting for a glimpse of the girl Cris describes as his "beautiful Jessie." Cathy tries her hand at writing a romance novel and is concerned when Matt takes the story quite literally. Maggie contemplates giving up work to look after a girl, rather than see her institutionalised. Frank is a runaway success when he takes over as the club's chef for a day. Matt gets Cathy's story published in the local paper. Everyone is surprised when Jessie turns out to be Cris' six-year-old daughter.

Guest Cast: Bernadette Hayes as Sue Daley, Willie Fennell as Skeeter Martin, Lisbeth Kennelly as Anny Phillips, Verity Marina as Bridie Nelson, Teresa Ransom as Sister Bernadette; Mary-Anne Watson as Janet Craig

Note: Michael Muntz is added to the opening credits. Georgina Fisher debuts as Jessie Kouros. Where is she now? A singer in the UK.

Playing With Fire

Episodes 647-648
Written by Judith Colquhuon (647) and Peter Neale (648)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Matron Sloan is worried about the hospital's future and takes her anger out on Lucy. Jessie starts at her new school. Cathy sweet-talks Matt into helping her catch a runaway horse. Cris and Terence battle to save Maggie's life after she suffers a heart attack. Lucy feels guilty and blames herself for Maggie's illness, especially after they had argued earlier. Cathy makes an offer to buy Pippa the horse for her owner.

Guest Cast: Carmen Tanti as Rhonda Sainsbury, Emma Fowler as Jane Sainsbury, Sarah Kemp as Rita Halliday, Olga Yarad as Mrs Palmer; Tracey Brush as Technician

Note: Georgina Fisher is added to the opening credits.

Baby Makes Three

Episodes 649-650
Written by Ray Harding (649) and ? (650)
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Matron Hilda Arrowsmith arrives at the hospital and Maggie is convinced her old nemesis is up to no good. A childless couple pin all their hopes on an IVF programme. Maggie uncovers the truth behind Hilda's apparent friendliness — she is trying to keep well in with the committee so that she'll be elected regional head of the Institute of Nursing Directors. If she is elected, it be over Maggie's dead body! Matt throws the cat among the pigeons when he tells Cathy and Lucy that Cris is leaving the Valley.

Guest Cast: June Salter as Hilda Arrowsmith, Bernadette Hayes as Sue Daley, Mary Regan as Wendy Allen, David Robson as Rick Allen, Dr John D'Arcy as Specialist, Trevor Prior as Spokesman, Ailsa Carpenter as Spokeswoman; [not available]

Ticket to Ride

Episodes 651-652
Written by Tom Galbraith (651) and Michael Cove (652)
Directed by Leigh Spence

Frank tries to track down a runaway girl who is in town with the carnival. The cake tins are greased and the wooden spoons are poised as preparations get underway for the annual sponge cake competition. Cathy decides to enter the competition when she learns that Cris is the judge. Frank and Shirley try to help a runaway girl sort out her life when her boyfriend dies. The town, and Esme in particular, are astounded when Cathy wins the cake competition — but she did use a "secret" ingredient!

Guest Cast: Jon Ewing as Ron Ferguson, Ella Scott as Nell Palmer, Leon Teague as Tony Armitage; Ron Stephenson as Max Maynard, Alan Faulkner as Rev. Michaels, Susan Gibson as Mother

Taking a Chance

Episodes 653-654
Written by Dave Marsh (653) and Anne Brooksbank (654)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Cathy and Lucy are waiting for a certain doctor to ask them to the Bachelor and Spinster Ball. Terence and Cris have a difference of opinion over a father's refusal to inoculate his children. Cathy finally swallows her pride and asks Matt to take her to the Ball — but he's already asked Lucy! The three of them end up going together. Matt saves Jess's new pet, a calf called "Sketty," doing so against his sensible judgment and to the dismay of Terence's wallet.

Guest Cast: Peter Hosking as Alastait Kirkby, Jeanette Cronini as Mandy Kirkby, Clair Saunders-Wyndham as Amber Kirkby, Tony Lyttle as Sam Collins, Christine Durbridge as Sky, Dimity Clancey as Tammy, Simone Thompson as Baby Jack;

She Loves Me Not

Episodes 655-656
Written by ? (655) and Sally Webb (656)
Directed by Aileen O'Sullivan

A fastidious piano tuner is not happy with Cris' diagnosis of his problem. It doesn't look good when he is admitted to hospital with a serious throat blockage. Lucy helps a man involved in a car accident who then becomes dangerously obsessed with her. Matt removes a gold nugget from Rhett's gizzard which sends Bob and Cookie off on their never-ending search for wealth. Lucy's life is endangered when Colin Close kidnaps her but she is saved when Cris, Matt, and Frank track them down.

Guest Cast: Gary Files as Neville Crisp, Stuart Halcroft as Colin Close; Olga Yared as Mavis Palmer

Young Hearts

Episodes 657-658
Written by Steve J Spears (657) and Judy Colquhoun (658)
Directed by Chris Martin Jones

Romance hits the over-fifty set of Wandin Valley with the formation of a new club. Cris gets involved with two elderly sisters living in the past. Matt helps a potential Olympic swimmer with some teenage problems. Esme helps Matt in his surgery and succeeds not only in reviving a rabbit from the dead, but changes its sex too! Matt is unimpressed until he discovers that Esme has also got him a guest spot on a local radio show. Bob has a new girlfriend — Nancy Walker. Terence is feeling Alex's absence.

Guest Cast: Mary Spicer as Ivy Hart, Iris Shand as Agnes Hart, Dorothy Alison as Nancy Walker, Piers Gordon as Paul McNamara, James Trevelyan as Boy 1, Rodney Cashion as Boy 2; Laurie Butler as Herb Munro


Episodes 659-660
Written by Linden Wilkinson (659) and Terry Fogarthy (660)
Directed by Mike Smith

When Terence leaves to visit Alex, Cris' old friend Sandy McIntosh fills in as the latest locum. Sandy's medical abilities are superlative but his social and professional etiquette leave a lot to be desired. Cris becomes worried about his friend and discovers Sandy is a pethidine addict. Matt becomes a successful radio star in his segment "Pet Vet" on Clover Owen-Jones' morning radio programme. Terence's visit to see Alex seems to have proven unsatisfactory.

Guest Cast: John Howard as Sandy McIntosh, Liz Harris as Clover Owen-Jones, Katie Beck as Kylie Donnelly; Georgie Goldstein as Nurse, Alan Light as Patient (Old Man), Roger Eagle as Circus Man

The Food of Love

Episodes 661-662
Written by Stephen Measday (661) and David Phillips (662)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Famine strikes Wandin Valley as the residents take part in a forty-hour famine for charity. Amy-Lee, a love torn singer, flees her well-to-do financé Tom Cameron because of a dark secret she has that keeps her from the man she loves. Stomachs are rumbling as the forty-hour famine ticks on. Amy-Lee fights to keep her illiteracy a secret until Matt realises that she cannot read or write. With Matt and Cathy's help, Amy-Lee realises that her problem is common and help is at hand. Terence offers Cris a third share in the medical practice. Amy-Lee and Tom are reunited.

Guest Cast: Jodie Gillies as Amy Lee Taylor, Chris Morsley as Tom Cameron, Keith Holloway as Buzz Alcock, Philomena Loneragan as Mrs Cotton, Tom Bougers as Mr Roberts;

Handle With Care

Episodes 663-664
Written by Leon Saunders (663) and Micky Beckett (664)
Directed by Graham Thorburn

Cathy has an unexpected house guest, her sister-in-law Michelle. The circumstances of her visit are not what they first appear to be when she tells Cathy that Cathy's brother John has run off with another woman and taken their daughter Megan. When Michelle takes Jessie, with no warning, it becomes evident that she is suffering from Schizophrenia and is under the illusion that Jessie in her daughter. Cris and Lucy's friendship deepens. Terence helps Michelle understand the reasons behind her illness.

Guest Cast: Bernadette Hayes as Sue Daley, Julie Nihill as Michelle Hayden, Kathryn Evans as Annabel Kendall, Mark McCann as Mr Davis; Anthony Heffernan as John Hayden

Fly Away Home

Episodes 665-666
Written by Sally Webb (665) and Tom Galbraith (666)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Matt loses all his worldly goods when a fire breaks out in his caravan. Susan Baxter's medical condition is not helped by the constant fighting between her husband and teenage daughter. The situation comes to a head when Joe Baxter learns his daughter has been prescribed the pill. Susan collapses in pain and is rushed to hospital. The Wandin Valley Bush Brigade is on its way to raising money, its membership, and frequency of its drill practices. Matt says he is leaving town.

Guest Cast: Terence Donovan as Joe Baxter, Elaine Hudson as Susan Baxter, Kym Wilson as Leanne Baxter, Malcolm Kennard as Jeff Cook; Laurie Butler as Herb Munro

Note: Kym Wilson returns in 1991 (episode 875) in the starring role of Darcy Hudson

Give Me Shelter

Episodes 667-668
Written by David Phillips (667) and Steve J Spears (668)
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Matt has begun to pack, ready for the bid move. He has put his practice up for sale. Shirley and Frank are awaiting the arrival of Julian "Luke" Ross but he is nowhere to be seen. Frank, his probation officer, is not impressed. They are in for an even bigger surprise when they discover the identity of the driver of a speeding truck they have pursued — Luke is rushing the unconscious truck driver to hospital but Frank is not convinced of Luke's motives. When Cathy's horse falls ill, she insists the new vet treat Pippa. Luke discovers the truck he hot wired for his getaway is loaded with stolen alcohol and he rushes back to the Valley to prove his innocence. Matt is so disgusted with the new vet's mercenary nature, he calls off the sale.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Keith Holloway as Buzz Alcock; Laurie Butler as Herb Munro Glenn Butcher as Lachlan Spencer

Note: Matt Day debuts as Julian "Luke" Ross

Fellow Travellers

Episodes 669-670
Written by Judy Colquhoun (669) and Micky Beckett (670)
Directed by Leigh Spence

A road accident throws two unlikely characters together, a one-legged bike riding grandma and Skeeter Martin — the sparks fly. Wandin Valley fires up for a dart match against Burrigan. Luke takes a runaway street kid, Kim, under his wing. Kim is on a search for her natural parents and is convinced they are in the Valley. Skeeter's attitude towards Eileen has changed, in fact he seems quite smitten. He visit's her in hospital with a gift and becomes her defender when Eileen's daughter insists her mother should return home with her.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Willie Fennell as Skeeter Martin, Rosie Sturgess as Eileen Jackson, Lexy Murphy as Kim Dunn, Anthony Jones as Ambulance Man, Carolyn Read as Ambulance Woman; Mary Louis Stewart as Brenda Watts, Donna Lee as Beth Dunn, Chris King as Les Dunn, Kay Eklund as Sr. Cross


Episodes 671-672
Written by Carol Williams (671) and Robyn Sinclair (672)
Directed by Robert Meillon

The locals are looking forward to the return visit of cricket star Stewart Richmond. The Richmond's world is turned upside down when what they think is a passing case of pneumonia that Stewart is suffering from is in fact AIDS. When the hospital staff find out they over-react. Jessie's friend Freya comes to stay. She has not spoken a word since the death of her younger brother in a car accident. She is cured by an unexpected sighting of a unicorn. Matron Sloan, with Lucy's help, explains the facts about the AIDS virus to the hospital staff.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Lorraine Bayly as Jean Richmond, Rob Steele as Vic Richmond, David McCubbin as Stewart Richmond, Harold Kissin as Harry Reynolds, Piers Gordon as Paul McNamara; Justine McLucas as Freya Davies, Annie Ploughman as Janet

Love is Blind

Episodes 673-674
Written by Ray Harding (673) and Ian David (674)
Directed by Mark Piper

Lucy has a surprise visit from her ex-love Warwick. Ruth Lawson, an attractive artist, comes to the Valley to settle her deceased aunt Peggy's affairs. Ruth and Terence meet when they are out painting the country-side and are instantly attracted to one another. After a date with Warwick, Lucy is on cloud nine. Ruth reveals to Terence that she is losing her sight but is afraid to do anything about it. When Warwick shows his true colours, Lucy sends him packing back to the United States. Terence decides it's time he sorted out his marriage and arranges to visit Alex.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Lindy Davies as Ruth Larsen, Stephen Jackson as Warwick Saunders, David Whitford as Reg Taylor, Jennie Cullen as Helen;


Episodes 675-676
Written by Sally Webb (675) and Bill Searle (676)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Terence arrives in Marlu Ngurra, with one goal in mind — he wants to returns home to Wandin Valley with Alex. Bea Murray arrives on the same plane, she is terminally ill but has returned to the area of her birth to make peace with May Murray and her son, Steve, who she raised. Chicken Pox hits the Valley. Terence sees Alex's involvement in the community. He wants things as they used to be but they've changed. They love each other but it seems the only way they can be together is on Alex's terms. Steve has trouble accepting Bea back into his life. A letter from Steve's dead father marks a huge turning point for the Murrays.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Di Smith as Alex Fraser, Monica Maughan as Bea Murray, Auriel Andrew as May Murray, Michael Watson as Patient, Wayne Doolan as Patient's Mate; Gary Foley as Steve Murray

A Delicate Balance

Episodes 677-678
Written by Tom Mitchell (677) and David Phillips (678)
Directed by Chris Martin Jones

Petrol sniffing victims are rushed to the outback clinic at Marlu Ngurra and Terence again witnesses Alex's total commitment to the people of the settlement. He realises the only way that they can stay together is for him to move to Marlu Ngurra. Shirley returns from her Queensland holiday to finds a new computer installed at the clinic.The Valley residents are surprised when Terence returns early without Alex. Luke is involved in a car accident in which he heroically rescues young Kylie Donnelly from the wreckage. The medical team, led by Terence, save Kylie's life. Terence phones Alex, he cannot leave Wandin Valley.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Di Smith as Alex Fraser, Gary Foley as Steve Murray, Auriel Andrew as May Murray, Wesley Patten as Lionel Ngurra, Mark Mundine as Glenn Ngurra, Jack Mayers as Jack Redmond; Katie Back as Kylie Donnelly, Jenni Kubler as Mrs Donnelly

Defence of the Realm

Episodes 679-680
Written by (679) Steve J Spears and Judy Colquhoun (680)
Directed by Chris Adshead

Pollution and the environment become issues in the Valley following Lucy's visit to the local tip. Cris is faced with a medical and personal dilemma when his sister Stephanie comes to visit. Matron Sloan is being evasive about the reason for her day off with Mary Sheridan. Terence's old flame Marianne Kubik is called back to Wandin Valley by matron Sloan when Terence hurts his back. A potential scandal surrounds the discovery of contaminated hospital waste at the tip. Matron Sloan attends a naturalisation ceremony.

Guest Cast: Gosia Dobrowolska as Marianna Kubik, Rachel Szalay as Stephanie Kouris, Adrian Norman as Mr Lexell; Sheila Kennelly as Mary Sheridan, Patrick Barnett as Tom Sheridan, Tim Aris as Aristos Pappas, Allan Chapple as Tiny Hoyle, Tuong Quang Luu as N.S.W. State Director of Immigration, et al

Just One Look

Episodes 681-682
Written by Linden Wilkinson (681) and Anne Brooksbank (682)
Directed by Viktors Ritelis

Lucy and Muldoon argue over the state of the tip and she unearths some interesting information with the help of the eccentric Vincent D. Smith. Terence performs a risky operation on Jill Ryan following a fall on the beach. Luke is offered a job at Matt's surgery. With the help of Burrigan's neurologist Phil Greening, Terence tries to revive Jill from a coma. Muldoon makes a serious mistake in his attempt to prove that there is no pollution in the water supply.

Guest Cast: Brian Moll as Alf Muldoon, Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Gosia Dobrowolska as Marianna Kubik, Melissa Docker as Jill Ryan, Geoff Paine as Jeff Ryan, Jessica Killen as Rebecca Ryan, David Lynch as Vincent D. Smith, Peter Stevens as Russ Woods; Rod Weaver as Phil Greening

Can't Buy Me Love

Episodes 683-684
Written by Micky Beckett (683) and Ray Harding (684)
Directed by Pete Andrikidis

Adam Campbell returns to the Valley, but he is reluctant to go home to see his father. Luke and Jessie play a profitable joke on Frank. Danny Lalor steals drugs from Matt's surgery. Ted Campbell believes he can buy his son's health when he arranges to buy a kidney from Asia for a transplant for Adam. Frank and Shirley are concerned about Jessie, Cris has left her alone again while he's in Melbourne.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Vincent Ball as Ted Campbell, Richard Jacob as Adam Campbell, Emil Minty as Dany Lalor, Sue Leonard as Sharon; Peter Carmody as Clarrie Rossiter, Rowan Shaw as Teacher

Pride and Joy

Episodes 685-686
Written by Sally Webb (685) and Carol Williams (686)
Directed by Mark Piper

Cris is accused of maltreating Jessie and is investigated by Maureen Hutchins from Family and Community Services. Luke's suggestion goes from a small business turns into big chaos when Bob and Cookie go to the dogs. Jessie is badly bruised and her teacher believes Cris is abusing her. Cris pays the school a visit and Jessie reveals the real reason for the bruises on her legs. With Cathy away, Matt and Lucy do their best to cope with domestic duties.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Barabara Stephens as Maureen Hutchins, Jennifer Cluff as Li Spier, Elaine Hudson as Susan Baxter, Kym Wilson as Leanne Baxter, Ron Stephenson as Tiger kelly, Damian Gore as Wayne Youngblood; Lisa Kelly as Rosemary Barnes, Greg Saunders as John Barnes, Huw Ellis asChild Protestor, Joshue Kenway as Child Possum, Damian Gore as Mr Woodchip, Michael Torii as Kim Barnes

Race Day

Episodes 687-688
Written by David Phillips (687) and Graeme Koetsveld (688)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

Racial prejudice rears its ugly head with the arrival of beautiful Thai locum, Doctor Supatra Pasert. Her presence causes resentment among some of the residents of the Valley and especially from Vietnam veteran Dennis Taylor. Cris is having trouble with Bree, Jessie's new baby-sitter. David Mawby, a new nurse, arrives at the hospital looking for Dr. Supatra. Matron Sloan finds a surprise jockey to race her horse, Scarlett. Cris finds the perfect baby-sitter.

Guest Cast: Matt Day as Julian "Luke" Ross, Grace Parr as Dr. Supatra Prasert, Terry Brady as Dennis Taylor; Christopher Stollery as David Mawby, Sher Guhl as Karen Chambers, James Findlay as Ken Chambers, James G. Steele as Skinny James, Kelly Burke as Debbie Sargent, Ailsa Carpenter as Rowena Wells

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Episodes 689-690
Written by Jo Barcelon (689) and Steve J Spears (690)
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Matt's Valley Vat radio show is attracting some very strange callers. Dr. Supatra endangers a patients's life and Cris and Nurse David Mawby try to convince her to seek treatment for an ailment that threatens her own career. Esme is delighted with her new job as governess to Jessie. Radio presenter Clover Owen-Jones is thrilled that the Valley Vet is becoming a sex symbol, but Lucy and even Matt himself are not so sure. A roadside drama reunites Dr. Supatra and David Mawby.

Guest Cast: Grace Parr as Dr. Supatra Prasert, Christopher Stollery as David Mawby, Liz Harris as Clover Own-Jones, Doug Scroope as Hector Harper, Niriko McLure as Bianca Jones, Jenni Harbour as Mrs Jones; Lisa Taylor as Colleen Peterson, David Arnett as James Peterson, Nicole Moore as Toni Babcock, Georgie Goldstein as Nurse, Adele Stewart as Baby

Note: Matt Day is added to the opening credits

Bel Canto

Episodes 691-692
Written by Patrick Flanagan (691) and Judy Colquhoun (692)
Directed by Leigh Spence

Victoria Flemming, a famous opera singer and her "maestro," Francesco Giannini, are befriended by Frank and Shirley. Cathy returns from Kakadu with a smile on her face. Could it have something to do with a mysterious helicopter pilot? Frank and Shirley's match-making pays off with the wedding of Victoria and Francesco. Lucy has big financial problems. With a bit of help from old Perce Hudson, Luke's precious car becomes a vet-mobile.

Guest Cast: Maggie Dence as Victoria Fleming, Edwin Hodgeman as Francesco Ginannini, Brian McDermott as Roderick Bryce, Morna Seres as Kate Thomspon; Allan Penney as Percy Hudson, Earle Cross as Father Lawrence, Peter Stevens as Russ Wood

Natural Selection

Episodes 693-694
Written by Ray Harding (693) and Dave Marsh (694)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Carl Bailey, Cathy's mysterious man, arrives from Kakadu which puts Matt's nose right out of joint. Clem Pollard presents Terence with an intriguing case when he appears in the Valley to save trees. Shirley organises a baby photo contest. Carl Bailey challenges Matt to a survival contest in the bush which leads to disaster for Cathy. Bob Hatfield wins against Tiger Kelly, but loses out to Matron Sloan.

Guest Cast: Terry Serio as Carl Bailey, Ralph Cotterill as Clem Pollard, Sher Guhl as Karen Chambers, James Findlay as Ken Chambers; Laurie Butler as Herb Munro, Ron Stephenson as Tiger Kelly, Terrina Mettam as Rhonda Lawrence

Playing It Safe

Episodes 695-696
Written by Linden Wilkinson (695) and Micky Beckett (696)
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Dave Cooper, a courier driver, surprises the staff at the hospital with his medical expertise. Reverend Michael's dog spots danger when his continual licking and pawing causes Matt to notice a melanoma of the Reverend's leg. Dave and Jenny Cooper face the past when their son is injured in Jessie's new tree house. Cookie, Bob, and Shirley become stars of Cathy's Bush Video. Against her better judgment, Cathy allows Matt to direct the video which becomes a comedy of errors. Muldoon is up to no good again with his plans of building a Lakeview Hotel.

Guest Cast: Bernadette Hayes as Sue Daley, Alan Faulkner as Reverend Michaels, John O'Brien as Dave Cooper, Zoe Bertram as Jenny Cooper, Mitch Alcorn as Nicholas Cooper; Robert Noble as Evan Hughes, Gary Dale as Les Woods

Call To Arms

Episodes 697-698
Written by Anne Brooksbank (697) and David Phillips (698)
Directed by Peter Maxwell

In light of an American mining company's plan to build a dam which would flood out Wandin Valley, hardened New York journalist Karen Breslin comes to town in search of a story about a conservation protest. Cathy and Terence discover Muldoon has something to hide. Cookie and Bob decide to join Esme's Brownie troupe. Luke loses his pig but gains a dog. Matt and Lucy unearth an old diary which reveals the Councillor's past. Terence is elected to lead the fight to save the Valley after a confrontation with Douglas Briggs, the local MP.

Guest Cast: Bernadette Hayes as Sue Daley, Brian Moll as Alf Muldoon, Natalie Mosco as Karen Breslin, Deidre Brock Jones as Pat Watkins, Daniel D'Amico as Steven Watkins, Niriko McLure as Bianca Jones, Caitlin Kelly as Melody Bower; Noel Trevarthen as Douglas Briggs, Tony Lyttle as Sam

Future Shock

Episodes 699-700
Written by David Boutland (699) and Judith Colquhoun (700)
Directed by Graham Thorburn

Frank and Shirley stand on opposite sides as the locals fight to stop the proposed dam development by Ted Kagan. Karen Breslin panics when Jessie swallows a pin. An earth tremor is potential disaster for Bob and Cookie. The arrival of Jim Phillips, a palaeontologist offer hope that the Valley can be saved. A stock-market crash and a baby koala have a profound effect on Ted Kagan and Karen Breslin. Cathy's horse gives birth to a baby foal. The Valley is saved when Ted changes his mind about the dam project.

Guest Cast: Natalie Mosco as Karen Breslin, Peter Adams as Ted Kagen, Warren Coleman as Jim N. Phillips, Mark Fairall as Bulldozer Driver;

For Pity's Sake

Episodes 701-702
Written by David Allen (701) and Sally Webb (702)
Directed by Leigh Spence

Frank is on leave as he is due to have his varicose veins removed. His replacement suspects Matron Sloan of being the "Ms. Big" of Wandin Valley. Matt's cousin Kenny Baker comes to stay at Boolaroo and reveals a surprising medical knowledge. Kenny's mysterious illness gets worse and Terence and Cris are forced to operate. Unnecessarily it seems, Frank takes a turn for the worse during the operation to strip his varicose veins. The Wandin Valley protesters are dismayed when young Ashley Lawson is sent to defend them. A very frightened Shirley keeps a vigil a Frank's bedside.

Guest Cast: Philip Dodd as Bill Moffat, Brian Meegan as Kenny Baker, John Spicer as Prof. Ivor Brown, Katie Beck as Kylie Donnelly; Bruce Wederburn as Ashley Lawson, David Weatherley as Tom Lynch, David Riley as Harvey McGregor, Bill Ledingham as Clerk of Clerk


Episodes 703-704
Written by ? (703) and Ray Harding (704)
Directed by Robert Meillon

Darren Stiles, a partner in crime from Luke's past, comes to visit. Little Hedley Johnson faces a delicate operation with the help of his pet — a ferret. Lucy is injured in a game of tennis with Matt and it turns out to be more serious than it first seemed. Lucy's mother arrives in the Valley and she and Cookie have a plan to cheer up Lucy after her operation. Luke is forced to confront his memories of his own mother wafter a frightening incident involving Darren and Shirley. Lois takes quite a shine to Matt. Bob and Cookie devise a scheme to sell "exotic table birds."

Guest Cast: Jill Perryman as Lois Gardiner, Eden Gaha as Darren Stiles, Huw Ellis as Hedley Johnson; Dimity Clancey as Lindy, Joshua Kenway as Alan

Stand By Me

Episodes 705-706
Written by Steve J. Spears (705) and Ian David (706)
Directed by Chris Martin-Jones

Sue Daley's father, Keith, arrives back from Europe with his second wife, Frances, and it is soon becomes apparent that all is not well. Luke and Shirley plan a car rally to raise money for the Xavier Refuge. The car rally brings out the best — and the worst — in the Valley residents. Matt and Lucy get lost in Lover's Lane. Frank returns to work but is worried by the thought of retirement, Matt takes special care of Lucy after her operation and she discovers her true feelings for him. Francis Daley is diagnosed a manic depressive which leaves Keith astounded.

Guest Cast: Bernadette Hayes as Sue Daley, Peter Corbett as Kieth Daley, Melinda Marcellos as Frances Daley, Olga Yared as Mrs Mavis Palmer; Brian Harrison as Jonathon Young