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The Two of Us

Episodes 793-794

While Luke is in Sydney taking his aircraft maintenance apprenticeship course, and getting more grief than he bargained for in the process, Steve is rapidly going through farmhands unable to find one she can be happy with. Sgt. Phil Goodwin, Frank's fill-in, arrives with his young son Justin who is suffering from haemophilia but perhaps more frustrating—his father's over-protectiveness. Luke receives surprise visit from Steve in Sydney. Justin is injured on a camping trip in the national park with Cris and Ann. With Cris and Ann's help, Phil Goodwin begins to realise that hsi son needs some independance just as much as any other teenager. Cookie unknowingly falls for a transvestite. Luke decides to return home to Wandin Valely after his instructor tells him he's not suited to be a mechanic but should finish his education and pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. Dog is injured.

Guest Cast: David Bradshaw as Sgt. Phil Goodwin, Fay Butcher as Joan Dempster.

The Covenant

Episodes 795-796

Valentine's Day. Terence is visited by Olivia Harrison, an ex-girlfriend, and after telling him that she may have Alzheimer's disease, Olivia asks him to aid her in the taking of her own life. Lucy is concerned about a number of cockatoos found dead on her and Matt's property but she is far from happy when Matt refuses to investigate the birds' deaths. Matt's appearance on the Valley Vet radio show quickly turns into an episode of "Life With Lucy" when he begins revealing some intimate details of their marriage. Olivia's husband arrives, and after looking into Olivia's illness, Terence is able to give her some hope for the future. Steve's new farmhand tries to convince her of the benefits of organic farming.

Over the Rainbow

Episodes 797-798

John Bushell and his girlfriend Goldie Harper, both of whom are mentally challenged, proudly announce to their family and friends that she is pregnant. Despite John and Goldie's exuberance, John's mother Sue is not pleased. Matt and Jessie build a scarecrow for Lucy's garden. After a heated row between John, Goldie, and Sue, Goldie runs off and wanders into the countryside. Absorbed in her problems, she fails to pay attention to passing traffic and she is knocked down by Steve who is taking Luke for a drive. Goldie is not badly injured but she is nearing labour. Foolishly, Goldie runs away again to be with John at which time she goes into labour. Ann is able to regain the couple's trust and Goldie returns to hospital just in time and gives birth to a baby boy. A chimpanzee is found dead. Shirley fights to eradicate the plastic shopping bag.

The Promised Land

Episodes 799-800

Luke falls for Donna Griffiths, a director who is making a post-holocaust film in Wandin Valley. A lost fox causes panic on the set after it is released by the movie's young star. Tom Grace, the film's stuntman is diagnosed with malaria and exposed as an activist wanted for his involvement in various acts of ecological terrorism. Bob's impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger get's him in hot water. Luke and Steve get advice on boy/girl relationships. Frank is rushed off his feet with all the comings and goings in the Valley. Lucy dreams of the end of the world.

Guest Cast: Huw Williams

Motherly Love

Episodes 801-802

When an RSPCA inspector is found murdered, suspicion falls on farmer Dave Watson. Daphne Jones consults Cris on her daughter's strange behaviour. After her arrival, Matt Tyler and RSPCA inspector Jan Anderson are held hostage. Bob Hatfield becomes a vegetarian when he is asked to kill six sheep. The murderer is identified. Jessie fixes her father up with Anne on his birthday.

Wisdom of Solomon

Episodes 803-804

Sally Bryant's tragic death from kidney failure brings her daughter's biological father, Tim Lord, to town seeking to take custody of the young girl away from the Sally's husband Vince, the only father the little girl has ever known. Chaos unfolds when Terence interferes with Bob and Cookie's attempt to re-wallpaper Esme's house. Steve adopts a sheepdog until the owner arrives to claim it. New occupational therapist Linda Shelley arrives in town and helps a disabled farmer, but confuses the emotions of Terence Elliott. After Vince makes the painful decision to give up custody of Jane, Tim withdraws his claim. Lucy attempts to impress the CWA with her cake-making prowess but must first battle Ivan for supremacy of the kitchen.

Guest Cast: Joy Miller as Linda Shelley, Peter Fisher, David Downer, Tanya Bryant

Flying High

Episodes 805-806

Pilot Pete McDonald arrives in town and for Luke's 19th birthday, he is hired to give Luke flying lessons. Luke's opinion of Pete however is not all good when he see the pilot taking an interest in Steve. Frank is called out to rescue Effie Winslow who has been stuck in the bath all night. Linda Shelley convinces disabled Kate Bartlett that there is nothing wrong in accepting help with her new baby and that all new mums need help, not just disable ones. Luke must land the airplane after Pete is shot under mysterious circumstances. After landing the plane and getting Pete to hospital, his involvement in the drug trade is uncovered. Cookie inadvertently sets Bob and himself up with a pair of call girls. After receiving some disturbing news from Melbourne, Cris considers moving back home to be with his family.

Guest Cast: Joy Miller as Linda Shelley

Wrong 'Un

Episodes 807-808

Carol Baker, a new nurse at the hospital, struggles to cope with her alcoholic father and seeks to take revenge for his years of drunken abuse. Terence and Linda get their clothes eaten by a goat when they go skinny-dipping. Luke's "dream machine" is stolen and later found after having been striped for parts. Terence is shocked to learn of the impending arrival of Linda Shelley's daughter to the Valley. Cookie fears for his life when he hears that prisoner Bluey Edwards is due for release. Ann finds Carol's father locked in the cupboard and her suspicions of abuse are confirmed. After Carol explains why she is treating her father this way, Ann tries to help Carol come to terms with her father's abuse all those years ago. Cookie and Bob dig up stolen bank loot. Cris tells Anne he loves her. Linda finds a bunch of old black and white movies and organises a screening at the lodge.

Guest Cast: Joy Miller as Linda Shelley

Doctors in Love

Episodes 809-810
Directed by: Peter R. Dodds

Terence and Linda's plans for a romantic evening are rudely interrupted by the arrival of her daughter Jane. Matt plans a very special surprise for Lucy. Cookie wins the lottery and quietly disposes of the winnings, giving them to his sister Coralie—that bum husband of hers again! Ann has second thoughts about her relationship with Cris. Linda and Terence's romance is put under close scrutiny by Jane who finally succeeds in driving a wedge between the two. Busy with their own lives, Frank and Shirley both manage to forget their own eighth wedding anniversary. Steve's horse kicks Anne after poisoning itself. Jane's illness is diagnosed. Cris announces he will be able to stay in the Valley rather than returning to Melbourne.

Guest Cast: Joy Miller as Linda Shelley

Such Sweet Sorrow

Episodes 811-812

When Helen Johnson, a woman dying of cancer, intentionally overdoses and Cris doesn't act to keep her alive, her husband Andy accuses Cris of deliberately giving her a drug overdose. Ann struggles to get along with Jessie. Cookie is quick to sell Luke the new car he bought from Tiger Kelly when he hears that it may stolen—and have a dead body in the trunk. Terence is forced to suspend Cris from duty when Andy Johnson insists on a full inquest into his wife's death. Lucy develops a strange allergy to Dog so Luke agrees to take her in (Dog). Anne quits in protest when an inquest is called to look into Cris's actions in regard to Helen Johnson's death. Cris is fully vindicated when Andy realises he wasn't to blame for his wife's death. In light of recent events, which have destroyed Cris's reputation in the community and divided his friends, Cris, Jessie, and Anne announce they are to leave Wandin Valley and move to Melbourne.

Guest Cast: Susan Leith as Helen Johnson, Ross Hall as Andy Johnson, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro.

Out of Africa

Episodes 813-814

Rosemary Prior, the hospital's new Director of Nursing proves to be a challenge. Luke moves out to Steve's farm after first giving her Dog to get his foot in the door. Lucy counsels a new bride who has regrets. Amidst a food poisoning epidemic, Frank is diagnosed with appendicitis.

Rosemary wins over the staff when she takes over for Terence when he passes out during Frank's appendectomy. Esme loses a $3000 budgie. Luke is bitten by a snake.

Guest Cast: Eva Di Cesare as Gina Giuliani, Angelo D'Angelo as Paul Giuliani, Lorren Cruickshank as Kerry Holmes, David Wood as Dr. John Smythe. Laurie Butler as Herb Munro.

Family Business

Episodes 815-816

The big-city brother of Glen Harvey arrives in town to ask him to come home to help run the family business. Steve has her home robbed by Janine Dillon, a young girl she rented a room to.

Tony Harvey has a heart attack and dies in hospital. Terence finally gathers the courage to tell Esme that he's on a diet. Lucy sets a trap to catch her fruit-stand thief.

Guest Cast: Lewis Fitz-Gerald as Tony Harvey, Ken Radley as Glenn Harvey, Sascha Huckstepp as Janine Dillon, Angelo D'Angelo as Paul Giuliani, Eva DiCesare as Gina Giuliani. Aron Wallmeyer as Baby. David Wood as Dr. John Smythe, Lorren Cruickshank as Kerri Holmes.

Bigger Than Texas

Episodes 817-818

Dr. Harry Morrison, Terence's new young partner at the clinic, demonstrates himself to be both a golf hooligan and a snooker shark. A young farmer has a stroke. Erin's ghost, or possible a possum, wrecks Lucy's kitchen.

Julie Goodall struggles to cope after her husband's stroke. Luke helps Frank catch a drug dealer. Harry moves in with Steve and Luke at her farm. Items big and small, Esme engraves Terence's valuables as a security precaution.

Guest Cast: Andrew Blackman as Harry Morrison, Mary-Ann Henshaw as Julie Goodall, Neil Modra as Peter Goodall, Colin Taylor as Archie Hamill, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro, Des James as Wazza. Peter Carmody as Clarrie Rossiter.

Polly Had a Dolly

Episodes 819-820

A single father isn't satisfied with Terence's diagnosis of his daughter's illness. Frank and Rosemary unknowingly trade barbs against one another in their anonymous letters to the editor in the Burrigan Examiner.

After Polly Dalton's grandmother is initially suspected, the girl's father is found to be the one giving his daughter the medications that are making her ill. Frank and Rosemary reluctantly team up for a bowles tournament. At Frank's suggestion, Luke uses the "wounded soldier maneuver" to illicit Steve's sympathy. Rosemary's raffle prize, her new "XL Auto", finally arrives but is far from what she had been anticipating, none the less, she names her Simone.

Guest Cast: Steven Vidler as Philip Dalton, Betty Lucas as Dot Dalton, Lauren Snell as Polly Dalton, Brian Langsworth as Charlie Ingleton, Marjorie Child as Ivy Clements. Bill Bader as Cliff Alexander.

Price of Love

Episodes 821-822

Tracy Dodds, A young girl hired to be a surrogate mother, decides to keep the child after giving birth. An aging thespian suffers from mercury poisoning. Lucy takes in a donkey.

Meg Cullen, the intended mother of the newborn, steals the baby from the hospital but then brings him back after a change of heart. Steve is disappointed when Harry doesn't ask her to the big dinner dance being held at the club. Luke returns to the farm to bring her himself and when they make their entrance, everybody takes notice—Harry especially!

Guest Cast: Sandy Gore as Meg Cullen, Roslyn Oades as Tracy Dodds, Marion Edward as Desdemona Deagher, Lawrence Brand as Ernest Wells, Keveena Quinn as Baby, Georgie Goldstein as Sister Sandra Williams.

The Hunt

Episodes 823-824

Dave Watson organizes a roo cull that quickly get's out of hand when a rowdy group of hunters answer his ad. A talkative patient swallows a thermometer. Esme does Cookie's taxes.

Dave Watson's son Ian is accidentally shot by the hunters while they are hunting illegally within the boundaries of the national park. Esme has an anxiety attack after the death of another one of her friends.

Guest Cast: Michael Watson as Trevor Jackson, Don Reid as Dave Watson, Adam Cockburn as Ian Watson, Reg Cribb as Brad Locker, Greg Iverson as Roy Bean, Faye Donaldson as Patty Chater, Caitlin Kelly as Melody Bower.

Gift of Life

Episodes 825-826

Lynette Cooper, a young and inexperienced farm hand, is left on her own to run the farm where she is working—until her long-lost sister shows up after having broken out of detention. Shirley has pneumonia. Harry tries to impress a young woman on the golf course. Steve has a close encounter with a horse on the highway.

Harry decides that it would be best for him to move out of Steve's house and he finds a new home with Terence at Camelot. Rowie decides to donate one of her kidneys to save sister. Tiger Kelly drives a truck into Cookie and Bob's house. Kate Bryant, a new nurse at the hospital, moves in with Steve and Luke at the farm and takes possession of the horse Steve nearly hit.

Guest Cast: Michelle Pettigrove as Kate Bryant, Kristy Butcher as Lynette Cooper, Tanya Bulmer as Rowie Cooper, Ron Stephenson as Tiger Kelly, Martyn Clapp as Joe Phelps.

Hot and Cold

Episodes 827-828

Luke's friend, mechanic Barry Carlos, gets involved in a stolen car racket. Cookie and Rosemary get locked in the walk-in freezer at the club. Roxanne Hartley, Harry's girlfriend from Sydney, comes for a visit. Matt and Lucy look after young Hedley Johnson while his mother is in hospital.

Roxanne is hospitalized for hyperthermia after she goes jogging. Steve is held a gunpoint by Ray Hill who wants the notebook that Barry has been using to keep records of all their illegal business dealings.

Guest Cast: Matt Kay as Barry James Carlos, Nell Feeney as Roxanne Hartley, Sal Sharah as Ray Hill, Huw Ellis as Hedley Johnson.

Facts of Life

Episodes 829-830

When Terence, Frank, and Shirley go sailing, Terence gets seasick and Helen Cook, the boat's captain, gets "boomed." Young Hannah Wallace fights arthritis. Steve talks Luke into finishing his education when he considers dropping out.

Fatso is poisoned after eating snail pellets. Cookie gets into trouble with the racing stewards.

Guest Cast: Shauna O'Grady as Helen Cook, Maureen Green as Janice Wallace, Katy Edwards as Hannah Wallace, Troy O'Hearn as Ben Wallace, Barry Donnelly as Larry Sparks.

Beyond Doubt

Episodes 831-832

Linda Shelley returns to town and tells Terence that she is engaged. While leaving town, Linda is in a car accident which requires Harry to amputate her hand in order to save her life. Terence is upset by what he sees as a hasty decision to amputate by Harry who's been anxious to perform operations lately. Cookie builds a better mouse trap. Lucy forces Matt to live in third world conditions.

Linda's fianc&eacute arrives and also questions Harry's competence forcing Terence to defend Harry's decision. Luke tries hard to impress Libby Thomas, Matt's attractive new intern. Bob pushes Cookie into going green.

Guest Cast: Joy Miller as Linda Shelley, Bill Conn as Alec Wharton, Kristina Nehm as Libby Thomas.

For the Good Times

Episodes 833-834

Donna Hume, Luke's girlfriend, arrives from Sydney wanting him to come back to the city with her. Esme lands in hospital after taking other people's pills.

Luke is hospitalised after Donna slips him a hit of LSD. Donna attacks Kate and Steve before dying of a drug overdose. Cookie organizes a snail race at the cub.

Guest Cast: Nadine Garner as Donna Hume, Vanessa Downing as Fiona Farrell, Colin Taylor as Archie Hamill, Redmond Phillips as Trevor Flood, Georgie Goldstein as Sister Sandra Williams, Shane McNamara as Dezzy.

Off the Rails

Episodes 835-836

Alcoholic school teacher Noel Lewis tries to deal with his out-of-control son. Harry's unusual medical abbreviations cause some confusion for his coworkers at the clinic. Matt battles a negligent kennel owner (Jan Adele).

Luke struggles to cope with Donna's death. A missing schoolboy is found dead. Thinking he's set himself up on a hot date, Cookie learns he's been misled into holding an environmental meeting at his home.

Guest Cast: Drew Forsyth as Noel Lewis, Kieren Parker as Josh Lewis, Jan Adele as Mrs. Howie, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro, Louise Cullen as Julia Wilcox, Barry Shepherd as Keith Webb, Richard Mills as Monsieur Renouf.

The Long Weekend

Episodes 837-838

Luke, Steve, and Kate join Matt and Lucy on their camping trip into the national park. Kate's arachnopobia surfaces once in the great outdoors and threatens to put a damper on the entire weekend. Terence makes Harry work over the weekend when he manages to introduce a virus into the clinic's computer which deletes all the patient records. Shirley mixes up a pair of DUI blood tests. Lucy suffers serious injuries after falling down a cliff.

Luke and Steve hike out of the park to get help for Lucy. Cookie, Esme, and Bob play rousing a game of "Merchant Banker" when their weekend plans fall through.

Guest Cast: Laurie Moran as Spike Mullens. Liberty Lee as Poppie Lee, Graham Symes as Ambulance Driver.

Whole New Ball Game

Episodes 839-840

Itinerant labourer Kevin Nicholls and his wife Colleen, an aspiring singer, learn their daughter is deaf and not retarded as they had always believed when the girl suffers a serious fall and lands in hospital. Lucy takes Hedley Johnson to Little League baseball tryouts. Terence asks Harry to stay on at the clinic after his initial contract expires.

Kate reveals her past fight with leukemia to Terence and Rosemary when she thinks she may be having a relapse. Colleen Nichols gives up her singing career to focus on her daughter.

Guest Cast: John Jarrett as Kevin Nicholls, Peta Toppano as Colleen Nicholls, Nicole Heath as Annete Nicholls, Huw Ellis as Hedley Johnson, Hans Satyan as Audiologist, Georgie Goldstein as Sister Sandra Williams, John Kearney as Coach, Matthew Krok as Vernon Jr.

Day By Day

Episodes 841-842

To help finance her upcoming trip to Greece with Anne and Cris, Luke talks Steve into planting a potato crop. Sister Jenny Austin tests positive for HIV. Vernon looks after his infant niece. Luke and Steve share their first kiss.

Jenny informs her boyfriend (Greg Stone) of her illness. A stray dog finds its way into Steve's heart. Lucy and Matt are approved for foster parenting.

Guest Cast: Beverley Evans as Jenny Austin, Georgie Goldstein as Sister Sandra Williams, Chris Durbridge as Mrs. Payne, Shirley Gray as Janet Anderson, Ryan Lewis Jago as Baby Coralie Jr, Robert Breckenridge as Baby Craig. Iris Shand as Mrs. Jones. Greg Stone as Hans Vandersluys. Rouna Daley as Elaine MacKay.

When Harry Met Karen

Episodes 843-844

Karen Townsend, a 15-year-old girl brought into the hospital after having an abortion, identifies Harry as her lover. Steve must put down Tramp when she discovers that he has been killing sheep in the area. A derelict cleans up for an annual memorial dinner at the club, but after getting drunk, he takes a swing at Frank.

Karen lets Harry off the hook by admitting that the events in her diary did not happen. Planning to write his memoirs (to be entitled "They Done Me Wrong"), Cookie tells his friends of his days as a jockey when he was apparently known as "The Little Champ," but then must prove he's telling the truth when his friends doubt his story—but with a few riding lessons from Kate, he does just that. Lucy, Luke, and Steve release an injured frogmouth.

Guest Cast: Diane Craig as Deborah Townsend, Andy Anderson as Colin Townsend, Kirrilee Trist as Karen Townsend, Sally Graham as Mrs. Keelor, Colin Taylor as Archie Hamill, Peter Hayes as Ron Burton.

Farewell My Lovely

Episodes 845-846
Written by: Carole Williams (845) and Ray Harding (846)
Directed by: Peter R. Dodds

A charitable act toward a group of gypsies puts Steve on the outs with her neighbours. Shirley and Rosemary decide to teach themselves auto mechanics—and decide to use Franks squad car for practice. Taking a break from her last minute preparations for her trip to Greece, Steve goes for one last horseback ride during which she is thrown from her horse and killed. Luke goes out to look for Steve and finds her body.

Discovering that Steve's horse had been shot, immediate suspicions falls on the Gypsies who have been seen hunting in the area. Dave Watson organises a posse who burn down the Gypsies' caravan, but when a bullet retrieved from Steve's horse identifies Dave Watson as the shooter, Luke confronts him with rifle in hand. Dave admits to the act but states that he was unaware that Steve was in the area and was only firing a warning shot to scare off one of the Gypsies. Frank intervenes and charges Dave with manslaughter. Unable to remain in the valley, Luke packs up his things and leaves for Sydney. Matt and Lucy become foster parents to an infant.

Guest Cast: Don Reid as Dave Watson, Moira Claux as Bathsheba Djuric, Belinda Cotterill as Ruth Dhuric, Rouna Daley as Mrs. Jenko, Patrick Falzon as Moses Djuric , Sam Boggs as Baby Jason.

Mother's Little Helper

Episodes 847-848

One week after Steve's death. Lucy is confronted by Jason's biological father who wants his son back. Frank gives Rosemary a parking ticket which she contests, adament that there wasn't a "No Parking" sign where she parked. Justin Davies, a schoolboy whose parents have left town leaving he and his sister, Alysia, alone, is stabbed by classmate David O'Connor.

A school teacher is found to be involved in a drug operation with two of his students. Rosemary marks the first anniversary of her husband's death. Frank leaves for Sydney intent on bringing Luke back home.

Guest Cast: Justin Davies as Jack Stenton, David O'Connor as Gary Marsden, Colin Moody as Tim Harris, Michael Allen as George Haddon, Alysia Hart as Corinne Stenson, Sam Boggs as Baby Jason

Down Lonely Street

Episodes 849-850

Frank locates Luke in Sydney but he has fallen in with an old friend (Tamblyn Lord) and refuses to go back to Wandin Valley. Rosemary is courted by local handyman Clarrie Rossiter. Harry talks to a nervous teenager (Cameron Nugent) about girls. Kate brings a sick cat she found on the golf course to Matt.

Luke returns home with Frank after Razor is injured following a robbery. Lucy plays matchmaker for Harry and Kate but Kate informs Harry she's not interested in him. Esme is reluctant to participate in the national census.

Guest Cast: Tamblyn Lord as Razor Templeton, Odile Le Clezio as Gail Nardoni, Cameron Nugent as Mark Young, Peter Carmody as Clarrie Rossiter, Sam Boggs as Baby Jason, Predrag Bubalo as Georgie, John Daniel as Waiter, Michael Ashford as Johnny, Felino Dolloso as Pizza Shop Assistant.

The Long Goodbye

Episodes 851-852

Matt and Lucy have to give baby Jason back to his mother. Cookie writes his autobiography. Luke returns to the Brennan farm which is now up for sale.

Matt and Lucy disagree about the competence of Jason's mother. Lucy keeps going to her apartment to offer advice while Matt tries to get Lucy to let go. Rosemary reviews Cookie's book. Bob and Harry accidentally knock over Simone's tank while chasing a spider in the hospital. Luke is angered at the idea of Ted Campbell purchasing Steve's farm and tries to pull down the Brennan farmhouse.

Guest Cast: Lisa Hensley as Rhonda Haddon, Eva DiCesare as Gina Giuliani, Angelo D'Angelo as Paul Giuliani, Rouna Daley as Mrs. Jenko, Sam Boggs as Baby Jason, Jasmin Forbes-Watson as Miss Sparkes, Elaine Gay as Mrs. Carter.

As Time Goes By

Episodes 853-854

An ill farmer must deal with her agoraphobic daughter who claims to have been raped by a neighbour. Cookie gets a publishing deal for his autobiography but Rosemary loses the only copy of his book. Harry feels persecuted by Sgt. Goodman who is filling in for Frank. Luke takes an interest in religion when he meets a nun who brings her sick dog to Matt.

Rosemary finds a lump in her breast. Terence talks to Matt and Lucy about infertility treatments. Tim Flanagan is charged with sexual assault when evidence of his crime surfaces. Doris dies.

Guest Cast: Melissa Jaffer as Barbara Kennedy, Simone Buchanan as Sara Kennedy, Maggie Millar as Sister Evelyn, Jeff Truman as Tim Flanagan, Jane Longhurst as Sgt. Joanne Goodman, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson. Gill Falson as Sister Clarke, Debbie Angus as Technician, Louise Anton as Receptionist.

Beauty and the Beast

Episode 855-856

Elaine Todd is rescued from the national park after being injured in a freak auto accident, but her five-year-old daughter Daisy, who wandered off into the bush afterward in an attempt to get help, is unknowingly left behind by her rescuers. David Bennett, a man with Tourett syndrome is ostracised by the residents of Wandin Valley. Rosemary and Terence clash over hospital communications. Lucy talks to Terence about possible fertility treatments. Cookie has gout.

David finds the lost girl in the national park but cannot lead her to safety after he is bitten by a snake. A farmer who was treating his skin cancer with bee stings is brought to the hospital to be treated.

Guest Cast: Nicholas Opolski as David Bennett, Ruth Robertson as Elaine Todd, Sheree Iiacqua as Daisy Todd, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro.

Glory Days

Episodes 857-858

Singing star Amanda Rite is hospitalised after a car crash. Harry's brother Rick makes a quick impression on Kate when he arrives in town. Rosemary moves into the vacant flat above the clinic. Rick is injured while trying to break in a horse.

At Harry's suggestion, Rick returns to the family farm to claim Harry's land for his own. Amanda is found to be bulimic. Matt disappoints by not buying Lucy an anniversary gift but then surprises her with dinner.

Guest Cast: Angela Toohey as Amanda Rite, John Adam as Rick Morrison, Harold Kissin as Tom Grainger, Brian Langsworth as Carrier, Ron Gaist as Butler.

Simply the Best

Episodes 859-860

Russ Thompson, a promising young football star, suffers a series of seizures after receiving a head injury. Lisa Haymer, a young nurse getting work experience at the hospital, has a rough start. Kate gets her colourful revenge on a troublesome patient (Yves Stening).

After Russ is diagnosed with epilepsy, his girlfriend Belinda breaks up with him. Esme accidentally backs her car over a young girl's pet rabbit. Bob and Cookie get Russ a new football contract. Luke, Shirley, Lucy, Kate, and Harry show off their various skills at the talent show while Cooke displays his "impartiality" when he judges the pet contest—and gives first prize to Caruso, his canary.

Guest Cast: Kelly Dingwell as Russ Thompson, Amanda Douge as Belinda Mason, Kristy McGregor as Lisa Haymer, David Wood as Dr. John Smythe, Doug Ramsay as Mr. Martin, Yves Stenning as Nick Bedford, Adam Doyle as Tom. Shana Reynolds as Gemma Andrews


Episodes 861-862

Terence takes in Lizzy, a street kid recently out of detox, but her arrival upsets Esme who chooses to move out of Camelot. A boy falls from a tree on Matt and Lucy's property while trying to steal bird eggs. Lucy begins her fertility treatments. Kate's locks are shorn.

An inspection of the hospital is marred by an out-of-control children's ward and a free running piglet. Terence begins to make progress with Lizzy until she hears that her boyfriend has been released from custody. Esme decides to return to Camelot. Lucy is enchanted by a horse that is to be used in a medieval pageant.

Guest Cast: Joanna Hunt as Lizzy Walker, Dominic Elmaloglou as Tom Burnett, Stan Penrose as Mr. Charters, James Caitlin as Roy Shearer, Damon Sanders as Colin Hardy, Andrew Ferguson as Billy Masters Barry Moray as Ted. John Douglas as Mr. Epstein.

All About Love

Episodes 863-864

Lizzy's boyfriend Wayne arrives complicating the situation at Camelot. Harry informs patient Marcello Giuliani about his cancer diagnosis but the man seems to be more interested in getting Kate and Harry together.

Lizzy announces that she is pregnant. Lucy begins the invitro fertilization process.

Guest Cast: Joanna Hunt as Lizzy Walker, Mark Pegler as Wayne Hawkins, Anthony Ingersent as Marcello Giuliani, Mary-Ann Vale as Nurse Brown, Carmel Cullen as Rosa Giuliani, Kevin Golsby as Barry Baxter, Philomena Loneragan as Phoebe Dear, Bill Eggerking as IVF Technician.

A Trouble Shared

Episodes 865-866

Lizzy is ten weeks pregnant and decides she wants to keep the baby. Luke has an impacted molar. Harry takes an interest in Virginia Richards, a new dentist in the district. A farmer's cows are found to be grazing on an old tip.

Preparing for her trip to Nepal, Rosemary goes hiking into the national park, taking Shirley with her. Knowing she's a carrier for Muscular Dystrophy, Virginia tries to avoid her fianc&eacute who she knows wants to start a family. Lucy calls off her celebratory dinner when she realises that she is not pregnant.

Guest Starring: Joanna Hunt as Lizzy Walker, Tracey Tainish as Virginia Richards, Michelle Wong as Alicia Small, Ned Manning as Jeremy Small, Bill Bentley as Motel Manager, Margaret Christensen as Female Caller. Kevin Golsby as Barry Baxter, Don Spencer as Charlie Woods, Fiona Gable as Dental Nurse, Fiona Gage as Barmaid.

Words Unspoken

Episodes 867-868

Matt and Lucy's house has termites but Lucy won't allow chemicals to be used in their extermination. Harry and Kate clash with Terence and Rosemary over their different treatment methods. Rosemary's secret pseudonym on a local radio quiz show is revealed. A patient of Harry's dies after going in for what should have been a routine CT scan.

Harry is vindicated when Kate discovers his patient lied to others about her asthma. Cookie schemes to win a radio contest. Lucy has surgery to help her and Matt conceive. Lizzy decides to move back to Sydney to live with her mother.

Guest Cast: Joanna Hunt as Lizzy Walker, Paul Goddard as Gareth Shillington, Julie Haseler as Jane Merrick, Sandie Lillinston as Mervyn Thomas, Jean Calver as Mrs. Flower, Brian Harrison as Mr. Wade, Connie Hobbs as Mrs. Gaskell, Jamie Walter as Radio Announcer.

Paying the Price

Episodes 869-870

When Lorrie Brown is found dead, suspicions falls on Denise Scott and her husband Colin when it is revealed that she had been prostituting herself to Mr. Brown. A blind man's guide dog leads him astray. Luke and Bob set a trap in the national park to catch some reckless off-roaders but snare park ranger Trevor Jackson instead.

The rampaging off-roaders have and accident in the national park. Discovering that Lorrie Brown died of a snake bite, Frank feels guilty about the affect his investigation had on the lives of the people he questioned.

Guest Cast: Shane Connor as Colin Scott, Rebecca Frith as Denise Scott, Melissa Pasikowski as Jenna Scott, Lawrence Woodward as Tony Hill, Richard Rowe as Dick Jones, Matt Ponsonby as Marshall McDermont, Bob Newman as Laurie Brown. David Hoey as Mick Ward.

Unchained Melody

Episodes 871-872

Robert Prior, Rosemary's pianist son, arrives in the valley. Robert suffers from schizophrenia, and soon after going off his medication, he asks Rosemary to kill him. Cookie and Esme battle Bev, Esme's new neighbour, over a Cabbage Gum tree in her yard. A cyclist is diagnosed with testicular cancer.

A jealous girl drops her baby sister off at the community health center. Rosemary's son is struck by a car and while he's in hospital, Harry convinces him to go back on his medication. As part of their latest scheme, Cookie and Bob "borrow" Ruby to sniff out truffles.

Guest Cast: Andrew McDonald as Robert Prior, Lorelei Tait as Mrs. Fraser, Louise Varendorf as Mrs. Harris, Janet Andrewartha as Lisa Davis, Doug Ramsay as Mr. Martin, Robert Calton as Grant Frazer, Cruise Schildt as Baby Ellen Rowe. Susan Kennedy as Mrs. Rowe, Leah Mant as Olivia Jane Rowe.

Brief Encounter

Episodes 873-874

Julie Dixon arrives in the valley and immediately seeks out Kate. After locating her, Julie drops a bombshell by telling Kate that she is her half sister. A diabetic is unable to inject himself, and his daughter is brought to the hospital where she is diagnosed with Tuberculosis. It is eventually learned that the girl contacted the disease from her grandmother, who has recently arrived from Romania. After writing his last HSC exam, Luke accidentally blows up Frank's squad car while disposing of his notes at the local tip.

Kate's father arrives in the valley and is introduced to his daughter Julie for the first time. He initially denies his affair with Julie's mother but finally admits to it when he is pressed by Kate. An odd sculpture given to Terence by a patient makes its way to the club before finding a home at the bottom of the river. Frank becomes involved in the matter after Esme, without her glasses, sees Bob and Cookie dispose of the unsightly statue and thinks they are dumping a body.

Guest Cast: Harriet Spalding as Julie Dixon, Douglas Hedge as Des Bryant, Marina Farrugia as Elena Enescu, Arianthe Galani as Bunica Enescu, Duncan Wass as Sam Neeson, Annie Byron as Patricia York (voice).

Dangerous Liasons

Episodes 875-876

Local curmudgeon Perce Hudson resists the help of his granddaughter Darcy who has come to help him run his farm. Judy Young, wife of area farmer Graham Young, gives birth by C-section and afterwards, both mother and child are diagnosed as having syphilis.

Graham's admission that he caught the disease from a prostitute while overseas threatens to end their marriage. Lucy takes up the cause of mother's rights when Esme confronts a nursing mother at the club. Darcy Hudson makes a favourable first impression on Luke who then manages to talk Harry into hiring her on as the clinic's new receptionist. Darcy moves in with Frank and Shirley when Perce rejects her help.

Guest Cast: Kym Wilson as Darcy Hudson, Lisa Peers as Judy Young, Richard Healy as Graham Young, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Anna Phillips as Lyndall Wheeler, Andrew Berthold as Baby Wheeler, Emmage Compton as Baby Young, Lynne Murphy as Celia Shaw.

The Goodbye Plan

Episodes 877-878

As Christmas approaches, Matt and Lucy's relationship continues on it's rocky course. Darcy has an eventful first day on the job as the clinic receptionist. Dylan Brown, a young boy fighting leukemia, is admitted to hospital, along with his pet plant, but he is pessimistic about the chances of a bone marrow donor being found. Hoping to cheer up the boy, Grace Mullens, an elderly woman in hospital herself with a bad heart, asks to be relocated to this room. Matt is also hospitalised after a run in with a bull. Frank considers retiring to Italy. A persistent reporter hounds Kate over her refusal to donate blood at the blood drive that she herself has organised. Believing their conversation to be in confidence, Kate tells him of her fight with leukemia only to have the story appear the next day on the front page of the newspaper. Harry is upset at Kate for not telling him about her illness, but Kate sees his reaction as a validation of why she never could. Terence gives Lucy some good news.

Guest Cast: Frankie J. Holden as Malcolm Brown, Ben Borgia as Dylan Brown, Judi Farr as Grace Mullens, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro, John Davies as Mr. O'Day, Michael Watson as Trevor Jackson, Peter Stevens as Russ Woods, Jamie Walter as Radio Interviewer.

Deep Water

Episodes 879-880

Luke and Kate move into a new apartment. Lucy can't keep the news a secret and tells everyone that she is pregnancy. The work of Winston Yip, a visiting acupuncturist, is praised by Kate, but his practice draws Harry's ire—especially when Winston and Kate become romantically involved. A rash of unexplained illnesses in the community have the townsfolk quickly pointing towards a nearby research facility as the source of their various ailments. Rosemary requires surgery and chooses acupuncture in place of an anaesthetic.

The research facility is cleared of responsibility when blue-green algae is found to be poisoning the town's water supply as a result of farmers over use of super-phosphates. Winston gets a job at a university in Newcastle and leaves his new practice, and Kate, to accept the position. Esme believes she's under investigation by the government for her opposition to the research station when in reality she has been nominated for the medal of the Order of Australia for her services to the community.

Guest Cast: Helen O'Connor as Rebecca Mills, Alan Hopgood as Tom O'Connell, Anthony Wong as Winston Yip, Julia Stone as Kylie Tomms, Laurie Butler as Herb Munro, Fay Butcher as Joan Dempster, Paul Jones as Barry Smith.


Episodes 881-882

Matt hunts down a feral cat after it attacks Perce. Harry is distraught at the thought of having to replace Nellie, his beloved but broken down automobile. Laura Adams, Kate and Luke's new neighbour, attacks Dog with a can of soup and is found to be suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder when she is taken to hospital after using a corrosive cleanser on herself. Cookie's niece swallows a button while he is babysitting. Intending to watch the cricket match together, Bob and Frank end up watching a movie that is on instead. Cookie and Rosemary watch the same film and all four envision themselves as characters in the film.

Laura is diagnosed with OCD in hospital and it is revealed the condition came about as a result of her having to care for her dying mother. Harry helps Kate with her snake phobia. Luke and Darcy wait for their HSC results and begin building a telescope. Luke admits to Darcy that he feels dominated in his relationship with her. After an accident at the hospital, Matt asks Lucy to stop working. Matt's strong feelings on the subject are a result of his own brother being stillborn. Laura's boyfriend aids her along the path to recovery.

Guest Cast: Edwina Cox as Laura Adams, Allan Penney as Perce Hudson, Stan Kouros as Peter Lewis, Ryan Lewis Jago as Coralie Jr.