White Collar Blue: profiles

Peter O’Brien

Peter O'Brien

Joe Hill is an uncomplicated man; it’s his life that’s chaotic.

Joe is a shrewd, streetwise detective who has seen more of life than most. He has a quick, dry wit and he’s honest to the point of brutality.

A local boy made good, he understands why people become criminals. A lot of his mates did, and he was nearly one himself. Joe has an intuitive approach to solving crime. He knows how to read forensic clues, but it’s people he understands best. If only he understood himself.

The stress of being a detective who solves difficult cases, while trying to be the perfect father and deal with the many minor problems of his daughters, is compounded by the demands of his girlfriend, Nicole.

When Joe is on a case, he is like a bull terrier. Until it’s solved, he won’t let go. It doesn’t matter if he has to work nights as well as days and weekends too. He’s married to the job. This is why the leader of the team, Chief Ted Hudson, has handpicked him.

Joe works from the gut, Harriet from the head—together they form the basis of a strong, effective partnership.

South Australian born Peter O’Brien returns to Australian shores, after over a decade in the UK to play detective sergeant Joe Hill in WHITE COLLAR BLUE.

Peter has starred in many overseas and Australian television programs throughout his career including one of his best known roles as Sam Patterson in The Flying Doctors, Network Ten’s AFI nominated and Logie Award winning mini-series Day Of The Roses and UK Channel 4’s much talked about Queer As Folk.

Peter’s long association with theatre seen him in lead roles in critically acclaimed productions such as Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Pirates Of Penzance, The Wizard Of Oz and A Doll’s House to name a few.