Don Hany

Don Hany

Theo Rahme, a young Lebanese plain-clothes detective is intelligent and ambitious. Theo sees the world as winners and losers. He wants to win. Badly.

He thought becoming a detective meant he was on a winning streak. Theo was the star pupil at the Police Academy, and has already proved himself on a couple of tough jobs.

A young bull, he has got everything going for him but that doesn’t stop Theo being occasionally ruthless to get what he wants. For Theo the sky is the limit. He aims to be police commissioner or a senator.

Like any rookie detective, Theo has a lot to learn, and this can exact a high price when you’re in the force.

Don Hany made his television debut on the series Breakers. Since then he has appeared in various theatre productions as well as television productions such as Water Rats and Heroes’ Mountain, with ongoing roles in Home and Away and Crash Palace.

Don plays senior constable Theo Rahme in WHITE COLLAR BLUE.