Jodie Dry

Jodie Dry

Nicole Brown, a former model, is now a clerk at Kingsway Crime Squad.

Once coming close to some trouble with the law, Joe managed to help her back on her feet and got her a job – then she fell in love with him.

Nicole dreams of being a wife and mother, she would happily settle down as Mrs Joe Hill. Joe is not so keen on the idea; he likes things just as they are. He does not want any more wives or children – however this won’t stop Nicole from trying.

People find Nicole easy to confide in, consequently she is aware of everyone’s private and professional lives—the best source of information at Kingsway.

NIDA graduate Jodie Dry plays Nicole Brown in WHITE COLLAR BLUE.

Jodie Dry has performed in many theatre productions and has been seen on Australian television in Wildside, The Reckoning, Spellbinder II and Sit Down Shut Up.

Jodie played Sally Diver in Network Ten’s Heroes Mountain, and the ambitious councillor Biddy Marchant in the second series of Grass Roots.