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December 29, 2000
General: Posted a page for the upcoming series "The Secret Life of Us"
Episode guide additions: Heartland (episode 5)
Janus (series 2)
Paradise Beach (episodes 74 - 77)
New Links: E Street (1 - fan site)
SeaChange, Crash Zone, Ocean Girl, The Wayne Manifesto (1 - Yahoo! Clubs cassandramagrathretreat)
December 22, 2000
General: Moved site into a new home at
Can confirm for Canadian visitors that Neighbours begins airing on January 01 on WTN
Began posting episode guide for the miniseries "Heartland", the first four hours are available, the rest will be added as they air in Canada.
Added episode guide for "The Silver Brumby"
Episode guide additions: Introducing Gary Petty (completed)
Janus (series 2)
Paradise Beach (episodes 70 - 73)
New Links: Eugenie Sandler P.I. (1)
Frontline (1)
GP and Water Rats (1 - Steve Bisley fan site)
Home and Away (1)
Pizza (1)
December 15, 2000
General: Not much new this week, have been busy looking for a new host as the vertical screen real estate at this one is getting a little cramped.
Continuing to upgrade episode summaries and guest casts for series four of Water Rats as the episodes air in Canada.
Episode guide additions: All Together Now (episodes 70 - 73)
Janus (series 2)
Paradise Beach (episodes 66 - 69)
New Links: Link Collections: Actors (1 - Claudia Karvan)
Pizza (2 - articles)
SeaChange (5 - articles)
Sky Trackers and Mirror Mirror (1 - The Petra Yared Website)
December 08, 2000
General: Added page for the miniseries "Burned Bridge" last week but now I see it is more well known by the title "Heartland", so it has been relocated under that title.
Added an article to the All Saints section
Episode guide additions: All Together Now (episodes 66 - 69)
Janus (series 2)
Paradise Beach (episodes 62 - 65)
SeaChange (3.13 - series finale)
New Links: Home and Away (1)
Link Collections: Other Australian TV sites (1)
Pig's Breakfast (1)
SeaChange (2 - articles)
December 01, 2000
General: Added sections for the upcoming Jonathan M. Shiff series "Horace and Tina" and the Ernie Dingo/Cate Blanchett miniseries Heartland which is now airing in Canada as "Burned Bridge".
Episode guide additions: All Together Now (episodes 62 - 65)
Introducing Gary Petty
Janus (series 2)
Paradise Beach (episodes 58 - 61)
SeaChange (3.12)
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (episodes 33-38)
New Links: Bligh (1)
Link Collections: Other Australian TV sites (1)
SeaChange (2)
November 24, 2000
General: Created a new page for telemovies
Added an episode guide for series three of Thunderstone
Added winners of the 2000 AFI Awards
Article added to the All Saints section
Page of character information added for the series Echo Point
Added pages for the series "Alvin Purple," "Arcade," "Introducing Gary Petty" and "The Silver Brumby"
Episode guide additions: All Together Now (episodes 58 - 61)
Janus (series 2)
The New Adventures of Skippy
Paradise Beach (episodes 54 - 57)
SeaChange (3.11)
New Links: A Country Practice (4)
Good Guys Bad Guys (1)
November 17, 2000
General: Finally able to add an episode guide for the first series of Janus (aka Criminal Justice). Series two guide will be built as summaries become available.
Added an episode list/guide for All Togeter Now
Assorted additions to various cast lists and episode guides
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 126 - season finale)
Blue Heelers (episode 294 - season finale)
Paradise Beach (episodes 50-53)
SeaChange (3.10)
Stingers (episodes 65 and 66 - season finale)
New Links: A Country Practice (1)
Blue Heelers (1)
Link Collections: Other Australian TV sites (2)
November 10, 2000
General: Another slow week, no major additions.
Round the Twist section given some work, episode guide re-done.
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 125)
Blue Heelers (episode 293)
Paradise Beach (episodes 47-49)
SeaChange (3.09)
Stingers (episode 64)
Water Rats (episode 151 - season finale)
New Links: Hey Dad (1)
Link Collections: Actors (3)
Pizza (1)
Round the Twist (2)
SeaChange (1)
November 03, 2000
General: two-year anniversary for this site has come and gone.
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 124)
Blue Heelers (episode 292)
Halifax fp (movie 18: "A Hate Worse Than Death")
Paradise Beach (episodes 43-46)
SeaChange (3.08)
Stingers (episode 63)
Water Rats (episode 150)
New Links: Link Collections: Actors (3)
Link Collections: Other Australian TV sites (1)
Pig's Breakfast (1)
SeaChange (1)
Water Rats (1)
October 27, 2000
General: New page for the new ABC series "Eugénie Sandler, P.I."
Info added for SeaChange's series three soundtrack
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 123)
Blue Heelers (episode 291)
Paradise Beach (episodes 39 - 42)
SeaChange (3.08)
Stingers (episode 62)
Water Rats (episode 149)
New Links: All Saints (3)
Pizza (1)
SeaChange (1)
October 20, 2000
General: Nominees for the 2000 AFI awards posted. Chopper is the most nominated film (10) while the ABC's Grass Roots dominates the TV categories with 13 nominations.
Filmographies added for casts of Stingers and Wildside
Added opeing theme for the sitcom Wedlocked.
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 122)
Blue Heelers (episode 290)
Paradise Beach (episodes 35 - 38)
Pig's Breakfast
SeaChange (3.07)
Stingers (episode 61)
Water Rats (episode 148)
New Links: Police Rescue / Water Rats (1 - Jeremy Callaghan ONLINE)
SeaChange (1 - Tom Long article)
Sons and Daughters (and various other series' pages) (1 - The Rowena Wallace Web Site)
October 13, 2000
General: Have started a new "In Production" section to chronicle some of the new shows due out in the future
Fixed episode numbering error in All Saints episode guide resulting from double episode
Actor Filmographies section added for Adrenalin Junkies and Fire (more detailed the the IMDb as usual)
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 121)
Blue Heelers (episode 289)
Dogwoman (movie 3)
Paradise Beach (episodes 32 - 34)
Pig's Breakfast
SeaChange (3.06)
Something In The Air (week 40)
Stingers (episode 60)
Water Rats (episode 147)
New Links: Blue Heelers (1 - message board)
Fire (1)
Link Collections: Other Australian TV sites (1)
Medivac / Adrenalin Junkies (1)
SeaChange (1)
Stingers (2)
Water Rats (2)
October 06, 2000
General: Article added to All Saints section
Added theme song from Sons and Daughters
Numerous additions to various Filmography pages.
Cast and Characters section added for "The Damnation of Harvey McHugh
Added a few small pictures to the front pages of "The Sullivans" and "State Coroner" sections
All Saints episode guide (series 2 and 3) expanded with longer summaries for numerous episodes, also added a few images to the series two episode guide.
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 119)
Blue Heelers (episode 288)
Paradise Beach (episodes 30 and 31)
Pig's Breakfast
SeaChange (3.05)
Something In The Air (week 39)
Stingers (episode 59)
Water Rats (episode 146)
Wildside (episode 40)
New Links: The Games (1)
Home and Away (1)
Link Collections: Other Australian TV sites (1)
SeaChange (2)
Tales of the South Seas (1)
Water Rats (1)
September 29, 2000
General: Added a page for the classic series "Certain Women"
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 118)
Blue Heelers (episodes 286 and 287)
Paradise Beach (episodes 28 and 29)
Pig's Breakfast
Something In The Air (week 38)
Stingers (episode 58)
Water Rats (episode 145)
Wildside (episode 39)
New Links: A Country Practice (1 - article about Brian Wenzel)
Farscape (1 - Scorpius' Nest)
Water Rats (5)
September 23, 2000
General: Finally got around to adding rollover effects to the Farscape "notable guest stars" pages (series one only so far) that shows some of the actors without their elaborate make-up when you place your mouse over their image from the show (also just learned that June Salter had a voice over role in a series one episode).
A new archive of articles and interviews is added to the Blue Heelers section.
A section of video promos added for The Games
Episode guide additions: Paradise Beach (episode 27)
Pig's Breakfast
SeaChange (episode 3.05)
Something In The Air (week 37)
Stingers (episode 57)
Wildside (episode 38)
New Links: Links: Other Australian TV Sites (1)
September 15, 2000
General: With being rolled under the banner, the url for this site is now <> (there's a great bit of irony is this as my obsession with tv series from Australia and the UK resulted from my disdain for the American networks which completly dominate the TV landscape in Canada)
Have posted my very incomplete episode list for Chuck Finn. My source of episode titles has dried up so I'll need help from someone to finish it.
New pages for: Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left, High Flyers, Pig's Breakfast, and Rafferty's Rules.
Nominees and winners for the 2000 AWGIE Awards have been added.
Opening themes added for The Damnation of Harvey McHugh and SeaChange
Episode guide additions: Paradise Beach (episodes 25 and 26)
SeaChange (episode 3.04)
Something In The Air (week 36)
Stingers (episode 56)
Wildside (episode 37)
New Links: The Games (1)
Links: Actors (1)
SeaChange (3)
Thunderstone (1)
September 08, 2000
General: Added a Site History page to chronicle the many changes in appearance this site has gone through. It's accessable from the link at the top of the update pages (which have also been reorganised)
Added a new, complete episode guide for Twisted Tales.
Shaun Micallef and Mark Mitchell filmographies added to SeaChange section
Episode guide additions: All Saints (episode 117)
The Games
Paradise Beach (episodes 23 and 24)
SeaChange (episode 3.03)
Something In The Air (week 35)
Stingers (episodes 54 and 55)
Wildside (episode 36)
New Links: Murder Call / Water Rats (1)
Neighbours (2)
SeaChange (2)
September 01, 2000
General: Updates will now be made a day earlier than before (Thursday night for me, Friday for most of you).
Cleaned out the hard drive and added a lot of stuff to All Saints section (profiles and interviews). Material may still be accessible on the Seven Network site but I can never get to it, so here it is.
Almost let another new Halifax fp movie go by unnoticed. Added info for movies 16, 17, and 18.
Updated episode guides: All Saints (episodes 116)
Blue Heelers (episodes 284 and 285)
The Games
Halifax fp
SeaChange (episode 3.02)
Something In The Air (week 34)
Stingers (episode 53)
Water Rats (episode 144)
Wildside (episode 35)
New Links: Halifax fp (1 - article)
Neighbours / Links: Actors (4 Jansen Spencer fan sites)
Police Rescue (1 - fan site)
August 26, 2000
General: Sadly, A Country Practice has been cancelled in Canada, expect no further major updates to its episode guide.
Profiles and other assorted material for Above The Law added from the defunct official site.
Began adding content for the third series of SeaChange
Four titles added to the Movies section: Romper Stomper, Children of the Revolution, The Wog Boy, and Chopper
Updated episode guides: All Saints (episodes 115)
Blue Heelers (episode 283)
A Country Practice (episodes 299-304)
Farscape (series 2)
The Games
Paradise Beach (episode 22)
SeaChange (episode 3.01)
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (episodes 23-27)
Something In The Air (week 33)
Stingers (episode 52)
Water Rats (episode 143)
Wildside (episode 34)
New Links: Heartbreak High (1 - French fan site)
Links: Other Australian TV Sites (1 -
Wildside / Links: Actors (Jessica Napier Fan Page)
August 19, 2000
General: The episode guide for "A Country Practice" has finally been completed! That said, longer and more detailed summaries will continue to be added on a weekly basis.
Added a gallery of cast photos for All Saints similar to those for Blue Heelers and Water Rats: one decent picture per star to provide a face to go a long with the name.
Usual additions that normally go unmentioned: some new logos and images, updated various fimographies and cast lists.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 30)
All Saints (episodes 114)
Blue Heelers (episode 282)
A Country Practice (episodes 294-332)
The Games (episodes 1.06, 2.10)
Grass Roots (episode 8, series finalé)
Paradise Beach (episode 21)
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (episodes 18-21)
Something In The Air (week 32)
Stingers (episode 51)
Water Rats (episode 142)
Wildside (episode 33)
New Links: Water Rats (1 - Yahoo! Clubs toniscanlan)
August 12, 2000
General: Event timeline added for A Country Practice to serve as a quick refence guide.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 29)
All Saints (episodes 113)
Blue Heelers (episode 281)
A Country Practice (episodes 289-293, 333-356)
The Games (episode 2.09)
Grass Roots (episode 7)
Paradise Beach (episode 20)
SeaChange (episode 2.12)
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (episodes 13-17)
Something In The Air (week 31)
Stingers (episode 50)
Water Rats (episode 141)
Wildside (episode 32)
New Links: Above The Law (1)
The Games (1 - article)
Links: Actors (The Official Louise Siversen Site)
Water Rats (1)
August 05, 2000
General: Another large addition to the "A Country Practice" episode guide — all 1986, 1987, and 1988 episodes
A completely new episode guide for Police Rescue added
Info added to episode guide for "Twisted Tales"
New pages for the forthcoming Network Ten series "Sit Down, Shut Up" and Magda Szubanski's "Dogwoman"
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 28)
All Saints (episodes 112)
Blue Heelers (episode 280)
A Country Practice (episodes 284-288, 357-622)
The Games (episodes 1.06 and 2.08)
Grass Roots (episode 6)
Paradise Beach (episodes 18 and 19)
SeaChange (episode 2.11)
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (episodes 8-12)
Something In The Air (week 30)
Water Rats (episode 140)
Wildside (episode 31)
New Links: Water Rats (1)
Home and Away / Links: Actors (1 - Belinda Emmett fan site)
July 29, 2000
General: Time for another change of appearance (last was on May 06)
First step on the road to completing the episode guide for "A Country Practice" as summaries for all the 1989 and 1990 episode are added.
Began updating episode guide for "Snowy River: The McGregor Saga" (aka "Banjo Paterson's Man From Snowy River"). Will continue adding five summaries a week as the show is airing in Australia.
A long delayed "Notable Guests Stars" section added for Farscape in light of some recent stars' appearances.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 27)
All Saints (episodes 109-111)
Blue Heelers (episode 279)
A Country Practice (episodes 279-283, 623-812)
The Games (episode 2.07)
Grass Roots (episode 5)
Paradise Beach (episodes 16 and 17)
SeaChange (episode 2.10)
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (episodes 3-7)
Something In The Air (week 29)
Water Rats (episode 139)
Wildside (episode 30)
New Links: Farscape (5)
Links: Actors (4 Hugh Jackman sites)
Prisoner: Cell Block H (1)
July 22, 2000
General: News item: fans of "A Country Practice" take note, major additions to the episode guide are coming and it should in fact be finished in no more than four or five weeks.
Added a new guestbook since the previous one seemed to disappear into the ether.
Filmographies of "A Country Practice" stars given a major injection of content. Numerous entries added for virtually every actor.
Began posting an episode guide for "The Games." Will continue adding summaries as episodes air in Australia and Canada.
Added a page (with episode guide) for the 1993 series "Snowy." Can anyone match the actors to the characters?
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 26)
All Saints (episodes 109 and 110)
Blue Heelers (episode 278)
A Country Practice (episodes 274-278)
Grass Roots (episode 4)
Paradise Beach (episodes 14 and 15)
SeaChange (episode 2.09)
Something In The Air (week 28)
Water Rats (episodes 137 and 138)
Wildside (episode 29)
New Links: Blue Heelers (1 - "UK Blue Heelers Website")
Links: Other (1 - "The Search For Treasue Island")
Mirror Mirror (3)
Neighbours (1 - "Stephanie Scully - Carla Bonner")
July 15, 2000
General: Removed several dead links, but added lots more (see below)
An awards page added to the Water Rats section. Always the bridesmaid it seems.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 25)
Blue Heelers (episode 277)
A Country Practice (episodes 269-273)
Grass Roots (episode 3)
Paradise Beach (episode 13)
Something In The Air (week 27)
Wildside (episode 28)
New Links: Blue Heelers (1)
Neighbours, Links: Actors (1)
Ocean Girl (2)
Prisoner Cell Block H (20)
SeaChange (1)
Water Rats (8)
July 08, 2000
General: Added a section for the SBS comedy series Pizza
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 24)
All Saints (episode 108)
Blue Heelers (episode 276)
A Country Practice (episodes 264-268)
Grass Roots (episode 2)
Paradise Beach (episodes 11 and 12)
Something In The Air (week 26)
Stingers (episode 49)
Water Rats (episode 136)
Wildside (episode 27)
New Links: Grass Roots (1 - official site)
Links: Other (1)
Water Rats (1)
July 01, 2000
General: Created a page for the new ABC series "Grass Roots" with Geoff Morrell, Sacha Horler, and Sophie Heathcote
Added a few more forign show titles to the "Translated Titles" section
Added additional crew info for various shows
Fire episode guide given the once over. Also added in some character profiles.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 23)
All Saints (episode 107)
Blue Heelers (episode 275)
A Country Practice (episodes 259, 260, 262 (with 3 songs), and 263)
Paradise Beach (episodes 9 and 10)
Something In The air (week 25)
Stingers (episode 48)
Water Rats (episode 135)
Wildside (episode 26)
New Links: All Saints (1)
Farscape (1 - Farpark)
Home and Away (1 Rebecca Cartwright fan site)
Spellbinder and Ocean Girl (2 Lauren Hewett fan sites)
Links: Other (Official site for the SBS series "Pizza") - site no longer around
Neighbours (1 Dan Paris - Unofficial Website)
Spellbinder (German fan site)
June 24, 2000
General: New page for "The Games"
Episode guide for the 1994 series A Country Practice re-edited (no real major changes).
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 22)
All Saints (episode 106)
Blue Heelers (episode 274)
A Country Practice (episodes 254-258)
Paradise Beach (episodes 7 and 8)
Something In The air (week 24)
Stingers (episode 47)
Water Rats (episode 134)
Wildside (episode 24)
New Links: Bananas in Pyjamas (1)
Chuck Finn (4)
Farscape (3)
Links: Actors (4 Frances O'Connor interviews/articles)
Stingers (1)
June 17, 2000
General: FYI: "The Games" begins airing in Canada June 19 on the CBC (I don't recall an Australian series ever airing in prime time on a major Canadian network before)
Added a forgotton page for "Chuck Finn" and a page for the ABC/BBC co-production "See How They Run"
New "Movies" section added (find the link in the last group at the bottom of the list frame). Will serve as a home to new movie related links more than anything.
Very, very big episode list for "Bananas in Pyjamas" added along with a puzzle
Updated episode guides: All Saints (episode 105)
Blue Heelers (episode 273)
A Country Practice (episodes 249-253)
Farscape (new series 2 summaries)
Paradise Beach (episode 6)
Something In The air (week 23)
Stingers (episode 46)
Water Rats (episode 133)
Wedlocked (final update)
Wildside (episode 23)
New Links: All Saints (fan site)
Links: Actors (Alice Garner fan site)
Links: Actors and Neighbours (Carla Bonner World)
Links: Actors and SeaChange (
Links: Other (1)
Water Rats (1)
June 10, 2000
General: Added some basic information about the Blue Heelers soundtrack released in 1995.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 21)
All Saints (episodes 15 and 104)
Blue Heelers (episodes 272)
A Country Practice (episodes 244-248)
Farscape (series 2)
Paradise Beach (episode 5)
SeaChange (series 2, episodes 2 amd 3)
Something In The air (week 22)
Stingers (episode 45)
Water Rats (episode 132)
Wildside (episode 22)
New Links: Blue Heelers (2)
Escape From Jupiter/Return to Jupiter (2)
Heartbreak High (1)
June 04, 2000
General: "The Damnation of Harvey McHugh" and "House Gang" episode guides completed
Began creating an episode guide for Paradise Beach which Nine is now repeating in Australia
Soundtrack info and cast photo also added for Paradise Beach
In honour (?) of "Above the Law" being cancelled, added a page for another short lived Network Ten series: Big Sky.
Culled nearly two dozen dead or broken links
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 20)
All Saints (episode 103)
Blue Heelers (episodes 271)
A Country Practice (new: 239-243, re-edited: 179-238)
Something In The air (week 21)
Water Rats (episode 131)
Wildside (episode 21)
New Links: The Flying Doctors (1)
Frontline & Links: Actors (2 Rob Sitch sites)
Home and Away (1)
Home and Away, Paradise Beach, Links: Actors (3 Isla Fisher sites)
House Gang (1)
Neighbours (1)
The New Adventures of Ocean Girl (1 - official site)
May 27, 2000
General: Awards section added for Seachange
Filmographies added for starring casts of Raw FM and SeaChange
Reformated Good Guys Bad Guys episode guide
Spyforce episode list added
Updated episode guides: All Saints (episodes 102)
Blue Heelers (episodes 270 - Caroline Craig debuts)
A Country Practice (episodes 234 - 238)
The Damnation of Harvey McHugh
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (episodes 46-50)
Something In The air (week 20)
Water Rats (episode 130)
Wildside (episode 20)
New Links: Faracape (5)
A Fortunate Life (5)
Water Rats (7)
May 20, 2000
General: Problems with backgrounds on search result and guestbook pages should be cleared up.
Page added with information about the Water Rats soundtrack
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episodes 17 and 19)
All Saints (episodes 13 and 101)
Blue Heelers (episodes 75, 76, and 269)
A Country Practice (episodes 229 - 233. Note: 233 is part one of the episode with Nicole Kidman)
The Damnation of Harvey McHugh (still adding full cast lists)
Something In The air (week 19)
Water Rats (episode 129)
Wildside (episode 19)
May 13, 2000
Addition: Added a page for the series "Tales of the South Seas," another show I haven't seen so there's not much info up yet.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 17)
All Saints (episode 100, series 1 guide may finally be finished)
Blue Heelers (episodes 268)
A Country Practice (episodes 224-228)
Something In The air (week 18)
Water Rats (episode 128)
Wildside (episode 18)
New Links: : Links: Actors (1 - Kimberley Joseph's Official Homepage)
Water Rats (1 - Unofficial Water Rats Website)
May 06, 2000
General: Complete appearance overhaul brings a return to the lean, mean, and (hopefully) fast style of site that I wanted when I began.
FYI: Farscape finally premieres in Australia later this month
Added "created on" dates to every series' main page to indicate when I added the page to the site.
2000 Logie Award winners added in awards section
New episode guides for "Snowy River: The McGregor Saga" and "Wedlocked"
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 16)
All Saints (episodes 10 and 99)
Blue Heelers (episodes 267)
A Country Practice (episodes 219-223)
Something In The air (week 17)
Water Rats (episode 127)
Wildside (episode 17)
April 28, 2000
General: New page for the miniseries "Blue Murder"
Complete list of nominees for the 2000 Logie Awards added
Complete cast list added for the fourth and final part of "A Fortunate Life"
New counter
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 15)
All Saints (episode 98)
Blue Heelers (episodes 266)
A Country Practice (episodes 214-218)
Farscape (series 2)
Something In The air (week 16)
Water Rats (episode 126)
Wildside (episode 16)
New Links: Blue Heelers (1 - Jackie's Blue Heelers Site)
A Country Practice (1 - ACP - The Forgotten 30)
Water Rats (1 - Hilde's World of Water Rats)
April 21, 2000
General: New background graphics
Added some preliminary information about the upcoming series 5 Halifax fp telemovies
New page for the sitcom "Wedlocked," an episode guide may eventually be added
Filmographies added for Water Rats starring cast members
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 14)
All Saints (episodes 97)
Blue Heelers (episodes 265)
A Country Practice (episodes 209-213)
Something In The air (week 15)
Wildside (episode 15)
April 15, 2000
General: New section for the 1985 miniseries "A Fortunate Life"
Awards and Actor Filmographies pages added to the Blue Heelers section
Heartbreak High actors' filmographies page now includes all the actors (added an index too)
Wayward Awards page added back to the Wildside section
Updated a number of filmography entries for A Country Practice and Heartbreak High
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 13)
All Saints (episodes 7 and 96)
Blue Heelers (episodes 264)
A Country Practice (episodes 204-208. Now have summaries for over 500 episodes!)
Skippy The Bush Kangaroo (episodes 15 - 22)
Something In The air (week 14)
Water Rats (episode 125)
Wildside (episode 14)
New Links: Blue Heelers (1 - Ben's Blue Heelers Pages)
Links: Actors (2 - Francis O'Connor article, Catherine McClements fan page)
Links: Other (2 - Australian Television Daily, James Paterson Television Museum)
Ocean Girl (1 - Ocean Girl Cotidie)
Thunderstone (1)
Water Rats (Catherine McClements fan page)
April 08, 2000
General: Nothing major added this week, just a few minor changes, additions and the usual episode guide updates.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 12)
All Saints (episode 95)
Blue Heelers (episodes 263)
A Country Practice (episodes 200-203)
House Gang (complete through series 2)
Something In The air (week 13)
Water Rats (episode 124)
Wildside (episode 13)
April 01, 2000
news item for Canada: Halifax fp resumes on Showcase Sunday, April 02 with movie #13. Movies 14 and 15 follow on the 9th and 16th.
General: New "Phoenix Five" section with a complete episode guide.
Episode titles added for the first two series of "Ocean Girl"
Heartbreak High episode guide extended to the final episode of series 7.
Despite set being incomplete, added headshots of Water Rats main cast.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 11)
All Saints (episode 94)
Blue Heelers (episodes 262)
A Country Practice (episodes 195-199)
House Gang (episode 3)
Something In The air (week 12)
Water Rats (episode 123)
Wildside (episode 12)
New Links: Brides of Christ (1)
Frontline (1)
Halifax fp (1)
Links: Other (2)
Prisoner (1)
March 24, 2000
General: New pages for the miniseries "Bordertown" and "Brides of Christ"
Awards section overhauled, each award type now on it's own page
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 10)
All Saints (episode 93)
Blue Heelers (episodes 261)
A Country Practice (episodes 190-194)
Heartbreak High (expanded to episode 150)
House Gang (episodes 1 and 2)
Something In The air (week 11)
Water Rats (episode 121 and 122)
Wildside (episode 11)
New Links: Above the Law (1)
House Gang (2)
Links: Other (1)
March 17, 2000
General: Additional sections converted over to the blue-on-blue colour scheme
A Country Practice actor filmographies indexed. New one added for Rebecca Rigg.
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 9)
All Saints (episode 92)
Blue Heelers (episodes 260)
A Country Practice (episodes 185-189)
Heartbreak High (re-edited)
Something In The air (week 10)
Water Rats (episode 120)
Wildside (episode 10)
New Links: Above the Law (1)
All Together Now (2)
A Country Practice (1)
The Damnation of Harvey McHugh (1)
Good Guys Bad Guys (1)
Halifax fp (1)
Links: Actors (5)
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (1)
March 11, 2000
General: New episode guides for "Bananas in Pyjamas" and "The Damnation of Harvey McHugh."
Full list of the 1997 AFI Award winners added (was missing the film categories)
Four sizable audio clips from "A Country Practice" added. Two from the episode in which Vicky and Simon get engaged, and two more from the episode where they get married. Links are located in the episode guide (163-190).
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 8)
All Saints (episodes 1-3, 91)
Blue Heelers (episodes 50 - 56, 259)
A Country Practice (180-184)
Halifax fp (full guest cast for "Afraid of the Dark")
Mercury (some longer summaries)
Something In The air (week 9)
Water Rats (episode 119)
New Links: Links: Networks (2)
Links: Other (1)
Water Rats (1)
March 03, 2000
General: New pages for: Division 4, Matlock Police, Spyforce, and House Gang.
New episode guides for: Mercury, Mother And Son, Round The Twist 3, Skippy / The Adventures Of Skippy, Sky Trackers, and The Wayne Manifesto
New "Show Title Translations" section
Updated episode guides: Above The Law (episode 7)
All Saints (episode 90)
Blue Heelers (episode 258; series 1 and 2 summaries expanded)
A Country Practice (new: 175 - 179; updated: 1049 - 1056)
Halifax fp (new summaries for the series 4 movies)
Something In The Air (week 8)
Water Rats (episode 118)
Wildside (episode 9)
New Links: Blue Heelers (1)
Links: Actors (2)
Mother And Son (1)
Round The Twist (1)
State Coroner (2)
February 25, 2000
News item: Series 3 of ROUND THE TWIST debuts in Australia on Tuesday, February 29 on ABC
Updated episode guides: ABOVE THE LAW (episode 6)
ALL SAINTS (episode 89)
BLUE HEELERS (episode 257)
A COUNTRY PRACTICE (new: 170 - 174; improved: 1039 - 1048)
WATER RATS (episode 117)
WILDSIDE (episode 8)
New links: LINKS: OTHER (1)
February 18, 2000
Updated episode guides: ABOVE THE LAW (episode 5)
ALL SAINTS (episode 88)
BLUE HEELERS (episode 256)
A COUNTRY PRACTICE (new 1983 episodes; 1991-1993 redone)
WATER RATS (episode 116)
WILDSIDE (episode 7)
New links: BLUE HEELERS (1)
February 11, 2000
General: Yet another change of appearance
FYI: The animated series "The New Adventures of Ocean Girl" debuts in Australia on February 11
MOTHER AND SON page added.
New "Actor Filmographies" page added for HEARTBREAK HIGH
Started an episode guide for ABOVE THE LAW
Updated episode guides: ALL SAINTS (episode 87)
BLUE HEELERS (episode 255)
A COUNTRY PRACTICE (1983 episodes)
WILDSIDE (series one)
New links: BLUE HEELERS (2)
February 04, 2000
General: Finished adding shortcuts to the list frame. If a show's name is preceded by a bullet point (• ), clicking on that bullet will take you to the episode guide for that show.
Numerous shows changed over to the new look.
New page for the series FUNKY SQUAD
New WAYNE MANIFESTO episode list
Divided up ACP episode guide into smaller sections of about 30 episodes each.
Updated episode guides: ALL SAINTS (series 3 episode guide started)
BLUE HEELERS (series 7 episode guide started)
A COUNTRY PRACTICE (more 1983 episodes; re-edited summaries from late '82 through '83)
WILDSIDE (series one)
New links: ROUND THE TWIST (2)
January 30, 2000
General: New page style extended into WATER RATS and SOMETHING IN THE AIR sections.
Complete list of winners from the 1999 People's Choice Awards finally acquired
Updated episode guides: A COUNTRY PRACTICE (more 1983 episodes; have know written summaries for 450 episodes!)
WILDSIDE (series one)
New links: ABOVE THE LAW (1)
HOME & AWAY (18)
New links to sites for specific actors are duplicated in the Actors Links Collection
January 23, 2000
General: Starring cast list for the new series ABOVE THE LAW completed
Began posting episode descriptions for the first series of WILDSIDE (this will progress as the show airs)
New actor and character profiles for FARSCAPE (each with a small selection of images)
Select pages receive a new look (Farscape, Good Guys Bad Guys, Dog's Head Bay, Wildside).
Completed the cast list for THE LOST ISLANDS
Updated episode guides: A COUNTRY PRACTICE (more 1983 episodes)
FARSCAPE (new version)
HEARTBREAK HIGH (series one upgrade continues)
WATER RATS (re-edited series 1-3, very minor changes)
January 16, 2000
General: Site design given another visual upgrade.
Added a page for the new ABC drama series SOMETHING IN THE AIR, episode guide started as well.
Updated episode guides: A COUNTRY PRACTICE (more 1983 episodes)
FARSCAPE (new episodes)
HALIFAX FP (Credit and guest cast info for the series 4 movies)
HEARTBREAK HIGH (series one upgrade continues)
New links: FRONTLINE (4)
January 09, 2000
General: Attention: New email address. All email should be sent to (address no longer used)
WATER RATS cast information updated for the upcoming series
Began a new page for the forthcoming series ABOVE THE LAW.
Updated episode guides: A COUNTRY PRACTICE (1983)
HEARTBREAK HIGH (upgrade of series one summaries begins)
WATER RATS (series 4)
New links: ALL SAINTS (1)
January 04, 2000
General: A new year brings another new look (the fourth make-over the site has seen). I've kept the same colour scheme but flipped the use of red and blue with a few changes to complimentary graphics to unify the look. Show pages remain basically unchanged.
Updated episode guides: BLUE HEELERS (episode guide re-edited, numerous bits of credit info added)
HEARTBREAK HIGH (first version of episode guide and music list completed through series 4)
New links: BLUE HEELERS (6)