Cold Feet: episode guide

Episode 4.1

UK: November 18, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen
Directed by

Karen has trouble dealing with David's philandering ways and despite his efforts to try to patch things up, they remain distant. Pete and Jen find out that there will be a new addition to their family.

Guest Cast: Norman Cooley as Owen Claiborne, John Lloyd Fillingham as Director, James Lauren as Leading Man, Smug Roberts as Karen's Date, Mike Shaft as DJ, Georgina Lamb as Nursery Mum, Jane Jefferson as Nursery Teacher, David Westbrook as Insurance Man, Kate Williamson as Nurse

Episode 4.2

UK: November 19, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen
Directed by Simon Delaney

David and Karen seek to solve their problems in two very different ways—David by turning to therapy, Karen by turning to drink. Just when David feels he's made a real breakthrough with his therapist, Karen tells him she wants him to move out. Adam and Rachel embark upon the long and fraught adoption process, Adam does not help their chances by acting like a neandethal at an adoption meeting. Meanwhile, Adam and Rachel's secure existence appears under threat by the appearance of Adam's ex-girlfriend, Jane Fitzpatrick, in Manchester. Jenny finds that the loss of her baby only serves to emphasise the cracks in her relationship with Pete. Her misgivings come to a head when her boss offers her a job in New York. Pete refuses to countenance the idea of moving Stateside. He is heartbroken when Jenny announces she's going anyway.

Guest Cast: Victoria Smurfit as Jane Fitzpatrick, Michael Troughton as Therapist, Debra Gillett as Georgina, Francis Magee as Daz, Samantha Spiro as Ruth, Reinhard Michaels as Helmut, Tony Gardner as Roger, Susan Sands as David's Mother, Sonny Flood as 10 Year Old David

Episode 4.3

UK: November 25, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen and Mark Chappell
Directed by Tim Whitby

David with nowhere to turn becomes Pete's new room-mate. Pete tries to bury his unhappiness at Jen's departure by bringing home a string of anonymous women. Karen throws herself into life with a frenzied vigour and is out partying every night. Adam and Rachel find every aspect of their lives under scrutiny by the adoption agency and the process begins to take its toll on their relationship.

Guest Cast: Victoria Smurfit as Jane Fitzpatrick, Michael Troughton as Therapist, Louis Emerick as Rick, Sally Sheridan as Bella, Sheena White as Miranda, Helen Ashworth as Woman in Pub, John Barber as Waiter 2, Liam Fox as Police Officer

Episode 4.4

UK: November 26, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen
Directed by Paul Kousoulides

Pete's just getting used to sharing his house with David when another house guest arrives… his mum. David and Karen discover their marital difficulties have been taking their toll on Josh at school. Adam and Rachel finally learn if they are approved for adoption.

Guest Cast: Samantha Spiro as Ruth, Doreen Keogh as Audrey Gifford, Charles Daish as Doug, Jacqueline Pilton as Jean, Ron Meadows as Hugh Waddington, Katie Riddoch as Laura, Jonathan Slinger as Justin, Meriel Schofield as Josh's Teacher, Joel Parry as Paramedic, Ann-Louise Grimshaw as Dog Handler, Suzanne Hall as GP

Episode 4.5

UK: December 02, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen
Directed by Paul Kousoulides

Adam and Rachel are distraught with the adoption agency's decision regarding Laura. Pete finds himself with another house guest whom he sees as more than a just a friend. Karen returns to the workplace and finds she has a lot in common with her new boss.

Guest Cast: Sean Pertwee as Mark Cubitt, Samantha Spiro as Ruth, Patterson Joseph as Suggs

Episode 4.6

UK: December 03, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen
Directed by Paul Kousoulides

Rachel has gone to visit Jenny in New York and Adam, frightened by the prospect of imminent fatherhood, decides to have one last hurrah. David is determined to find Karen the perfect birthday present. Pete and Jo find themselves becoming closer only one thing stands in their way—her boyfriend.

Guest Cast: Sean Pertwee as Mark Cubitt, Patterson Joseph as Suggs, Helen Grace as Deborah, Claude Close as Harry Burgess, Eric McNichol as Police Officer, Clare Webzell as Adam's Partner

Episode 4.7

UK: December 09, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen
Directed by Ciaran Donnelly

Adam is amazed to see how big Rachel has become while she's been away. They disagree over the baby's name and Rachel is hurt by Adam's sudden loss of interest in her. Karen embarks upon a full-blooded affair with Mark while David is consumed with his work and departmental job cuts. Pete is anxious about Jo seeing him naked and delays consummating their relationship. When Jo's visa expires she sees no reason not to return home.

Guest Cast: Sean Pertwee as Mark Cubitt, Lorelei King as Natalie, John Flitcroft as Charles, Jaquetta May as Geraldine Cubitt, Kenneth Alan Taylor as Sir Donald, Sally Walsh as David's Secretary, Joanne Venet as Nurse

Episode 4.8 (90 min)

UK: December 10, 2001
Written by Mike Bullen
Directed by Ciaran Donnelly

The gang head for Australia to attend Pete and Jo's wedding. Rachel is particularly excited about the trip as it'll be the first time she's seen her younger sister who lives in Sydney for ages. David meanwhile is determined to give Karen the holiday of a lifetime to seal their apparent rapprochement once and for all. Karen sees the holiday in a very different terms—Mark's pushing her to leave David and the time has come for her to make a choice. Adam has his own agenda—he's convinced Pete's making a big mistake and intends to put a stop to the wedding. His determination is matched by that of Jo's father, Rod, who is convinced that Pete's after one thing alone—his money.

Guest Cast: Sean Pertwee as Mark Cubitt, Susannah Doyle as Lucy Bradley, Gary Sweet as Rod Ellison, Sandy Winton as Shawn, Holly Jones as Maree, Rob Carroll as Doctor, Caz Lederman as Real Estate Agent, Emma Glasner as Receptionist, Stephen Barlow as Obstetrician, Jillian O'Dowd as Wedding Celbrant, John Rawls as Anaesthetist, Janet Maher as Stewardess, Christine MacNicol as Transvestite