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Jason (Andrew Jenkins)

An eye for the main chance. Independent, funny, charming and outgoing. If his friend Lee would join the charge, Jason would be leading it. He has a genuine interest in, and knowledge of, things mechanical that go fast. He is athletic and plays on the high school football team (as wide pass receiver) and is the starting pitcher for the baseball team. He is a latch-key kid whose upper middle class parents are always "busy". Jason has always seized the day, looked after Number One and lived for the moment. On Stormworld he gradually learns to take a longer range view and accept responsibility for others.

Lee (Calum Worthy)

Lee and Jason have been friends for years. Lee has a thirst for knowledge with a scientific bent and can get side- tracked by new things and new ideas. But once focussed, if you need someone to methodically put two and two together, Lee is your guy. His wry humour and caution adds a valuable counterweight to Jason's gung-ho enthusiasm. Lee has a strong sense of honour and right and wrong coupled with a touch of idealism. Lee is very close to his family and as a result is driven, more than most, to finding a way home.

Flees (Valentina Barron)

A survivor. While a naturally warm person, life in Stormworld has made her put up the personal armour. Her deadpan sense of humour and her command of the sarcastic put-down are part of her armoury to keep others, except Werrolda, Ogee and Luce (who she loves like a younger sister) at a distance. She is focused, practical and pragmatic. She and her father built Stormrider from the remains of their aeroplane which crashed through the vortex into Stormworld. They used part of the cockpit and other salvage that they collected. Stormrider is one of the few serviceable vessels on Stormworld, and thus is valuable — and coveted by others. Flees is completely focused on her ongoing search for her father who was lost in a storm several years ago.

Ogee (Andrew Kavadas)

Pedantic — and almost always right if he does say so himself (which he does). Ogee is rationality and calmness personified - if something that looks like a glittering bowling ball can be termed "personified". On his home planet of Epothyosius people have evolved to a point that they discarded their bodies and became huge crystalline beings that are matrix webs of energy. He loves to discuss ideas and philosophy and uses 3000 words when three would do, claiming that, "brevity is fine if you wish to lose all the nuances." He has no concept that any given topic might not be interesting to another party. Ogee enjoys being with Flees but is frustrated that the gravity on Stormworld has compressed his size and shape. He can resume his natural huge, crystalline matrix form — but it is dangerous and difficult to do so.

Khelioz (Lim Kay Tong)

Before arriving in Stormworld Khelioz was a professional fisherman and quickly realised his skills, and his boat, were valuable on Stormworld. He can sense the onset of storms but is prepared to let the gullible believe that he can actually control the weather to some extent. He has a droll sense of humour and maintains a mysterious/enigmatic facade as his public image as Khelioz the Navigator. If they had an International Poker Challenge on his home planet of Maren he would have been the world champion.

Luce (Chelsea Jones)

Rescued and supported by Werrolda when she arrived on Stormworld as a young child, Stormworld is the only home Luce has known and Werrolda her only family. She is independent, knowledgeable and accepts responsibility when circumstances demand, but is by nature shy and careful. Luce is very close to Flees who she regards as her older sister.

Gol Hati (Lilanthi Weddikkara)

Leader of the Drogue who are from the planet Caramei whose technology is more advanced than Earth's. But that technology also has its limitations in the harsh environment of Stormworld. Gol Hati is street smart and a natural bandit queen. A young woman of few words, she also has a sardonic assessment of life: "Count your blessings every day. It won't take long". She is determined to protect and advance the interests of her band, her tribe. In a world as harsh as Stormworld her skills, determination and total focus on survival make her a perfect leader.

Werrolda (Michelle Fornasier)

On her home world Werrolda was the equivalent of a primary school teacher. She founded the Settlement and ordered the building of the Beacon to guide new Access Crashers to safety. She can see the essence of most people and recognises Khelioz as the equivalent of the charming class liar, but does not quite pick Makyn as the seemingly "good kid" who can fool the teachers. Werrolda believes that they are all on Stormworld for a reason and that the Settlement is an opportunity to advance a new civilisation and bring order to the chaos. Her draft Constitution for the Settlement describes the Beacon/lighthouse as a symbol of their future: "We are the beacon. Our signal is both physical and spiritual and these qualities are inseparable. One has no meaning, purpose or power, without the other".

Makyn (Kazimir Sas)

He is smart and talented - always polite to his superiors. A natural schemer. On his world of Waxon, Makyn would have been the smiling politician of the "I know what's best for you" kind who can be benevolent as long as you don't get in the way. He came from a family used to power and ruling but he was the third son, ranking below his less clever brothers. Despite his superficial pleasantries Luce recognizes him for what he is: a self-centered, two-faced, snake in the grass.

Hintor (Steve Turner)

A man who loves rules and regulations. A place for everything and everything in its place. He was the equivalent of the Ward Nurse at a hospital as his home world of Tuee. Hintor leads a group within the Settlement who are opposed to Werrolda's "All are Welcome" policies despite the fact he would have died if he hadn't seen the Beacon and followed it to safety. He has done the maths and is convinced that the Settlement cannot support any more inhabitants and that they must take steps to protect what little they have. He is doctrinaire rather than evil and thoroughly convinced that his way is the right way.

Vassler (Adam Sollis)

A young Arkoddian who was born on Stormworld. He is more open-minded than most people in the ritualistic and formally structured Arkoddian society.

Toff (Craig Hyde-Smith)

Son of Lhinrade. Intelligent, small and wiry. Acts as Beacon Keeper and regular Stormwatcher.

Gar Lindi (Kelly Paterniti)

Promoted to being Gol Hati's second-in-command here on Stormworld but back home would have only been one of the pack. Ruthless and impetuous but not the sharpest tool in the Stormworld shed.

Voss (George Shevtsov)

Voss is the Patriarch, the leader of the Arkoddians. He is astute, perceptive and determined to circle the wagons against outsiders and new ideas. He is the ultra- conservative embodiment of the Arkoddian ritual chant, "Tradition is ritual, ritual is order, order is survival."

Mephanny (Anna Bauert)

Within the insular world of the Arkoddians she and Vassler had been girlfriend/boyfriend. She fears the changes and potential threats that Vassler's interest in the wider world may bring to their community but comes to understand that life in a new world requires new ideas.

Callaghan (David Smyth)

An Access Crasher from Earth who is rescued in the desert by Jason and Lee in Episode 4. However it is soon recognised that Callaghan was caught in a beautiful, but dangerous, Mystal cloud that has progressively destroyed his mind leaving him confused and paranoid.

Gundril (Amanda Woodhams)

Transported from her home planet of Lefar to Stormworld. Gundril has survived alone on a remote island. Flees happened to visit the island in the course of her travels but Gundril hid. Gundril lives in a cave and hunts fangeels for food. Befriended by Jason, Flees and Lee she helps them find an old wrecked ship where Lee recovers a map fragment that could tell them the way out of Stormworld.