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Episode 1.5
December 26, 2007
Written by Deb Cox
Directed by Daina Reid

Tippi is perplexed by a client, Aiden, who seems to be suppressing his sexual urges. Chloe comes clean with Bonnie abbout her work and Bonnie promptly shuts sown. Thinking it will help, Chloe decides to cool things with Josh, but Bonnie is doubly annoyed. Lauren discovers Heather is pregnant and lends her support. Finally, Tippi learns the shattering truth about her mystery client.

Music: "Mercy for the Wicked" performed by The Winston Giles Orchestra

Guest Starring:

  • Robert Mammone as Nick
  • Sullivan Stapleton as Josh
  • Nicholas Bell as Alexander
  • Bruce Alexander as Achilles
  • Rebecca Moore as Bonnie
  • Robert Menzies as Aiden
  • Arianthe Galani as Mrs G
  • Yesse Spence as Ally
  • Ben Harkin as Tutor
  • Abbe Holmes as Middle Aged Student
  • Christopher Gillett as Young Student
  • Jesse Stapleton as Voyeur
  • Caesar Cordovana as Featherman
  • Chris Winer as All Day Sucker