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Mrs. Hyde

Episode 1.2
December 05, 2007
Written by Fiona Seres
Directed by Ken Cameron

High class escort Mel finds herself challenged by Johnny Lake, a rock star client with a huge ego and some damaging sexual problems. A drug-fuelled night of psychological game-playing ends in Johnny verging on death and Mel seeking out her elusive lover, Tim Kronenberg.

When Tim suggests she come away with him, Mel is tempted by the security of someone she knows and loves. But just as she's considering her options, Mel discovers a destructive side to Tim he seems unwilling to change.

Guest Starring:

  • Robert Mammone as Nick
  • Nicholas Bell as Alexander
  • Bruce Alexander as Achilles
  • David Roberts as Tim
  • Martin Dingle-Wall as Johnny
  • Melissa Chambers as Female Assistant
  • Luke Mullins as Paolo
  • Jasper Bagg as Jamie
  • Jenet Booth as Yoga Teacher
  • Craig Annis as Young Client
  • Jeffrey Nassif as Trampler
  • Blanca Perez as Masseuse