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Episode 1.3
December 12, 2007
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Paul Moloney

Heather and her partner Ally want to have a baby, using Ally's goof friend Gary. But when Gary's new partner Edie's troublesome attitude comes to light and legal contracts get waved around, Heather and Ally angrily end the arrangement. Heather devises an unusual solution which sends Ally into a tailspin.

Music: none

Guest Starring:

  • Robert Mammone as Nick
  • Sullivan Stapleton as Josh
  • Nicholas Bell as Alexander
  • Bruce Alexander as Achilles
  • Rebecca Moore as Bonnie
  • Yesse Spence as Ally
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Gary
  • Isabella Dunwill as Edie
  • Damian Walshe-Howling as Gino
  • Bruce Myles as Owen
  • Stan Tsitas as Vinnie
  • Kristie Jandric as Rosie