Executive Producer: Patricia Edgar
Producers: Patricia Edgar, Antonia Barnard, and Bernadette O'Mahony
Writers: Paul Jennings, Esben Storm, Chris Anastassiades, Ray Boseley, Robert Greenberg
Directors: Esben Storm, Steve Jodrell, Mark Lewis, Ray Boseley, Pinto Amenta, David Swann, Arnie Custo
Composer: Andrew Duffield
Theme song performed by Tamsin West

Produced: 1989, 1993, 1998, 2000

Round The Twist, an award winning children's series that has been broadcast in over 60 countries, is based on the funny, fantastic and exciting experiences of the remarkable Twist family who try to get away from it all by leaving the city to make their new home in a lighthouse on the rugged Australian coast. It's here that the Twist kids discover some unpredictable ghosts and monsters that take them on various weird and wonderful adventures.
"…when the [Australian Children's Television Foundation] was developing the first Round The Twist series, it failed to attract any distributor's interest. The Round The Twist scripts were declared 'too rude', 'not for television' and 'outrageous'…"
- Jenny Buckland, Marketing Manager, ACTF
Tamsin WestLinda Twistseries 1
Sam VandenbergPete Twistseries 1
Rodney McLennanBronson Twistseries 1
Richard MoirTony Twistseries 1, 2
Bunney BrookeNell Rickardsseries 1, 2
Robyn GibbesFay Jamesseries 1, 2
Frankie J. HoldenHarold Gribbleseries 1
Judith McGrathMatron Cecilia Gribbleseries 1
Lachlan JeffreyJames Gribbleseries 1
Stuart AtkinRabbitseries 1
Cameron NugentTiger Gleesonseries 1
Daisy CameronFiona Richmondseries 1
Esben StormRalph Snapperseries 1, 2, 3
Joelene CrnogoracLinda Twistseries 2
Ben ThomasPete Twistseries 2
Jeffrey WalkerBronson Twistseries 2
Mark MitchellHarold Gribbleseries 2, 3, 4
Jan FriedlMatron Gribbleseries 2
Richard YoungJames Gribbleseries 2
Drew CampbellRabbitseries 2
Nick MitchellTiger Gleesonseries 2
Zeta BriggsFionaseries 2
Ebonnie MasiniLinda Twistseries 3, 4
Rian McLeanPete Twistseries 3, 4
Mathew WatersBronson Twistseries 3, 4
Andrew S. GilbertTony Twistseries 3, 4
Marion HeathfieldNell Rickardsseries 3, 4
Trudy HellierFay Jamesseries 3
Christine KeoghMatron Gribbleseries 3, 4
Brook Rowan/SykesJames Gribbleseries 3, 4
Samuel MarslandRabbitseries 3, 4
Tom BudgeTiger Gleesonseries 3, 4
Katie BarnesFionaseries 3, 4
Reuben LiversidgeAnthonyseries 3, 4
Ernie GrayRalph Snapperseries 4
Susanne ChapmanFay Jamesseries 4
Twist Family, series 2

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