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Episode 1.05
Monday, January 01, 2018 (Stan)
Written by
Directed by Daina Reid

Both sides become focused on George Anabasis, a centrist politician with influence over a controversial Muslim immigration bill. Laila seeks his protection. Kane's attention is diverted by his feelings for Zoe and a potential deal with Marco.


  • Toby Wallace as Kane
  • Sophie Lowe as Zoe
  • Lachy Hulme as Blake
  • Nicole Chamoun as Laila
  • Julian Maroun as Farid
  • Jamie Abdallah as Malik
  • Markella Kavenagh as Cindi
  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Marco
  • Kaden Hartcher as Stix
  • Lily Sullivan as Petra
  • Tyson Towney as Danny
  • Louis Corbett as Thomas
  • David Wenham as Jago
  • Dan Wyllie as Vic
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Gabe
  • John Brumpton as McGoo
  • Syd Zygier as Maeve
  • Jordan Mooney as Anthony
  • Sam Parsonson as Noddy
  • Simon Palomares as George Anabasis
  • Philip Hayden as McKew
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Lyno
  • Cliff Ellen as Martin
  • Michael Vice as Joshan
  • Madeleine Vizard as Georgia Lee
  • David Woods as Fitch
  • Kali Hulme as Sergeant Porter
  • Vic Haslam as Aged Care Nurse
  • Amy Raffe as Female Receptionist
  • Cait Spiker as Karyn
  • Kate Song as Katy
  • Jimmy Petropoulos as Kick Boxer Opponent
  • Peter Hitchener as News Presenter
  • Darius Googe as Stix Hand Double