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Episode 1.01
Monday, January 01, 2018 (Stan)
Written by Geoffrey Wright
Directed by Geoffrey Wright

Patriot Blue clash with anarchist group Antifasc at a Muslim festival. Kane's arrival disrupts the balance, and causes ripples through his estranged family. Laila is thrust into the role of publically representing a community.

Patriot Blue is a rag tag far right outfit led by BLAKE FARRON, a steroid and whisky addicted owner of a small rubbish removal business. They clash violently with ANTIFASC, an anarchist, far left group at a Muslim festival. A pair of young drifters, the charismatic KANE and his muscle friend STIX, join the fight and ultimately the right wing group. Blake’s younger wife ZOE, is clearly attracted to Kane.

Kane’s arrival disrupts worlds that had been in delicate balance. Alarmed anti-fascist leaders Petra and Danny use their technological advantage to try to unveil this new threat; whilst alt-right television shock-jock JAGO ZORIC is intrigued by the chance this newcomer provides to incite fresh conflict and deliver ratings. In the middle we see the rise of Muslim student Laila, after a passionate television appearance at the initial riot, she finds herself thrust into the role of representing a community and cornered into hard choices and unfamiliar territory.

Kane’s appearance also causes a ripple effect on his estranged family; upsetting the tenuous existences of his foster sister Cindi, who is in juvenile detention and planning a breakout; and his mother Gabe, whose traumatic past will begin to unravel with catastrophic consequences that only she can anticipate.


  • Toby Wallace as Kane
  • Sophie Lowe as Zoe
  • Lachy Hulme as Blake
  • Nicole Chamoun as Laila
  • Julian Maroun as Farid
  • Jamie Abdallah as Malik
  • Markella Kavenagh as Cindi
  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Marco
  • Kaden Hartcher as Stix
  • Lily Sullivan as Petra
  • Tyson Towney as Danny
  • Louis Corbett as Thomas
  • David Wenham as Jago
  • Dan Wyllie as Vic
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Gabe
  • John Brumpton as McGoo
  • Syd Zygier as Maeve
  • Jordan Mooney as Anthony
  • Sam Parsonson as Noddy
  • Philip Hayden as McKew
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Lyno
  • Travis Cotton as Spider
  • Natasha Dewhurst as Erin
  • Lester Ellis Jnr as Beau
  • Richard Anastasios as Simmo
  • Jack Hayes as Ryan
  • Bryony Hindley as Angel
  • Cliff Ellen as Martin
  • Shannon Berry as Moo
  • Katalina Siburian as Tina
  • Theresa Williams as Bad Dog
  • Collette Hardcastle as Youth Officer #1
  • Catherine Glavicic as Youth Officer #2
  • Rodney Afif as Talib
  • Shanyn Asmar as Eshaal
  • Amy Bachnik as Laila's Sister
  • Sequoia Pather as Veeda
  • Leila Rozario as Hala
  • Madeleine Vizard as Georgia Lee
  • Meegan May as Beedle
  • Russell Frost as Eddy
  • Darcy Brown as Lenard
  • Kate Gorman as Manager
  • Peter Hitchener as News Presenter
  • Nika Suwarsih as Stall Holder
  • Ignatia Cirila as Stall Holder
  • Siobhan Connors as Police Officer #1
  • Nikolas Kallis as Police Officer #2
  • Gerish Belachew-Hill as African Child #1
  • Liya Belachew-Hill as African Child #2
  • Nathan Simm as Cleaner Guy
  • Amy Raffe as Receptionist
  • Soren Jensen as Officer #1
  • Joshua Lin Hodge as Officer #2