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Episode 1.06
Monday, January 06, 2018 (Stan)
Written by Geoffrey Wright
Directed by Daina Reid

The story concludes in real time, as the competing groups converge on Anabasis. Extreme sentiments are enflamed on all sides and a violent conclusion ensues.

As the multiple twists and revelations sink in, the extremist groups’ convergence on George Anabasis takes its inexorable course. In real time over one night in Melbourne, a triad of Antifasc, Farid and Laila, and the Vic’s fascist assassin Magoo all begin to converge at an event where Anabasis is to speak, and Zoe is convinced Marco must be killed because he’s a block to the apocalyptic outcome she sees.

Cindi leaves a voicemail on Kane’s phone telling him she is with Antifasc at the Anabasis function. Ostensibly aiming to help Kane, she has instead alerted him to the threat: Kane knows that Vic’s man is going to set off a lethal explosion there. To save Cindi, Kane joins the race to the venue.

Anabasis, having made his speech, is confronted by both Farid and Antifasc with their contesting claims and pleas for help. Before Kane arrives, the assassin finds his way to Anabasis and, after a scuffle detonates his suicide vest. Kane arrives among the dead and wounded, on the brink of discovering who is dead and who has survived…


  • Toby Wallace as Kane
  • Sophie Lowe as Zoe
  • Lachy Hulme as Blake
  • Nicole Chamoun as Laila
  • Julian Maroun as Farid
  • Jamie Abdallah as Malik
  • Markella Kavenagh as Cindi
  • Jeremy Lindsay Taylor as Marco
  • Kaden Hartcher as Stix
  • Lily Sullivan as Petra
  • Tyson Towney as Danny
  • Louis Corbett as Thomas
  • David Wenham as Jago
  • Dan Wyllie as Vic
  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Gabe
  • John Brumpton as McGoo
  • Syd Zygier as Maeve
  • Jordan Mooney as Anthony
  • Sam Parsonson as Noddy
  • Simon Palomares as George Anabasis
  • David Woods as Fitch
  • Mike Stewart as Security #1
  • Vincent Dunlop as Security #2
  • Kim Denman as Penny
  • Dilruk Jayasinha as Master of Ceremonies
  • Dalton Grant Jnr as African Driver
  • Nikolai Egel as FED #1
  • Fiona Walsh as FED #2
  • Joe Gaudion as Youth #1
  • Joshua Garosa as Youth #3
  • Michael Joyce as Youth #4
  • Rian Goodge as Youth 1
  • Caylen Forbes as Youth 2
  • Vishwajeet Pradhan as Indian Uber Driver
  • Clara Landim as Anna
  • Sun Park as Julia Barca
  • Krishool Norgbedzie as DJ
  • John Flaus as Elderly Resident
  • Helen Bravo as Head Burn Woman
  • Laura Sutton as Burning Woman
  • Matthew (Chippa) Campbell as Guest #1
  • Graham Jahne as Guest #2