Return to Eden: miniseries

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Part One

Written by Michael Laurence
Produced by Hal McElroy
Directed by Karen Arthur
  • Rebecca Gilling as Stephanie Harper & Tara Welles
  • James Reyne as Greg Marsden
  • Wendy Hughes as Jilly Stewart
  • James Smilie as Dan Marshall
  • Olivia Hamnett as Joanna Randall
  • Patricia Kennedy as Katy Basklain
  • Bill Kerr as Dave Welles
  • Peter Gwynne as Bill McMaster
  • John Lee as Phillip Stewart
  • Charles McCallum as Matey
  • Nicole Pyner as Sarah
  • Jayson Duncan as Dennis
  • Charles Lathalu Yunipingu as Christopher
  • Steve Djati Yunipingu as Sam
  • Paul Sonkkila as Joe Reeder
  • Jamie Blain as Ben
  • Sheila Kennelly as Lisa
  • Ken Goodlet as Sandy Dell
  • Jennifer Nairn-Smith as Lisa
  • Jackie Byrne as Suzi
  • Tony Blackett as Reg Rutherford
  • Benita Collings as Estelle Rutherford
  • Robert Wilde as Cameraman
  • Brenda Scallon as Anchorwoman
  • Marcus O'Laughlin as TV Reporter
  • Alan Russell as Minister
  • Phillip Avalon as Bestman
  • Cedric Myers as Max Harper
  • Hudson Fawcett as Doctor
  • Wandjuk Marika O.B.W & Family as Aboriginal Mourners
  • Harry Jervis as Sgt. Tim Gully
  • Winton Quoy as Gem Dealer

Return to Eden begins when the rich hairess and twice-divorced mother of two Stephanie Harper marries handsome young tennis champ Greg Marsden.

Greg soon begins an affair with Stephane's best friend, Jilly Stewart, and on their honeymoon in Eden (Stephanie's family estate in the Northen Territory), Greg seizes on an opportunity during a sunset boat ride with Stephanie and Jilly to push Stephanie into the crocodile-infested river. She doesn't last long.

Stephanie amazingly survives the attacks and is rescue by Dave Welles, who takes her back to his secret camp in the middle of the bush. He tends to her wounds, nurses her back to health, and three weeks later sends her on her way with a tin of opals to start a new life and a new name — Tara Welles, named after a lost love.

Three weeks after leaving Dave Welles' camp, Tara arrives at Orpheus Island, the home of a resort medical clinic run by Dr. Dan Marshall specializing in reconstructive surgery.

Tara doesn't want to just have her scars covered up, she wants to leave as a completely different person. After extensive plastic surgery and physical therapy, Tara departs.

Meanwhile, it's been eight months since Stephanie's death and Greg is wanting a resolution — a body so he can legally establish her death. Bill McMaster is just as happy for him to wait out the seven years required by law before he can get his hands on Stephanie's fortune and enjoys telling Greg of a clause in her will that leaves Greg nothing should he remarry.

Tara arrives in Sydney and looks in on the lives of her children and her husband. After completing her transformation with a full makeover, Tara strides into a talent agency and confidently proclaims she is looking for an agent, someone who can get her on the cover of Vogue in six months.