Return to Eden: miniseries

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Part Three

Written by Michael Laurence
Produced by Hal McElroy
Directed by Karen Arthur
  • Rebecca Gilling as Stephanie Harper & Tara Welles
  • James Reyne as Greg Marsden
  • Wendy Hughes as Jilly Stewart
  • James Smilie as Dan Marshall
  • Olivia Hamnett as Joanna Randall
  • Patricia Kennedy as Katy Basklain
  • Chris Haywood as Jason Peebles
  • Charles Lathalu Yunipingu as Christopher
  • Steve Djati Yunipingu as Sam
  • Nicole Pyner as Sarah
  • Jayson Duncan as Dennis
  • Jennifer Nairn-Smith as Lisa
  • Jackie Byrne as Suzi
  • Paul Freeman as Jason's Assistant
  • Harry Jervis as Sgt. Jim Gully
  • John Burton as Ranger

Dan's search for Tara brings him to Joanna Randall. He wants to know if she has been seeing Greg Marsden and explains everything, from Stephanie's accident to her resurrection as Tara Welles. Joanna finds it all hard to believe but upon learning that Dan was her doctor and helped create Tara, Joanna confirms that Tara is seeing Greg.

Meanwhile, Tara makes her return to Eden in the company of Greg. Tara quickly settles into the familiar surroundings but her behaviour soon gives her away to Katy, Eden's housekeeper, and workers Sam and Chris.

Finally alone with Tara, Greg makes it clear what his expectations are but Tara confesses every time he touches her she can't help but think of his wife, prompting Greg to come clean: he, as a failing athlete, only married Stephanie for her money but Tara, she is everything Stephanie wasn't.

Tara's plan for revenge begins to come together with the inevitable arrival of Jilly.

Dan, still in search of Tara, goes to her Sydney home. There he finds her children, Dennis and Sarah, and confirms their suspicions that Tara is their mother. Dan agrees to fly them all up to Eden.

Tara begins setting up the final stage of her plan. She sedates Katy and sends Sam to the police with a message. She 'haunts' an increasingly unstable Jilly before revealing herself as Stephanie. As Jilly and Greg look on, Stephanie explains the whole story of her rescue, recovery, and rage-fuelled motivation to destroy him. Ripping off her 'Stephanie' wig, she reveals herself as Tara.

In the ensuing fracas, the house catches fire, Chris is shot, and an enraged Greg pursues Stephanie through the estate. Greg finally catches up with Stephanie and attempts to drown her but he is shot by Jilly. Injured, Greg stumbles to the airplane to escape but after taking off, he passes out from blood lose and the plane crashes and explodes.

In the light of day, Chris is taken to hospital and Jilly is taken away by the police, who have arrived in response to Stephanie's massage. With the arrival of Dan, Dennis and Sarah, Stephanie is reunited with those she loves.