Return to Eden: miniseries

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Part Two

Written by Michael Laurence
Produced by Hal McElroy
Directed by Karen Arthur
  • Rebecca Gilling as Stephanie Harper & Tara Welles
  • James Reyne as Greg Marsden
  • Wendy Hughes as Jilly Stewart
  • James Smilie as Dan Marshall
  • Olivia Hamnett as Joanna Randall
  • Chris Haywood as Jason Peebles
  • Peter Gwynne as Bill McMaster
  • John Lee as Phillip Stewart
  • Charles McCallum as Matey
  • Nicole Pyner as Sarah
  • Jayson Duncan as Dennis
  • Lois Ramsey as Dot
  • Jim Holt as Agency Man
  • Steve Grant as Male Model
  • Jennifer Nairn-Smith as Lisa
  • Jackie Byrne as Suzi
  • Nicola Scott as Make-up Girl
  • Paul Freeman as Jason's Assistant
  • Chris Kavanager as Tennis Pro

While Tara's modelling career has taken off and she has achieved her goal of her first cover, Greg discovers he has been voted off the board of Harper Mining. His is also growing weary of his relationship with Jilly and her desire to get married isn't what he wants to hear.

Tara seeks out Greg while attending a charity tennis match where she catches his eye from the crowd. Greg begins to shift his attentions to Tara prompting Jilly to confront Tara at a photo shoot to ask if she's having an affair with Greg.

The one-time friends go out for drinks and while taking, Jilly tells Tara that Greg never loved Stephanie so she wasn't doing anything disloyal by having an affair with him.

Doctor Dan Marshall, in town for medical conference, makes surprise appearance at one of Tara's photo shoots and the pair reconnect over dinner.

Tara agrees to go away for the weekend with Greg.

When Tara and Greg arrives at his Sydney home, she is surprised to learn her kids are there as well. She isn't recognised (except by the dog) and has the opportunity to spend time with her kids. Son Dennis is welcoming but daughter Sarah is distant, viewing her as just another woman Greg has brought into her mother's home.

Meanwhile, Jilly asks her husband Phillip for a divorce. She is surprised by his reaction and hadn't realised he knew of her affair with Greg from the start. Jilly goes to see Greg only to find him with Tara. Greg explains that he's seeing other women to take suspicion off them. Greg is not thrilled to hear of Jilly's pending divorce.

Tara returns home to find Dan waiting for her. He surprises her by proposing but Tara says no. Tara won't offer an explanation and sends him off saying she doesn't love him.

Returning her focus to Greg, Tara calls him and suggests they go away somewhere they won't be interrupted — Eden. He's reluctant but she talks him into it. Before they fly out, Tara makes one more call, to Jilly, informing her of their plans.