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Maimed Manor

Episode 01
Canada: February 2001 (Teletoon)
Australia: November 12, 2001 (SBS)
Written by Andrew Nicholls and Darrell Vickers

A drunken Reilly is run over by millionaire Mort Bromberg after leaving Griz's bar. His doctor's kid brother is a lawyer and at Reilly's birthday party, he is informed that he has been given a mansion by a guilt ridden Mort—although Mort's wife Liz is no at all pleased the house is next door to their own. Reilly invites his friends to move into the mansion with him.

Bad Manors

Episode 02
Written by Todd Thicke

Perpetually low on cash, Reilly and the gang make several fairly honest attempts at finding jobs in the real world with no success. Lightbulb! Rent out the luxurious Maimed Manor for weddings, parties, anything.


Episode 03
Written by Todd Thicke

In a vain attempt to increase her social cachet, Liz hires Blazer to recruit the guys for a charity telethon. The telethon becomes a success after Blazer gets the guys to be more pitiful but a rebelion results when it is learned Blazer is working for Liz and the event ends in a costly brawl.

The Fraud Quad

Episode 04
Written by Jeremy Hotz and Todd Thicke

Eduardo Villarosa-Costa-Brava-de la Hoya-Chimichanga, a self-proclaimed "man-of-adventure" from Spain, enthralls the residents of the mansion with his stories while staying under their roof. Reilly is unimpressed and is convinced he is a fraud, thief, and perfectly capable of walking—he just has to prove it to the others. In a bid to expand the church's profitable cemetary, Sister Butch unleashes a plague of rats on the mansion.

Christmas Holidaze

Episode 05
Written by Alan Daniels

Reiily's battle with sobriety is challenged over Christmas, especially with a barkeeper for a friend.

Life Wheel 3000

Episode 06
Written by Ken Cuperus

Franny drags the guys to a"Handi-Capable Home Show" where Reilly gets the latest hi-tech wheelchair, GAL 3000. The Bromberg's prepare their home to be featured in Pretentious Home Digest.

Gonad's Faust

Episode 07
Written by Jennifer Pertsch

Reilly's inability to perform causes him to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for the return of his manhood, but when he wants to back out of the deal, Reilly becomes possessed forcing Sister Butch to battle the Devil for his immortal soul.

Monkey in the Middle

Episode 08
Written by Vito Viscomi

Spalding thinks it's time Reilly became "proactive with his quadness" to reduce his dependance on others so Reilly decides to get a trained monkey to assist him. Franny is not happy about him exploiting the animal but the others are so impressed they all get monkeys of their own. Mort's childhood fear of monkeys resurfaces.

The Son's Also Blinded

Episode 09
Written by Kenn Scott and John Pellatt

A TV news report on the residents of the mansion leads to Fontaine reuniting with his ten-year-old runaway son Grover who appears at the door soon after. As Fontaine and Grover bond, Fanny's biological clock starts ticking and much to Reilly's horror, Franny decides she wants a baby to validate her and Reilly's love.

Guinea Pigs

Episode 10
Written by Todd Thicke

Deborah Golden signs up Reilly and his friends for a series of experimental medical tests to help her finish her thesis. Spalding helps Mort get into shape following a heart attack.

The Unkindest Cut

Episode 11
Written by Steve French and Brendan Luno

The residents decide to rent out a room in the mansion to help pay Reilly's medical bill after he is in an accident. When Reilly then decides to run for city council, opposing Liz, his honesty about his scandalous past proves popular with the voters. Blazer sets out to prove their new roommate is not what she seems.

Fatal Distraction

Episode 12
Written by Andrea Gillies

Griz's little sister from Texas comes for a visit and attempts to seduce Spalding. Reilly agrees to be Spalding's date to help him make Bruce jealous but the plan backfires when Bruce takes a shine to Reilly, causing Franny some concern.

Spalding in the Family Way

Episode 13
Written by Anthony Watt and Brendan Luno

Spalding's parent's come to visit, and while his mother keeps herself busy cleaning the mansion, his father shows him how to properly care for Reilly. Griz's bar is due for a health inspection. Spalding and Franny pretend to be together so Spalding can avoid telling his parents he is gay.