A Nelvana Limited / MediaWorld Features Pty Ltd Co-Production

Executive Producers:
John Callahan, Michael Hirsh, Deborah Levin, Patrick Loubert, Judy Malmgren, Clive A. Smith, John Tatoulis

Developed by: Andrew Nicholls and Darrell Vickers
Producers: Steve Hodgins, Patricia Burns, Marianne Culbert, Colin South
Directors: Chris LaBonte, Steve French

Original theme and score by John Clifford White

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist John Callahan presents this dark but humourous tale featuring a quadriplegic, a blind man, a man with hooks for hands and one guy who's just a head on a skateboard. It's dark, it's cynical, it's twisted and it's definitely a comedy. Starring Reilly, a foul-mouthed drunk who is paralyzed after being run over by a Rolls Royce and then given a mansion by the guilt-ridden driver, we get a first-hand account of a quadriplegic and his assortment of other differently-abled friends who live under the same roof. Quads is the world's first broadcast television series produced entirely in Macromedia Flash animation
Starringas the voice of
James KeeReilly O'Reilly
Terri HawkesFranny
Matthew KingSpalding (1)
Mark TrevorrowSpalding (2)
Cliff SaundersBlazer
Paul HaddadLefty
Maurice Dean WintFontaine
Hamish HughesGriz
Diane FabianLiz Bromberg
Marvin KayeMort Bromberg
Linda KashDr. Deborah Golden
Corinne ConleySister Butch

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