Original Concept by: Jonathan M. Shiff and Greg Millin
Executive Producers: Jonathan M. Shiff and Kay Ben-M'rad
Producers: Jonathan M. Shiff and Daniel Scharf
Directors: Richard Jasek and Grant Brown
Writers: Stephen Davis, Annie Fox, Michael Joshua, Peter Kinloch, Meg Mappin,
Kris Mrksa, David Phillips, David Rapsey, Kier Shorey

Filmed: October 2001 to April 2002 (Port Douglas and Melbourne)
Aired: 2003

When 15-year-old Kate Redding and her younger brother and sister are sucked into their computer game into a land of 18th Century swashbuckling pirates, there is bound to be plenty of action and adventure. Marooned in an exotic archipelago, the three children set up base in a tree house and do battle with Captain Blackheart, his band of Pirates and a stranded group of Castaway Children. They discover the only way home is to finish the game — by beating the Pirates and the Castaway Children to the hidden pirate treasure. Winner of the Atom Award for Best Children's TV Series 2003. (26x30min)

Series two, The Lost Treasure of Fiji, began shooting in early 2006 in Fiji and Australia, the story revolves around Australian and Fijian computer champs who are forced to swap their consoles for real swords when they are thrown into a virtual world. Here they face the dreaded Blackheart and his dangerous new First Mate, Lily, for a hoard of treasure.
Brooke HarmanKate Redding
Nicholas DonaldsonNicholas Redding
Eliza Taylor-CotterSarah Redding
Oliver AcklandMars
Colin MoodyCaptain Blackheart
Lucia SmyrkCarmen
Darcy BonserPerry
Madeleine JayLizard
Jim DalyDugal
Jasper BaggDarcy The Dandy
Andy McPheeCutthroat Jack
Franklyn AjayeFive Spice
Ziggy CroweGiant
Russell AllanUgly Sam
Graham JahneNed Crow
Derrick MurphySpanish Pete
John StantonThe Ghost Of Captain Quade
Oliver Ackland and Brooke Harman

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