Produced by Banana J Media in Association with
ZDF German Television Network, ZDF Enterprises GMBH and Pirate Islands (FIJI) Ltd

Executive Producer: Jonathan M. Shiff
Producer: Judith John-Story
Writers: Chris Anastassiades, Simon Butters, Sam Carroll, Philip Dalkin, Max Dann,
Kirsty Fisher, David Hannam, Joss King, Anthony Morris, Chris Roache
Director: Grant Brown

Aired: February 2007 (Ten)

Top Gamers from around the world Tyler, Kirra and Alison are in Fiji for the launch of the new computer game, 'The Lost Treasure of Fiji'. But things go awry when they find themselves pulled inside the digital world in search of Tyler's younger brother. Swashbuckling pirates and tropical dangers become all too real obstacles as they join forces to solve the game and find their way back home before it's too late. Stand-alone sequel to Pirate Islands. (13 x 24 min)
John NobleBlackheart
Kain O'KeeffeTyler Bradden
Adelaide ClementsAlison
Sera TikotikovatuKirra
Joey AtkinsMarty Bradden
Wame ValentineSol
Nathan VernonHarry
Jim DalyDugal
Robert GrubbSalty Ben
Tony NikolakopoulosCannonball Bob
Bert LabonteSharktooth Pete
Bay AbbeyScurvey Bill
Francisco Dos SantosNick The Knot
Saskia BurmeisterLilly

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