Pirate Islands: cast

Brooke Harman as Kate Redding

Brooke Harman

Brooke Harman plays the lead role of Kate Redding, a confident teenager who wants to be in control and win. Having spent a good portion of her life playing computer games, Kate employs every gaming trick she knows in her attempts to defeat the evil Captain Blackheart and escape from Pirate Islands with her brother and sister.

Brooke began her impressive television career seven years ago in the award winning children's television series THE WAYNE MANIFESTO. She has since starred in the television series MISERY GUTS, BEASTMASTER and FLIPPER as well as having had guest appearances on HOME & AWAY and ALL SAINTS.

The seventeen year old has also starred in the feature film TILL HUMAN VOICES WAKE US and the telemovies FINDING HOPE and STEPSISTER FROM THE PLANET WEIRD. Brooke will soon be seen in the role of Maggie in the yet to be released feature film NED KELLY.

Nicholas Donaldson as Nicholas Redding

Nicholas Donaldson

Nicholas Donaldson plays the role of Nicholas Redding, the younger brother who prefers to steer clear of danger whilst Kate dives right in. Nicholas provides a voice of reason to his siblings, but when he fights the Pirates — he rises to the occasion.

Nick Donaldson has played principal roles in theatrical productions of DR. DOLITTLE, FORTESQUE and TWELFTH NIGHT.

Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Sarah Redding

Eliza Taylor-Cotter

Fourteen year old Eliza plays Sarah, the imaginative youngest sibling whose special bond with nature on the island helps to keep her family out of trouble.

PIRATE ISLANDS is Eliza's first professional role on television. She has previously performed in school plays and is a member of The Australian Youth Choir.

Oliver Ackland as Mars

Oliver Ackland

Oliver Ackland plays the charming and spirited character Mars, the only person mad enough to challenge Blackheart, except for Kate.

Oliver played the lead role of Vince in the television series THE OUTRIDERS and has also appeared in the series ALL SAINTS.

Having studied drama with the Australian Theatre for Young People, Oliver starred in their 2000 performance of THE BIRDS. Oliver also performed in the short film THEREFORE I AM.

Colin Moody as Blackheart

Colin Moody

Colin Moody plays the malicious Captain Blackheart. First mate to the murdered Captain Quade, Blackheart's aim is to find the treasure that they amassed together.

Most recently Colin played the regular role of Tom on the ABC series SOMETHING IN THE AIR. Colin has also appeared on television programs including WILDSIDE, GP, A COUNTRY PRACTICE and THE FLYING DOCTORS.

An established theatre performer, Colin has acted in Sydney Theatre Company productions of TITUS ANDRONICUS, THE CRUCIBLE, MACBETH and THE HOMECOMING, as well as the Melbourne Theatre Company's production of THE DUCHESS OF MALFI.

Colin has also starred in the feature films PENAL COLONY, ROAD TO ALICE and THE WAYFARERS.

Lucia Smyrk as Carmen

Lucia Smyrk plays the competitive and strong Carmen, who endeavours to keep Mars and Kate apart — at any cost.

Lucia has studied music since 1996, and has performed in the musicals THE MIKADO, THE SOUND OF MUSIC and BUGSY MALONE. Lucia has also starred in theatrical productions of CROMWELL STREET and POETRY IN MOTION. Before her role in PIRATE ISLANDS, Lucia played the lead role of Anne in the Channel Seven drama series SHORT CUTS.

Darcy Bonser as Perry

Darcy Bonser plays the lonely Rainforest Tribe's lookout, Perry. When Nicholas arrives on the island Perry gains a friend, however such distractions are dangerous for the tribe.

Darcy has appeared on the television programs STINGERS, BLUE HEELERS and NEIGHBOURS. Darcy has also performed in theatrical productions of OSCAR WILDE, THE SECRET GARDEN, OLIVER and DEATH OF A SALESMAN.

Madeleine Jay as Lizard

Twelve year old Madeleine Jay plays Lizard, a member of the Rainforest Tribe who is energetic and full of life. Madeleine's television credits include ROUND THE TWIST, NEIGHBOURS and BLUE HEELERS.

Jim Daley as Dugal

Jim Daley plays the role of Dugal, Blackheart's clumsy yet faithful servant.

With a professional career spanning nearly fifty years, Jim Daley has a gift for comedy appearing on the television programs THE GAMES, THE MICALLEF PROGRAM and BACKBERNER. Jim has also appeared in SOMETHING IN THE AIR, BLUE HEELERS and STATE CORONER.


An established theatre performer, Jim received the 1996 Victorian Green Room award for Most Outstanding Performer in Fringe Theatre for THE 8:16 VODKA SYNDROME and was nominated for the same award in 2000 for his performance in THE PROCEDURE.

Jim Daley also appeared as Curly the Hologram in the Jonathan M Shiff Production THUNDERSTONE III.

Andy McPhee as Cutthroat Jack

Andy McPhee plays the bloodthirsty Cutthroat Jack, a heartless brute who takes great pleasure in doing Blackheart's dirty work.

Andy's versatility as an actor has earned him a wealth of television appearances on programs such as THE SECRET LIFE OF US, BLUE HEELERS, STINGERS, SEA CHANGE, NEIGHBOURS, ON THE BEACH and GOOD GUYS BAD GUYS.

Andy has also appeared in a number of classic Australian films including BAD BOY BUBBY and PHARLAP.

Jasper Bagg as Darcy the Dandy

Jasper Bagg plays the role of DARCY THE DANDY, a lazy Pirate who prefers to lounge around on a canvas than set it to sail.

Jasper's television credits include major guest appearances on programs such as STINGERS, BLUE HEELERS, JANUS, NEIGHBOURS, ROUND THE TWIST, and the Jonathan M.Shiff Productions' THUNDERSTONE and HORACE AND TINA.

Jasper has received numerous theatrical awards, including the 1993 Lyrebird Award for Best Actor for his role as John Proctor in THE CRUCIBLE. Jasper is President of the Independent Performance Committee and for the past five years has been President of the Chambers Theatre Company in Melbourne.

Franklyn Ajaye as Five Spice

Franklyn Ajaye is an accomplished musician, writer, comedian and actor. A regular guest on Network Ten's THE PANEL, Franklyn also appeared in the Working Dog mockumentary FRONTLINE.

Franklyn's feature film credits include classics such as THE BURBS, STIR CRAZY, CONVOY, CAR WASH, HOLLWOOD SHUFFLE and THE JAZZ SINGER.

Ziggy Crowe as Giant

Ziggy Crowe's feature film credits include TROJAN WARRIOR and the yet to be released THE HARD WORD. Ziggy is the subject of an entry for the 2002 Archibald Prize.

Russell Allan as Ugly Sam

A member of Blackheart's crew

Graham Jahne as Ned Crow

A member of Blackheart's crew. Graham Jahne is primarily known for his extensive work as a stunt performer.

Derrick Murphy as Spanish Pete

One of Blackheart's crew, Spanish Pete is zapped by the scanner in the first episode and never seen again.

John Stanton as Captain Quade

John Stanton plays Captain Quade, a ghost who plans to guard the location of his hidden treasure for all eternity.

John Stanton has a wealth of experience in performance, and has appeared on numerous television shows which include GOOD GUYS BAD GUYS, HALIFAX FP and HOMICIDE. He has also appeared in the feature films RENT A COP, VACANT POSSESSION, TAI PAN and PHARLAP.

John has appeared in the Melbourne Theatre Company stage productions of THE MISANTHROPE, KING LEAR, A DOLL's HOUSE, BETRAYAL, MACBETH and THE RIVALS. He has also performed in numerous productions with both the Queensland and Sydney Theatre Company.