An Aardvark/Mune production

Producers: Roger Donaldson, Ian Mune
Directors: Roger Donaldson, Ian Mune

Aired: 1975, 1976

An anthology series based on works of major New Zealand writers. From the swaggies on the country road at the turn of the century to the city streets of the seventies, these stories reflect the loneliness and laughter, the problems and pleasures of life in New Zealand.
Anne FlanneryWoman
Nicola SandersonKid
Ilona RogersKatherine
Jeremy StevensJim
Ian MuneJo
Ivan BeavisThe Shiner
Ian MuneHon McKay
Bernard MoodyHarry The Lemon
Harold KissinBallarat Bertie
Ian WatkinPublican Robinson
Dale WilliamsHema
Julie WehipeihanaJaney
Sue HansenWiki
Don SelwynPera
Yvonne LawleyMiss Laverty
Russell DuncanMr Mooney
Leslie DayPaul Mooney
Pam MerwoodMrs Mooney
Ian MuneMick
Ivan BevisCharlie
John BlackJohnny
William SmithFred
David WeatherleyKen
Midge MeidropsMary
Clyde ScottBill Morrison
Jane DyerWife
Cass DonalddonBoy
Cast Photo

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