Winners & Losers: episode guide

The Woman at the Store

March 1975
Story by Katherine Mansfield
Adapted by Ian Mune, Peter Hansard
Directed by Roger Donaldson, Ian Mune

Three travellers encounter a strange woman and child at a remote country store.

Starring: Anne Flannery as Woman, Nicola Sanderson as Kid, Ilona Rogers as Katherine, Jeremy Stevens as Jim, Ian Mune as Jo

Shining with the Shiner

April 05, 1976
Story by John A. Lee
Adapted by Roger Simpson
Directed by Roger Donaldson and Ian Mune

When times were hard, and men roamed the countryside searching for a day's work to buy a meal or a drink, one man danced scornfully above the hardship and privations. Ned Slattery, better known as Shiner, refused on principle to work, yet never lacked a meal, a bed, or a tot of whisky.

Starring: Ivan Beavis as The Shiner, Ian Mune as Hon McKay, Bernard Moody as Harry The Lemon, Harold Kissin as Ballarat Bertie, Ian Watkin as Publican Robinson

Also Appearing: Tommy Adderley, Bob Gould, Wayne Bell, Les Hunt, Ross Browne, Johnny Johnstone, Ron Cooke, Peter Hunt, Bob Crockett, Nevan Rowe

Big Brother, Little Sister

April 12, 1976
Story by Witi Ihimaera
Adapted by Roger Simpson
Directed by Ian Mune

Two children, Hema and Janey, try to run away from the violence and isolation of the city and the destruction of their family and home.

Starring: Dale Williams as Hema, Julie Wehipeihana as Janey, Sue Hansen as Wiki, Don Selwyn as Pera, Milton Hughes as Father, Jim Coates as Drunk, Nevan Rowe as Ticket-seller, Johnny Johnstone as Man

Blues for Miss Laverty

April 19, 1976
Story by Maurice Duggan
Adapted by Alan Smythe
Directed by Ian Mune and Roger Donaldson

Miss Mary May Laverty, teacher of pianoforte and violin, clutching to hold the pieces of her life together with one hand, reaches out with the other... but motives and intentions can often be misread.

Starring: Yvonne Lawley as Miss Laverty, Russell Duncan as Mr Mooney, Leslie Day as Paul Mooney, Pam Merwood as Mrs Mooney, Les Hunt as Man Downstairs

A Lawful Excuse

April 26, 1976
Story by Barry Crump
Adapted by Ross Jolly, Ian Mune & Roger Donaldson
Directed by Roger Donaldson

When a bloke makes a commitment it’s for life… or until things change. But for Mick and Charlie there are better things in life than prison.

Starring: Ian Mune as Mick, Ivan Beavis as Charlie, John Black as Johnny

Also Appearing: Allan Brown, Shelley Lodge, Bob Crockett, Colin Duckworth, Billy Kelly, David Mitchell, Pat Hanley, Sheila Summers

A Great Day

May 03, 1976
Story by Frank Sargeson
Adapted by Arthur Baysting
Directed by Ian Mune

Some people seem to get everything, while others get nothing. But when a man does own everything, he wants to keep it — even if it is only the fish in the sea.

Starring: William Smith as Fred, David Weatherley as Ken, Midge Meidrops as Mary

After the Depression

May 10, 1976
Story by Maurice Shadbolt
Adapted by Arthur Baysting
Directed by Roger Donaldson

At the end of the Great Depression times were getting better for men who had been prepared to go anywhere, do anything, so long as it meant work. But for William Morrison, in 1938, the past could be a handicap and old enemies still held power.

Starring: Clyde Scott as Bill Morrison, Jane Dyer as Wife, Cass Donaldson as Boy, Bernard Moody as Mine Manager

Also Appearing: Bob Crockett, Bob Gould, Desmond Locke