Winners & Losers: cast

  • The Woman at the Store:

  • Anne Flannery
    as Woman

  • Nicola Sanderson
    as Kid

  • Ilona Rogers
    as Katherine

  • Jeremy Stevens
    as Jim

  • Ian Mune
    as Jo

  • Shining with the Shiner:

  • Ivan Beavis
    as The Shiner

  • Ian Mune
    as Hon McKay

  • Bernard Moody
    as Harry The Lemon

  • Harold Kissin
    as Ballarat Bertie

  • Ian Watkin
    as Publican Robinson

  • Big Brother, Little Sister:

  • Dale Williams
    as Hema

  • Julie Wehipeihana
    as Janey

  • Sue Hansen
    as Wiki

  • Don Selwyn
    as Pera

  • Milton Hughes
    as Father

  • Nevan Rowe
    as Ticket Seller

  • Blues for Miss Laverty:

  • Yvonne Lawley
    as Miss Laverty

  • Russell Duncan
    as Mr Mooney

  • Leslie Day
    as Paul Mooney

  • Pam Merwood
    as Mrs Mooney

  • Les Hunt
    as Man Downstairs

  • A Lawful Excuse:

  • Ian Mune
    as Mick

  • Ivan Beavis
    as Charlie

  • John Black
    as Johnny

  • A Great Day:

  • William Smith
    as Fred

  • David Weatherley
    as Ken

  • Midge Meidrops
    as Mary

  • After the Depression:

  • Clyde Scott
    as Bill Morrison

  • Jane Dyer
    as Wife

  • Cass Donaldson
    as Boy

  • Bernard Moody
    as Mine Manager