The Brokenwood Mysteries: episode guide

From the Cradle to the Grave


Episode 8.01 (31)
June 27, 2022 (Acorn)
Written by Tim Balme
Directed by Josh Frizzell

In need of funds for the Brokenwood Museum, curator Daphne Richards decides to sell its prized Egyptian mummy to a private collector, retired archaeologist Gordon Godley. The museum's groundskeeper, Johnny Oades, offers to transport the mummy, along with his relatives Rhys and Frodo. But when they stop en route for a peek at their cargo, they are horribly shocked by what's inside the sarcophagus.

Starring: Neill Rea as Mike, Fern Sutherland as Kristin, Jarod Rawiri as Chalmers, Cristina Ionda as Gina

Karl Willetts as Frodo, 
Tracy Lee Gray as Trudy, Shane Cortese as Dennis, 
Roy Ward as Reverend Greene, 
Jamie Irvine as Johnny, 
Arlo Green as Rhys, 
Elisabeth Easther as Daphne, 
Meryl Main as Janis, 
Joel Tobeck as Bobby, 
Lauren Gibson as Abigail, 
Simon Prast as Gordon, 
Ascia Maybury as Dr. Carlton, 
Sinead Fitzgerald as Fennella, uncredited as Antigone James

Death 'n' Bass


Episode 8.02 (32)
July 04, 2022 (Acorn)
W: James Griffin
D: Mike Smith

The morning after Brokenwood's first drum 'n' bass festival, the van belonging to the band Starscraper suddenly explodes seemingly from the volume of the music it was playing. When Vince "Apollo" Scully, one half of the Starscraper duo, is found dead inside, Gina theorizes that he may have been killed by sound. But was his death accidental, or did someone have a motive to silence the musician?

Karl Willetts as Frodo, 
Tracy Lee Gray as Trudy, Peter Tait as Doug, 
Phil Peleton as Neil Bloom, 
Kimberley Crossman as Lisa, 
Patrick Tafa as Ricky, 
Caleb Wells as Cameron, 
Barnie Duncan as Vince, 
Scotty Cotter as Anaru, 
Renaye Tamati as Serena, 
Phoenix Connolly as Brianna, 
Toby Clafferty as Little Jack

Spark to a Flame


Episode 8.03 (33)
July 11, 2022 (Acorn)
W: Roy Ward
D: Jacqueline Nairn

Lynley Foster moved to a community of beach cottages at Pāteke Point in search of peace and quiet, but that dream is dashed by her disagreeable neighbor, Wyatt, who is fond of loud music and his even louder leaf blower. Lynley forms a local society to fight back, leading a longtime resident to suggest a bonfire night to mend fences. The next morning, however, Lynley turns up bludgeoned to death.

With: Laura Hill as Miranda, 
Tania Nolan as Debs, 
Danielle Mason as Lynley, 
John Katipa as Joe, 
Akinehi Munroe as Emmy, 
Bronwyn Ensor as Stephanie, 
Jackson Bliss as Kirk, 
Stephen Ure as Wyatt, 
Benjamin Sawyer as Aidan, 
Elliot Lloyd-Bell as Jordy

Three Coins in a Fountain


Episode 8.04 (34)
July 18, 2022 (Acorn)
W: Tim Balme
D: David de Lautour

One Sunday morning, the Brokenwood fountain is spraying reddish-brown water due to a man impaled on its sculpture. The victim is an American tourist who has three gold coins secreted in various places on his person. These clues point to the curious sport of spoofing, and the detectives soon narrow their suspects down to the fellow competitors at the previous night's spoofing championship.

With: Karl Willetts as Frodo, 
Jordan Mooney as Quentin, 
Te Kohe Tuhaka as Tane, 
Byron Coll as Pablo, 
Andrew Grainger as Alden, 
Bree Peters as Karla/John Ruby, 
Cameron Rhodes as Dr. Plummer, 
Roy Ward as Rev. Greene, 
Tracy Lee Gray as Trudy, 
Jason Hoyte as Ray, 
Michael Saccente as Brad, 
Amy Usherwood as Vita, 
Jess Loudon as Beth

Good as Gold


Episode 8.05 (35)
July 25, 2022 (Acorn)
W: Sarah-Kate Lynch
D: Caroline Bell-Booth

Jane Fergusson is gold panning in the Brokenwood River when she is gunned down. The detectives soon learn that the Fergusson family has been feuding over gold since the 1860s with the Hollands, who have a homestead directly across the river from them. Could the killer be Bill Holland, a known antagonist of Jane's? Or Maude, a recently fired farmhand? Or even Jane's best friend?

With: Karl Willetts as Frodo, Tracy Lee Gray as Trudy, Kerry-Lee Dewing as Jane, Josh McKenzie as Bill, Jessie Lawrence as Casey, Jess Holly Bates as Annie, Lisa Chappell as Polly, Roy Billing as Dan, Roimata Fox as Missy, Madeleine Adams as Maude, Kauri Williams as Todd, Arthur Ranford as Jock, Jess Loudon as Beth, Tami Neilson as Herself, Tom Broome as Himself, Chip Matthews as Himself, Brett Adams as Himself

Four Fires and a Funeral


Episode 8.06 (36)
August 01, 2022 (Acorn)
W: Nic Sampson and Tim Balme
D: Mike Smith

The charred remains of a body are discovered in the burned-out remnants of a rural shed, but no one lived there, and no one was meant to be there at all. As Mike and Kristin are tasked with identifying the unidentifiable, it becomes apparent this is the third in a run of "accidental" deaths, all attended by the Brokenwood Fire Brigade. Could one of its members be Brokenwood's first serial killer?

With: Karl Willetts as Frodo, Roy Ward as Rev Greene, Cameron Rhodes as Dr. Plummer, Tracy Lee Gray as Trudy, Peter Tait as Doug, Jess Loudon as Beth, Laura Daniel as Romily, Paul Gittins as Steve, Kip Chapman as Warren, Todd Emerson as Dougal, Joe Naufahu as Sean, Frith Horan as Claudia, Sam Snedden as Martyn, Muna Arbon as Samantha, Ascia Maybury as Dr. Carlton, Bronwyn Bradley as Mrs. Baker