Produced by South Pacific Pictures

Producer: Chris Bailey
Executive Producers: John Barnett, Kelly Martin
Directors: Mike Smith, Josh Frizzell, Michael Hurst, ...
Writers: Tim Balme, Philip Dalkin, James Griffin, ...

Airing: 2014...

The Brokenwood Mysteries, begins when two fishermen find the body of a local farmer in the river, and Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea) is sent to the small rural town of Brokenwood to investigate the death with local Detective Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland). Is this the suicide of a man guilty of his own wife's murder or is he the victim of foul play? Like Agatha Christie's Poirot, Shepherd has his own rather 'unique' ways of unravelling the mystery, much to the exasperation of Sims. Before the credits roll in each feature length episode Shepherd will have his culprit, but with more red herrings than a Scandinavian canning factory, you'll be kept guessing right to the very end! (48x90min)
Neill ReaDI Mike Shepherd
Fern SutherlandDC Kristin Sims
Nic SampsonConstable Breen
Jarod RawiriD.C. Daniel Chalmers
Christina IondaGina Kadinsky
Pana Hema TaylorJared Morehu
Andi CrownMeredith Wilmott
Colin MoyHughes
Miriama McDowellTania
Shane CorteseDennis Buchanan
Karl WillettsFrodo
Elizabeth McraeMrs Marlowe
cast photo
cast photo
cast photo

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