The Brokenwood Mysteries: episode guide

The Brokenwood Mysteries: season 2

Brokenwood, New Zealand. Population 5000 and declining. Slowly, one by one, or, two by two depending on the murder rate that week. This idyllic New Zealand country town is a pretty nice place to live... if you watch your back and sleep with one eye open. As season two begins, Detective Mike Shepherd is no longer the new guy in town. With the conscientious Detective Kristin Sims and the enthusiastic Detective Sam Breen, as well as pathologist, Dr Gina Kadinsky, at his side, Shepherd is now firmly ensconced in his new home town of Brokenwood. So naturally, when he comes across his new neighbour Jared, who is young, Maori and on the fringes of the law, it's not long before Mike begins to use his local knowledge to get him to do minor detective work and even go undercover, illegally of course. See what happens when Mike, Kristin, Sam, Gina and Jared come together and use their detective skills to solve a string of murders in Brokenwood.

Leather & Lace


Episode 2.01 (5)
Sun, September 27, 2015
161,160 viewers
Written by Nick Ward and Tim Balme
Directed by Mike Smith

The Brokenwood Cheetahs are a local rugby team of legendary status. Their losing streak of 50 straight games has broken national records. So when their hapless coach, Arnie Langstone, is found dead — stripped naked and strapped to a goalpost — some think it might be blessing in disguise — perhaps now they might start winning again. But amidst this DSS Mike Shepherd is perplexed by several other issues. Firstly, why was a pair of women's underwear stuffed down Arnie's throat? And what do the neatly embroidered initials 'G.G.' signify? But then a second body is discovered and Mike and his team are stretched to the limit. Is this the work of a serial killer or merely a puzzling coincidence?

Cast: Neill Rea as Mike, Fern Sutherland as Kristin, Pana Hema-Taylor as Jared, Nic Sampson as D.C. Breen, Cristina Ionda as Gina, Colin Moy as Hughes, Phil Vaughan as Arnie, Xavier Horan as Hemi, Craig Geenty as Davo, Brett Coutts as Gazza, Ben Barrington as Steve, Elizabeth Mcrae as Mrs Marlowe, Jason Fitch as Len, Rebecca Swaney as Barbara, Julia Hyde as Dena, Jason Hoyte as Ray, Jodie Rimmer as Gloria

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To Die or Not to Die


Episode 2.02 (6)
Sun, October 04, 2015
97,160 viewers
Written by Tim Balme
Directed by Murray Keane

When a young cast member of The Brokenwood Theatre Society collapses and dies at the end of a performance of Hamlet, the initial belief is that it was from natural causes. However, Kristin there is 'something rotten in the state of Brokenwood' when Mike gets a whiff of a lethal poison. In doing so he uncovers a complex web of ego driven dissention amongst the troupe. Was Ben Faulkner expended to create opportunity for another young rising star? Or can his death be linked to the words of the Bard himself? And how did Jared end up playing the lead role? As Mike and his team investigate the hidden secrets of this curious group of thespians 'To be or not to be' takes on a whole new meaning.

Cast: Neill Rea as Mike, Fern Sutherland as Kristin, Pana Hema-Taylor as Jared, Nic Sampson as D.C. Breen, Cristina Ionda as Gina, Peter Hambleton as Ralph, Holly Hudson as Juliet, Miranda Harcourt as Paula, Robyn Malcolm as Ruth, Nick Davies as Ben, Brenda Kendall as Nelly, Dan Veint as Billy, Phil Peleton as Neil, Bruce Phillips as Gray, Geoff Houtman as Nigel, Tom Knowles as Timothy, Elizabeth McRae as Mrs Marlowe, Jodie Rimmer as Gloria, Roy Ward as Rev. Lucas Greene

Catch of the Day


Episode 2.03 (7)
Sun, October 11, 2015
109,730 viewers
Written by Greg McGee
Directed by Mike Smith

The bucolic coastal waters off Brokenwood support a thriving fishing industry. But when Jared discovers a severed human hand in a crayfish pot it appears to be harbouring something far more sinister. Who does the hand belong to and are they still alive? The finger is pointed at the Keely family; fishermen for generations who are very protective of their patch. But what about the deceased's wife who was out at sea, out of cell phone range and out for a good time? And the volunteer fisheries officer seems to be a man who is doing God's work as much as protecting the marine life. As Mike, Kristin and Breen set about fathoming the dark undercurrents of the coastal sea they will be surprised by what lies beneath.

Cast: Neill Rea as Mike, Fern Sutherland as Kristin, Pana Hema-Taylor as Jared, Nic Sampson as D.C. Breen, Cristina Ionda as Gina, Ingrid Park as Jools Fahey, Shane Cortese as Dennis Buchanan, Stephen Papps as Noel Cleland, Kate McGill as Liza Keely, Kevin Keyes as Liam Keely, Cohen Holloway as Tommy Keely, Judy Rankin as Ma Keely, Phil Spencer-Harris as Dominic Nichol, Ken Reinsfield as Des Keely, Ken Blackburn as Edward Alderston, Jason Hood as Shane Pullman, Roy Ward as Rev. Lucas Greene

Blood Pink


Episode 2.04 (8)
Sun, October 18, 2015
117,110 viewers
Written by Tim Balme
Directed by Josh Frizzell

Holly Collins is not only DSS Mike Shepherd's favourite country musician she's also playing in Brokenwood. Unfortunately it turns out to be her final gig. When she is found electrocuted it appears to be a rock'n'roll suicide. But then again it could have been a drunken accident — or, as Mike suspects, it is perhaps something less obvious. With a careless note scrawled in lipstick the only clue, Mike has to set aside his personal interest in the victim and strike the right note with Holly's dysfunctional band members: Slim Fingers, Waylon Strings and Jesse James. But the more he finds out, the more he needs to know and the less he likes what he learns.

Cast: Neill Rea as Mike, Fern Sutherland as Kristin, Pana Hema-Taylor as Jared, Nic Sampson as D.C. Breen, Cristina Ionda as Gina, Colin Moy as Hughes, Jacque Drew as Celia Lazenby, Yvette Parsons as Rayleen Hogg, Bronwyn Turei as Holly Collins, Peter Daube as Slim Fingers, Jordan Mauger as Waylon Strings, Roseanne Liang as Lucy Choo, Colleen Davis as Jessica (Jesse) James, Jenesis Au-Yeung as Choosie Choo, Eryn Wilson as Ritchie, Patrick Kuhtze as Owner, Rema Smith as Cleaner, Lucinda Hare as Cushla, Shane Cortese as Dennis Buchanan, Jason Hoyte as Ray Neilson, Jodie Rimmer as Gloria, Phil Peleton as Neil, Elizabeth Mcrae as Mrs Marlowe, Sonny Frizzell as Jackson