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Series Two

Ondina and Mimmi, two young mermaids from the Mako pod, are determined to break Zac's connection to Mako Island and reclaim Mako for the pod. They run away and join Sirena on land, where they soon learn that Zac's connection to Mako is stronger than they thought.

Their job gets harder when they accidentally turn Zac's girlfriend, Evie, into a mermaid. Then there's Erik, the handsome new boy in town who reveals he is a merman and develops a romance with Ondina.

But their biggest challenge is the ancient merman chamber that Zac discovers on Mako. Zac must learn to control the mysterious force that draws him to the chamber, while the mermaids must work with Zac to unlock its secrets — before it falls into the wrong hands. Along the way, friendships will be tested and stunning truths will be revealed.

The Seventh Cycle


Episode 2.01
Netflix: February 13, 2015
Written by Sam Carroll
Directed by Evan Clarry

Two young mermaids, Ondina and Mimmi, run away from the Mako Island pod with Sirena to try to turn the merman Zac back into a land boy. But Zac's connection to Mako is growing stronger. If they fail, they may never break his connection and save Mako for the pod. On the full moon, they attempt to remove his merman powers when his girlfriend Evie comes to the rescue — only to be turned into a mermaid!

Starring: Amy Ruffle as Sirena, Isabel Durant as Ondina, Allie Bertram as Mimmi, Gemma Forsythe as Evie, Alex Cubis as Erik, Chai Romruen as Zac

With: Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Rowan Hills as David, Brooke Lee as Carly, Reiko Austen as Senior Mermaid #1, Natalie Prigoone as Senior Mermaid #2, Anita Munro as Younger Mermaid #1, Yasmin Honeychurch as Younger Mermaid #2, Monte as Poseidon, Kerith Atkinson as Rita, Natalie O'Donnell as Veridia

Note: filming on series 2 concluded July 17, 2014.

Sticky Situation


Episode 2.02
Written by Max Dann
Directed by Evan Clarry

With Evie struggling to adjust to her new life as a mermaid, Mimmi and Ondina decide to try a dangerous spell to change her back to a human form, but the results are less than ideal. The spell transforms Evie in the middle of the café where Cam tries to keep her hidden in the cool room while Zac works to combat the effects of the spell by confronting the girls in the grotto.

With: Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Brooke Lee as Carly, John O'Brien as Dr. Blakely, Laura Keneally as Mrs Blakely



Episode 2.03
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Evan Clarry

Distrustful of Zac, Ondina reluctantly agrees to let Sirena use her moon ring to get a preview of what Zac's growing powers will be like after the next full moon. When Zac has a powerful vision about his connection to Mako Island, he and the mermaids visit the island to investigate. The four discover a new merman chamber but Ondina disappears in a flash of light after Zac activates a mysterious pedestal. Veteran merman-wingman Cam shadows Evie at the café to keep her safe but his attention isn't appreciated by Evie who's confident she can look after herself. Erik's interest in Mako island is piqued when he overhears Cam talking with Evie. He leaves work to go to the island where discovers Ondina unconscious in the jungle and locates the cave entrance.

With: Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Rowan Hills as David, Kerith Atkinson as Rita

A New Tail


Episode 2.04
Written by Carine Chai
Directed by Evan Clarry

Erik's curiosity about the girls and Mako Island becomes a problem when he decides to investigate further. Erik takes over David's seafood delivery to Miss Santos' house to get a chance to talk to Ondina about their experience on Mako Island. While talking with Erik, Ondina is accidentally sprayed with water and transforms into a mermaid before his eyes. A distraught Ondina wants to return to the pod and confess everything but Mimmi convinces her to speak with Erik to ask him to keep quiet. Her heart-felt request is met with a sincere promise from Erik not to reveal her secret and he makes a startling revelation of his own — he's a merman. Meanwhile, Zac tries to show a pessimistic Evie the upside of having a tail.

With: Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Rowan Hills as David, John O'Brien as Dr. Blakely, Laura Keneally as Mrs Blakely, Joe Feeney as Old Fisherman, Kerith Atkinson as Rita

Bad For Business


Episode 2.05
Written by Gareth Calverley
Directed by Evan Clarry

When Evie's dad decides to take tourists on dive charters to Mako Island, the gang must find a way to change his mind. Ondina is disappointed in Erik for not supporting her belief that people must be kept away from Mako Island at all cost. Not sharing the same connection to the island as the mermaid pod, Erik thinks the easiest solution for the girls is to just avoid the island and find a new home. Zac wrongly accuses Ondina of sabotaging Evie's father's boat before catching the real culprit in the act. A solution is found when Mimmi's familiarity with sea life allows Evie's father to shift to running whale watching tours.

With: Rowan Hills as David, Steve Harman as Doug McLaren, Christina Lovell as Diver #1, Kristian Dick as Diver #2, Gavin Richards as Diver #3

Stormy Seas


Episode 2.06
Written by Chris Roache
Directed by Evan Clarry

Cam is on lifeguard duty when Erik quizzes him about Zac's connection to Mako. Erik is splashed and rushes into the ocean, disappearing. Cam paddles out in search of Erik, only to discover that Erik is a merman. Meanwhile, Sirena and Ondina engage in a contest of mermaid powers, whipping up a dangerous storm over the ocean. Cam gets in trouble for losing Erik on his watch, but Erik stages a fake rescue, making Cam a hero. Erik now has an ally in Cam — and Zac doesn't like it.

With: Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Rowan Hills as David, Victor Parascos as Mick, Cameron Caulfield as Ned, Kerith Atkinson as Rita



Episode 2.07
Written by Evan Clarry
Directed by Evan Clarry

With the full moon approaching, Zac's plan to avoid Mako Island is dealt a blow when his father insists they go on their annual camping trip. Ondina wants to focus on severing Zac's connection to Mako but the girls decide it would be better to keep an eye on Evie as she experiences her first full moon. In response to Zac's exposure to the full moon, Mimmi has a vision which sends her and Ondina to Mako Island in an effort to keep Zac away from the Moon Pool. Sirena is left behind with Carly and must deal with Evie who quickly falls under the moon's spell. Erik follows Zac as he is drawn into the merman chamber which comes alive as the full moon passes overhead. Unable to control his actions, Zac unleashes his powers on Erik before turning on Evie who has also been drawn to the island. Fortunately the full moon passes out of sight releasing Zac from the chamber's control. The next day, Erik offers to help Zac learn what is happening on Mako Island but Zac is unsure he can be trusted.

With: Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Rowan Hills as David, Brooke Lee as Carly, John O'Brien as Dr. Rob Blakely

Land School


Episode 2.08
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Evan Clarry

Mimmi's unquenchable thirst for knowledge sees her accompany Rita to "land school" on the first day of the new school year. However, her presence at the school draws her and Miss Santos into conflict with the ornery science teacher who is dismayed by Mimmi's lack of basic scientific knowledge and it's reflection on Miss Santos' ability to run the school. Meanwhile, Erik has also enrolled in classes but Zac's unwillingness to work with him on unravelling the merman chamber mystery results in him looking towards Cam for help.©tzuk

With: Dominic Deutscher as Cam, Rowan Hills as David, Brooke Lee as Carly, Barbara Lowing as Ms. Trumble, Kerith Atkinson as Rita

Episodes 2.09 - 2.17