Lightning Point: characters: Zoey


For Zoey, life is all about control. Whether that is controlling a surfboard in the wildest waves, or controlling her emotions, Zoey has got everything sussed — or so she thinks.

Zoey has a pragmatic approach to being stranded on Earth — it was partly her fault, so it is her responsibility to get herself and Kiki home. Zoey won't admit to being homesick — in fact she prefers to pretend she has no feelings at all. For Zoey, the idea of revealing her emotions terrifies her — it makes her vulnerable, and that goes against all of Zoey's instincts. Because she is in denial of her emotions, Zoey tries to keep other people at arm's length — this can make her seem a bit aloof.

Zoey is sassy and rebellious, with a competitive streak. She relishes the challenge surfing offers — for her it isn't about communing with nature but perfecting her technique and conquering the waves. Zoey has a blatant disregard for Earth's social rules — she refuses to play the game. In class she happily corrects the teacher, she crashes parties she isn't invited to and she can be relied on to say exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Zoey is intelligent, sharp and witty — despite sometimes not being able to pick up on other people's emotions. But when someone she cares about needs her, Zoey is the most loyal and protective friend — and always armed with a practical solution to a problem. And though Kiki's mood swings can frustrate Zoey at times, Zoey really values Kiki's friendship, and would do anything for her.

Earth changes Zoey, and though she initially struggles with her new human emotions, as the series progresses she will get in touch with her softer side. She may even need Amber's shoulder to cry on — even though she might be hard on herself afterwards for being vulnerable.

Though Zoey won't admit it, she and Brandon have instant chemistry. His cocky attitude really rubs her up the wrong way — and their competitive outburst on the waves fuels a mutual love/hate relationship. By the second half of the series, Zoey finds herself falling for Brandon against her better judgement. Zoey acknowledges her feelings for the first time — and this makes her vulnerable when it is revealed that the guy she likes is an alien hunter.

Lucy Fry

Learning to surf was all in a day's work for Lucy Fry who scored the coveted role of Zoey, a teen alien from the planet Lumina disguised on Earth. When Lucy discovered that she shared a passion for the ocean with her character, she threw herself into training — and has done most of Zoey's surfing sequences herself!

Training in theatre from an early age and most recently with Brisbane-based physical theatre company Zen Zen Zo, Lucy's leap to film has excited and challenged her — she is very proud of her work on Lightning Point and can't wait for her next on-screen role.