Lightning Point: characters: Brandon

Brandon Benedict

Brandon is the best male surfer in town, and he knows it. Talented, competitive and good looking, Brandon seems to have it all — including Madison, his girlfriend, the hottest girl in town. But his status quo as Lightning Point's "it" guy is threatened when Zoey arrives — she challenges Brandon's supremacy on the waves, and is just as much of a daredevil as him. They develop a fierce, sparring rivalry, and though neither will admit it, they have intense chemistry. Madison immediately picks up on this and takes a dislike to Zoey.

Brandon's competitiveness is linked to a deep desire to get out of Lightning Point. Brandon has ambitions to become a pro-surfer, to travel and earn lots of money. For Brandon, surfing has nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with status — it's his ticket to bigger, better things.

Brandon's relationship with his adoptive brother Luca has always been complicated — Brandon sees Luca as a bit of a geek, and Luca thinks Brandon is conceited. Brandon knows very little about his real parents aside from what he has heard from his adoptive parents — they were lost at sea in a tragic boating accident.

The mysterious discovery of a boat that had been missing since the night of Brandon's parents' disappearance sparks Brandon's investigation into his past.

What he discovers has a huge impact on him — his parents weren't killed, they were abducted by aliens. Armed with this knowledge, Brandon becomes bent on revenge — and his first targets are the aliens that he now believes are hiding out in Lightning Point.

Andrew J. Morley

Lightning Point is Andrew's first break-through role since he commenced training at the Melbourne branch of the Film & Television Studio International. This looks to be a strong start to a very promising acting career ahead for the 21 year old.