Lightning Point: characters: Amber Mitchell

Amber Mitchell

Amber's life is turned completely upside down by the arrival of Zoey and Kiki. Since her parents' divorce she has avoided upheaval — but Zoey and Kiki drag Amber out of her comfort zone and into a series of adventures.

Amber's not a geek but she hasn't got any close girlfriends to share stuff with — her neighbour Luca is her best friend, but there is only so much you can share with a boy. So when Zoey and Kiki arrive in town Amber is secretly pleased to have two female friends to hang out with, even if that does mean running around after them cleaning up the havoc they cause.

Meeting Zoey and Kiki is a steep learning curve for Amber — not only do these girls have higher intellect, advanced technology and alien powers, they don't have a clue about how to handle their newfound human emotions, not to mention their total ignorance of teenage social rules. It's a bit of a challenge to keep their identities secret in a small town like Lightning Point, and for better or worse Amber finds herself covering for them — luckily she has a great sense of humour! Amber has grown up in Lightning Point, and is a part of the community. Her mother Olivia is the local Police Sergeant, which can be a bit of a challenge when you are harbouring two headstrong aliens! Amber is a keen surfer, and teaches a junior surfing class on the main beach.

While she is talented on the board, Amber doesn't have ambition to be a pro-surfer — she lacks the confidence of people like Brandon and Madison. In fact Madison has picked on Amber since they were both in kindergarten — and while Amber is used to not being part of the in-crowd, it does get to her sometimes.

Zoey and Kiki don't just bring complications — they also help Amber come out of her shell and gain confidence. By the end of the series Amber has stopped trying to talk the girls out of their crazy plans, and started to come up with some of her own!

When it comes time for Zoey and Kiki to leave Earth, Amber has almost become an honorary alien — and might just discover the missing link between the alien girls and the missing space ship.

Philippa Coulthard

Philippa Coulthard has been on stage since the age of four when, in 1996 she commenced dance classes at Promenade Dance School. Philippa has performed ever since and is trained in singing, acting and ballet, contemporary and jazz styles of dance.

Philippa's breakthrough television role came with a lead in the Dr Who spin-off series K9, playing Jorjie Turner. While finishing year 12 at Hillbrook Anglican School in Brisbane, Philippa landed the role of Amber Mitchell in Jonathan M. Shiff's latest internationally distributed programme, Lightning Point.