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The Incorruptibles

Episode 1.07
Sun, March 30, 2014 (8:40)
Ratings: 1.036 million viewers (8th)
Written by Jeff Truman
Directed by Peter Andrikidis

In sunny Athens, industrious Tony sets about building another drugs-and-property portfolio, blissfully unaware that two Aussie police officers have arrived on a mission to capture him. The problem for the two cops is that they aren't permitted to operate in a foreign jurisdiction, they can only brief the Hellenic Anti-Drug Squad and hope for the best. But their ace is the fact they're able to eavesdrop on Tony's calls to the mobile back in Melbourne (then relayed back to Greece).

After a series of close calls and mad dashes around Athens, sometimes only minutes behind Fat Tony, the cops pick up a call from him arranging to meet a business acquaintance in the Delfinia café down by the waterfront. This time the Australian policemen and the Greeks are ready and waiting. Tony, disguised under the notorious bad wig — is arrested.

Cast: (in order of appearance)

  • Robert Mammone as Tony Mokbel
  • Madeleine West as Danielle McGuire
  • Dean Cartmel as Phil Costa
  • Louise Mandylor as Lora 'Mama' Mokbel
  • Stephen Curry as Jim Coghlan
  • Ryan O'Kane as Boris Buick
  • Simone Kessell as Tamara Chippindall
  • Shane Jacobson as Jim O'Brien
  • Richard Cawthorne as Jarrod Ragg
  • Aria Sanza as Baby Renae
  • Isabelle Sanza as Baby Renae
  • Nancy De Lucia as Yummy Greek Mummy
  • Emerson Angove as Madison McGuire
  • Simon Maiden as Dave Dalton
  • Thalia Economo as Secretary Ria
  • Steve Mouzakis as George Kastanis
  • Costas Kilias as George Saxionis
  • Jason Gianginis as Incorruptible #1
  • Vinod Kumar as Incorruptible #2
  • Angelo Tzoumas as Incorruptible #3
  • Steve Bastoni as Charlie Bezzina
  • Nicholas Bishop as Paul Dale
  • Jessica Orricon as Lap Dancer
  • Ben Noble as Bruce Richmond
  • Dan Mor as "Red Reckoner"
  • Robert Rabiah as Dario Mancini
  • Stephen Lopez as Fabio Mancini
  • Albert Goikhman as Ivan Ivanovick
  • Heidi Arena as Commissioner Christine Nixon
  • Martin Sharpe as Nick Loxton
  • Doris Younane as Voula Papadopoulos
  • Paul Papakostantis as Dimitri Papadopoulos
  • George Ginis as Uniformed Greek Policeman #1
  • Dominic Pappalardo as Uniformed Greek Policeman #2
  • Jarrah Cocks as Stunt Actor
  • Morgan Evans as Stunt Actor
  • Adrian Pickering as Stunt Actor
  • Chris Weir as Stunt Actor